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I left this as a comment in [ profile] sophy's journal, & then figured it may be universally helpful.

xkit is an extension for Tumblr, & it has made my Tumblr!use infinitely better. If you use Tumblr, I HIGHLY recommend doing it.
xkit does a bunch of stuff - it lets you blacklist certain tags (most people use it for fandoms they dgaf about, like I blacklist Teen Wolf, but I also blacklist stuff that can sometimes make me feel shitty - "food porn," "coffee," etc. Also super helpful if you dislike seasonal shit, like when everyone reblogs the same 10 photosets around Christmas or etc.).
It lets you reblog yourself (the Tumblr site doesn't).
It wraps tags, so that if someone writes like 20 tags that go beyond the width of the post-box, it'll put them on separate lines so you can actually read them all.
It makes it way easier to reply to replies that people leave on your blog.
It also has a feature that lets you download music files when someone blogs/reblogs music.

--If you reblog a picture/post/gifset and don't have much to say other than, "This is cute!" or "She's my favorite character" or "I hope X sees this!" or whatever, you don't put those comments (aka "feels") in the body of the post. Rather, you include them as tags. People who are following you can see your tags. But when the person who originally made the picture/post/gifset looks at the hella long list of people who reblogged them, they won't see 50,000 people's "feels."
--When you reply to people with a new post, list their user name as one of the first 5 tags.
--For this reason, your Tumblr username should be a tag that you track, so you can see people talking to you.
--Only the first 5 tags "count." This means that if you tag something "glee," "lea michele," "pezberry," "santana lopez," "i kissed a girl," & "fanfiction," then the post will NOT show up in the fanfiction tag, nor will it show up in any tag that you list after those first 5. Your followers will still see them, though! So this is why I generally tag in order of importance - "glee," "lea michele," & then my personal tags later - "lea feelings," "lea pls," etc. Some people write paragraphs in their tags. It's cool.
--In addition to leaving comments on the posts of people you follow (& sometimes people only allow comments from those they follow back - so if you can't find the comment button, that's why), everyone on Tumblr also has an "ask" box. You can leave a message there, & the user can either respond to you publicly (by making a new post in which they'll hopefully tag you with your user name), or if it's a sensitive question/statement, respond privately. It'll then show up in your own ask box.

I AM MOSTLY ADEPT AT TUMBLR, so ask me questions if you have them?!
I know that a lot of people dislike it, but I fucking love Tumblr. It is second only to Twitter for me.

PS I am [ profile] ribbonknight :)
laceblade: Kumiko and Reina from Hibike! Euphonium anime, Reina holding Kumiko's face w/one hand, faces close enough to almost touch. (Sailor Moon: Chibi Fight) is now in "soft launch." As a non-tech person, I'm led to believe that means, "we're not totally done yet!"
It's fun to be on a new site! The forums where people discuss the website itself are very friendly and helpful. I am confident that once I have plants around, I'll be able to ask questions about really basic things (idk what it means when something "goes to seed," for example, stuff like that), & people won't laugh at me, I don't think!

While you cannot yet add people as friends, the # of users is still pretty low, so it's easy to find other people's accounts under the "Members" tab. I am ribbonknight there.
I am a little sad that I can't add my non-food crops/plants (yet). So far, I've only been successful in maintaining non-food plants, like my spider plants & my rabbit foot fern and my peace lily.
During the summer, too, my red runner bean plant last year was my most successful in terms of how big it got/how long it stayed alive/how pretty the blooms were. But it literally only produced one bean.

I'd like to grow some flowers and other non-food plants on my balcony this year, if possible. I want to talk about my non-food plants, too. BUT. That is why I have this Dreamwidth blog, I suppose.
Anyway. Growstuff still seems like it will be valuable.

I'd like to do an inventory of the seeds I still have in my closet & blog about them here.

I'd like to link to an article with a pretty banal headline ("Pope Francis doesn't represent all Catholics"), but I ended up feeling motivated & proud by the end.
I'd like to quote it for my own posterity. & preface it with...I really do understand why people do leave/have left the Catholic Church/Christianity/organized religion, in general. I don't mean to quote it to chide or shame other people, but rather sort of as a summation of why I stay. (Or how I wish I behaved - I haven't been "active" in a way I feel good about since high school, when we shook up our local parish at least a little bit. I would like to do that again.)
Since then, the story of the church has been punctuated by people who consulted their conscience first and their popes later. Francis of Assisi assembled his community of barefoot wanderers before going to Pope Innocent III to seek approval. In more recent times, Dorothy Day didn’t need a pope’s permission before opening a house of hospitality for the poor and resistance against war. The Community of Sant’Egidio, founded in Italy in the late 1960s, has fought HIV/AIDS and negotiated peace treaties around the world on its own terms. Yet, in honor of this witness, Benedict XVI made a habit of visiting Sant’Egidio’s ministries in Rome. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is seeking Dorothy Day’s cause for sainthood. And now, almost eight hundred years after Francis’ death, a pope has named himself after him.

Each of these Catholic heroes had a certain respect for the papacy, but they didn’t let that get in the way of living out the gospel for themselves. They took inspiration from the words of church authorities, but more importantly they took action on their own—in creative, authentic, and Christian fashion. “In all times the laity have been the measure of the Catholic spirit,” Cardinal John Newman said more than a century ago. If what we expect from the church is what we expect from the aged and insulated man who happens to hold the office of Peter, there is little reason to expect much.


What the church needs is more committed and courageous souls in it, not fewer. It needs souls who are too busy organizing communities of radical living and prayer, and working for justice among the oppressed, and composing new hymns, to worry all that much about whom the Spirit and the cardinals might choose as pope. It needs souls willing to undertake new forms of thought and action capable of making what Catholics see as God’s good news a reality in our time—forms that will influence and inspire popes of the future, even if the present ones don’t yet get it.
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Umm, I have a thread in a love meme, if you're into that.

ETA: If you're leaving a comment for me, please reply to the top-most Anonymous comment there, which has "laceblade" as a subject line.
If you just click "Post a new comment," then I will have multiple threads & I need not suck up this entire love meme!
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What is UP with n00bs to DW posting to comms like they are their personal journals?



Jun. 16th, 2011 08:25 am
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Dear Friends,

Help me decide my life.

Should I participate in [community profile] megaflare_ff? [Megaflare is a Big Bang for Final Fantasy video games.]

Fic commitments can be made for one of these four levels:
Flare - 5,000 words
Ultima - 10,000 words
Mega Flare - 20,000 words
Giga Flare - 40,000 words

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

Should I participate in Megaflare?

View Answers

4 (80.0%)

1 (20.0%)

If "Yes," should I work on the FF VII Inception AU in earnest? (haven't touched it in....a couple months?) Or something different?

(If FFVII Inception AU, I think I'd lean toward the latter two word counts. D: )

I am insecure fanperson, ;_;
One day, I will make these decisions for myself!
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I FOUND A FF7 RAP ON THE INTERNET. I found it here. I think I like it most starting about 1/4 of the way through.

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Next week starts Three Weeks for Dreamwidth.

For those who don't know about it, it basically means, "Post a lot, contribute to the comms you're part of, and make new friends, celebrate dreamwidth, yay."


If there are things you want me to write about, leave a comment and tell me what you want to hear.
I'm not guaranteeing that I'll write everything (if I don't have the spoons), but even if I don't get to it next week, maybe I will in TEH FUTURES.
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Inspired by [personal profile] raanve's post, these are vid ideas that I've written in a Google Doc! I currently don't know how to vid, and I probably won't learn how to do it any time soon. BUT I HAVE IDEAS.

1) I am a Vampire (Juno Soundtrack) with Spike, from Buffy/Angel. This could be heinous, or serious. For sure the shot of him using his fingers as fangs must be used. The song is so ridiculous that I sometimes envision this as a study of Spike constantly trying to assert his masculinity/dominance (and usually being undercut when doing so).

2) My Sweet Prince (Placebo) to Revolutionary Girl Utena. I really would want this vid, but the song is so slow that it might not be too great? It'd have to be visually awesome to hold the viewer's attention, for sure.

3) Johnny and Mary (Placebo cover) to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Not many notes for this one, except that John is obviously John Connor (but could also be John Henry if you run short on time), and "Mary" might probably rotate between the women characters - Sarah, Cameron, etc.

4) Kings of Medicine (Placebo) to Neon Genesis Evangelion. IDK. Mostly when I hear the lyrics "They're pickin' up pieces of me," I see Rei's arm falling off her body and cackle to myself. "Put you in a bag before the day is over" could also be people/parts floating in LCL. IDK, I see the opening verse as being literal interpretations of the lyrics, but that usually bores me in vids (even though it's done ALL THE DAMN TIME with AMVs), so it could be more abstract after that.

If anyone makes these vids (or if anyone has already made them, #1 has to have been made, right?!), let me know!

ETA: In the comments at the LJ post, [ profile] etrangere notes that #2 has been done! Link!
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I wasn't going to post anything about this whole 'piracy of copyrighted material' debate, but let's just say: We in anime fandom are not new to the discussion!

If you think buying an e-book is bad, check this out.

The production company for Fractale, an anime series currently airing in Japan, was having the series simulcasted in the U.S. by distribution company Funimation.

After airing one single episode, Fractale's production company pulled Fractale away from Funimation, stating that silmucasts would not return until Funimation ended illegal copies of the show on the Internet. ALL ILLEGAL FANSUBS MADE FROM THE SHOW. EVER. EVEN THOSE MADE BY JAPANESE PEOPLE.

It is very.....WTF.
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I just got 10 new Dreamwidth invite codes. If any of you want one, let me know. Even if you don't normally comment, it's cool.
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Nightschool, vol. 1 and 2 by Svetlana Chmavoka
Volume 1 was a reread for me. It held up well, and I look forward to reading more of this series.

Her Majesty's Dog, vol. 2 and 3 by Mick Takeuchi
Not as good as volume 1, but still good.

20th Century Boys, vol. 3 and 4 by Naoki Urasawa
I continue to have so much love for this series.

Greenwitch by Susan Cooper (3 of 5 in The Dark is Rising)
I like this book the least out of the three I've read so far, but I'm still looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Why Buffy Matters by Rhonda Wilcox
Great academic analysis of Buffy, I ate this up. I didn't care for the introduction much, but I'm glad I kept reading.
Massive spoilers through the end of the series, so I would not read this book unless you've seen it all, or don't care about spoilers.

Critiques: For a book that had the goal of explaining why Buffy as a whole is important to society, the author focused mainly on analyzing it in order to prove that the show is "art." A lot of the things she chose to focus on were references in events to episodes that are repeated throughout different essays, to the point that the repetition became annoying.
Also, the author focused on the most artistic episodes in the entire series, aside from "Surprise"/"Innocence" (which are good episodes, but not stylistically different from the rest of the series), she wrote about "The Zeppo," "Restless," "The Body," and "Once More, With Feeling." I guess if my goal was to argue that an entire TV show is artistic (and I'm not sure why the argument needs to be made in the first place), I would use "mundane" episodes to prove my point.

Despite my critiques, I liked the things that Wilcox analyzed and expanded on. Visual cues/framing devices have to be extremely blatant for me to pick up on them (ie, Revolutionary Girl Utena), so now there will be things for me to look for. I am really eager to continue my re-watch of Buffy (I left off after finishing Season 3 a couple of months ago).

Baccano! ep. 1-3 (of 16)
This is a re-watch for me, first-time viewing for the Boyfriend. Boyfriend finds the show a little pretentious [We're telling the plot in a non-linear fashion, Audience! We're so clever!], and I'd say I'm inclined to agree with him. It's a fun show, and I still love Isaac/Miria, but I think I've decided it's one that I don't want to own.

CLAMP School Detectives, ep. 1-5 (of 26)
A ridiculous opening sequence! CLAMP School Detectives is like Burn Notice, except that instead of an ex-spy, they're three fourth graders who try to help women in trouble. I don't think I'll finish this show, as there's not a lot of emotional growth/etc. Still, I liked the manga (my write-up is here), and it was nice to see the anime version.

Burn Notice, 3.1-3.2
It seems like these seasons start out a little slow for me? I like this season's antagonist more than I liked season two's, I think.

Robotech, ep. 1-4
I'm not really sure how to describe this show. It's so cheesy, and I hate all of the characters thus far. BUT post-apocalyptic futures IN SPACE will carry me far. I'm in it for the long haul, as the DVDs I have are from the middle part of the series. As I said, I dislike all of the characters for far, but the one I dislike the most is Minmei.

"High Society"
Didn't like this movie much, aside from Louis Armstrong. Lots of awful dialogue, especially the misogyny of Grace Kelly's love interests.

"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"
The subtitles didn't work on the DVD we rented from the library, so thank God this movie had a good English dub. I kind of loved this movie, aside from a couple of needlessly long crying / running/panting scenes. It's about what a high school girl would do if she had the ability to leap through time. I thought that the protagonist was maturing emotionally, but that turned out to not be the case.
I was kind of hoping for a Donnie Darko ending, but I loved this anyway.

"Freedom Writers"
My mom wanted me to watch this movie. I know that it's all "nice white lady blows the minds of kids of color with uplifting and simple phrases," but I did like the fact that the kids told their stories in their own voices throughout the movie, and that it showed the outright racism of teachers/administrators in schools. Better than I expected, but not great.

Google Wave
I unexpectedly received an invite from my friend [ profile] nylorac15. I'm a little wary about Google Wave - I think that for simple chatting, I'd much prefer Google Chat. I don't want people to watch me type as a type! In most cases, that would be very bad. I self-censor, but I need a little bit of time before I hit "Enter." Wave seems to remove this safety net.

What kinds of things might Google Wave be used for? I can only think of fannish-related activities: epic writing of fanfic between multiple parties, collaborative real-time WisCon panel write-ups, etc. Outside of fandom, I really can't come up with any uses for the technology. Let me know, Internet. Wikipedia is vague, and I'm not watching Google's hour-long video. I've got shit to do.

I need to figure out a way to have the contacts list not contain everyone I've ever Gmailed in my entire life. :[ It seems like the only way to delete people from the list is to delete them from my Gmail contacts list FOREVER, and that sucks. How come there isn't more control, as there is with Google Chat?
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If any of you fine people would like an invitation to Google Wave, let me know.
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Not sure how many of you are at Archive of Our Own, but I am laceblade over there.
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I already tend to loathe Facebook on a good day, but I'm starting to get really annoyed with the way they use their suggestions on the sidebar of the splash page.

"Friend Suggestions" are a good way for me to realize that someone who I thought was my FB friend has actually defriended me. It's also a good way for me to be reminded of people who everyone else likes, but I do not (this is mostly the case with high school people, don't freak out, LJ!).

But now they've added a "Reconnect" thing, so that if I haven't communicated with someone on Facebook in a while, they'll post their name, like, "Cordelia Chase. Reconnect with her." And it's like, WAY TO MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT KEEPING IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH MY 337 FACEBOOK FRIENDS, as if making me feel guilty for not being friends with people I'm not friends with wasn't bad enough. Now it's not only that, but that I'm not a good enough Internet!friend to people who already are my friends!

I'm not actually upset about this emotionally, but I am extremely annoyed. I don't think that motivating people with guilt is a good way to get people to want to use your website. Wouldn't you rather have people associating your website with positive feelings?


Target has various TV show "bundles," in which you can get two seasons of TV on DVD for $20. This includes seasons 1 and 2 of Angel, 3 and 4 of Angel, and 1 and 2 of Buffy (although that one was $25, not sure why). There were some other shows too, but those were the best ones.

I had previously maintained that I would only own Angel season 5 on DVD, BUT I CANNOT RESIST THE ANGST OF WESLEY.
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And sometimes, the comments make no fucking sense. [Read the one by "Smokers Anonymous."]

Apparently I'm worthy of the caliber of text used in creepy religious brochures. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM?


Sep. 16th, 2009 10:38 pm
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More weird-ass shit from Father Benjamin! In this post, he tried to address the very serious topic of feminism (only referred to in the past tense, and cites The Feminine Mystique as feminism's manifesto - a book that focused on the issues of middle-class white women in the 1960s), but it somehow morphed into gay people being obsessed with gender, and needing to focus on God more, and then everything will magically fall into place.

Yeah, I didn't get it either.

Also, what up with Kathryn Cramer? If you're going to call people out on the Internet, you cannot be passive aggressive. End.


Mar. 21st, 2009 12:08 am
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OMG YOU GUYS! has cheap Tokyopop manga! 99 cents per volume! THAT SHIT IS 90% OFF!!

They have RG Veda! And The Queen's Knight! And hopefully other things I want, too!

Does anybody know if any of the light novels are any good? I see they have "Scrapped Princess," for example. The anime was okay and I'm wondering if Tokyopop's light novels are good, or just poorly translated and bad-ish.
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And for the record, I do have a social life. Reading LJ posts really doesn't take very much time. I like being informed, and I like deconstructing this stuff in my free time.

Relevant Posts that give a background to the one I'm about to write!
[ profile] coffeeandink: RaceFail: Once More, with Misdirection
[ profile] vom_marlowe: Fucking Will Shetterly Insults Me and My Family
[ profile] deepad: To burn a bridge is sometimes as necessary as to build one
[ profile] shewhohashope: Cultural Appropriation and SF/F: Once More, With Apathy
[ profile] coffeeandink: Dear People....

I am really confused by posts like Kathryn Cramer's, which cries foul at people who use aliases online.*

I'm sorry, but some people have very good reasons for choosing to be anonymous on the Internet. Not everybody is self-employed, or even employed by leftist, free-thinking people who agree with all of their opinions anyway.

Does nobody remember the PDF files from that were floating around just about a month ago? To be considered for employment in the Obama Administration, a person had to detail any blog posts or blog comments, or comments of any sort, made online in their entire life.

People who work in the same field as me are actually forbidden by their employers from having blogs at all, because anything - and they do mean anything - can misinterpreted and reflect poorly on their employer. People who have blogs are not hired. So if you choose to have a blog anyway, you'd damned well better use a pseudonym.

People like me are not using aliases to hide behind a made-up name, to never own up to the things we say, to never take responsibility for hurting others, for making a point, for speaking out. In fact, many of us make use of aliases so that we might have a voice at all. I'll own up to things I write online. I'm not going anywhere! I don't start conversations and then run away, taunting with "HAHA BUT YOU DON'T KNOW MY REAL NAME!"

In fact, I think using a pseudonym keeps the conversation focused on what's being said, and not on who people are.

I thought [ profile] jonquil solved this shit with her post calling attention to all the bad-ass people who have used pseudonyms like, say, Publius.

[ profile] vom_marlowe points out why it's quite dickish to make assumptions about people's class after finding out single bits of information about them. I don't really don't know what Will Shetterly's deal is. Like, you find out one detail about a person, and then you know their entire life story!

Even if he was right....what if people are middle class, or *gasp*, upper class? Does it take away their right to call you a fucker for being a dick on the Internet? No! It does not.

And I'm getting really sick of all of his friend's comments of "OMG, but he really is nice in person! I can't believe he's this mean online."

For the record, dear friends of mine, if any one of you were to start being a total asshole to all of my friends online, but you were still nice to me in person, I would not be friends with you any more! The way you treat other people also reflects on you as a person. The Internet is real. People who type words are not machines or paper dolls; I find it ironic that in this RaceFail 9000, the people using their real names are often the ones who don't seem to understand that. IF YOU ARE A DICK ONLINE, YOU ARE STILL BEING A DICK.

To bring up high school as an example most people understand: even when Abercrombie-wearing "popular" kids were nice to me, if they were mean to me or people they viewed as ugly or fat in my grade, I was not nice to them in return! That shit is mean. Nothing excuses it. I didn't stop thinking that they were assholes when they were nice to me, or when, at that moment, they weren't picking on other kids.

Lastly...can someone tell me who Theresa Neilsen Hayden is? Same with her husband? I'd never heard of these people before RaceFail 9000, and they must be big in fandom or something, but all I know is that they acted with fail.

-Tonight's [ profile] beer_marmalade discussion, at which we discussed topics and thoughts from RaceFail 9000. It was a good conversation! Even with a mostly white crowd! GOOD THINGS CAN COME OUT OF MIRES OF CRAP.

*Link removed because Kathryn Cramer keeps changing the redirection of the URL, sending people to scammer sites that might have malware. Mark a bitch point in her column!
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"You are about to close 86 tabs. Okay to continue?"



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