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....About Battlestar Galactica.

And ya, rly, I am still about 8 episodes behind or some shit.

BUT TOO BAD. At least you don't have to fear spoilers.

So I remember last year, I was reading Ron D. Moore's blog post about what he thought about the series finale of the Sopranos.

And I don't have a link, but he was basically all like, "Dude! They left it open-ended, just like life, and that was so awesome! Nothing was answered. People just went on living!"

And I think my mental response was something like, "You fucker! If you end Battlestar Galactica without answering everything, I will hunt you down and torture you for doing nothing but ripping off good TV shows instead of writing your own damn storylines (see: Sopranos ending; various episodes of The West Wing, which does so many things better).

It kind of sickens me that the UN had a panel about Battlestar Galactica to talk about global problems. Like, seriously, in all of fiction, you pick fucking Battlestar Galactica to look at problem-solving?? I would be like, "Hey remember when you created a black market and a heinous back-story for a main character, which was NEVER REFERRED TO AGAIN? Except the black market, which you used as a plot device to kill off a character you were too lazy to properly write out!" They can't even fully unpack issues on the show! Why take it to the global level!

Battlestar Galactica is like an ex who I used to be madly in love with and then it did something disgusting, like revealing a secret hatred for puppies that I could never get over. SHOW, YOU USED TO MEAN SOMETHING TO ME. One day, I will finish season 4!
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Spoilers through 4.11 )

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So clearly I haven't given up on this show because I'm still watching it.

Spoilers! Through 4.10 )
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I'm using Television Without Pity reviews to update myself on the 3-4 episodes of Battlestar Galactica I'm behind on, so I can watch the brand new one tonight.

I'm not sure what "Jacob" is going for in his reviews, but it's pretty damned annoying. It's some kind of luxurious etherealism, but I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT FRAKKING HAPPENED.

Instead, I get this:

Five clumsy Raptors fly them back to the Basestar, like ambassadors going home, with a coterie: coughing deckhands; sharp, nasty Vipers; sharp, nasty pilots, with death in their eyes. Humanity covers her glorious deck like an infection, swarming everywhere you look with their dead machines and stupid, silent motherboards; the beeping and the vulgar flashing and the words that blink across. They crawl across her flesh like a colony of ants, devouring. Grimy hands touch everything; they crash and muddle and take up space. Taking five to do the job of one or two, and always the screeching shrieks of them: Their conversations, inefficient, ring out across that smooth expanse in a thousand ugly voices, every one of them different. Every single one of them alone, calling out across that vast and lovely space to each other, like lonely, angry beasts in the night. And in the middle of that cacophony and jumbled, ugly movement, the three rebels are very small indeed. They've invited death into the only home they ever knew. It is very loud.

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You know what? I look pretty damn cute in the pictures of me that got uploaded to the SASS thread. Indeed, I love what K. Tempest had to say:
I was scrolling through the thread and looking at the pictures and, instead of being ashamed that I associate myself with such people (horrors!), I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful all those images are. They are pictures of beautiful women of all sizes smiling, having fun, loving where they are and what they’re doing. These are the poeple I go to WisCon to be around. And nothing those half-brained monkeys on that forum say can make me feel any different. You wanna call me out as a fat loser? You go right ahead. But it’s plainly evident that I not only have more class than you, I also have a better life and better friends. All the evidence I need to support that statement is my lack of time spent on the internet trolling for pictures of people I don’t know in order to make fun of them for arbitrary reasons.

Get a life, you losers. And coming from a Star Trek fan, that’s fucking sad.

Panel 191 Report: Last time, on Battlestar Galactica...

Reading, Viewing, & Critiquing Science Fiction and Fantasy ♦ Sunday, 11:30-12:45 A.M. ♦ Senate A

We saw the first part of Season Four, let's talk about it. Where is the series going? Let's speculate on the ramifications of the final five Cylons, Roslin's reoccurring cancer, and all the good stuff in the rest of Season Four.

M: Ben Burgis, Maddie Greene, JJ Pionke

This panel began at 11:30pm. Most of the panelists were drunk, as was most of the audience. This was hands-down the most hilarious panel I attended during the entire convention. I don't even remember what we talked about, and I didn't even drink. Cracktastic Cylon theories and references to Ikea planets were made. It was the just-perfect combination of people making insightful comments while also being drunkenly cheeky. I think my favorite moment (aside from Starbuck's white viper coming from Ikea) was [ profile] heyiya's "I have a really complex and insightful theory, but I've had a few beers and I can't complete this thought process!" I had so much fun that I didn't take any notes.

I didn't attend the "Is Racism Inherent in Fantasy?" panel, but I have heard a lot about it from friends (whose brains were broken). [ profile] badgerbag has video responses from people who attended the panel. My friend [ profile] brdgt is "Bridget" in three of these videos, and you have the opportunity to see how hilarious she is.

[ profile] coffeeandink has has posted about the "Can Internet Drama Change the World?" panel, posting a mostly-complete transcript of the panel. I attended this panel, and intend to post my own notes later, unless I decide that I don't have anything else to say. The consensus, though, was "Yes, Internet drama can change the world."

Here be sign-out stories, involving Tamora Pierce, Patrick Rothfuss, and Maureen F. McHugh )

Yesterday was work and grocery shopping, but [ profile] sasha_feather and I had time to eat dinner together, and I then showed her the first two episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. She is pretty new to anime (I think she's only seen Cowboy Bebop?), so I cackle with the glee of corruption. She hopes to reciprocate by getting me to read slash fanfiction.
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For those not keeping track of episode titles, this is the episode that aired last Friday.

As always, spoilers lie behind the cut. )
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Check this spot throughout the hour, as I'll be live-blogging my watching of the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica.

Obviously, spoilers lie behind the cut! )
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In case you haven't seen it, here is a link of the picture. I would say that the photo contains one spoiler for the end of Season Three.

Ron Moore has said a number of times that this promo photo contains a lot of clues about the end of the series.

Analysis of the photo contains spoilers through the end of season 3 )

Spoilers for Final Cylon info not yet aired in the episodes. The info doesn't tell you who it <i>is</i>, but rather a number of people who are <i>not</i>. )

The first episode will stream live on SciFi's website today at noon. I'll be at work, and we're having a brat lunch today, so I won't be able to watch until 9pm tonight, like most people. I'll probably avoid LiveJournal until I've seen it. Last year, I was spoiled for most of the episodes before I saw them, but this year I've been trying to avoid spoilers when possible.
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A lot of people on my LJ friends list found me through my frequent posts about Battlestar Galactica, mostly during the end of season 2, as well as season 3. I like blogging about TV (You need look no further than my many posts about Buffy and Angel!), so I feel kind of obligated to continue with BSG.

The premiere for season 4 is coming up this Friday, and I've already turned down two offers to hang out with people so I can watch this (I'll probably end up doing something anyway.....we'll see!). But I can't deny that my feelings are mixed.

All over LJ, especially my favored [ profile] battlestar_blog community, there are many posts with people trying to guess the Final Cylon, various characters' roles, and what the ending will be like.

I choose not to partake in this because there isn't really a point. While the big reveals of plot points were exciting in fresh in the mini-series, season one, and the first half of season two, they get increasingly coupled with a WTF feeling - one that things aren't entirely making sense. And that's because they aren't. To me, there's no point in predicting the Cylon stuff, because it probably isn't going to make sense. I hope I'm wrong.

I keep reading newspaper articles and interviews with writers, in which it's a huge revelation that they're making stuff up as they go along, that the story has not been decided from the beginning, that the "...And they have a plan" in the opening credits doesn't necessarily mean that the writers have a plan. Usually, in the various articles, this is presented in a "Gee, what do you know!" fashion. I don't know about other fans, but my personal feeling is, "Well, no shit."

Specifics on things that don't make sense; Spoilers through the very end of Season 3 )

I never blogged about "Razor" because, while I found it enjoyable enough, it didn't really live up to the hype, in my mind. There were some interesting things, and a confirmation of one relationship that I DEFINITELY called a long time back, but just didn't sweep me off my feet like other episodes and arcs of the show have in the past.

So, on Friday, I will watch, with both fear and excitement. If I watch from my house, I might live-blog it. I'm just hoping that I will have lots of gushing and good things to say.
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A comforting interview with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid:
Question: Do you still think the Democratic race can be resolved before the convention?

Reid: Easy.

Q: How is that?

Reid: It will be done.

Q: It just will?

Reid: Yep.

Q: Magically?

Reid: No, it will be done. I had a conversation with Governor Dean (Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean) today. Things are being done.

THINGS are being done. You know. Things.

An Idaho man vying for Larry Craig's Senate seat has legally changed his first name to "Pro-Life," which is how it will appear on the ballot. The article is here.

Sometimes, I enjoy reading The Badger Herald online, just so that I can read the comments that tear the writers apart. For example, this one, in which the copy chief gets reamed for a questionable headline.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race seems to have more mud-slinging that last year's, which is saying something. TV stations are bombarded with heinous commercials. I recommend this article from Newsweek, which explores the blatant inaccuracies contained in most of the ads.

I think that my favorite Gableman ad (that attacks Butler) pins Butler as being responsible for freeing a rapist and allowing him to commit another rape. If you watch the ad, you think that Butler was the judge for this case, and handed down the decision. In fact, Butler was the public defender for the rapist, and was appointed to this role by the state. Even more hilariously, Butler did not win the man's release: he served his sentence in full, and only committed his next crime after being out of jail.

I find it really funny that most of the ads attacking Butler accuse him of using "loopholes" and "technicalities" to put criminals back on the street, like this is a heinous notion. Wouldn't you want a judge to be concerned about loopholes and technicalities? I guess I always thought that that was what judges were for.

Lastly! OMF, Battlestar Galactica dog tags! (Most of the main characters are in the military.) Those are so cool! Maybe I could be a BSG character for Halloween....that would be a pretty easy costume to get together, I would just have to figure out how best to fix my hair so that it resembles that of another character's (or find a good wig).
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You must forgive me for spamming LiveJournal. I have things to say, and am definitely not going to be productive tonight.

I was up until 4:00am last night working on my Constitutional Law midterm. It's so weird for me to be up late the night before everything is due, because I don't think I've ever habitually done that before. But that's been three projects in a row, :( I guess it's definitely a case of senioritis. When I think about how amazing it will be to done with homework for forever, I can't even describe the feeling of elation that I get.

For now, I guess I just continue being a bad student. I'm not sure how the midterm went because I refuse to reread my paper. It'll just make me feel terrible. I spent discussion section half-cringing, because every point made forced me to wonder whether my exam answers had contradicted what they should have said.

I didn't feel too affected by my lack of sleep today, although I was exceedingly grateful for my last class being randomly canceled. I got groceries! And I'm thinking my brain moves a bit faster than normal when not well-rested.

A recap of Battlestar Galactica, seasons 1-3. Obviously, there be spoilers! It's a pretty hilarious recap, though. Oh, Battlestar. I wish you could always be as awesome as you sometimes are.

Brett Favre retired today. My mom left a voicemail with me at like, 9am. My Constitutional Law TA said that when he received a call on his cell phone this morning, he knew that either two things had happened: one of his parents was dead, or Brett Favre had retired. I love Wisconsin.
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I am so damn tired. What the hell. Lest I expound for paragraphs about my day, I will use a bulleted list.

What I Did Today
--Went to work. Less co-workers today. Actually had to work. WTF.
--Left work early (didn't take a lunch) to go to bookstores for textbooks.
--All of the bookstores were useless. One didn't allow me to copy down what books where on the shelf for one of my classes because they were unpacking things from boxes, and "working." I'M PRETTY SURE WHEN I'M WORKING, I'M NOT A JACKASS ABOUT IT AND FORGOT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE, KTHX. I have no idea where one of my English professors is having his books sent, because they were not at any of the bookstores. Some of us like to hunt down good deals at used bookstores! Bastards.
--Went to the post office. Spent lots of money. Gave them packages that aren't supposed to go to our address.
--Dropped off prescription at Walgreen's. Was stupid, and forgot health insurance card, and will have to return tomorrow.
--Made and ate dinner while watching Angel. OMG, Angel and Buffy are so good (seasons 2 and 5, respectively). I love Buffy season 5 much more than 4, so far. I think Angel also does much better when there is an over-arching plot.
--Went to Qdoba so I could see Antoine (who was eating dinner), and his new book, and show him how I got the complete Princess Tutu series in the mail today (OMG SO GOOD).

Blahhhh. I'm supposed to be doing things, like job-searching, or possibly caring enough to figure out what the eff I'm doing after I graduate. I suck. Maybe I'll just go to bed at like, 9pm. Fucking a, it already is 9pm. No wonder I'm tired!

Anyway. I need to close windows, and there are lots of things I'm too lazy to write up my own thoughts about, so links are what you get!

Last night, I watched Jane Austen's Persuasion on PBS, and am wondering if the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show is worth watching. I mean, Summer Glau being in it is almost reason enough in itself, as is the fact that Battlestar Galactica's composer Bear McCreary is doing the music, but comments are welcome!

An essay on recent book-to-movie adaptations, namely Beowulf and The Golden Compass. The writer thinks both films were brilliant, while I'm inclined to disagree. I've already written at length about Beowulf. I saw The Golden Compass last week, and overall, I enjoyed myself immensely, although I still feel the book is vastly superior. I also think that it was a hugely stupid decision to chop off the book's ending. Many think they're saving it for a second movie, but....I think the film may have been more successful with the big-bang ending that's in the book.

Speaking of book-to-movie adaptations. My friend Angela and I watched the BBC's recent remake of Jane Austen's Persuasion on PBS last night, and it was decent. I was not a fan of jiggly camera work, the rushed ending, or Anne Elliot's intense camera-gazing that occurred every 10 minutes, but it was okay. Also, Anthony Stewart Head (Giles, from Buffy) was a hilarious baronet, and made anything sucky worth it.
A gratuitous picspam of the entire movie, with commentary.
A scathing review!

An interesting article about young evangelicals embracing Mike Huckabee as their presidential candidate.

Promo material for the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica has surfaced, namely with a Last Supper-esque picture of various characters. You can see it here, although be warned that the commentary by Ron Moore in the magazine scans are very spoilery for seasons 1-3! The empty cup and opened/closed books intrigue me. Rampant speculation by fans can be read here and here.

This reminds me that I've still never blogged about what I thought about Battlestar Galactica: Razor. For now, you can read [ profile] lyda222's thoughts here, mostly pertaining to the way the show addresses queerness (Major spoilers for Razor and season 2).

On Saturday, I watched the Whisper of the Heart movie (Studio Ghibli) with Antoine and his roommate, and I remember how much I loved it. It might be my favorite Ghibli movie, but I'm not sure. I identify very strongly with the main character. It is so sweet, and amazing! Everyone should watch it!

Sometimes, lists help. Let's see if they do!

Things I'm Stressing About
--Anime Club needs fliers to post around campus. I have no skillz and no time. But it's looking life if I don't do it, nobody will. :/
--I need to change my bedsheets. Okay, I guess that's pretty easy.
--The senate is in session tomorrow. Not sure how lunch-eating works into all that, :/
--This career/job stuff is freaking me out like none other.
--Last semester, I took a shower at night instead of in the morning (morning being when I did it for the other 20 years of my life), but since Saturday, I've been doing it in the mornings and having better hair days. THIS IS A TOUGH DECISION.
--I have no idea what to wear tomorrow. Matching an outfit to our ugly blue blazers that are mandatory on session days is pretty tough.

I think blogging works better when I make smaller posts more frequently.

tl;dr my ass
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Firstly, The New York Times has finally written about the Jena 6. (If you don't have an account with the New York Times, you can get one for free with a .edu email address) If you have not been informed about the Jena 6 case, you definitely should read about it. It's hard to believe that stuff like this still happens. Racism sucks. :(

I would apologize for not blogging for a few days, but I actually posted a Friends-locked post on my LJ between this post and my last public post. Too bad you blog-readers can't read it! You should all get LiveJournals, and then you can see the entries where the real shit goes down, :) Really, though I don't like to get too detailed about work or school in public places on the interwebs.

I gave a presentation today in a class! Hopefully it didn't suck. It was the first major assignment that I've had due so far. I'm going home to see my family next weekend, and for this I am excited. It's been a while since I've actually been home - there was the Family Reunion, but that was a bit south of home, and my family came here to Madison to visit me one weekend, but I think that I haven't actually been home since July? Wow, has it really been that long? Needless to say, I'm excited. I might even be able to ask off of work and go home Thursday night....although it would be a complete and utter betrayal not to stay and watch the season premiere of The Office first.

The season premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender is tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited. Oooh! Maybe when I'm home next week, I can watch it with Dylan! (6-year-old nephew) When did I become such a TV-consumer? I'm excited for Avatar, Heroes, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and I would be for Battlestar Galactica if it was coming back before JANUARY. I also kind of want to check out The Bionic Woman (Katee Sackhoff is in it!) and Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off.

Anyway. Time for bed.
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Holy shit, it's the weekend. THANK GOD. I need two days to procrastinate until my Shakespeare exam! Verily, I do. Let's see. I know I have things to talk about.

I still haven't watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. I know the two major reveals that occur, and I guess I have absolutely no faith in the show in that they pulled it off well. Why can't this show be consistently good, instead of alternating between awesome and crappy? :/
On a similar vein, a discussion was started in a BSG fan community about why the genre of science fiction has such a stigma, and isn't well-respected. You can find it here. It really is a strange phenomenon, though. Most movie plots, especially say, romantic comedies, are extremely unbelievable. Why is it sci-fi and fantasy that get singled out as "too" out there? I don't know. But I do know that people who avoid it miss out on some good stories; similarly, people who restrict themselves to it miss out on good stuff, too.

If you haven't seen this yet, please do so. Alanis Morissette singing "My Humps."

I was too burnt-out to make it to "Heart of an Empire," which aired Thursday night as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival, but I did appreciate the people in Star Wars costumes who were all over campus. The Daily Cardinal caught a couple of amusing pictures: here and here.

I find this news story extremely disturbing. A preacher's wife shot and killed her husband with a shotgun, after years of being mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by her husband.
"It's just a lot of stupid stuff," she said. "I love him dearly, but gosh, he just nailed me in the ground. ... The first of our marriage, I just took it like a mouse, didn't think anything different. My mom just took it from my dad -- that stupid scenario."

But Winkler said she got a job at the post office and that experience taught her to stand up for herself. "That's the problem. I have nerve now, and I have self-esteem. My ugly came out."

Her ugly came out? Why is it ugly to have a self-esteem that forces you to stand up for yourself? I think it's sad that she calls it stupid that both she and her mother put up with abuse from their husbands. That's not stupid; it's sad. I don't understand how people can allow themselves to remain in relationships like this. I know that there are some who are adverse to divorce, but still - there comes a point when you need to recognize an unhealthy relationship for what it is and get out of it.

Romeo x Juliet
This is an anime series that just started airing in Japan. As I'm currently finishing up my second semester of two courses that basically cover Shakespeare's entire writing career (we read about 25 plays total, plus the sonnets), I was naturally intrigued.

Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, but I found the promo pictures interesting, so I'm going to give this series a shot.

Spoilers for premise of the series lie here
Luckily, Gonzo (the animation studio) has decided to spice up the plot of Romeo and Juliet by adding in touches of Robin Hood and the Anastasia story (the lost last girl of the Romanov family). In the first moments of the episode, we are first introduced to the setting: Neo-Verona (lol), a floating continent surrounded by clouds. Amidst music played by horns and strings, we see swirling snow and gothic castle peaks. Pegasi are ridden by the nobility. Here, the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues is not a simple feud, but is actually a power struggle over who will rule Neo-Verona. Agents of the Montagues are running in the castle, killing the members of the Capulet family in what appears to be a coup d'etat. The child Juliet witnesses the murder of her father, and then escapes with another girl a bit older than herself, whose relation to her is not explained. The actual series takes place 14 years later.

Spoilers for the first episode lie here )

The nods to Shakespeare
...were not terribly subtle, but still cute. Posters promoting "Otello" appeared on some of the walls, and Shakespeare himself is a character at the playhouse, where actors complain that they're performing scenes for a play that isn't even finished yet. Also, Juliet's cross-dressing is actually a common theme in Shakespearean plays, although it doesn't occur in Romeo and Juliet itself.

I've only sampled 3 new series, but thus far, this one is my favorite.
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I got enough sleep last night, but I have felt physically exhausted all day long.

I went shopping at the store with Chad and somehow forgot my wallet at home, although I did remember a shopping list.

I fell asleep this afternoon instead of studying for tomorrow's Victorian Novel "not-midterm." Our professor assures us that each class session counts for the same amount of points. But. It is a 45-minute in-class essay that I should have prepared for and didn't. Unless I can manage it tomorrow morning when at work.

Also due to falling asleep, I didn't get any laundry washed....and I really needed to.

I never feel like eating lately because everything tastes horrible.

Also, it seems like I feel physically ill after every time I eat, which hasn't been a consistent physical trait since senior year of high school.

I still haven't gone to church.

My mom commented when I went home that I look like I've gained some weight. I know she didn't say it to be mean, and I don't even know if it's true or not - I didn't weigh myself. It's not like I consistently eat things that are unhealthy for me. Why isn't that enough?

I don't particularly dislike my classes at all - in fact, I rather enjoy them and am thus far getting excellent grades this semester. But for some reason, the prospect of making it through the week makes me want to cry.

Then again, lots of things make me want to cry right now, and no, it's not "my time of month."

Also! This is probably the lamest part, but anyone who watched BSG yesterday knows what's up. And listening to the podcast for "Maelstrom" has pretty much made me hate Ron Moore. Even if the plot line will turn out to make it work, his utter lack of any good words for Katee Sackhoff's phenomenal performance was pretty dickish. Even setting aside the "holy shit!" factor, last night's episode was awesome - in terms of acting, editing, special effects, all of it - Battlestar Galactica can be such a good show when it wants to be. And I hold Ron Moore personally responsible for the weeks when it isn't - the weeks when the writing and storytelling get lazy. At this point, there are probably about 10 episodes in the whole series that are superfluous and don't add much. As there are only about 50 total, that's not the greatest record ever. It seems like a lot of TV shows are hit-or-miss like that - Grey's Anatomy is one. For me, it seems like the only TV shows I've ever found that are "just that awesome" consistently every single week are "The West Wing" and "The Office."

I always find it kind of disgusting that I can write paragraphs about television, anime, and etc, yet can never articulate my feelings.

it is cold.

Mar. 4th, 2007 11:29 pm
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Firstly, tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica? Well....thoughts are at the LiveJournal. )

The Departed (no spoilers)
I watched this last night with my mom, Julie (sister), Kevin (bro-in-law), Ryan, and Chad, which is a hilarious combination for any movie. This movie certainly brought the star power: Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson - and all of them were awesome. Seriously, though I thought that Leonardo DiCaprio was fricking amazing - in our generation, I think most people view him as a teen heartthrob who starred in "Titanic," but he is really a fantastic actor. Go him! I also really thought that Martin Sheen was excellent, but I'm probably extremely partial to him because of his role as the president on my favorite TV show, "The West Wing."
My mom was dismayed by the copious use of the "eff" word ( says it was used 237 times!) and the violence, whereas Ryan and I found the profanity and the violence to be "badass." I think Chad liked it, and I think my sister liked it well enough - she kept figuring plot points out aloud as the movie progressed.
If you can't stand violence/profanity, I would say (1: get over it, you're missing lots of good movies!) don't see "The Departed." If you're okay with it, then please see this excellent movie.

So, one year for my birthday or Christmas, one of my high school friends got me this book as a joke. "Silver's Spells for LOVE" by Silver RavenWolf, a Wiccan Priestess.
Over the weekend, I added over 20 books to my BookMooch inventory, and this book was one of them. Someone mooched it almost immediately and then promptly friended me. The person who wants to friend me has over 140 books on her book wishlist, all about Wicca or vampires.
I'm never sure to handle situations like this over the internet. Do I send them a notice saying, "I'm actually a practicing Catholic and I don't believe in Wicca"? Or is that rude? I guess that's what happens when you seek out friends based on one single criterion.
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This little blog of mine....which will make more sense over at my actual blog
Yeah, I know, the color scheme sucks. But I wanted my new banner up, and I think that I can get Antoine to help me pick better colors tomorrow evening. The characters in the banner are from Honey & Clover, one of my most favorite anime series (or series of anything, for that matter) of all time. I highly recommend it if you have ever fallen in love, ever had friends, or have ever had feelings of any kind. Even if you've never watched anime before, I think you would like Honey & Clover.

In other blog news, after my blog reached over 97,000 hits, I remembered that FastCounter sent me an email saying that their hit counters would no longer be free. I've used them for over 4 years! (I had someone else before that) Does anyone know of a free hit counter service I can use, and enter in a starting number? I'd probably put in 97,000 as the starting number, even though I know I had a few hundred more than that. In the grand scheme of life, hits on a web page aren't very significant, but they are a status symbol for webmasters and bloggers. And I was very much looking forward to reaching 100,000 if only for bragging rights.

Getting to class in the aftermath of the weekend's blizzard (and the continual accumulation that's been going on all day, and is forecasted to continue throughout the week) wouldn't be so bad if both the city and the university didn't suck so much at plowing. The sidewalks and footpaths on campus were terrible today. I literally had to jump across two feet of water to make it from Park Street to the sidewalk. I nearly lost my footing on icy patches at least 9 times, and I'm surprised I didn't fall and get my pants soaked with disgusting, dirty slush/water. I'm sure that that will happen tomorrow when I have my dress pants on to work at the Capitol. I haven't quite decided how to engineer my footgear yet, but I think that in order to catch the bus after work (I would prefer *not* to walk down State Street in the slush), I'll have to wear my brown leather shoe-boots with my black dress pants. Awesome.

At least work will be interesting tomorrow. I think that the Senate is set to discuss extending bar-time in Wisconsin due to a much early turning-clocks-forward federal Daylight Savings mandate (I think that's how the clock is turned? Not sure. It supposedly saves energy.).

Preemptive Woe
Speaking of work, I should go to sleep seeing as I need to get up at 6:00am and should have been asleep at 10:00pm.....but first! I am really afraid for this Sunday's episode of Battlestar Galactica. Rumors have been flying around for months that my favorite character is going to get killed off, but I refuse to believe it, and I think it's a ruse. We've been promised that one of the main characters will die (and one is a Cylon, and one will find Earth, blahblahblah), and I think *my* character is a red herring. They can't kill my character! I will be inconsolable if they do.

Current Music: A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture - Felix Mendelssohn (Featured in episode 19 of Princess Tutu, which also featured characters from the Shakespeare play of the same title! Have I mentioned that I love this anime?)
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I feel pretty tired, even though I didn't do much today. Well, that's not true. I did things; I just didn't do homework. Or put away my clean laundry. Or clean my room. But I watched Hamlet, bought clothing that was on sale at ShopKo, bought groceries, caught up on TV shows, cooked things, and read some Shakespeare. Which I guess is a full day.

I keep looking at the SCA website, and then convincing myself that it's definitely something I don't have time to get involved in, at least not now. Maybe summer. MAYBE. *is resistant to own desires*

I don't have much else to say, and I watched lots of TV today, so I'll talk about that.

Tonight's Battlestar was meh. I really hate when the show has to do filler episodes, and I'm glad that next season, we'll be getting 1 movie and then just 13 episodes. Things will work out a lot better, I think. I liked this episode more than I usually like filler episodes - probably 'cause we haven't seen a whole lot of actual characterization in Helo. This episode fell together way too perfectly at the end, and the not-believing-others didn't really make much sense. But I guess that's what happens with filler episodes. Like Black Market (Oh God! *shudders*).

I was sort of disappointed with The Office (Phyllis' Wedding). Everyone had hyped it up, and then it was kind of meh. There were great moments, such as Ryan swatting the thrown bouquet away from Kelly, Pam realizing Phyllis stole everything from her own wedding plans, and Jim waving his cell phone at his girlfriend's mock-concert. But other than that....

Grey's was surprisingly good, but probably mostly because I think Shonda Rhimes actually wrote this episode. I liked the opening scene, and how Derek is Meredith's "knight in shining.....whatever." I thought the little girl was lame, although it'll be cool if she turns out to be Izzie's daughter (doubtful.....she's a heavy-handed metaphor in case we missed the fact that Meredith is LOST and MOTHERLESS). Speaking of Meredith - I really loved the episode from the episode in which her mother was lucid for a day and she flipped out at her at the end. Usually, I can't really stand the character's constant whining and etc., but in that moment the pain was real.
Favorite character is still Izzie, although she didn't get to do much in this episode (except tell George to move back in! Aww!). I did love her line at the beginning, though. "Hey. I ate everything in the fridge last night. Everything. Including the tub of butter. There's no judgment here."

Current Music: Make This Go On Forever - Snow Patrol


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