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Glee Fic: Recs & To Read list

For fics I've read, descriptions are either mine or the author's.
For the "to read" list, descriptions are either the author's, or that of an [ profile] ontd_glee member.

Your Heart Outside Your Body by [ profile] lls_mutant
Hunger Games AU of Glee, in which Finn and Kurt are picked to represent District 8. As one might expect of a Hunger Games AU, it is not a happy fic, but it is completely engrossing. I read it all in one day.

After Death, There is Only This by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Hunger Games AU. Rachel Berry is the victor of the 18th Hunger Games, and the only mentor District 8 has available. Gen, Rachel-focused. Warning for a hell of a lot of death.

Cheerleaders and Other Monsters by [ profile] osito_panda - Brittany S. Pierce is a vampire slayer.

Assured of Certain Certainties by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Unfinished & abandoned, but there's already over 200k of it. Finn and Quinn body-swap fic. It is so thoughtful & I love the author's characterizations of everyone. It explores every facet of everything - Quinn encountering a loving family, Finn realizing how shitty Quinn's life is; what it's like to be socialized as a dude and then navigate the world in a teenage girl's body, everything. Finn and Quinn first assume that things will get better, but eventually start to accept their bodies. Quinn reads Judith Butler and engages in Price & Prejudice roleplaying texts with Rachel. Finn interprets the Bible. There is a lot of hilarity in all of the angst.

Taste the Bite of Death by [ profile] questceque_cest - Work in progress. A zombie apocalypse breaks out in the dead of winter. Five teenagers need to band together, despite their differences, in order to survive.

Down and Out Here in Paradise by [ profile] miggy - unfinished WIP. Zombie apocalypse set sort of near the end of the first season. Quinn is a fucking BAMF. Part 2. Part 3.

All The Noise Died Away by [ profile] only_because3 - Zombie apocalypse AU, post season 2. Characterizations are spot-on, things are achingly raw & realistic.

everybody else said better luck next time by [ profile] primarycolors92 - A strip of metal on the empty highway, rows of nails protruding upwards in razor-straight lines.
Dark night, distracted driver, school bus in a skid.
The end.

Mostverse by [ profile] miggy - Hummelberry living together in NYC.
Most Likely to Succeed
Most Changed Since High School
Least Distance Traveled (Quinn Fabray had a plan for her life after high school. It's not working out.)
Interlude: Scenes From an Apartment
Most Likely to Stay Friends
Least Likely Couple, part 1
Least Likely Couple, part 2
Interlude: Scenes From a Basement
Most Popular
Most Talented, part 1
Most Talented, part 2
Most Talented, part 3
Most Talented, part 4
Most Talented, part 5
Most Talented, part 6

Pezberry (Santana/Rachel)
Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed by [ profile] thememoriesfire - a series of over 250,000 words.
Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed picks up on Santana shortly after "Sexy", and departs from Glee canon from that point onwards. Note: this series is not Brittana. Mind the pairings listed in the series.
The series follows Santana for the next 3 years and covers, loosely, her coming out process in junior year of high school (Five Stages), her last year of high school and her hang-ups on Brittany (The Lights That Stop Me), her freshman year of college in New York, in which she tries to move on with her life (Blind With Casualties), and her sophomore year in college, during which time she actually moves on (We Started Secret Plans).

The main is separated by interludes from other people's perspectives and concluded with an epilogue set in 2019.

The Mating Game by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Quinn thinks Santana has no game; Santana is determined to prove Quinn wrong; Rachel is forced to intervene so that Santana’s attempts to pick up women don’t get her thrown in prison.

Nothing Stays the Same (Till the World Ends) by [ profile] random_flores - zombie apocalypse. Santana and Rachel lose everything, but find each other.

Don't worry your pretty little heart by [ profile] smc_27 - Santana meets Rachel at a cast event. The bad news is she's got a boyfriend, Sam. It's set to have 10 parts.

Just Like I Knew You Would by [ profile] smc_27 - She applied for this job on a whim because she needed something, anything, after being laid off in the most recent recession. She figured she could teach an introductory women's studies class at her alma mater. Part 2 is here.

I Wish You Nights of Stars by [ profile] smc_27 - When they were 19, Rachel brought it up for the first time. "Do you want kids?" Santana'd lied and said she didn't know.

Me and My Girlfriend by [ profile] smc_27 - Santana and Rachel play huge internet trolls when it comes to their secret relationship.

Party Favors by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Santana hates going to Rachel's friends' parties. Rachel has a system in place for making them bearable. Explicit.

I know that you've been crying at night by [ profile] smc_27 - "You're on the couch." Rachel looks hurt, but nods anyway, and Santana walks back into her room and closes the door a little harder than necessary." Explicit.

It's Always Your Favorite Sins (That You Do In) by [ profile] smc_27 - Santana, Rachel, and Puck go to Mexico for Spring Break. Part 2.

The Way Back Home Is Always Long by [ profile] nightshifted - The tidbits of their lives that they share with each other is like a digital scrapbook of the time they're not spending together, and that should probably be Santana's first indication that what they had wasn't really a one-night stand.

June, She'll Change Her Tune by [ profile] littledust - Santana and Rachel have some beer and nurse their broken hearts by a pool.

shedding feathers under fluorescent lights by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee - Santana really doesn't want to have Rachel Berry appear on her wildly popular talk show, Snix at Night! for a multitude of reasons.
"Think of the ratings," Puck says, though, and when it comes down to it, she can't argue with that.

On That Dizzy Edge by [ profile] smc_27 - Maybe they understand one another more than anyone really thinks. Part 2. Part 3.

A Fire Burns Bright by [ profile] sansastarks - Rachel goes camping with her girl scout troop, hoping to prove herself. She learns a lot more than she plans on.

it's true (you were meant for me, and i you) by [ profile] rockinrye - They don't hate each other. Not even a little bit. Not anymore.

trying to forget everything that isn't you by [ profile] smc_27 - Rachel has never played seven minutes in heaven.

we're the new face of failure by [ profile] smc_27 - Rachel's face just stays blank, and she says, "I'm not going to New York," and then walks away like she didn't just drop a huge fucking bomb before Santana could even have a hope in hell of dodging it.

another year older by [ profile] astano - It's Santana's birthday. Rachel buys her new toys to play with.

Anonymously Yours by [ profile] astano - Santana and Rachel have been cybering with each other without knowing it. Santana figures out it's Rachel and confronts her.

you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter by [ profile] sing_song_sung - This is an AU fic. It is based on the novel The Likeness by Tana French.
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Can't Stop This Thing We've Started by [ profile] astano - AU. She heads over to the woman and holds her hand out, smiling when it’s taken in a firm grip. “Hi,” she says. “I’m Santana Lopez, Mason’s mom. You must be Ms. Berry.”

Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends by [ profile] wintercreek - Pezberry PWP, facilitated by Lauren Zizes's interest in sex tapes.

Tumblr drabble by [ profile] astano - for Pezberry Week. Broadway Rivals.

I Just Need Your Company by [ profile] smc_27 - Friendship fic. Santana's holding the flame to the end of her cigar when Rachel throws her leg over the window sill, then pushes herself out.

Pezberry Drabble: Rachel's Damn Pyjamas by [ profile] astano - Based on the pictures Lea tweeted 2/22/13 from set.

drowning in your dizzy noise by [ profile] timorous_scribe - Santana and Rachel, three fail-starts and one take-off. Assumes events up to 4x17 'Guilty Pleasures.'

The Loneliest Number by [ profile] lazarus_girl - Set between 4.16 and 4.18. Restless and struggling to adjust to life as a single girl in New York, Santana finds an unlikely ally in Rachel.

maybe one day a plane will bring me home by [ profile] astano - The first five times Santana visits New York.

Make Me Feel the Same by [ profile] gilligankane - Pezberry written after episode 1.15. "She finds out about Finn and Santana through Tina who found out from Mercedes who got it from Kurt who was talking to Brittany who mentioned it in the first place." (I THINK THIS MIGHT BE THE FIRST PEZBERRY EVER WRITTEN?!)

Apologies by [ profile] insaneantics21 - During 2x12. Santana & Rachel apologize to one another for the shitty things they've said to each other.

i seem incapable of titling things when drunk by [ profile] lynnearlington - spoilers for 2x18, "stop acting like you aren't hot, it's pissing me off"

Faberry (Quinn/Rachel)
these strange steps by [ profile] thememoriesfire - I hesitate between listing this as "Faberry," as opposed to a character study. The fic is about Rachel and about Quinn, bottoming out and struggling to sort through all of their individual shit, both separately and together.
It does start with Quinn as a stripper in Vegas and Rachel as a Broadway star dependent on too many substances to get her through her crippling anxiety. They start with a D/s relationship about sex, but eventually their relationship becomes something real.
There is a lot of therapy in here, so if reading about anxiety/etc. bugs you, you might want to take it slowly or avoid.

Secondhand Smoke by [ profile] valiant - Explicit, post episode 3.1. Rachel goes back to talk to Quinn again. Quinn's got her chain-smoking, dominating bossy boots on.

Beers and Strippers by TriXter21 at - rec by thememoriesfire: "a season 2 AU. This is as in character as a character with 890385 personalities is going to get, and the incredibly slow deliberate build to the (promised) Rachel and Quinn end station is pretty much what I would've wanted the show to do. I promise I'm not just reccing it because Quinn is a waitress in a strip club. The title's incredibly misleading as the story doesn't, uh, suck."

I've Been Trying to Reach You by [ profile] thememoriesfire - After falling pregnant in sophomore year, Quinn Fabray plummets from the top of the teen hierarchy at McKinley High to the very bottom. In an effort to give her a chance to start over, her parents transfer her to Carmel, a private school in the area with a blossoming arts program. It's supposed to be a new beginning, but what she doesn't count on is immediately becoming enemies with the most popular girl in school: Rachel Berry, co-captain of Vocal Adrenaline.

Take this sinking boat and point it home by [ profile] lynnearlington - Mike/Rachel. There are over two million people in Chicago, so when Mike runs into Rachel one afternoon, purely by chance, to say he’s a little surprised is an understatement.

We both know we're good together by [ profile] smc_27 - Mike/Rachel. She's beginning to think it's a shame she didn't keep in better contact with him during their first year of university.

“I won’t be the one who’s going to let you down / Maybe you’ll get what you want this time around (The trick is to keep breathing)” - a drabble by [ profile] novel_concept26

Everything Works by [ profile] smc_27 - He smiles as he holds her at arms' length, then shakes his head a bit. "I missed you, Rachel Berry." Part 2.

I Forgot the Bitter by [ profile] smc_27 - Puckleberry. AU. Puck owns a bar and Rachel opens a bakery next door.

I'm Just a Habit You Can't Break by [ profile] smc_27 - It takes him a day and a half to decide that since he and Rachel are both single, they should probably do that thing where they get each other off again. Part 2. Part 3.

You In a Song by [ profile] smc_27 - AU. Rachel is cast as the love interest in Puck's music video.
Follow-up is It's a Little Too Early
Part 3: Wait 'Til the Morning

I've Only Ever Told You the Truth by [ profile] smc_27 - "I know you love Finn and it's always going to be Finn, but I love you. You should know that."
And its sequel, Someone Like You Burning Through Me

Closer Than the Poison of My Pride by [ profile] smc_27 - He kinda loves her though. Not in a...Whatever. Not like that.

I've Been Dying To Tell You Anything You Want To Hear by [ profile] smc_27 - It's not her fault she's secretive. Okay, well, it is. It's just that she can't very well tell her husband she's a trained assassin, and really, she hates that term anyway. Puck and Rachel, Mr. & Mrs. Smith style.
Part 2. Part 3.

The City by [ profile] smc_27 - Somewhere between coffee at Dean and Deluca and riding the Staten Island Ferry just for fun, he starts to think that it actually makes a lot of sense for the two of them to end up going rogue the week after graduation. Puck/Rachel future fic.

rows and rows of big dark clouds by [ profile] smc_27 - Prompt = rain. Follow-up: i really, really like it like that - Bathroom sex in the strip club.

If You Love Me, Don't Pretend by [ profile] smc_27 - Puck/Rachel, but Rachel's married to Finn. Adultery! She knows it's wrong, that she can't have them both. But she does have them both and she won't (can't) give either of them up. Puck isn't really going to complain about their arrangement. Not yet.
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Why Don't You Try by [ profile] smc_27 - Rachel is popular, and Puck is not. Doesn't mean they don't want each other.

I Don't Have a Choice (But I Still Choose You) by [ profile] smc_27 - Quinn and Finn are getting married. Rachel hires male escort Puck to be her date.
Part 2. Part 3.

Singing the Journey by [ profile] wintercreek - This the only Klaine fic I am a huge stan of, but I will rec anything that's well-written.
Blaine takes a job as Music Director at a Unitarian Universalist church to pay for grad school. Kurt is uncomfortable with this but finds his own way of fitting it into their lives. A story of liberal religion, complex relationship negotiation, family, music, marriage and a year in the lives of Kurt and Blaine.
Overall, this is just like....the biggest comfort!fic ever, to me.
Warnings for some strained family relationships due to homophobia.

Thousand Ways to leave this place by [ profile] lexie - "Kurt has to figure out how life works, now that he's a student at Dalton Academy."

To boldly go by [ profile] lexie - Star Trek AU, in which Kurt and Blaine attend Starfleet academy.

A credit to his house by [ profile] spazzula - Slytherins and Gryffindors don’t mix, everyone knows that -- so Blaine is understandably shocked the first time Kurt Hummel deigns to speak to him.

Find me a find, catch me a catch by [ profile] lexie - in which Finn is a spectacularly inept matchmaker

The Ground He Walks On by [ profile] valiant - NC-17: Later that night, Sam Evans bows before his queen.

You're Such a Chemical by [ profile] sonykirakis - Established Sam/Kurt, Sebastian ends up being not so bad and befriends the pair of them, then throws a party (NC-17, Threesome, 12K words)

No Earthly Way of Knowing by [ profile] valiant - This takes place during 314 but pre-Regionals, so it deals with some things in that episode. Author expands on tension between Blaine and Kurt, so if you consider that Blaine-bashing and are uncomfortable with that, please take caution.

A Song of Satin and Suede by [ profile] questceque_cest - Sam gets the brilliant idea that he and Kurt should roleplay as Renly and Loras from A Game of Thrones.

Indelible by [ profile] valiant - Explicit, post-season 2 finale. Sam sees someone flirting with Kurt. He becomes extremely possessive and takes a sharpie marker and writes all over Kurt - who is turned on by it.

And though I'm not a great romancer, I know that I'm bound to answer by [ profile] valiant - Explicit, infidelity. Kurt's first real sexual experience is with the guy who's leaving town forever while his boyfriend is at Six Flags. Go figure.

Like Home by [ profile] valiant - Sam moves back to Lima, coda to episode 3.08.

Impersonal Space by [ profile] hoarfrosted - Kurt values the luxury of being comfortable in his own home. Sam enjoys the innate ability to get under Kurt's skin. Eventually, their opposing positions lead to an impasse.

Going Backwards Through Time (At the Speed of Light) by [ profile] questceque_cest - Kurt asks Sam to find him a new boyfriend in time for Christmas. Sam more than complies.

got me singing melodies i never thought i would by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee - the one where Sam teaches Kurt how to smoke and then things start to happen. Feelings things.

Warm the Lonely Nights by [ profile] valiant - set after "Glee, Actually," Sam goes to New York for New Year's Eve to hang out with Kurt and Rachel. NC-17.
Part 2. Part 3.


You and Me Were the Dream I've Been Saving by [ profile] lynnearlington - Sam and Rachel run into each other nearly a decade after high school.

Come a Little Bit Closer by [ profile] smc_27 - AU: Sam's a 1st grade teacher and Rachel has to go pick up a friend's kid from school.

A Scheme, Starring Rachel Berry, with Music and Lyrics by Rachel Berry (and Sam Evans) by [ profile] ellydash - Rachel’s running after Finn. Sam’s running after Quinn. Eventually, they realize they’re running side by side. Season 2.

What friends are for by [ profile] lexie - "Santana and Brittany's friendship, from middle school through the summer before sophomore year."

Yo Quiero Taco Bell by [ profile] backitup_baby - Finn and Santana are bros. Here's their "yo quiero Taco Bell" playlist/Finn's stalker seduction playlist that he never gives Rachel.

Set the World on Fire by Cora709 at - For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

Let Your Love Grow Tall by [ profile] dollsome - Everything's easy when you never have to choose -- or, Brittany's side of the story.

soft in the middle by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Santana and Brittany as Girl Scout troop leaders.

girl, put your records on by [ profile] sing_song_sung - In which Santana needs a song and Rachel is the one to sing it.

Not Far To Go by [ profile] skintightsocks - NC-17. Santana had spent a lot of time searching her soul and embracing her feelings and all that bullshit, which really just meant that she had spent the first few weeks of summer trying to get her ya-ya sisterhood on. She'd gotten bored like four movies into the list of lesbian films she'd found, gotten pissed when But I'm A Cheerleader hit a little too close to home, and then had given up and just gone back to watching a lot of porn while decidedly not thinking about Brittany.

Faster by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Quinntana. If you were to ask Chelsea from down the hall, here’s the thing about the girls in 314:
Quinn’s a bisexual cheerleader who’s majoring in marketing, and Santana’s that lesbian business major, and they’re roommates and best friends who occasionally hook up a lot. But they’re not in a relationship.

Sins of My Youth by [ profile] only_because3 - The summer after junior year, Santana and Quinn end up being best friends. Neither of them really knows how to be a friend, but they're each helping one another through some bullshit. Santana basically lives in Quinn's room, but it takes a long time for them to realize that this might be more than friendship...

You're Just Scared (Love What You Got) by [ profile] rockinrye - It’s summer time and Quinn’s still hovering between pissed off and heart broken so picking up a camera seems the perfect way to fill her time. Until Santana becomes her muse. Then what?

Heart's False Start by Sappho's Ghost at - It begins as most things do: with a kiss. / After a break up with Brittany, Santana moves in with Quinn and things spin out of control. Future fic, rated M.

Here Comes Trouble by [ profile] backitup_baby - In which former Army Lieutenant Quinn Fabray moonlights as Batwoman and keeps running into Officer Santana Lopez.

The Elements of Style by [ profile] amiranaxagoras - Russell was always a period, a full stop, hard and uncompromising. Judy is like an ellipsis, soft and uncertain and never complete. Quinn would rather be a comma than either of her parents.

upper hand, the a team by possibilist at - 'The first time you meet Quinn is at cheer camp, before Freshman year. You notice her right away.' A history of Quinntana. Faberry/Brittana romantic endgame.

White as Snow [opens as PDF at dropbox] by [ profile] thememoriesfire - NC-17.

Well, I Guess This Is Growing Up by [ profile] videlicet90 - Basically, Quinn and Santana room together in their freshman year of college and have wacky hijinx.

Dear Snix by adventurefilled. AU. - Santana is the advice columnist for celebrity gossip website, The Muck Raker. Quinn is the site's most popular writer, and Santana hates everything about her.

burning borrowed flame by [ profile] timorous_scribe - set immediately after "Naked," in s4. Quinn and Santana stay the night on Rachel’s couch. When Rachel and Brody get busy on the other side of the loft, the house-guests distract each other with a fantasy of their host.

This ain't a love song by [ profile] waywardcherry - An entire life trying to mask whatever may count as real has long-lasting effects, apparently. Or maybe it's everything stirred with white wine. [Mild spoiler for 4x14]

"Do not have sex!: Reasons why your virginity is sacred," by your mothers. (A presentation to Maria Lopez-Fabray, on the subject of her dalliance with Joseph Puckerman.) by [ profile] backitup_baby

Like the Sun Going Down on Me by [ profile] valiant - Explicit Finn/Kurt, spoilers through 3.22. After their plans don't go the way they should, Finn and Kurt need to cry it out. And hug it out. And get a bunch of other stuff out of their systems, apparently.

I Took a Sip of Something Poison (but i hold on tight) by [ profile] primarycolors92 - Finn/Kurt. The more Finn drinks, the easier everything gets. In theory.

Five Times Kurt Found Finn Looking at Straight Porn (and One Time He Didn't) by [ profile] skintightsocks

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True by [ profile] skintightsocks - Finn tries to forget about it, tries to let it drop like Kurt asked, but he can't stop thinking about it, and it's starting to become a problem because Kurt will be rolling his eyes at Finn while Finn begs him to make them grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and then suddenly Finn will just think, Kurt has never jerked off.

That one time Tina and Quinn kissed when they were the only two girls left to compete in Sectionals and they were both nervous about it. - Quinn/Tina drabble by [ profile] novel_concept26

The Best of All the Things That Come Our Way by [ profile] nightshifted - Quinn and Tina meet again in a women's studies class.

Quinn/Tina robbing a bank. Tina = Quinn's CIA handler. by [ profile] santana-lopez

longing for shelter from all that we see by [ profile] turtlevenom - Quinn/Santana/Tina, spoilers through 4x14. It is what it is. They’re lonely, but they’re not alone. They have each other and they want each other. Who says that’s not enough?

but i've got a plan by [ profile] thememoriesfire - season one AU where instead of Quinn sleeping with Puck when she feels fat, she gets comforted by Brittany.

Caught In Between All You Wished For and All You Need by [ profile] lynnearlington - Get Brittany back, get Santana back. Get Santana back, get her life back. Save the cheerleader, save the world. Or something like that anyway. Too bad life doesn't always work out according in plan.

Gen & Other Pairings
Four times Tina Cohen-Chang kissed a boy and one time she kissed a girl (and liked it) by [ profile] forsillyfools

Cerebral by [ profile] recrudescence - Brittany back story. From the author's note: "I wanted to mess around with the possibility that Brittany isn't just a dumb blonde and that there's actually some sort of an explanation for her. Beyond the Glee writers wanting to milk her for all the absurd one-liners they can, which is of course a given."

Bear Witness by [ profile] ladyjax - Kurt and Mercedes are hanging out one night, & are the victims of racially-motivated violence. "As much as Glee tackles gay issues, it sort of does a hand-wavy thing around race." Pay attention to the warnings listed at the top of the fic.

duck sauce, meat bear cheese by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Rachel encourages Finn to help Brittany make 'Fondue for Two' a success. Things don't work out exactly how she hopes. Pretty much a brilliant capture of Finn and Brittany's characters, & omg best couple.

You Know Very Well (Who You Are) by [ profile] rockinrye - Mike & Santana. "You're like, my person."

and learn to fly by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Quinn/Artie. The thing is, just because this happened to him years ago doesn’t mean he has any idea of how to talk to someone that it happened to just now. He doesn’t want the responsibility to make this okay somehow. He doesn't want to-- [Spoilers for On My Way.]

Like Crenellations On A Blanket Fort by [ profile] galaxysoup - Missing scene for Grilled Cheesus. Quinn gets the rest of New Directions to help Kurt out.

Have You Ever Seen Me? by [ profile] lynnearlington - Sam/Tina. She’s...he doesn’t know, but right now she’s the Tifa to his Cloud and that’s not something he’s willing to let slip through his fingers. SO MANY FF7 REFERENCES, I WAS IN HEAVEN.

You Don't Know How Lucky You Are by [ profile] smc_27 - Santana/Rachel/Puck. Explicit.

Sometimes you have to stop worrying about pleasing everyone around you and start pleasing yourself. - Quinn/Mike drabble by [ profile] novel_concept26

i've been wondering if maybe you've been thinking about by [ profile] smc_27 - St. Berry. Every time she gets drunk at a summer party, she texts him.

I'm a Winner, and You're Fat by [ profile] miggy - Excerpts from a book written by Sue Sylvester.

Though Your Pillow's Soft and Deep by [ profile] primarycolors92 - Kurt and Brittany have an emergency sleepover. Brittany's sad, Kurt's apprehensive, Burt is deeply uncomfortable.

Kiss Me On My Open Mouth by [ profile] questceque_cest - Explicit. Newly single Kurt Hummel feels lonely and unsexy after his breakup. Girlfriends Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry go above and beyond to prove him wrong.

Comic Book Hero by [ profile] socallmedaisy - Sam, Brittany/Santana. Details what happens when Sam hears about Finn outing Santana and Brittany.

From the Top of This Town by [ profile] smc_27 - Puck never disliked Tina, ever, which is something he can't say for like, anyone else. Puck/Tina

You Stop, but I'll Falter by [ profile] teaboytoaliens - Rachel/Artie. The summer is remembered by slushies and the absence of loneliness.

16,000 words of Facherry by [ profile] thememoriesfire

Just Like a Mentioned Kiss, part 1 [opens as PDF at dropbox] by [ profile] thememoriesfire - This is set in the summer after S1. It’s really more Quinn gen than Faberry.

& she only had two friends on Facebook by [ profile] hipokras - Just how Kurt Hummel, Glee clubber and rumoured gay kid, got a cheerleader and Goth to dance to Single Ladies with him.

this is the part where i say where i stand by [ profile] smc_27 - Brochel, post 4.4 - There hasn't been anyone, ever, who liked her just because he liked her. No shame. No apologies.
(Side of Hummelberry angst + cuddles in the beginning if you're hft)

15 Times Brody Hated Ohio - crackfic by Miggy.
“Yay,” Brody said, and wrote off the rest of the night.

Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean by [ profile] valiant - Glease coda, one-sided Unique/Sam

we sigh love, we cry foul by [ profile] autoluminescence - She can't be The New Rachel. She doesn't think she can be The New Tina, either.

a friend in me by emilyforprez - It kind of starts when Rachel suddenly decides she needs to be nicer to people. It takes a bracing of her shoulders and a swallow to down all her pride, but she manages to say, "I really like your voice, Tina."

A Perfectly Health Coping Mechanism by [ profile] miggy - Kurt & Rachel. You know you've reached a certain comfort level with someone when you can get drunk and watch porn together. That level is "probably too high."

oh, you say you love me (but you don't know) by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Finn & Quinn. It’s not that he didn’t know that his wife was gay. It’s that it just didn’t really matter, until they got an invite to their high school reunion and the only girl she’d ever really loved was coming back to town. (Complete AU. ... obviously.)

That One Time Everyone Was Sort of Nice to Rachel by [ profile] boonies - Vocal Adrenaline would never try to starnap Rachel Berry. This is why.

sky of the sky of a tree called life by [ profile] sing_song_sung - Post-3x02. Quinn wanted to call her daughter Caroline.

and these mistakes you make (you'll just make them again) by [ profile] sing_song_sung - Quinn and Puck sing the songs of their summer.

look for the girl with the broken smile by [ profile] sing_song_sung - Quinn's history rewritten, because she's vulnerable enough without a past that was obviously conceived in the writing of Born This Way.

you'll see a side of love you've never known by [ profile] sing_song_sung - Mike/Quinn, season 1.

between us we'll get you there by [ profile] astano - Brittany/Tina/Santana - The first time Tina kisses Santana, she almost gets slapped.

A Very Pezberry Purim by [ profile] brittanyisinlovewithsantana - Santana and Brittany crash Rachel’s dads’ Purim party.

You're the nicest thing I've ever seen by [ profile] skintightsocks - Tina/Mike, after 2x17

How to Be a Doper Person (The Answer: Puppies) by [ profile] skintightsocks - During/after 2x17. Puck gets a Pomeranian puppy. Puck/Lauren. It's tiny and fluffy and has giant eyes and Puck falls pretty much instantly in love.
He's a badass, okay, but he's been learning that he can be a badass and still have feelings, and, well, Puck's always been a sucker when it comes to animals. Which is why he tucks the dog under his arm and scales the fence behind the pound while he's having a "getting to know you" session with her.

Kiss With a Fist by [ profile] skintightsocks - Finn/Puck/Blaine, PG-13
"I like football," Blaine says desperately. "We can talk about football."

The Heat of the Moment by [ profile] skintightsocks - Hummelberry. Hypothermia. (sex content, for those who avoid that with this pairing)

Having it All (Bringing Love Together Remix) by [ profile] wintercreek - Rachel/Jesse/Quinn - The old Jesse St. James would have looked around himself and wondered who would believe, when the authorized biography and the many unauthorized biographies came out, that this was his beautiful life.

It Would Take an Eternity (to Break Us) by [ profile] nightshifted - AU for s4 and beyond. Kurt, Rachel, Finn, & Santana living in a loft in NYC together.

Mixed Media by [ profile] parsnips - Cooper Anderson lands a role on a show called White Collar, & so obviously the entire Glee Club becomes involved in the White Collar fandom. Blaine-centric, which I usually don't enjoy, but this fic is HILARIOUS & I loved every part of it.
He's a professional. He knows about pointing.

All My Loving For Someone Who's Loving Me by [ profile] ellydash - Mercedes/Brittany/Santana - A Troubletones rehearsal at Santana’s house doesn't go exactly as planned.

See What We Can Be When We Press Fast-Forward by [ profile] valiant - Chris winds up on Chord's lap during the Glee Live! tour. A lot. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Complete in 3 parts; NC-17 content is limited to part 3.

Kinda Busy by [ profile] valiant - Colferstreet; Post-tour, Chris and Chord start texting; explicit.
Chase Me, the sequel.
Hung Up, the second sequel.

Happy Agony by cloogle at Achele. The writing style is perfectly in character for the things we know about Dianna, imo. I find Dianna's actual writing style a little grating, but this fic does capture her. The fic is a S L O W build, and still in-progress.

(It Could Be) Like Breathing by [ profile] novel_concept26 - PG, Naya Rivera/Heather Morris cuddles.

Public Relations [opens as PDF at dropbox] by [ profile] thememoriesfire - Naya/Dianna

Better in the Flesh by [ profile] astano - Dianna/Naya. Dianna just really, really likes red plaid, okay?

An Unexpected Outcome by [ profile] astano - Naya/Lea - It started after an offhand comment by Cory.

After the party is when the fun begins by [ profile] astano - Naya/Lea/Dianna - "She's been staring at us all night, Di."

Seems Like I'm Not Alone in Being Alone by [ profile] astano - Dianna's evening takes an unexpected turn when Naya arrives unannounced. Sequel: There's comfort in the way we are

TO READ, list compiled solely from recs given at [ profile] ontd_glee. So to be clear: I haven't read these fics yet, but I want to. So don't consider these "recs" by me at the time!

--any fic by [ profile] sulkygeekff - "Mostly AU Faberry with side Brittana; one warning though- read the summary & warning labels before reading a fic, as a lot of her stuff is fairly angsty & contains potential triggers."
--Never Asked to Feel Your Halo (Pray It Won't Fade Away) by BattleKitten at - Faberry fic
--Easy After Midnight by triptohere at - post-On My Way. Faberry leaning, but different chapters go with different POVs.
--To Build a Home by [ profile] heartwasalegend - Rachel and Quinn both end up in New York after high school. Follows the evolution and eventual dissolution of their relationship over the span of a decade.
--Mirror, Mirror by stix04 at - "When Quinn looks in the mirror, who does she see? And why is her reflection talking back? Basically Quinn bumps her head and pulls a Freaky Friday with her past self and then Lucy and Quinn spend the story talking to each other through reflective surfaces. It's both humorous and heartbreaking what a disastrous mess Quinn's character is. It's also super, super long."
--What I Couldn't Find by mermaiddrunk at - Post-high school Rachel and Quinn run into each other in the most unlikely of places and with the help of a four year old and a few familiar faces, they find themselves on a rocky journey towards that elusive thing called "second chance".
--What Doors May Open - AU. Rachel comes out as gay after dumping Finn. People slowly start to find out and, when Head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray finds out, Rachel knows her life will never be the same again.

--This One's Gonna Leave a Mark by [ profile] rockinrye - AU. She’d like to say that she’s forgotten about the girl, but she hasn’t
--Life or Something Like It by [ profile] thedisassociation - Rachel and Santana are about to learn that sometimes there's a very blurry line between being alive and being dead. Sometimes, there's no line at all. Character death, but only technically.

--Influence by Sappho's Ghost at - 'Brittany is perpetually cast as the dumb blonde, but the reasons behind her demeanor are more complex than that. She looks back on her childhood, her relationship with Santana, and the life-altering effects the decisions of her youth had on her future.' A Brittana classic, contains drug abuse. NC-17.
--Check out Brittana fic by fuzzyewokazonat here.
--Music Box by Ever Shadow at - make it past the prologue. "an AU Brittana fic where Santana is the daughter of a Duke and Brittany is her personal maid."
--The Knife Thrower's Daughter by themostrandomfandom at - In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.
--i-80 west by [ profile] stopstartstall - Brittany and Santana graduate high school and spend one last summer in Lima before going to college.
--Crowd Surf Off a Cliff by [ profile] novel_concept26 - Santana Lopez hates school, Lima, and those damn Cheerios--for the most part. AU
--Brittana pr0n recs

--Bravi by [ profile] nthcoincident - Hummelberry friendship, gen fic.
--The World's a Show by [ profile] ever_obsessed, Hummelberry friendship fic
--Just for This Moment by [ profile] skintightsocks - "Don't you see?" Rachel says, her eyes bright as she leans in closer to Kurt, letting Kurt slide his arms around her waist. "It's a sign from the Great White Way herself, telling us to seize the opportunity, right here and right now! We'll never forget this, Kurt."

--Dance of the Balamb Fish by [ profile] samkurt - Rachel “ditches” Kurt one weekend when they have plans, but makes some unusual alternate arrangements instead (Kum, PG, ~5000 words, set last summer before Sam moved)
--Kum recs by LMNOP, + Kurtbastian recs

--Velvet Petals, Piercing Thorns by [ profile] GlassParade - (NC-17, AU) In 15th Century England, Kurt is blackmailed by Jesse St. James into sabotaging the reputation of the leader of the rebellion, Blaine, by aiming to seduce him and have them both caught in the act. Give it a few chapters for set-up.
--Unbreakable by [ profile] pavlovedA Seismic Shift in Times by [ profile] kurt_blaine - These days, Slytherin's been making good work of presenting a face of good will to the rest of Hogwarts. They've set aside their differences with Gryffindor and instead have chosen to aim their rivalry at the house of Hufflepuff. Kurt would rather not have anything to do with the rivalry at all, but when his Herbology professor, Neville Longbottom, gets concerned about Kurt's poor grades, he gets shackled with exactly the kind of situation he'd rather avoid: Blaine Anderson, a tutor and a Hufflepuff with more to him that meets the eye.
--To the depths I'm descending by [ profile] dreamerofmonday - It has Durmstrang!Kurt and Hogwarts!Blaine.

--Don't You Remember by [ profile] commen_sense - Kurt wakes up 10 years in the future. He finds out that he recently had an accident and is desperately upset to discover that he’s married, of all people, to Sebastian Smythe. The last interaction he had with the boy that he can recall, is throwing the tape at the boy, the one of him admitting to tampering with the slushy that hit Blaine.

Mercedes femslash
--Hear Them Sing Our Song by [ profile] botherd - "It feels natural for Mercedes to gravitate toward Quinn. lovely post-s2 quinncedes fic"
--life is just my stage by [personal profile] storypaint - When Mercedes agreed to double-dating with Kurt and Blaine, she didn't think her partner would be Rachel.

a pile of St. Berry recs!

--Special by [ profile] miggy, an AU IN WHICH EVERYONE HAS SUPER POWERS?! Fic is currently over 200,000 words and ongoing.
--And Death Shall Have No Dominion series by [ profile] poetikat - "When nightmares become real and civilization seems like a distant memory, what's left for the survivors? Kurt, Santana and Dave struggle to survive in a country devastated by a zombie outbreak. Canon compliant through 2.18"
--What's done in the dark by [ profile] losdosmos / also here - "Santana is on the run from her father's killers as she searches for her surrogate brother, the most infamous outlaw in the West."
--Those Who Lift Each Other by [ profile] lls_mutant - "BSG/Glee crossover fic. When the Cylons attacked, the kids of New Directions were on board the Cybele, on their way to the All-Colony Show Choir Competition. Now they're members of the Fleet, being chased by the Cylons and trying to deal with the day-to-day struggles of a life after the worlds end."
--In Echoes, There Are Other Words I've Said by [ profile] thefooliam - THE WEST WING AU, OMG. "It's a West Wing-esque AU where Santana and Co. are running Will's presidential run. They've only just begun, but just take a look at the masterpost and you'll see how invested they're getting. They've even made resumes for all the characters. Seriously universe-building going on there."
--Counterclockwise Verse by [ profile] angelofcaffeine - Puckurt. This is a 'verse of SPN fusion fics in which the Glee kids are hunters. The author's summary for the first story is, "Burt had called hunting ‘the hardest job in the world’, but Kurt honestly believed that being Rachel’s friend was more difficult than killing a demon or two.
--A million miles of fun - Faberritana, serial killers on a road trip
--Ladies and Gentlemen, Listen Up Please (I Don't Want to be Your Hero) by [ profile] novel_concept26 - [Faberry/Brittana/Tartie (?)/Glee Club In General - Superhero A/U - R (Violence/Character Death)
--To the Victor by that_dark-haired_girl at - Kurtofsky Hunger Games AU
--Everything's On Fire by [ profile] backitup_baby - Hunger Games AU with Puckleberry and Quinntana
--To Be Called by Queen Nan of - Rachel is the Vampire Slayer.
--Stand a Little Taller by [ profile] Kairos27 - What if the Troubletones had won Sectionals? A speculative fic on the fierce, femme, and phenomenal Troubletones.
--One Two Three (One Two Three) by [ profile] drshe_lj - This is basically a re-imagining of S3's first act with the goal of believably selling Fabang, Pina, and Pezberry instead of the canon couples. Structurally, Mike and Quinn are always "one," Tina and Puck are always "two," and Santana and Rachel are always "three."

--The worst that could happen by LucyToo: Kurt tries to help Dave find his way out of the closet. When things go more wrong for Dave than Kurt ever would have guessed, it's up to Kurt to help Dave pick up the pieces. Non-con, violence, homophobia. Kurtofsky.
--It's always your favorite sins (that you do in) by [ profile] smc_27 - santana, rachel, and puck are doing the spring break thing, hot and sweet and funny.
--the marching band refused to yield by [personal profile] escritoireazul - AU where the Glee kids were in marching band instead.
--Miggy's masterlist post
--Alone Together by ihatepeeps at[ profile] goeatappleseeds - "something that focuses on Quinn separately and treats her relationship with Rachel (or whoever) as only one part of her life."
--Dreams, Disasters, and Everything In Between by loveadubdub at - Puckleberry. This = first fic, try other Puckleberry fic by this author, too!
--A Little More Than Ordinary by [ profile] ladyjax (sequel = The Love Parade) - It's a long way from McKinley High School and everyone has moved on to new lives. But sometimes, fate has a way of bringing people around again. In the City that Never Sleeps, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck and, eventually Quinn, are about to find out that when hearts are involved, all you can do is let go and reach for the brass ring.
--Fabang recs
--More St. Berry recs

--White Shadows - Brittana Civil War AU
--(I've Never Reached an Answer) I'm Only Given Clues by [ profile] thefooliam - Santana and Quinn's hopes of a peaceful and relaxing summer at Santana's grandmother's in Florida are dashed when the rest of New Directions invites themselves to join them.
--like you only sweeter by [ profile] letscall_l - Unholy Trinity. Quinn has to apply for a sport scholarship to stay in college.
Faberry fics
--Not Keen on Tuesdays, Either by [ profile] goddamnwrite - "School shooting fic focusing on all of the glee club kids. It's obviously really dark subject matter and characters die, but it's so well written and the different character interactions that happen in those extreme circumstances are great and also the dialogue manages to be funny in places regardless. It takes place after Season 2 so Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Tike are all together, and there's one-sided Kurtofsky, but the characters that are dating aren't necessarily the characters that interact in this fic, and pairings aren't really the point and basically anyone who doesn't find the subject matter triggery should try it out because it's amazing." ([ profile] selenakyle rec)
--Five Times Kurt Hummel Fell For Someone, And One Time They Fell For Him Too by [ profile] zee_ree_dee - eventual Kurt/Finn
--Turning Heads Every Place We Go by [ profile] questceque_cest - Tina and Quinn love to go to jewelry auctions and admire the pretty things they cannot afford.
--call it fiction, but i like being submerged in your contradictions - By age twenty, Quinn has been disappointed far more than rewarded for talking to beautiful people. For this reason, she finds salvation in her figure drawing class, where she can look all she wants and pretend that people are beautiful, even when they’re not. au.
--I kissed a girl and I liked it - Quinn/Tina
--Quinn/Tina porny drabble
--Fall in Mutual Weirdness - Quinn and Tina meet again unexpectedly, and this time something new kindles between them. Quinn laughed. "Let me buy you a drink," she offered, the weariness of the day dissolving a little. "She's been calling me too."
--Priority #1 by [ profile] themillersson - Will hears about Artie's advice to Blaine during West Side Story and decides he needs to make sure that Kurt's okay. (Spoilers up through The First Time, possibly for Mash Off.) Warning for creepy non-con teacher/student implications.
--Misery Loves Company by [ profile] cracon - (romantic (but not really)) Hummelberry, unrequited Faberry, unrequited Kum, mentioned Fabrevans
--fic by [ profile] sulkygeekff here. Faberry, Pezberry, Brittana
--Masterlist of Faberry fic
--Sins of my Father by QuinnFacrayy on - Born into a family of organized crime, Sam Evans sees his position of Junior Boss as more of a burden than a blessing. When the mob lifestyle threatens his only love, Mercedes, daughter of legendary mobster Gerrard Jones, will he pay the ultimate price for his decisions and his family's sins?
--Just Like Last Tuesday, Except With Zombies - Lima is infested with zombies, and McKinley High's glee club, along with guest judge Emma Pillsbury, hole up inside the school to combat the blood-thirsty hordes. Full ensemble fic with emphasis on Puck, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, and Kurt. COMPLETE.
--Better Run, Outrun My Gun - Zombie apocalypse, Faberry.
Sequel = Better Run, Faster Than My Bullet
--(This Is) How the World Ends by [ profile] scheibecat - St. Berry zombie apocalypse, emphasis on Rachel.
--capsized standing on the edge of safe by [ profile] socallmedaisy - This story follows Sam, Brittany, Santana and Rachel in the year and a half after New Directions win at Nationals for the first time as they come in and out of each other's lives and try to find a place for themselves, even if that place isn't where they originally thought they would be.
--if i could find a souvenir just to prove the world was here by [ profile] el_em_en_oh_pee - Tina gets news tweets sent to her phone. Otherwise, they probably wouldn't have heard about it until after they're done cramming three months' worth of rehearsing for Sectionals into a two-hour-long marathon dance session. AU as of episode 3x08; this is the story of what happens when the club finds out that a meteor capable of causing a major extinction event is going to hit the earth in about eighteen hours.
--Don't Know Why (Just Do) by [ profile] thefooliam - Brittany doesn't really know a lot of things but she was so sure of that one.
--Genius Only Comes Along in Storms - AU where everyone works in retail
--It Hurts at First - Furt, post episode 4.4