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Halfway Away, a vid for Yuri!!! on Ice by [personal profile] starlady
This is just such sweet vid, and makes me feel overcome by all the feelings I had when watching the show as it aired. That it's an excellent song choice doesn't hurt, either.

Field Work, a vid for the Indiana Jones series by [personal profile] eruthros
I will never look at Indiana Jones the same way again.

For the first time this year at WisCon, there was a drabble challenge, with results posted in a collection at the AO3: WisCon 41 Drabbles.
I particularly enjoyed the drabbles by [ profile] j00j and [ profile] TheAndy, but am probably biased because they are friends.

It's a small collection, but one of high quality, and I hope that they do it again next year. The idea of collecting works created in the same physical location, over a specific period of time, is pretty cool. Also, I was at the Best Superpowers for Banging panel, which inspired the "Lube Jets" drabble. To say that the panel was hilarious feels like an understatement.
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I only have one WIP, so these are all from A Song Is a Weapon. There's a lot of middle between what I've fleshed out & these scenes, so still a little sketchy.
[personal profile] littlebutfierce, the tag is for introducing me to the song in #3, :)

1) Rachel assessed herself coldly in the mirror. She looked too peaked; she pushed her fingertips into her cheeks, massaging tiny circles to push some color there.

Who knew that a theatrical education would have practical applications in espionage? I should write a thesis about this.

2) Her fingers hit some low notes on the electronic keyboard. Simple - he knew she didn’t play much.

“All my life, I’ve been fighting a war…” her voice started out like it always did, clear, sweetly cutting the air with pure, full notes.

Her voice lifted higher.

“My heart jumps around when I’m alluded to.
This will not do.”

Puck new they’d all been scared - for a long time - but all he could think about was how Rachel had had the fear first, and worst - but her entire tone shifted, to anger.

“’Cause I was raised up to be admired
To be noticed.”

Her anger was about her loss, then. Of a meticulously planned future to which she’d devoted the last decade of her life.

Could she ever do this?

Would her bitterness allow her to slip into other personas, to ignore herself for the sake of their missions?

Rachel turned toward him then, as if reading his thoughts. Her smile was warm and infectious as she went on.

“It’s a switch flipped,
It’s a pill tipped back
It’s a moon eclipse.
And I can tell you that when the lights come on I’ll be ready for this.”

She went to another verse, and her voice was full and strong.

Puck hadn’t exactly forgotten what it was like to listen to Rachel Berry sing, but remembering was so different than being right in front of her.

3) “I’ve been thinking a lot about faith,” says Rachel. “But before you get upset, Kurt,” she holds her hand up as if to silence him, even though he hadn’t said anything. He lifted his eyebrows, waiting for her to continue. “This is a little different, though. And…I think you’ll like it especially, because you’re my Glenda,” she said.

She took a deep breath and rested her fingers on the piano. Her posture’s always good, but on the bench it’s perfect.

“Well I’m off to see the wizard,
With his curtain and his crown,
But my hands are not trembling,
And my head it is not bowed.
All I’m asking is that you show me something real…”

Her voice trembles a bit, and Kurt feels as though no one else is really breathing. When she sings, “All I’m looking for is someone to walk with me,” and reaches her hand toward him, he smiles and takes her hand, swinging them back and forth while she continues. He almost can’t believe how much her writing has improved - they’ve all matured over the past few months, but being able to articulate something this meaningful and… sad, is truly surprising.

Maybe it’s easier to write when you have something to say.
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A Young Radical's Guide to Love by [ profile] blamebrampton - "Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone."

After the books, the Wizarding World tries to go back to normal as best it can. Trying to make up for his past deeds, Percy Weasley uses his position at the Ministry of Magic to issue arrest warrants for friends/family of former Death Eaters - whether they're actually guilty of any crimes or not. A sort-of-coping Draco Malfoy eventually meets up with Auror Potter, & things go on from there.



It was amazing. My ranting doesn't do it justice.
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Rosemary and Rue - I got this from the library because I've been following Seanan McGuire on Twitter for a while & find her pretty cool. I'd bounced off of Feed a while ago, but thought I'd try this urban fantasy series. It reminds me of Kitty Norville in how in the first book, the protagonist is bucking away from the abusive paranormal situation she's been in for a while.
This one's a little different, though, because the protagonist spent 14 years as a koi, in a pond. Random, lol. I plan to read more!

March Story, vol. 1 - This was okay?! Paranormal stuff happening in what they call the 18th century but I'm pretty sure is the 19th, Europe. Very pretty art. Interesting thing with gender that I hadn't seen coming. It's a pity there only seems to be one volume out in English so far.

One Piece, vols. 13-15 - I found the first two volumes really boring. But now that Nami's sick & they're in a snow area trying to find the doctor, I'm finding it really interesting?! I like Vivi even though she's probably temporary. I like that Nami's illness shows how absolutely essential she is to the crew. I think in the first two volumes contained in this omnibus, I was having my typical shounen feelings - annoyed by neverending fights. UGH.

The Lives of Christopher Chant - I liked this WAY MORE than Charmed Life. Christopher is a much more interesting protagonist, and the I found the plot & world-building in this book to be much more fascinating, and I usually don't care about world-building so that's saying a lot.

The insights into everyone who becomes a character in Charmed Life are fascinating, and now I just want to reread certain parts of Charmed Life to see those characters later on. I really love Christopher, & plan to reread this book in the future.

I LOVED the Goddess/Millie. It's so important to me that she found a life she wanted to emulate through books, and let her fictional heroine guide her own actions in a time of crisis - staying loyal to her friends because that's what Millie would do - genius! So special.

Nineteen Seventy-Nine by [ profile] blamebrampton - The last year of Regulus Black's life, which I really, really liked. Even while getting in with the Death Eaters, Regulus checks in on Sirius to make sure he's okay. He accidentally bumps into Lily Potter, with whom he forges an unlikely friendship. This shows Regulus getting deeper & deeper into the Death Eater group, even while questioning some of their methods. His compromises & eventual inability to compromise are fascinating to watch. I appreciate the way that Lucius Malfoy tries to mentor him, too. I'm still looking forward to reading more HP fic by this author.
I think that reading Rowling's latest Cormoran Strike novel has made me really, really long for her to write some adult Harry Potter books, which is why I'm trying to fill the hole with politically intelligent fanfiction.
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Charmed Life - I do like this world of magic, & the Chants, even Gwendolyn.

I usually dislike plots that can be resolved by two people simply talking to one another, so I spent most of the book just wanting Cat to TALK to Chrestomanci. Still, I like the world & more importantly, the writing, so I'll be reading more.

Alias, Vol. 2: Come Home - Still really enjoying the writing in this series, which is about Jessica Jones, a former super hero who's now a detective.

The use of frames/etc. is a little different, and I'm interested to see how it translates to TV when the Netflix show based on this series gets made. In the meantime, looking forward to volume 3.

For the Public Good by [ profile] blamebrampton - This was recommended to me on twitter so long ago that I can't remember who recced it >_<
"Harry is loaned to the Muggle government to assist relations between the two governments after the London bombings. When his counterpart in the Communications team comes to him with evidence of a plot to expose wizarding Britain, he is all ears. And only in part because the messenger has such a familiar voice."

The counterpart in the Communications team is, of course, Malfoy. This takes place post-canon, & I really liked it. Catnip for me, sort of - tons of politics & bureaucracy, I actually found the Harry/Malfoy pretty sweet, & it was funny, too.
I'm going to look for more by this author.
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are you two years ago by [ profile] timorous_scribe - Reuniting a little threesome called the Unholy Trinity for some Toxic performance practice and one last sleepover before they have to return to their big kid lives (and all the issues that go with) at MIT, New York, and Yale.

i just can't shake this feeling (that i'm nothing in your eyes) by [ profile] ratherembarrassing - Santana Lopez. When asked whether they each thought the other would end up at this point, both of them answered decisively. “Of course.”
post-Frenemies fic that's everything I wanted & didn't get from the show.

Here Comes Trouble (Or: the One Where Santana Takes Over Glee Club) by [ profile] lookninjas The first thing she does is to put the picture of Finn back in the choir room where it belongs.
The second thing she does is to look right in his vacant, grinning face and say very firmly, “Just so we’re clear? I’m not doing this for you.”

The Way We Were by [ profile] crossfirehurricane - An au where Lyanna Stark marries Rhaegar Targaryen & they live as king & queen in King's Landing. I like that neither Rhaegar nor Lyanna are saints, but this was more something for me to read while also gaming. I like the premise of the au.

Kingdom by the Sea by [ profile] crossfirehurricane - An au where Lyanna Stark marries Robert Baratheon. Same as above - didn't really like the writing, but like the premise. I need Game of Thrones aus, I think. There are so many possibilities!

Buffy Season 10 #1 (New Rules part one) - Nice reminder of where we've been, plus a new mystery to figure out. Really enjoying the return of [spoiler].

Hawkeye - I'm caught up (unless another one came out today?) but don't have anything to say about these. REALLY enjoyed the trippy Christmas cartoon commentary issue.

Ms. Marvel #2, Captain Marvel #1, Lois Lane #1 one-shot - I liked all of these!

Spider-Woman, Agent of SWORD - I borrowed this from someone in comics club. I had no familiarity with Jessica Drew except that she sometimes shows up in Captain Marvel as a friend of Carol. Despite my lack of familiarity, this was fan-fucking-tastic. I really loved it.

Sarah Canary - I got about 120 pages in before going up. I gave zero fucks about the characters it what was going on :/

Boxers and Saints - These were really great, an appreciated as I'd previously had zero familiarity with the Boxer Rebellion.

Princeless: Get Over Yourself - I still like this story, although I don't feel the same glee as I did over the first volume. I'm happy to keep reading the collected volumes from the library, but I won't be adding this to my pull list.

Story of a Girl - I devoured this. I love Zarr's writing, and it's interesting to see how class plays a role in both this story (where the protagonist comes from a working class family) and the other book I've read by her (where the family is filthy rich).

Revival volume 2: Live Like You Mean It - I think I'm not feeling this series. There's a lot of gore, and this volume introduces way more problems while not solving any raised in the first. I think I'm also not into zombies unless it's an au Glee fic ^^;

An Everlasting Meal: Cooking With Economy and Grace - This is the first book about food that I've read in years that didn't make me feel anxious. As someone with a restricted diet, Adler's suggestions (& variations on suggestions) were easy to take as they applied, & ignore when they didn't. I don't know yet if this will change the way I cook or prepare food for myself, but it could, and I'd like to buy it.

ATLA: The Rift, #1 - Start of a new trilogy by GLL. I've liked all of his comics so far, and this one is no different. It's the exact tone of the show. Toph & Aang clash about their conflicting attitudes toward culture, & it's tied to how the world is trying to move forward after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai.

I spent time sympathizing with Aang who's trying to reestablished Air nomad practices, but Toph has a good point when she notes that not everybody's past is idyllic as his, & some people can only live by pushing the past firmly behind them. Unfortunately for Toph, she won't have a choice.

Ancillary Justice - I liked this, but perhaps not as much as others in my circle. I liked what it did with gender, liked a glimpse at what long-game politics look like, liked how complicated it was. Didn't really care for the writing :/
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I wrote enough about this last time, I think. As will become clear below, I've now cemented this as my favorite installment in the series.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I remember being disappointed with this book when it came out. After the intense battle at the end of the last book and the Ministry of Magic having been proven clearly wrong (so everyone had to accept that Lord Voldemort was really & truly back), it felt dishonest for everyone to just go back to school. This book is largely about Voldemort, with the Deathly Hallows being largely about Dumbledore. I didn't really care to learn too much about Voldemort or his family. I did like the end-bit better than I remembered - pretty much everything from Harry & Dumbledore going off to the cave with the locket on through the end is solid writing.
I felt bad for Luna and Neville in this book - their being the only to notice the DA coins was sad to me. Overall I wish that Harry, Hermione, and Ron could have hung out with the two of them more, and been better friends to them in this book.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - I do & do not like how Harry & co. do not have a clear plan for how they're going to destroy horcruxes. They fly by the seat of their pants; it's hard to figure things out but lots of interactions with random people help them make connections; it's probably more realistic for them to work things out so slowly. Still, they spent way too much time fighting in the woods :(
I really like that Harry was kind to Kreacher, who them seem to rediscover readings for living, and made Grimmauld Place a clean & healthy place to live, even while they're hiding.
Lots of great scenes in this book, obviously. The scene with the Resurrection Stone is probably my favorite.
The epilogue did not bother me at all this time.

Leading up to the end, I tweeted a lot about wanting HP fic recs, especially bureaucratic after-book fics about Harry/Ron/Hermione and the politics involved in working for the Ministry of Magic.
I have LOTS of fic recs to work through (and am very glad about it!).

I started with
Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall. Described by the author, "Lust Over Pendle is a comedy of manners set in the Golden Age detective thriller genre, and is presumed to take place after the end of the seventh Harry Potter book, and, therefore, after the fall of Voldemort."
This is a Draco/Neville fic. I definitely didn't read it with a pre-inclination for the pairing, *g*
Basically, Draco defected from the Death Eaters toward the end of the war, but people still don't believe he's "turned" to the good side, & feel incredulous about his relationship with Neville (revealed to their families & the Wizarding public when a photo gets published in The Daily Prophet).
This fic - the dialogue, characters, writing style - drips with class privilege, I think.
I love the dogs. I like Hermione helping out by totally pwning ass. I love that Harry's just shunted off to the side after acting like an idiot, with everyone understanding that things will work out better if he's just out of the way.
I like that people who are caricatures in the main series feel very real in this fic (Colin Creevy, Neville's grandmother, Draco Malfoy, etc.). I like Neville's love for gardening being an asset and a real hobby. I like the interactions with Muggles, with them being real people. I liked Melanie very much as an original character.
There's more in this series - lots of short stories and a sequel "novel" to Lust Over Pendle. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Currently Reading
Cold Steel, & I'm trying to read it really fast because it's due back at the library Saturday ;__;
I've only read a few chapters since picking this up again after finishing Lust Over Pendle.
I love Kate Elliott's writing. I love these characters. Very grateful for this trilogy.
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Currently Reading
The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow by Fuyumi Ono - I've been aware of the Twelve Kingdoms anime for years. Back in my semester of Anime Club as a college freshman, this was one of the three shows airing. Steph and I hated it, regularly heckling it under our breath & talking about how much we couldn't stand the protagonist & more especially one of her companions. To be fair, we did miss at least the first two episodes, I think.
I actually really love the book. Getting inside of Yoko's head makes up for a lot of what's just whining in the show.
Yoko gets transported from her high school to another world by a mysterious dude with golden hair named Keiki. They get separated pretty early on, & all she has is a sword, a demon attached to her that allows her to fight extremely well with the weapon, & a jewel that heals her.
She gets taken in by some humans a few times, but gets betrayed by them every time.
I just reached the part where she met the rat, Rakushun.

I'm looking forward to reading more of these, even though I know Tokyopop only released 4 of the volumes, & I've heard that the translation/editing for the 4th volume is abysmal. I'm assuming there are translations of these online - anyone have a link?! ;)

maybe one day a plane will bring me home by [ profile] astano - The first five times Santana visits New York.

A Scheme, Starring Rachel Berry, with Music and Lyrics by Rachel Berry (and Sam Evans) by [ profile] ellydash - Rachel’s running after Finn. Sam’s running after Quinn. Eventually, they realize they’re running side by side. Season 2. I read a small blurb on Tumblr recently related to writing, where the mark of good fanfiction especially is that for every line of dialogue, you can't imagine anyone else saying except for the character who's saying it. [ profile] ellydash is really good at that. Every single character feels spot-on, even/especially those who don't have big parts in the story.
I want to write like that.
& of course I'd now like to read this author's entire Glee backlog.

There's so much good Glee fanfiction I haven't read yet. :*) And due to that, I fell down a rabbit hole of ellydash's backlog & also [ profile] ratherembarrassing's Pezberry reclist.

All My Loving For Someone Who's Loving Me by [ profile] ellydash - Mercedes/Brittany/Santana - A Troubletones rehearsal at Santana’s house doesn't go exactly as planned.

Make Me Feel the Same by [ profile] gilligankane - Pezberry written after episode 1.15. "She finds out about Finn and Santana through Tina who found out from Mercedes who got it from Kurt who was talking to Brittany who mentioned it in the first place." (I THINK THIS MIGHT BE THE FIRST PEZBERRY EVER WRITTEN?!)

Apologies by [ profile] insaneantics21 - During 2x12. Santana & Rachel apologize to one another for the shitty things they've said to each other.

i seem incapable of titling things when drunk by [ profile] lynnearlington - spoilers for 2x18, "stop acting like you aren't hot, it's pissing me off"
bandage and the blade by [ profile] ellydash - It’s so much easier, in the end, for Emma to blame everything on Will. This focuses on Emma's anxiety & struggles with OCD.
Saga #x

Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson - As with The Midnight Robber, I really love the politics & the world that Hopkinson has set up - in this case a dystopian Toronto where Ti-Jeanne's grandmother's herbal skills are valued, whereas before they were a thing the family couldn't talk about. But I wish there was more about the society/etc., and that it was a longer story. Instead, it's pretty focused on Ti-Jeanne's journey. While I appreciate that she's a protagonist who made mistakes but remained sympathetic, I overall felt a little "meh" about this & rated it 3/5 stars.

Very! Very! Sweet, volumes 4-6 - Still loving this story - the clothes that Be-Ri wears (it seems rare that a heroine in manga/manhwa wears baggy clothing that's still cute/etc.?!), her developing relationship with her love interest, & just everything else.

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Cline - Some of the blurbs on the book describe this as being the "Omnivore's Dilemma" for the fashion industry, & that's sort of true. Cline looks into the outsourcing of the production of garments, & also the race to use as cheap of labor as possible with no thought as to either the quality of the final product nor the lives of the people working to make the clothing.
Some of the things Cline talks about are familiar: Women bragging to one another about how little money they spent on clothing; having no idea which fabrics are "good" (raises hand); etc. While I've never watched clothing "haul" videos on YouTube, I watch makeup ones semi-frequently, so I knew what she was talking about.
Some of the things she discusses are unfamiliar: While I mainly shop at places like Penney's, Gap, & Kohl's, Cline talks about buying garments that are only meant to last "3 washes" or so, & talks about throwing her clothes away. I think maybe this happens more often with stuff from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 (none of which make clothing in my size), so I'm not sure what's up with the discrepancy. I wear clothing for years, & if something only last me 3 wears, I would be pissed.
Anyway, I gave this not that great of a grade because I found it pretty repetitive and not instructive in the end. She has a final chapter on how people should learn basic sewing techniques, buy a few higher quality items that will last longer, & familiarize themselves with their local tailors. These all seem like good ideas, but I still have no idea where to buy "good quality" clothing or how to go about recognizing "good" clothing.
I have a hard enough time finding clothing that fits me & drapes well on my body shape.
Still, I could learn how to repair ripped seams, or patch holes to make "weekend jeans," or a few things like that.
She did mention people like the blogger behind Refashionista, a woman who takes old/out-of-date clothing from resale shops & remakes them into modern/solid clothes to wear at a much cheaper price. It's a neat blog, but I'm not willing to invest that much time into it, I don't think.
As sort of a coda, I also listened to a Planet Money podcast about a family working in a clothing factory in Bangladesh.
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[personal profile] j00j is hosting a Comfortfic Recs Party.
Rec your favorite comfort fics, any fandom!
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Chapter 3 is up. (It is my favorite chapter so far!)

Fic Synopsis: Post-Season 3 AU. Quinn Fabray has vowed revenge on her father for being a close-minded WASP who kicked her out of the house when she got pregnant, & has spent all of high school plotting. She won't let anything stop her, even when her attempt to infiltrate Skull and Bones drags in her closely-knit group of friends, at their peril.

General Note: This is a gen fic, but people still have feelings just like real life. Followers of mine might like to know that this chapter has a Pezberry moment!
This chapter is also the first time I've bumped it up to "graphic depictions of violence." If you need more detailed warnings, lmk.

Other Links: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Playlist

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• What are you currently reading?

Kitty Goes to Washington - WOW BOOK OF MY ID?! It's a continuation after the first Kitty book, obvs, EXCEPT NOW WITH CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS AND NIH RESEARCH AHAHAHA!!!! I cackle with glee when I read this :*)

• What did you recently finish reading?

Very! Very! Sweet, volume 1 - I bought volumes 5-8 of this manhwa back when Borders was going out of business, & they’ve sat on my shelf ever since. UNTIL NOW, when I finally figured out how to obtain books through my library’s outerlibrary loan system. I really, really enjoyed the first volume of this series, & I hope it only gets better.
Tsuyoshi is a spoiled brat from a Japanese family who’s always gotten whatever he wants. In volume one, his grandfather reveals that their rich/powerful family actually comes from a Korean ancestor who moved to Japan hundreds of years ago.
Tsuyoshi is unimpressed with this - reflecting on whether pouring a bottle of Coke into a swimming pool makes the liquid no matter water? - but his insolence gets his grandfather to spend the rest of his school years in Korea, where he’d like Tsuyoshi to meet a stubborn & badass Korean woman to be his wife.
Enter Be-Ri, the awesome girl who lives next door to Tsuyoshi’s newly built house.
Be-Ri likes to collect junk (aka: people’s garbage) & make things like cat trees or whatever else she can with it. I LOVE BE-RI AND HER GIVE-NO-FUCKS-ATTITUDE AND ALSO HER ENTIRE WARDROBE!!
Be-Ri and Tsuyoshi loathe one another upon first sight, so they clearly must be the series’ OTP!
Another wrench in this love story is that Be-Ri’s in love with the high school tenant who lives with Be-Ri & her family…& is also dating Be-Ri’s sister ;_____;
POOR BE-RI, ILU AND HOW AWESOME YOU ARE! So yeah, I'm excited to read more, even though 2-4 are going to take forever to arrive via outerlibrary loan system -_-

Polite Lies: On Being a Woman Caught Between Two Cultures - This was written by Kyoko Mori. idk if other people read Shizuko’s Daughter multiple times in adolescence, but I did. I’m not sure if it’s because her YA is ubiquitous in the US, or because she taught creative writing at St. Norbert’s, which is basically in Green Bay (where I grew up).
I loved this collection of essays, which makes up the memoir. For those who don’t know her story, Mori’s mother committed suicide when Mori was 12 years old. Her dad was abusive also, so there are several trigger warnings that come with this book :/
Her writing about the differences between US Midwestern & Japanese cultures is very well-done & sometimes amusing. I should probably note that as someone who relocated to the US because she never really felt like she belonged in Japan, or could ever express herself there, Mori holds pretty negative views of Japanese culture.
She lived/grew up there, so it’s not like I can fault her perceptions, although some things seem like they could happen in any culture (choosing to hide an illness from your family members) or are actually just wrong (referring to all manga as violent pornography).
Mori’s prose makes it worth it, though. I’d kind of like to reread Shizuko’s Daughter now since it’s been a while, and track down some of her other things, too. Looking back, I know she’s always been one of my favorite writers.

some songs that aren’t about love by [ profile] jan - This was a Chihayafuru fic that I think [personal profile] littlebutfierce linked me to? Short & great - perfect snapshots of the characters, & I think it really captures the mood of the show, as well.

Revival #1 - Read this because [personal profile] were_duck kept talking it up. Zombie series that’s taking place in/around Wausau, WI. If not for the local bits, I might not be as interested, but for now I am. I’ve gotten the first trade from the library since reading issue 1, but haven’t read it yet.

Trillium #2 & 3 - Just as good as the first issue, not much else to say.

Saga #14 - This was a great issue. The scene with Lying Cat & Sophie was touching. I’m always excited for more Saga!

Dawn of the Arcana, volumes 4-8 - I’m getting a little bored with this series, but not enough to stop reading? The lack of detailed backgrounds feels lazy to me, and the political intrigue that first attracted me to the book forever seems like a carrot dangled in front of me instead of something I actually get to see :/ I also really don’t care for any of the characters, so that’s a pretty big :(

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - I ended up liking this a fair amount?! Or at least enough to continue with it. Kitty is a bamf, & I’m glad she’s able to upset some of the power structures in her life. Excited to see where things go.

Of Love and Other Demons - This was something I’d started a long time ago & finally finished by plowing through the second half. I love Marquez’s prose, but the premise here (priest commissioned to exorcise a 12-year-old girl with(out) rabies but falls in love with her instead) was pretty uncomfortable. I need to read Love in the Time of Cholera & also 100 Years of Solitude.

Alphonse Mucha - collection or art by Mucha. Last year at the end of the Laura Ingalls Wilder road trip I took with my mom & my sister, we stopped at the Czech Museum in Iowa. 30 minutes before closing, we only had time for their main exhibit, which was all Mucha. LOVE. I'm 50% Czech & am woefully uninformed about this part of my cultural history. I'd love to read more about the politics & history of Czechoslovakia (which I know is now two countries, but that's how it's always been referred to in my family).

• What do you think you’ll read next?
I have now given up predicting! Likely lots of training materials/etc. as I start a new job on Monday!! Maybe something for comfort since starting new jobs always = scary.
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• What are you currently reading?
Ash: The Secret History by Mary Gentle - I got this from work's library! It's the all-in-one tome, so a little too big for me to lug back & forth from work :/ I'm almost halfway through, which I think means I've read most of Carthage Ascendant. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH?!?!

• What did you recently finish reading?
the numbness or the pain (so intense to feel) by [ profile] only_because3 - Glee fic set after Finn's upcoming death (which will happen in episode 3, as Cory Monteith died), trying to explain why Quinn wouldn't attend the funeral. (It was revealed that Dianna Agron who plays her won't be in the episode/wasn't asked to be in the episode.) This is the only fic I've read so far incorporating Finn's death, & it's because it was written by an author I trust. Short, pretty good. I miss reading Glee fic, & I should read more.

Gwen Ifill book on race in politics - I ended up liking this quite a bit, although I don't have anything more to say about it than I said last week.

Basara, volumes 22-24 - I'm circling toward the end and it's pretty good?! I think I'll probably be adding this to my list of all-time favorite manga. I just hope that I can find copies of the series eventually, & buy them for myself. I assume they're all out of print -_-
The plot/etc. is dropping off a little bit for me - the intense one-on-one battles that are all happening simultaneously can be a little ugh. BUT the artwork has really stepped up its game these past few volumes. So it's a wash.

Cross Game, volumes 4 & 5 (as released in the US) - This series is picking up a little bit for me. The baseball annoys me less, mostly because those scenes go really fast! And the relationships between the various characters are becoming more interesting, especially Aoba & Kitamura. Still, I feel like this series would be much more interesting to me if Aoba were the protagonist instead of Kitamura. The occasional pantyshots continue to telegraph to me, "This story is not meant for you!"
I love the background art in this series, & also the wordless panels and pages. Scenes change by showing the readers what life in this part of the city is like, by reminding characters of Wakaba, etc. I do really like the way the manga-ka tells the story. You can definitely tell he's been doing it for a long time.

• What do you think you’ll read next?
Not sure! I'm a little stressed out at the moment, so I could see myself turning to something for comfort. But probably mostly things I've still got checked out from the library. I'll also be rereading Saga for [community profile] beer_marmalade.
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• What are you currently reading?
Lifelode by Jo Walton, who was one of the Guests of Honor at WisCon this year. I've previously read Farthing and Among Others by her.
This book is about a poly family living in a fantasy world where magic is used for every-day domestic tasks.
I could read about Taveth cooking & keeping house forever, I think. Maintaining the household is Taveth's "lifelode," which seems to mean both a life vocation as well as a trajectory.
I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea of "true vocation" or etc., likely because I either haven't figured out what mine is yet, or because I don't have one. Can't people just have jobs without being destined to have them, or without being 100% compatible with them?
I do appreciate that keeping house is valued just as much as being a farmer/being a priest/etc.
I like this book very much so far. It seems to be acquiring a plot, and I'm not sure I like that or not.

I hadn't intended to start reading My Chemical Romance fic along w/Fall Out Boy fic, but [personal profile] liseuse sent me a few amazing recs before WisCon.
I've started reading I Have Been All Things Unholy, in which Frank Iero seems to have acquired stigmata via tattoo, and Gerard Way is a priest who meets up with him. WILL GERARD BE ABLE TO CURE FRANK WITH HIS HEALING TOUCH?! I will have to keep reading ^_^ Seriously, I like this fic a lot.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Not much. I skimmed through this year's edition of the WisCon Chronicles as edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft, Shattering Ableist Narratives, spending most of my time with the segments involving [personal profile] kalmn, [personal profile] jesse_the_k, & [personal profile] sasha_feather.

The comments on this post over in [community profile] anime_manga, where we're talking about which series look good in the upcoming summer season.

Various WisCon panel write-ups as they appear on Dreamwidth & LiveJournal.

• What do you think you’ll read next?
More Lifelode. My brain seems to be able to tolerate books again, for now at least!
For book club we were reading Cold Magic, which I've read within the last year but may reread to be a better conversationalist.
More fic, now that I'll actually be spending some time at home again.
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• What are you currently reading?
I've still been carrying around Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel García Márquez. idk. I don't really like it? But I keep reading it? It's a thing that's been happening, I think mostly because I'm too distracted to commit to anything else.

• What did you recently finish reading?
UMM SO I STARTED READING FALL OUT BOY FIC & IT IS [personal profile] were_duck's FAULT.

I read this Fall Out Boy primer. THE PICTURES OF PETE WENTZ'S DOG ARE THE BEST but also everything omggggg

Also this Pete & Patrick picspam.

Cross-Country by [ profile] inlovewithnight - MY FIRST BANDOM FIC. Regarding the 10-year friendship of Andy & Pete. <3 <3 <3 I always feel this huge attachment to drummers b/c they're overlooked & also b/c I played drums & still incessantly tap things.

So, So Fucked by [ profile] reni_days - Pete/PStump. Pete accidentally "outs" himself and Patrick on Good Morning America. Only problem? They're not gay. What now?
UGGGHHHH SO MANY FEELINGS JFC, this is the one I capslocked about on Twitter.

(I've Loved) Everything About You That Hurts by [ profile] reni_days - There are parts of Pete that will always belong to Patrick. Set when the band was on hiatus.

This Seed Burst and Grown by [ profile] Sena - Nobody's in a band, but Pete and Patrick meet in the Chicago music scene, anyway. Patrick's sixteen and mostly innocent and kind of confused and Pete's older and cooler and fucked up in ways that just make Patrick like him more. (NSFW)

run for ur life & take all that u can. xo. by [ profile] lalejandra - SO IN THIS ONE THEY ARE WEREWOLVES?! Also bonus [personal profile] were_duck cameo that made me really excited.

Document by [ profile] azurejay - The one where Patrick is not a girl.
This is my hands-down favorite fic in the fandom so far. Everybody felt so real, & I spent time hating everyone but just UGH SO GOOD.
Trigger warning for attempted suicide. I ah, really would have appreciated a warning for that :(

rather fight with you by [ profile] longtime_lurker - Pete/Patrick outside the van. I liked this but also felt uncomfortable the whole time BECAUSE ANDY AND JOE WERE IN THE VAN?!

Chord Change by [ profile] giddygeek

Patricksitting (call it a love song) by [ profile] adellyna - So Pete looks after Patrick while Patrick's parents are out of town. Underage. Unf. OMG going to look for the link, I realized this is three parts SO THERE'S MORE!! /deep cackle/

• What do you think you’ll read next?
Well, if the past two days are any indication, about a billion WisCon emails.
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• What are you currently reading?
Batwoman #15

Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel García Márquez - I'm still feeling really moody about books & reading. Grabbed this out of my bedroom because it's short. I haven't yet read a Márquez novel, just some short stories. I can't even remember whether the stories I read were in Spanish or English translations.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Young Avengers #4 - so I wanted to stop reading this, but a new issue came out before I could tell my comics guy, so I bought it & read it. AND THEN IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER?! LOKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! So I guess I'll at least be buying the next one.
Kate feels like a totally different character in this series than she does in Hawkeye. While she originated in Young Avengers, I think I like her more in Hawkeye ^^;

Hawkeye #10 - this might be my least favorite so far? Stylistically interesting, the narrative did not budge forward at all.

this is not (a love song) by [ profile] thememoriesfire - one-shot I hadn't read yet. Faberry with Quinn as a serial killer. Haunting, painful, yet still believable in its own way. Mind the tags.

Captain Marvel #12 - Still digging this. I think I'm going to be sad when they switch artists from Filipe Andrade. The current style is just...really grand. I should find some Captain Marvel icons. Before the next in the Captain Marvel line, there's going to be a crossover event called "The Enemy Within." I'm excited to see Carol interact with other Avengers (especially after seeing the Iron Man 3 movie). I'm hoping it'll be more interesting than her appearance in Avengers Assemble, which didn't do much for me (and I dropped after about two issues).

Mara #4 - There's a really epic story going on here, but unfortunately I don't really feel emotionally connected to the protagonist. At all.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Rurouni Kenshi: Restoration - This was okay. It's like a retelling of the original Kenshin manga?? idk why they're redoing it, but the art is pretty great. For those unfamiliar, Rurouni Kenshin is the story about an assassin from the Bakumatsu who was fucking epic during the rebellion at the end of Japan's Edo period, getting rid of the emperor & taking shit over. However, Kenshin felt remorseful for having killed so many people, & at the start of the manga uses a reversed sword so that he can't kill anyone. His guilt/journey is appealing to me, & maybe I should read more some day? When I read it the first time, the endless battles with people never changing/etc. bugged me. Which is what bugs me about most shounen. Still, the manga is sort of a huge anti-war message, & I should probably read it.
Anyway, there doesn't seem much point in reading a retelling when I haven't read the original!

FCBD Dragonball: Harmless, but pointless, which is how I feel about all of Dragonball.

Buffy season 9 #21: "The Core" part one. We're finally in the final arc of the season! And shit is intense. spoilers ) There are lots of moments that I like in this, down to Andrew's Akira poster hanging on the wall.

FCBD: Mouse Guard offering - I don't buy single issues of Mouse Guard, but I do like reading the graphic novel versions when they come in at the library. Anyway, this was fine but mostly forgettable.

Glee fic, The Loneliest Number by [ profile] lazarus_girl - Set between 4.16 and 4.18. Restless and struggling to adjust to life as a single girl in New York, Santana finds an unlikely ally in Rachel. (NSFW)

Batwoman #7-11 (To Drown the World) - I've been neglecting Batwoman comics for a year, so my goal was to catch up & decide whether to keep buying or drop it. I just find this all pretty dull? idk. I like Batwoman as a character, & really liked her intro-book. But I'm just bored by this. -_-

Batwoman #12-14 (World's Finest I: Blood Tides) - This is a crossover with the new Wonder Woman series. The layouts & etc. got way more interesting in this arc, what I'd expect from Batwoman.
Batwoman's dealing with Medusa in her city, so that's why she gets Wonder Woman to team up with her. Wonder Woman's inner narrations are almost lyrical, and the way the two of them interact with & respect one another is pretty nice to read.

Lullabye for the New World Order: just gonna get my feet wet (until i drown) (aka: part 2) was posted on Sunday, by [personal profile] synecdochic and this is just...OMG FIC OF MY ID. AU where Tifa meets up with Tseng prior to the start of the game, & he gets Tifa and Rufus to talk and just OMG.
In this part, they go off to Nibelheim & find the things one would expect them to find in Nibelheim and just OMG. The Nibelheim flasbacks/etc. are my favorite parts of the game, so just seeing another set of things happen there is so great, so meaningful to me.
And OMG THESE CHARACTERS. It's [personal profile] synecdochic and [personal profile] traxits who have gotten me to care about the Turks & Rufus & Reeve AND NOW I CARE SO MUCH?!
But Tifa especially, my favorite character of all time, and she is just SO FUCKING COMPETENT in this fic, I love it so much.
I'll be reading & rereading this forever, I'm sure. A fantastic addition. I'm so looking forward to where this story goes, and I don't care how long it takes to get there, because in the meantime I can pour over this forever.
As this all takes place before the game begins, I think people could read it without FF7 knowledge.
I'm also seriously happy to be involved in group plays of FF7 with people in town. I did that one summer in middle school & it was like, the best summer of my life. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYBODY OMFG.

• What do you think you’ll read next?
Well, WisCon is in a week and a half so mostly I'm thinking about a billion emails that don't actually require action on my part.
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• What are you currently reading?
Wild Ones manga series by Kiyo Fujiwara (more below) and Glee fanfiction. It's been a weird week. I haven't been able to put my brain into "read" mode, really.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Wild Ones, volume 1, by Kiyo Fujiwara. I'm reading these thanks to the library. This series is about a 15-year-old high school girl named Sachie, whose mom has died, so she goes to live with her grandpa. Hilariously, her grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang, so Sachie's living with a house full of tough guys.
A boy her age named Rakuto lives there, & is assigned to protect Sachie. Thus far, this is a story about paternalism that makes me feel really yucky. Rakuto follows Sachie everywhere and intimidates all other men who try to talk to her/make friends with her. He repeats ad nauseum that it's his goal in life to protect her and to be "the only one by her side."
Why am I still reading it? 1) Sachie has expressed a few times that she wants people to like her for HER, & not for being the granddaughter of a member of the yakuza. 2) There have been a few flashes of total BAMF-like assertion from Sachie, where she takes control of a situation, sets her teeth, & shouts commands. LIKE A FUTURE YAKUZA BOSS?! idk. It's enough for me to flip through for now, anyway.

I still feel like I "miss" manga but mostly read crap manga lately. Maybe I need to do some rereads, or get through things on my shelves I haven't gone all the way through yet (Angel Sanctuary, Fruits Basket, etc).

Having it All (Bringing Love Together Remix) by [ profile] wintercreek - Rachel/Jesse/Quinn - The old Jesse St. James would have looked around himself and wondered who would believe, when the authorized biography and the many unauthorized biographies came out, that this was his beautiful life.

It Would Take an Eternity (to Break Us) by [ profile] nightshifted - AU for s4 and beyond. Kurt, Rachel, Finn, & Santana living in a loft in NYC together. I loved everyone's chapters, but especially Kurt's and Santana's because the things bothering them felt SO REAL. Spoiler that Kurt's chapter involves him actually calling out Santana for continuing to call him "Lady Hummel." Basically perfect. Santana's chapter is like my GPOYest of GPOYs ever experienced in fic ;____;

• What do you think you’ll read next?
idk. I bought A Stranger in Olondria Friday at Sofia's book launch (the author is in my book club & is awesome!). So possibly that. But the things causing my brain to not focus on books very well aren't changing soon, so it might just be more comics & fic for a while.
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So, the point of this meme is actually to post your "top 10 fic" in terms of hit counts.

I haven't posted 10 fics, so this essentially just means that I link to all the fic I've ever uploaded to the AO3, lol.
My hit counts seem woefully small compared to other people's, but it might be interesting to compare the numbers a year later, or something.

I'm also trying to stop comparing my popularity with other people's.

A Song is a Weapon (Glee, gen fic): 375 hits

Untitled (Avatar: the Last Airbender, Toph/Zuko): 360

Bad Habit (FF7, Tifa/Cloud 100 word drabble): 225 hits

Don't say you're not lonely (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, gen fic): 155 hits

For What It's Worth (Angel the series, gen fic): 141 hits

Limit Break (FF7, gen fic): 98 hits

Set This Very Second On Fire (Glee, gen fic): 37 hits

It feels strange that I was never able to complete the FF7 Inception-AU. There's a whole pile of words I've written but never posted.
Although the same is true of all the unposted passages I have in my Scrivener file for A Song is a Weapon, though. I have better hopes for finishing ASiaW, though!
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• What are you currently reading?
Nada. I finished IBTTRY (described below) on my bus ride home from work.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Hawkeye #8 &9: Still a knockout series.

Young Avengers #3: I think I'm going to remove this from my pull-list. It's fine, but it's definitely not good enough/entertaining enough for me to be buying it in single-issue format.

I've Been Trying to Reach You by [ profile] thememoriesfire - This is the 25-chapter AU fic I've been reading for some time now. After getting pregnant & having her baby, Quinn Fabray becomes a "loser," & transfers to Carmel High School. Rachel Berry is co-captain of Vocal Adrenaline there, & also the most popular girl in school.
Quinn starts a band with Sam, Puck, Santana, and Blaine. Everyone from the show is in this fic, even Holly Holiday and Shelby and etc. Obviously, due to the AU-ness of the fic, people's personalities & defining features are changed.
I remain impressed by how well [ profile] thememoriesfire can handle so many characters, so many issues PER character, how her plots are complicated & her endings are EARNED, & there are still moments of humor throughout.
As with [ profile] wintercreek, it's really nice to read a fic by an author who is clearly just as in love with music as her characters are.
This is a fic I'll come back to reread over and over and over again, just like Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed & Assured of Certain Certainties.
The plot-twist in chapter 22 was totally unexpected for me, even though it was foreshadowed a lot.
I just...OMG. Even if you're not familiar with Glee canon, I know that a lot of people in the same boat who love her stuff.
I'll be thinking about this for days. I know that her outline for the planned sequel is available on the tumfslove dropbox, so I'll probably be reading that all evening.
I've put it on my list of recommended Glee fic in the Faberry section, which is a pretty short list! Believable Faberry is hard to find, imo.

• What do you think you’ll read next?
I'm still feeling rebellious about book club obligations, so I'll likely be reading more comics & fanfiction, although maybe some shorter fics because longer ones like IBTTRY can be a little emotionally draining, ^^;;
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• What are you currently reading?
Returned to I've Been Trying to Reach You by [ profile] thememoriesfire, a Glee AU where Rachel's the leader of Vocal Adrenaline & very popular at her high school. After having a baby & then facing bullying, Quinn transfers to Rachel's school & is very much an outcast.
I like it a lot. I keep trying to analyze what it is that makes her writing so perfect. Haven't figured it out yet.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Hawkeye #4-7 - Still loving it.

Cyteen: The Betrayal by C.J. Cherryh. Cyteen is a huge book, but for book club we just read the first third, aka the way the author DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ IT.
Ahh, so cloning & lots of ethical problems. It's hard to talk about stuff without giving away the plot?
Also FUCK my edition, because it spoiled 3/4 of the book on the back cover! wtfffff
I would really like to know where this society's ethical review boards are that oversee research. How did their society get to this stage?! idk.
I'm finding Cyteen pretty dense. I want to read the rest, but it's all a little too much for me right now.

Bunch of Glee fics:
You're the nicest thing I've ever seen by [ profile] skintightsocks - Tina/Mike, after 2x17

How to Be a Doper Person (The Answer: Puppies) by [ profile] skintightsocks - During/after 2x17. Puck gets a Pomeranian puppy. Puck/Lauren. It's tiny and fluffy and has giant eyes and Puck falls pretty much instantly in love.
He's a badass, okay, but he's been learning that he can be a badass and still have feelings, and, well, Puck's always been a sucker when it comes to animals. Which is why he tucks the dog under his arm and scales the fence behind the pound while he's having a "getting to know you" session with her.

Kiss With a Fist by [ profile] skintightsocks - Finn/Puck/Blaine, PG-13
"I like football," Blaine says desperately. "We can talk about football."

Not Far To Go by [ profile] skintightsocks - NC-17. Santana had spent a lot of time searching her soul and embracing her feelings and all that bullshit, which really just meant that she had spent the first few weeks of summer trying to get her ya-ya sisterhood on. She'd gotten bored like four movies into the list of lesbian films she'd found, gotten pissed when But I'm A Cheerleader hit a little too close to home, and then had given up and just gone back to watching a lot of porn while decidedly not thinking about Brittany.

The Heat of the Moment by [ profile] skintightsocks - Hummelberry. Hypothermia. (sex content, for those who avoid that with this pairing)

• What do you think you’ll read next?
More fic.
I am feeling rebellious against book clubs. I WANT TO READ WHATEVER I WANT.
More importantly...I'd like to get back to writing my fic.
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• What are you currently reading?
The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. I picked up a used copy of this Friday evening, while feeling pretty angsty. I think I'm about 60 pages in or so. Henry VIII is currently perving on Mary (Boleyn).
I'm enjoying the scheming family dynamic that's happening among Mary & her siblings: George and Anne.
This book is hella long, & between book clubs & etc., I expect it'll take me a while to get through it.

Assured of Certain Certainties by [ profile] thememoriesfire This was abandoned, which is why it's now only available at the tumfslove tumblr. This is a Finn & Quinn body-swap fic, which treats the issue very seriously. It essentially functions as an exhaustive character study of both Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson. It is one of my favorite fics of all time, written by my hands-down favorite author. Although it wasn't finished, there are over 200,000 words.
I think I probably started rereading this seeking some comfort, also to partly get me in the mood to work on my own fic.
If there were some sort of Tiptree Award for fanworks, I would have nominated this.
This, along with Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed, & These Strange Steps, are my favorite fics, all by thememoriesfire. Even if you're unfamiliar with Glee, you could definitely follow the story.

Perhaps this is narcissistic, but I've been rereading my own fic, A Song is a Weapon. (I just posted chapter 2 online this past weekend.) I haven't written much (possibly anything?!) since December, it's just sort of been shelved. But putting chapter 2 online made me feel lots of good feelings. Pride probably being #1.
So now I'd like to reread chapter 3, & then reread what I have for chapter 4 & sew it together and finish my first draft of chapter 4. And move on to chapter 5.
This story is really important to me, and the validation of having other people read it too is just indescribable..
It also fills me with great purpose to comment more often on fics that I like. I'm pretty good about doing it! But I'm sure there are some that have touched me, on which I've never commented, :/

Avengers: The Children's Crusade by Heinberg & Cheung. It took me a while to find this in the library's database because I assumed it would be under Young Avengers. (I'M TAGGING IT THAT WAY IN MY POST B T W.)
I'm not very far yet, maybe like 1/6 of the way in? But I'm really loving this so far. The pacing is good, & I really enjoy the character dynamics. I care more about Billy than I ever have before, & his relationship with Teddie.

As mentioned on Twitter, I'm a little concerned that I most identify with Tommy, who's a sociopath ("I don't have feelings. And I don't hold hands").

I REALLY appreciate that when characters from other series titles have cameos here, they are ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED. Dude in a red cape appears, and there's text that says, MAGNETO! And I can think, Oh, that's that dude from the X-Men movies, okay I know what's up now. Same with Ms. Marvel, etc. I mean. I recognize Spider-Man and Iron Man, but I appreciate it when the writer/artist recognize that their readers may not have read EVER SERIES EVER.
ALSO APPRECIATED: Billy putting everyone in outfits from The Sound of Music. Billy, I'm starting to get you, man.

I don't appreciate the way every woman is drawn as BOOBS! but this just seems to be a Thing That Happens in US superhero comics.
I still find it lolarious whenever there's an entire page of like, everyone fighting. Because instead of looking like an actual fight scene, it's like a freeze frame of everyone on the same page, open-mouthed, raising a hand or a weapon. IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE AN ACTUAL FIGHT AT ALL?!
I never thought I'd find the fight scenes in the first 30 volumes of Bleach/Naruto superior to other things, is I guess what I'm saying.

Anyway. I'm kind of enjoying my time with this. I expect I'll have a lot of thoughts once I've read it all.

These characters finally feel real to me. I still think that I like the Runaways kids more. I really like the Runaways' utter rejection of adulthood/the authority of established superheros, like Captain America/etc. Contrasting that, the Young Avengers seem to clash with the "old guard" pretty frequently, but they always feel guilty & bad about it.
Whereas Runaways would be like, "YOUR OUTFIT'S STUPID AND WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?! NO." Bahahahahahaaaa.

• What did you recently finish reading?
Anna Karenina parts 3 & 4, by Leo Tolstoy.
Part 3 got pretty bogged down & I was all, "I AM REALLY TIRED OF YOUR SHIT, LEVIN."
Very annoyed with his, "We can't EDUCATE the peasants BECAUSE THEN THEY'LL WANT THINGS!"
Also annoyed with his like, falling hard for facades (working with peasants! Kitty! Agrarian lifestyle! Blah!) ONLY TO REALIZE THAT THINGS ARE WAY MORE COMPLICATED/UNSEEMLY. Like, omg we get it.
Kitty is still my fave.

After the slowness of part 3, the action-packed part 4 was pretty welcome. I don't really understand how this book will keep going, but there's still half of the book left?!
I think I said a lot of the things I wanted to say about this in book club, & now can't remember my shit.
I know that Tolstoy originally made Anna a much less sympathetic character than she is in the published version of the book, but part of me kind of wonders whether he included SO MUCH about Levin & class politics & etc. so that he as a male author would be treated more seriously than if it was "just" about ~a woman and her feelings.

Part 4 made me more sympathetic toward Vronsky than I ever had been previously.

PS: If there are any additional suicide attempts in this book, can someone please tell me??

• What do you think you’ll read next?
I need to move on with Anna Karenina: parts 5 & 6. Otherwise, finishing all the stuff listed up in the "What are you reading right now?" section, & some library books.


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