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This concert was a complete surprise, announced while I was already in London for the month. Shoreditch was the neighborhood next to mine, so even though it cut into the weekend that we ended up traveling to York, I went to this concert, one of a handful Lea has had thus far to promote her new album, Places.

The line to get inside extended around the corner of a large city block, and there was some palpable excitement.

I had a balcony seat, and a decent view. The music being played overhead prior to Lea was all Bon Iver [I think]. I lost my shit a little bit when I recognized The Wolves, which is a song that's on my [Glee] fic playlist, although I had previously only been familiar with the Ellie Goulding cover and didn't even know it was a Bon Iver song, lol. BUT. SO MANY FIC FEELINGS UGGGHHHH.

When the lights dimmed imperceptibly, everyone screamed. We cheered and clapped for a long time, and eventually Lea kept trying to talk but couldn't because the clapping persisted. She was clearly overcome, thanked everyone sincerely for having come. Someone in the front yelled, "You deserve this!"

The band joining Lea on stage included a drummer, a cellist, a pianist, and some string instrument(s) I couldn't see, probably including a violin. This led to some different intros and interpretations, just because some of the orchestral/electronic effects couldn't be recreated on a live tour. For example, I remember really liking the percussive intro to Cannonball, the first song.

"Love Is Alive" was the first song to give me goosebumps. Like, her voice is just phenomenal, but there was a point of realizing, I AM IN THE SAME ROOM AS LEA. SHIT.
Her story introducing how she got this song [from a writer] was pretty hilarious, but I think completely loses its effect if not told verbally.

I eyerolled when she said she wished Darren [Criss] was there just before beginning Battlefield - he sang the duet with her on the album. Everyone else cheered, though, so I struggled to keep my reaction non-verbal so as not to ruin the moment for the people sitting to either side of me LOL.

Often on the slower songs, Lea would give a manual cue to the pianist/orchestra members to speed things up, making a "go" motion circling her index finger, which cheered me because slow songs tend to bore me live too, :D

When introducing "Sentimental Memories," she said something like, "One of the great things about being a singer is that you get to express these feelings...AND TALK SHIT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO FUCKED YOU OVER." lmao.

"Heavy Love" gave me some 'these strange steps' feelings, mostly due to the Dear lover / put another pill upon my tongue lyric.

Full setlist )

A tweet from Lea's twitter feed, showing her on the stage.

Since the concert, the whole Places album has been released. I'd like to listen to it more, and spend time comparing it to Louder, but I feel like her voice sounds healthier here, like you can tell she's had a lot of rest. I think her voice is still damaged from Glee, but it makes me happy how nice it sounded.
I want to punch the reporter who asked her whether "Hey You" was about Cory. The direct references in the lyrics make it completely obvious that IT IS, why ask her?

"Anything's Possible" gives me a lot of fic feelings. I'm adding it to my fic-writing inspiration playlist.
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[personal profile] glass_icarus wrote, "Favorite female characters and why you love them? Any fandom :)"

Not only is she half of my all-time favorite ship (Pezberry), but Santana is a sass-queen and a great singer to boot.
If you fell off the Glee wagon early (I certainly would not blame you), Santana was initially a sidekick character to Dianna Agron's white/blonde Quinn Fabray. Santana almost always appeared with Brittany, but it was usually Santana making the devastating one-liners as well as their characters' decisions. Because the show almost always presented Santana together with Brittany, they first presented a potential sexual relationship as a non-sequitur in a multi-party phone conversation - a joke that worked because of the other characters' surprised reactions.
But Naya Rivera wanted the camera on her at all times, and her background reactions in the choir room and in hallway scenes, usually hilarious as well as on-point, led her to bigger storylines, in part because she was one of the strongest actors on the show. [I'd say second only to Cory Monteith.] Her relationship with Brittany served as an opportunity to explore Santana's sexuality, and Rivera was there able to present a vulnerability that many fans latched on to.

In a show of self-centered teenagers, Santana is the one character who is always willing to GO THERE, to say what no one else will say. This was convenient for writers looking to push a plot forward, as well as viewers seeking vindication. She pointed out plot holes, hypocrisy, and uncomfortable truths. Even when the writing plummeted as the show continuously tried to take itself seriously for representing marginalized teenagers while also excorciating viewers for expecting anything but cutting comedy, Santana Lopez was reliably hilarious.

After having her vulnerability open her up, her character is also one of the few who has a clear progression on the show into self-acceptance and ability to love and care about other people. She learns how to have real, actual friends.

Many fic authors have given her the characterization and storylines that the show-runners never thought she deserved. She is my favorite character to write in A Song is a Weapon, and she's also my favorite character to read in this fandom.

Utena Tenjou [Revolutionary Girl Utena/Shoujo Kakumei Utena]
I'm not sure how accurate the translation was for the first sub I saw of this show, but when relaying the [first version of the] backstory, it said something like, "So impressed was she by him, that she decided to become a prince herself." This BLEW MY MIND. WHOA! A tiny girl gets saved by a prince AND THEREFORE DECIDES TO BECOME A PRINCE HERSELF. WHAT KIND OF AWESOME FUCKERY IS THIS.

Utena. Utena is that awesome. Her pink hair, her refusal to take sass, her tenacity in telling Anthy Himemiya that she's in a fucked up situation and no matter how many other people think it's just fine, it's really not okay.

I want to be Utena. I aspire to her chivalry.

Tifa Lockhart [Final Fantasy VII]
You spend the first half of the game knowing that Tifa's Cloud's childhood friend, but in the second half it's revealed that since before the start of the game she's been holding back the truth and waiting to see what happens because she knows Cloud ought to be dead, and she's not sure if the protag you're playing as is really him, or a clone - if her memories are real, or fake. This reveal is one of the biggest WTF moments in video game history, but it also gives Tifa some real depth that often gets glossed over in FF7 fandom.

In addition to that, she runs her own bar in the Sector 7 slums, and allows it to be the secret headquarters for a terrorist organization dedicated to taking down an environment-destroying corporation that's responsible for the death of her father as well as burning her hometown to the ground.

At the age of 15, she picked up Sephiroth's own sword and tried to get her revenge even though she had to have known there was no way she could succeed. And after that, after recovering from her wounds and re-learning her martial arts skills, she joins AVALANCHE to work on getting revenge in the long-term. She's supportive, she's brave, and at a point of high drama in the game, she chooses to stay by Cloud when he's incapacitated and take a break from saving the world. It's a selfish choice, and I kind of love her for it. She refuses to give up on Cloud's hopeless ass throughout the game. I was first drawn to Tifa because I over-identified with her for falling in love with her childhood friend, but I've stayed a devoted fan because of her complexity and strength.

If you want me to post about something some time this month, leave a comment on this post.
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Everyone who's watching The Flash & in love w/Grant Gustin has seen his performances on Glee, right?
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I've started hate-watching Sleepy Hollow & also Agents of SHIELD.
I find them both to be pretty terrible.
Next time a member of fandom shit-talks Grey's Anatomy, I might have to lay the smack down. YAY GREAT WRITING, ILU GREY'S.

Worse than being terrible, I have 0 interest in fic for either of these fandoms, & may need to block them on Tumblr because I give zero fucks about the gifsets/etc. (VERY UNLIKE GLEE).

So, there you go, the fanworks of Glee serve a huge purpose in my life. I've articulated this before, but for me, it's the fanworks of Glee that make me feel gr9, & they're so much more important to me than the half-assed show.

I think this is how others have felt about SGA.


Silver Spoon & Attack on Titan are both finished. I still like Silver Spoon & will watch season 2.
After the first few episodes of Attack on Titan, the plot became not so interesting to me. I don't care so much about the titans or the soul-crushing feeling humanity, way more interested in logistics of how people are surviving, etc. The second half the series was much less interesting to me than the first, & I don't know if I'll watch more. I'm not totally sure why this is so beloved by fandom.

I still need to watch the last couple episodes of Free.

In these very few days of "no new episodes," I started watching some AKB0048, as well as an episode of Polar Bear Cafe when I super stressed out. PBC is good for when I'm stressed, but way too low-key for devoted watching on my part.
Also downloaded the first episode of Hyouka, b/c I keep seeing gifs that intrigue me on Tumblr. I'm way better at watching shows on my phone (no distractions!) than my laptop, though, so we'll see how long it takes me ^^;;

I'm excited for the new KyoAni show this fall season, but nothing else has caught my eye just yet. If there's something I should put on my radar... L M K
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I post about Glee fandom less here than any other social media space, but it is still a huge part of my life.

Cory Monteith's death is hugely upsetting to me & it's only going to get more intense as other cast members break their silence & release statements (especially Lea, God).

So if I'm quiet or weird or not around for a few days or whatever, this is probably why.
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A Song is a Weapon, chapter 2

Fic Synopsis: Post-Season 3 AU. Quinn Fabray has vowed revenge on her father, and won’t let anything stop her. Her attempt to infiltrate Skull and Bones drags in her closely-knit group of friends, at their peril.
/dramatic synopsis

Notes on chapter 2: While chapter 1 focused on Rachel/Santana/Quinn/Kurt/Finn, this chapter incorporates the rest of the main cast for this fic: Puck, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, & also Sam, Brittany, Sugar, and Mike.
General Note: This is a gen fic, but people will still have ~feelings, just like real life, ;)

Other Links: Chapter 1. | Playlist
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Set This Very Second on Fire
Glee mahou shoujo AU drabble (or whatever you call a few hundred words of a drabble).

Born from a heinous conversation on Tumblr.

I thought it was funny.

And then immediately struck with thoughts about how to string this out forever & have everyone make contacts with some Kyubey-type character.


Anyway. I put it on AO3 so I could find it whenever I wanted to, & cackle to myself.
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After a hiatus of about two months, I've started working on my fic again.

At the beginning of December, I'd gotten really frustrated with things. I'd had a flurry of meeting a daily word count goal of 750 words, but it kept getting harder because that was too much to expect from myself every day. I kept writing anyway; the writing got a little shittier. And then I realized I wouldn't meet my 2012 goal of 75,000 words, so I stopped entirely because I was so upset.

I've written 4 almost-complete chapters (4 needs a solid final scene), about half of a fifth one, and maybe 8,000 words of parts of scenes that will come later.

I worked on addressing comments/suggestions given to me regarding chapter 2 by [personal profile] wintercreek. Late last night, my friend S. had started looking at chapter 3.
I really, really like lots of things in chapter 3, but it has a lot of issues, which she rightly pointed out in notes. MOSTLY these are plot problems.
As I joked on Twitter, turns out it's NOT EASY to make your plot make sense when you're trying to reconcile a main plot of CIA stuff & guns with...Glee kids. It'd be a lot easier if I could just not care, BUT I DO CARE.

When I'm writing, I care a lot about the emotional arcs of the characters. How they feel about things. I'll write an entire scene having only a vague impression of what the character is reacting to, but knowing exactly what they think/feel about what's happened.
While I'm trying to get those true notes of feeling (& sometimes dialog) down, I don't care about the plot of if it makes sense.

So I get all of these scenes and have a rough idea of the arc of the chapter, and then I try to stitch it all together & get 2-D villains who talk like they're in a spaghetti western (I blame my father).

S. will give lots of character notes, like, "Kurt would not say that," or "There's no way RACHEL BERRY would just say, 'Okay' in response to that sentence from Santana," or etc. Those are fine. Also typical word-choice issues, but generally the narration is okay & I think the pacing is pretty good. RHYTHM, I LIKE IT.

It's just that there are these huge plot holes, both in like THE ACTUAL PLOT & then also like, there are people in a scene who talk & argue & fight with fists, only to reveal at the very end of the scene they've got weapons (WHY WOULD THEY NOT HAVE USED THEM SOONER?!).

Those things are hard enough - I'll have to rewrite a lot to figure out & then fix the plot holes.
But what ALSO sucks is figuring out that the stuff I'm relying on for storytelling is actually super cliched & misogynistic. I have clear arcs for most of the characters, including Rachel, but now I'm realizing that she is a huge victim. In a really cheap way, in this chapter, too.
I also basically treat every male character (Glee kids aside) as potential sexual predators, which. No.

And when I try to have Santana try to step up & be strong, she's both extremely paternalistic and possessive of Rachel.
idk. It's a super gross feeling to have. I am glad I'll be able to figure all this shit out before posting it!
But it's still kinda, "Huh, so you're one of those, eh, self?"

On a lighter note, it's fun to have S. nitpick things like, "Artie wouldn't answer the phone like that" or "Kurt would not own sai knives," & I can be like, "No, that actually happened in canon," to which she said, "jesus christ the least realistic things in your fic are actually from glee."

Last night, I reread chapters 3 & 4 & all the other scenes I've written so far through the end of the fic, and it was a nice feeling. I like lots & lots of what I've written.
I have lots of work to do to beat it into a coherent story that's post-able.

I wonder if it's always this hard with a first hella long story?
I hope it's not this hard every time.
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This year I listened to more current music than I have in the past - usually I get obsessed with an old band for a year (Tool, Placebo, My Chemical Romance). I absolutely credit this change to Glee/Glee fandom.

Born to Die - Lana Del Rey : I bought this because everyone at [ profile] ontd_glee was talking about it. Her performance on SNL wasn't great and I actually didn't really care for Video Games, the first single off this album, but I bought it anyway and I fucking loved it.
The opening drama of the strings on Born to Die pull me in, and this album makes me think of getting myself into my car after surgery and driving myself to work because it hurt too much to stand on/ride the bus. This album is pain and recovery, to me.
My favorite song is National Anthem, although I also really like This is What Makes Us Girls, Off to the Races, Born to Die, Summertime Sadness, and Lolita.
Faith, don't fail me now / Take me to the finish line are the lyrics that made me drag my hopeless/depressed/WILL I EVER GET BETTER JFC ass to work, to the fucking grocery store, etc.
It's hard to put into words how much I love this album. It's one of my all-time favorites, for sure.
After about a month, my boyfriend despaired over its constant presence in my car's CD player.

Mix by [personal profile] littlebutfierce: The list of tracks/thoughts of j. are here! I really liked the PMMP songs and the Delgados. This was my first introduction to Attack All Around and my re-introduction to Stars WHICH WILL BECOME IMPORTANT LATER IN THIS POST.

Attack All Around - megamix compiled by [personal profile] littlebutfierce mix & videos & track list are here.
I LOVE THIS TRACK LIST SO MUCH. The music is incredibly upbeat, and so are the lyrics. This was very much my, "Alright LET'S DO THIS!" album of the year, and I typically listened to it as an entire album rather than individual songs.
If my life were an anime, "Overdrive" would be my OP, tbh.
Overdrive lyrics - this song is so RAWWWW FEEL MY POWER to me.
I <3 Samurai Heart for similar reasons.

Let It Beat lyrics - Don't whine / Bare your fangs!
Are u ready?
I’ve found my glory days
I’ll let this love be my weapon
Let it beat! Let it beat! Let it beat!
I can move on, dreamin'
Are u ready?
Gonna strip away, another day
My regrets until I’m left with zero

Until I get hold of the pieces of tomorrow

Gossamer - Passion Pit - I also started listening to Passion Pit because of Glee fandom, specifically the fic These Strange Steps by [ profile] thememoriesfire. The fic starts off as Rachel hits rock-bottom in her life and starts a relationship with the stripper, Quinn Fabray. But the entire fic goes on to cover their climb back up from rock bottom, and it's so good. She and Puck are the ones who make the music that is Passion Pit's.
I love the rhythms on here, but the lyrics are also quite devastating imo, which I wouldn't expect from just zoning out and listening to the way they're sung.
I <3 this entire album, and I really like listening to it as an album.
Faves include Take a Walk, Constant Conversations, On My Way, Love Is Greed, and Where We Belong.

All the things you can't control
Should never destroy your love or hopes
I found a place, I found a place,
I found a place where we belong

Vows - Kimbra - I also bought this because people in [ profile] ontd_glee were talking about it.
I liked the rhythms of "Settle Down" and "Sally I Can See You" and so I bought it. This is definitely an album that's grown on me the more I listen to it.
My two favorite songs from the album are "Sally I Can See You" and "Warrior." Honorable mentions to Come Into My Head, Cameo Lover, and Settle Down.
I feel it growing from whisper, to a shout and a fist in the air is my fave line of "Sally I Can See You," but I really like the entire song, mostly the rhythm (I'm a pretty rhythm-oriented music listener in general. I played piano for a decade but I also did percussion in middle school & high school).
I would quote "Warrior" in its entirety, I love the lyrics and the music. I suppose my favorite bit is:
You're just pushing me down, pushing me down, pushing me down
(They tell you 'trust your head, be like men' but never feel like you're good enough)
You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down
(They wanna take our light, make us fight, but never cry for the ones you love)
(I'll be your warrior, warrior)

The North - Stars - This definitely isn't my favorite Stars album, and I think I really need to listen to their songs lots of times before they grow on me. Still, there are a few songs I like quite a bit: Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It, The Loose Ends Will Make Knots, and Walls.
"A Song is a Weapon" gets high marks for finally giving the Glee fanfiction I'd been working on for most of the year an actual title. I really like that song especially.

Revolution Summer EP - Muncie Girls: Discovery thanks to [personal profile] littlebutfierce, who blogged about them here. I don't know what I'm gonna do & I'm sick of having to decide could have been my anthem from the first 8 months of 2012, I think.
I'm looking forward to hearing more music from Muncie Girls.

Magic Hour - Scissor Sisters - Started listening to this album because they covered Let's Have a Kiki on Glee. I bought the album off iTunes the same night I listened to it.
In addition to LHaK, I like Baby Come Home, Keep Your Shoes, and Self Control for groovings. So many great rhythms in these songs.
I think Only the Horses and The Secret Life of Letters are my favorite two songs off the album.
I know that Only the Horses is about getting out of the city, but I choose to believe it could be post-apocalyptic, too.

As for The Secret Life of Letters...
What is the full speed of language
When there is nothing to say


How many days in a sentence
I feel like passing this phrase
These aren’t my friends
Maybe they’ll be again

Glee Cast - various covers - I'm not going to list out every single song I've bought this year, but I do spend money to buy the ones I like. I think almost the entire fandom is still watching solely for the cast and the music, at this point.
"Scream" is undoubtedly my favorite; it's my all-time favorite Glee performance (even though the context annoys me in terms of Artie's characterization on the show). I wrote an entry about this song/performance here.
The Michael Jackson tribute episode aired after my surgery, I think two days after I left my parents' house/care to spend time in my own apartment on medical leave, solely dependent on my boyfriend to do anything involving bending over, lifting, or getting things on/off the floor.
The music had already been out on First Listen Friday and I'd been listening to the song for days. The performance solidified it for me - Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. totally killed it in remaking the Michael/Janet Jackson video, imo.
In the midst of the worst pain I'd ever felt, and my body making frightening alien-type noises every time I ingested food or water, I listened to this song on repeat.
Everything was way worse than I had imagined it being. This song, on repeat, got me through a lot, especially at work, driving to/from places I didn't want to go, driving to/from work, going to fucking medical appointments, listening to it before/after arguing with medical billing people, etc. etc. etc.
Things got worse than it ever had been in the past, at certain points. Nothing made sense; people wanted to help but there was nothing for anyone to do.

Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds
The whole system sucks

Kevin's screams in the background, just this entire song was very therapeutic for me. Hands-down my most listened to track of the entire year.

The "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" mash-up sung by Naya Rivera and Amber Riley was another immediate favorite (this might have technically been released in 2011, I can't remember). This song was something of a feature for Santana after having her sexuality outed to her entire community by Finn, white boy/hero of the show (who was never punished for it, btw). Santana's vulnerability and bitch-slap of Finn cemented her as one of my favorite characters (if not my absolute fave, which I think she is). Amber's and Naya's voices blend so nicely. I like this mash-up much more than the original singles by Adele - when I listen to either one, all I can think is, "There's not enough going on, where's the rest?"

I very much liked Unique's three singles from season 3 - the "Starships" cover had me loving that song before that multi-fandom vid that a lot of my friends liked came out (the vid did really nothing for me, tbh).

I could go on & on about each Glee single I bought and what it meant to me.
I should probably add "We Are Young" to this list, although I think that episode aired in 2011.

A Song is a Weapon Playlist - cultivated by me, located here with links to it on YouTube/ I've likely listened to every song on this list 100x or more, having become obsessed with each one in turn.
Each song elicits specific feelings from me about the characters/situations/themes of my story, and I'm so glad I made it because it's helped me get "unstuck" multiple times.
In the past few weeks I've taken a bit of a break from writing my fic, but I'd like to get back to it in the near future, and this playlist is going to be the first place I turn.

Honorable mentions also go to Kanye West, Stars (long a favorite of mine, but I really dug them again this year), My Chemical Romance (Danger Days gets a special mention for getting me to/from many a place I didn't want to go in my car)

Special 2012 bonus: PSY performing Gangnam Style with MC Hammer (Hammer comes in around 2:50):

It's probably worth mentioning that I'm on as [ profile] ribbonknight - this scrobbles what I listen to at home, which I'd say is about 1/4 of my listening. 1/4 = in the car, and 1/2 = at work (my iPod doesn't sync with iTunes b/c it has loads more music ^^;).
laceblade: Santana singing on stage in a black dress, facial expression almost painful (Glee: Santana RHI)
I hope I don't regret this in the morning, ^^;

A Song is a Weapon: Chapter One

Post-Season 3 AU. Quinn Fabray has vowed revenge on her father, and won't let anything stop her. Her attempt to infiltrate Skull and Bones drags in her closely-knit group of friends, at their peril.

This is the longest fic I've ever posted online, and it's my first Glee fic. If you read it, tell me what you think!

There is definitely more to come.
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As I've mentioned before, cultivating a playlist has been very valuable for me. It allows me to think about my fic when I'm not writing: at my desk at work, in my car, while I'm making dinner, etc. It also allows me to get into the mood to write, as I've assigned certain songs to certain characters/relationships.

Ways to Listen to the Music:
On YouTube | On Spotify [missing Yellow Brick Road] | On

The songs & the order of the songs is subject to change, but it's settled into this set for a few weeks now.

The Wolves (Act I and II) - Ellie Goulding - This is Quinn, season one, I think.

Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous - Quinn, as treated by the narrative on the show and her "rich white girl problems," right up through On My Way and the car crash.
Everyone will remember you when you're gone
And your heart is a stone
Buried underneath your pretty clothes
Don't you know people write songs about girls like you?

What will you do when something stops you?
What will you say to the world?
What will you be when it all comes crashing
Down on you little girl?
What would you do if you lost your beauty?
How would you deal with the light?
How would you feel if nobody chased you?
What if it happened tonight?

How would you cope if the world decided to
Make you suffer for all that you were?

Ballad of a Politician - Regina Spektor - Kind of a creepy little interlude about political power, ;)

My Life Would Suck Without You - Glee cast - This and the next song are very much the united feelings of Glee club as a whole, I guess. Setting the sort of happy-go-lucky mindset everyone is mostly in at the end of high school.

We Are Young - Glee Cast

Empire State of Mind - Glee cast - This and the next song are very much for my “New York City” mindset. I love the ensemble use of voices in this song, Finn & Puck & Artie on the verses, Rachel & Santana & Mercedes distinct in the backgrounds.

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

Come Back (Lorn Remix) - ESKMO - This is kind of the “oh man, shit just got real” transition.

Shot Me Down - Bare - from the fan video that inspired it all, making Glee look like an action movie. You saw that, right??

Wild Tigers I Have Known - Emily Jane White - This is Quinn again.
Silence is a power and a tool
For you

You keep your heart from your chest
It'll be gone just like the rest
'Cause it's a man's world
Say all the right words
And hold your heart from your chest

Turn Me On - David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj (I know that this song is actually about sex, but it's easy to take the "I need a hero" lyrics literally when you're distracted & writing, :D)

Power - Kanye West - This and the next song are very much about “the man” & power, obvs.

Handlebars - Flobots

Golden Sand - The Republic Tigers - I fucking love this song. Sort of the ND kids’ answer to the above, but also about the whole “How do you fight what you hate WITHOUT BECOMING WHAT YOU HATE?” conflict (see also: Animorphs).
How much responsibility do you bear
For the ill uses others might make of your ideas?
Almost as much responsibility that you'd bear
If you failed to speak your mind
When it might have made some kind of a difference.
So make a difference.
Could you make 'em dance
Turn your bleeding hearts into some bleeding hands?

Blow (Cirkut Remix) - Ke$ha (I have this scene in mind where Santana's singing this quietly over a walkie-talkie while they're waiting for a bomb they planted to go off, idk if I'll do that or not, lol)

The Bones of You - Elbow (still being in love with someone a long time later, and being reminded of it suddenly! This is my only Finn pov at the moment.)

Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko - also love the fuck out of this song, I would quote it in its entirety. I like the "lift me higher, let me look at the sun" like trying to figure out the truth but the whole song is a little about suspicion and stuff too, and at some point I'd really like there to be a schism between everyone in which they're like, okay is Quinn really trying to take these guys down, or is she just manipulating all of us?

Scream - Glee cast - this is a good song to listen to when angry (omg I listened to it a billion times on medical leave), it's also very much a "fuck the system" kind of song, imo. I think this is still my favorite song that Glee has ever done. I've listened to it more than any other.

Knights of Cydonia - Muse

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) - Glee cast

Warrior - Kimbra - this song feels the most like Santana's pov in this fic - her sense of no control.
You're just pushing me down, pushing me down, pushing me down
(They tell you 'Trust your head, be like men' but never feel like you're good enough)
You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down
(They wanna take our light, make us fight, but never cry for the ones you love!)

Fallen Empires - Snow Patrol - all of this.

float - bush - I like the lyrics for all of this song, but most specifically:
When I am with you I feel a little brave
The madness and the wars the circles that we run
Confusion we import look what we have become
And all of this time I was just trying to reach you

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle - At the moment, I view this very much as Quinn talking to Rachel.
Don't fret, precious, I'm here; step away from the window and go
back to sleep
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you like I do.

Marching On - One Republic - omg I <3 all of this song.
There's so many wars we fought,
There's so many things were not,
But with what we have,
I promise you that,
We're marching on

Lose Your Soul - Dead Man's Bones (Quinn) - I need to decide if I'm killing anyone in this story or not.
i get up in the morning
to the beat of the drum
i get up to this feeling,
keeps me on the run.
i get up in the morning,
put my dreams away,
i get up, i get up, i get up again.

My Love Is Your Love - Glee cast - If I wake up in World War III ... And I feel like I want to go home / it's okay if you're comin' with me. Also the lyric, "It would take an eternity to break us," which is the emo title I used when first thinking of a title for the fic.

Moth’s Wings - Passion Pit
Whose side are you on?
What side is this anyway?
Put down your sword and crown
Come lay with me on the ground

Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine - your shit is fucked.
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn
Your kingdom down

Blood and Fire - Indigo Girls
I am looking for someone, who can take as much as I give,
Give back as much as I need,
And still have the will to live.
I am intense, I am in need,
I am in pain, I am in love.
I feel forsaken, like the things I gave away.

Yellow Brick Road - Kris Delmhorst (ugh, this is like the perfect Rachel song)
I'm off to see the wizard with his curtain and his crowd
But my hands are not trembling and my head it is not bowed
Cause I'm not looking for any answers, no truths to be revealed
All that I am asking is to show me something real

First Breath After Coma - Explosions in the Sky (a coda)

Babel - Mumford & Sons - &, at the end of it all, they can take it all on & keep going.
'Cause I'll know my weakness, know my voice
And I'll believe in grace and choice
And I know perhaps my heart is farce,
But I'll be born without a mask
laceblade: Azusa of K-On!, looking at the viewer (K-On!: Azusa)
I had a crisis of confidence for a couple of weeks there. Partially convinced that the entire fic is terrible because I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do with all of the characters or what the entire plot is, or whatever. I'd like to be one of those writers who has things planned out from the beginning, but it keeps not happening.
This week, I started writing again. I just finished day 5 of a five-day streak of meeting/exceeding my daily word-count goal! EXCITEMENT.

Part of what sucks is this "middle" of the story. I have no idea how long the story will be, so it just seems to stretch in front of me endlessly. I've used up all of the initial, "Wouldn't it be cool if....?!" ideas.
I still have a few scenes in mind that I'd like to write, but those won't come up for a long time.

I'm having a really hard time making the CIA elements of the fic make any fucking sense (who'd've thought?!).

I'm deep in the middle of chapter 3. Either this fic is having a(n unrequited?!) Pezberry sub-plot or I'll end pulling all of it later for a separate Pezberry fic.

I'm bored as fuck at work lately have some free time, so if you have any blog posts or websites that you like with writing tips, drop those links like they're hot.

Current Word Count: 32,037 words (43% out of 75,000 word-count goal for 2012)
It might seem like this goal is unattainable given that we're at the end of September, but remember that I had epic surgery & awful recovery the first few months of the year, and almost all of these words were written after early June.
I feel confident that I can meet the 75,000 word-count goal by December 31st.
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Everyone keeps posting Avengers fic recs, but you are absolutely correct if you think I'm going to keep posting Glee fic recs anyway.

June, She'll Change Her Tune by [ profile] littledust - Santana and Rachel have some beer and nurse their broken hearts by a pool.

shedding feathers under fluorescent lights by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee - Santana really doesn't want to have Rachel Berry appear on her wildly popular talk show, Snix at Night! for a multitude of reasons.
"Think of the ratings," Puck says, though, and when it comes down to it, she can't argue with that.

A billion Puckleberry fics
I Forgot the Bitter by [ profile] smc_27 - Puckleberry. AU. Puck owns a bar and Rachel opens a bakery next door.

I'm Just a Habit You Can't Break by [ profile] smc_27 - It takes him a day and a half to decide that since he and Rachel are both single, they should probably do that thing where they get each other off again. Part 2. Part 3.

You In a Song by [ profile] smc_27 - AU. Rachel is cast as the love interest in Puck's music video.
Follow-up is It's a Little Too Early

I've Only Ever Told You the Truth by [ profile] smc_27 - "I know you love Finn and it's always going to be Finn, but I love you. You should know that."
And its sequel, Someone Like You Burning Through Me

Closer Than the Poison of My Pride by [ profile] smc_27 - He kinda loves her though. Not in a...Whatever. Not like that.

I've Been Dying To Tell You Anything You Want To Hear by [ profile] smc_27 - It's not her fault she's secretive. Okay, well, it is. It's just that she can't very well tell her husband she's a trained assassin, and really, she hates that term anyway. Puck and Rachel, Mr. & Mrs. Smith style.
Part 2. Part 3.

The City by [ profile] smc_27 - Somewhere between coffee at Dean and Deluca and riding the Staten Island Ferry just for fun, he starts to think that it actually makes a lot of sense for the two of them to end up going rogue the week after graduation. Puck/Rachel future fic.

Impersonal Space by [ profile] hoarfrosted - Kurt values the luxury of being comfortable in his own home. Sam enjoys the innate ability to get under Kurt's skin. Eventually, their opposing positions lead to an impasse.

Going Backwards Through Time (At the Speed of Light) by [ profile] questceque_cest - Kurt asks Sam to find him a new boyfriend in time for Christmas. Sam more than complies.

An Officer and a Batwoman by [ profile] backitup_baby - In which former Army Lieutenant Quinn Fabray moonlights as Batwoman and keeps running into Officer Santana Lopez.

The Elements of Style by [ profile] amiranaxagoras - Russell was always a period, a full stop, hard and uncompromising. Judy is like an ellipsis, soft and uncertain and never complete. Quinn would rather be a comma than either of her parents.

That one time Tina and Quinn kissed when they were the only two girls left to compete in Sectionals and they were both nervous about it. - Quinn/Tina drabble by [ profile] novel_concept26

The Best of All the Things That Come Our Way by [ profile] nightshifted - Quinn and Tina meet again in a women's studies class.

St. Berry
i've been wondering if maybe you've been thinking about by [ profile] smc_27 - St. Berry. Every time she gets drunk at a summer party, she texts him.

As always, I keep a master Glee Fic Rec list here.

lmao, last time I made a fic rec update in June, I wrote, Unlike FF7, I don't think Glee is a fandom I'll ever feel compelled to write in. Oh, self. .....Oh, self.
laceblade: Ritsu, Mio, & Azusa in bathing suits, holding inflatable inner tube, smiling (K-On: Summer)
I've met my daily writing goal more often than I've missed it. Generally, if I write at all, I make the goal. I am glad that I brought my laptop Up North with me.

The long-fic I'm working on is an action Glee fic, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that or not. I'm working on the second "part," I guess the second long-ass chapter. For a while there, I was working on scenes a little aimlessly, and I think that lack of direction was why I struggled on Monday/Tuesday.

Tonight, while grasping about a little bit, I read the post, Plot is not a four-letter word by [personal profile] synecdochic, and afterward I spend about 5 minutes to jot down 8 sentences in a 'notes' sub-folder in Scrivener about the emotional and action plots of my story.
Then, I revisited a pretty lifeless and pointless scene that I had written earlier in the week, and infused ~932 words into it, while also cutting about 800 words.
I feel a lot better about that scene now than I did before.

I'm saving the words that I excise from scenes in a "cut" folder. So far I've cut at least 1,200 words from this fic, and I haven't done a proper edit of anything yet.

I'm starting to want to purposely avoid reading other Glee fanfiction set post-season 3, because I'm afraid of taking details and using them without realizing it. But I'm really digging this Finchel fic by [ profile] smc_27, so I'm probably doomed from staying strong on that front.

My overall plot goals are pretty sketchy for this fic, and I should probably spend some time thinking about what I'd like to write, and what needs to happen to get from where my characters are, to where I want them to be. This shit is unwieldy.

Since returning from Up North, I've also started a canon refresher.
It is disturbing to me how much better Glee was in the first half of season one, compared to how shitty it is now. (To those who dropped it: yes, really.)

Current Word Count Total for 2012: 16,753 words (22% of 75,000 words)
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UHHH, so anyone feel like reading 8400 words of my first draft of chapter one of my Glee fic & telling me if it's worth continuing??
laceblade: Santana and Rachel of Glee, walking down the hallway singing "I Kissed a Girl." (Glee: Pezberry)
UMM, so I constantly and obsessively update my master Glee fic rec/to-read list, BUT I FEEL AN ADDITIONAL POST IS NECESSARY FOR TO GEEK OUT, even though only 3-4 of you actually watch Glee. THE FIC IS WAY BETTER THAN THE SHOW. I really do highly recommend everything in the top-half of that post, though! (Remember the bottom half = things I haven't read yet, bwaha.)

I find myself drawn to non-canon couples. Rachel/Santana, Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Puck, Quinn/Santana, Kurt/Sam, etc.

This is about things I've read recently....anything by [ profile] thememoriesfire is probably my fave, w/Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed being #1. If you're looking for any of her works in progress that she took down from AO3, scroll down a little here to find some fan-sourced downloads.

Taste the Bite of Death by [ profile] questceque_cest - Work in progress. A zombie apocalypse breaks out in the dead of winter. Five teenagers need to band together, despite their differences, in order to survive.

Down and Out Here in Paradise by [ profile] miggy - unfinished WIP. Zombie apocalypse set sort of near the end of the first season. Quinn is a fucking BAMF, worth reading for her alone. Part 2. Part 3.

All The Noise Died Away by [ profile] only_because3 - Zombie apocalypse AU, post season 2. Characterizations are spot-on, things are achingly raw & realistic. Of these three, this is my favorite zombie apocalypse AU, :D

REALLY LIKED these Mike/Rachel fics, tbh:
Take this sinking ship and point it home by [ profile] lynnearlington - Mike/Rachel. There are over two million people in Chicago, so when Mike runs into Rachel one afternoon, purely by chance, to say he’s a little surprised is an understatement.

We both know we're good together by [ profile] smc_27 - Mike/Rachel. She's beginning to think it's a shame she didn't keep in better contact with him during their first year of university.

Most recent Quinn/Santana fics:
Sins of My Youth by [ profile] only_because3 - The summer after junior year, Santana and Quinn end up being best friends. Neither of them really knows how to be a friend, but they're each helping one another through some bullshit. Santana basically lives in Quinn's room, but it takes a long time for them to realize that this might be more than friendship...

You're Just Scared (Love What You Got) by [ profile] rockinrye - It’s summer time and Quinn’s still hovering between pissed off and heart broken so picking up a camera seems the perfect way to fill her time. Until Santana becomes her muse. Then what?

Have You Ever Seen Me? by [ profile] lynnearlington - Sam/Tina. She’s...he doesn’t know, but right now she’s the Tifa to his Cloud and that’s not something he’s willing to let slip through his fingers. SO MANY FF7 REFERENCES, I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Like the Sun Going Down on Me by [ profile] valiant - Explicit Finn/Kurt, spoilers through 3.22. After their plans don't go the way they should, Finn and Kurt need to cry it out. And hug it out. And get a bunch of other stuff out of their systems, apparently.

I Forgot the Bitter by [ profile] smc_27 - Puckleberry. AU. Puck owns a bar and Rachel opens a bakery next door. Currently my fave Puck/Rachel fic.

Right now I'm reading Beers and Strippers by TriXter21 at, which is way better than its title might lead you to believe. Quinn/Rachel season 2 AU.

Those are the fic recs for now. I get my fic recs almost solely from [ profile] ontd_glee, it is the bomb. I wish there was a really active community like this talking about FF7 fic. If I ever scale back on the Glee fic, I'd really love to make rec lists & etc. about FF7 fic.
Unlike FF7, I don't think Glee is a fandom I'll ever feel compelled to write in.

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Spoilers for Props and Nationals )

Songs purchased from last night's ep: Pinball Wizards, Starships, Edge of Glory.

Related, I liked Van Der Waff's evisceration of NBC's Smash in his Glee recap:
After some solid episodes near the start and a couple of randomly good hours in the middle of the run, the show was just a bland, boring mess, a show that had literally no idea what its audience thought about it at any given time and often seemed to race in the exact opposite direction of what the audience wants.
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I never understood the dislike for Marti Noxon because I still liked the latter seasons of Buffy.

But then I found out she wrote tonight's episode of Glee, and just....WHAT THE FUCK.

ETA: If anyone is looking for what actually happened on the show last night, here's the review round-up for last night's ep over in [ profile] ontd_glee
laceblade: Santana and Rachel of Glee, walking down the hallway singing "I Kissed a Girl." (Glee: Pezberry)
Spoilers for tonight's Whitney tribute episode )



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