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Last night I learned an important skill in Vagrant Story. Ashley can jump higher when his sword and shield are unequipped. Of course, this makes sense in theory, but I am not used to the physics of video games making any practical sense. Anyway, I crawled out of the dark chain of dungeons and blinked into daylight inside Lea Monde.
Are all of the girls in this game useless? I want Ashley's partner to kick some arse.
What's up with his name being Ashley, anyway? Ashley Riot has a nice ring to it, but all I can think of is Ashley Wilkes, which is not the same at all.

A random question: So the information on my map says that the map is 13% complete. Does this mean that I am 13% of the way through the game?

I need to do a much better job of checking my Facebook event invitations. I tend to ignore Facebook for the most part, but I totally missed the invitation to Casbah to celebrate [ profile] suibhne_geilt's birthday.

PARTICIPATORY MEMAGE....what LJ can give me for Christmas. Of course, no meme is ever as short as it should be when I'm the one answering it, ;_; )

This is another reminder that people planning on buying me gifts should PLEASE TELL ME so I can enter you in to my neat Excel spreadsheet.
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I think that my favorite Christmas songs tend to be the darker ones, or at least the ones with spookier melodies. I enjoy "What Child Is This?" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is probably my favorite.

Anyway, my family has celebrated Christmas Eve. We went to mass, and saw my niece Olivia sing in the children's choir. Afterwards, the family assembled at my sister's home for hors d'eourves, dinner, present-opening, etc. On Christmas Eve, we always take the kids into one of the bedrooms, and read the story about the birth of Jesus from a children's Bible. For whatever reason, my mom had left the children's Bible in the car, so I was given a regular Bible. Read the passages about the birth of Jesus from Luke. From Matthew. (Do Mark and John not have them? Or could I just not find them?) Finally, I just kept reading, and Jesus was giving the Sermon on the Mount by the time Santa finished delivering presents downstairs. Which was good, because, you know, eventually the story of Jesus isn't really a "OMG, be excited and happy, children!" story. Well, it is. But it isn't. You know what I mean.

I was even able to run to the library this morning, while doing all of my other errands. I now have some more manga to read, and DVDs to watch. I also received some from Santa Claus...Santa got me the omnibus edition of Magic Knight Rayearth, bwahaha (vol. 1-3 in one book). Which is cool. I also just used a coupon to get the Tsubasa Chronicle omnibus (again, 3 volumes in one). That's a pretty awesome deal, yo! I'd get the xxxHolic one, too, but I already own volumes 1 and 2. Oh yeah! Santa gave me the Whisper of the Heart DVD, so now people need to watch it with me, because it's so good and I love it! I've received nice things this year, and Christmas isn't even over yet.

Tomorrow will be my family's rendition of Christmas, Part II: More Screaming Children.

Merry Christmas, etc. to all.

I seem to be plowing through Libba Bray's Rebel Angels fairly quickly, so hopefully soon I can write about books and comics again. Because I know you're all dying to know what I think about them, :)
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I keep forgetting to cross-post in here when I write in my blog, so I'm posting this the morning after I wrote it, hohoho!

I'm in the middle of 4 good books, and only one of them is a manga.
I'm so full I feel like I could die by sheer force of will.
This is the first Christmas I've ever had where I haven't had to ask myself, "Wow, I wonder if this holiday would feel different if I knew there was someone who cared about me in a way that isn't familial nor friendship."
All in all, it's been a badass Christmas.

And, I just shared a decent conversation with my 'slightly' intoxicated brother, who is home from Los Angeles, which went like this:
"What's that scythe over there from?" (he points to the plastic scythe next to my dresser)
"Halloween, freshmen year. Back in the good old days before they started charging admission to get on to State Street on Halloween."
"Now, on Halloween, they charge $5 for someone to get on State Street."
"They can't do that. It isn't legal."
"I know. It sucks."
"Get some balls, Jackie. Fight the system. That's what I did when I went to school there." He walks away in disgust.

I fail....except when it comes to fighting the system so as to procure a room in which Anime Club can conduct its business, :D

Here is the Christmas BSG thing I mentioned the other day....I figure that you guys will only watch it if you don't have to travel anywhere on the internets. Watch it, it's funny!

Also, what is up with people becoming almost combative when they start interrogating me on what I'm going to do with my majors after I graduate. Is it any of your business whether or not it's a "real" job?! I swear, most of the time, the only reason I want to be "successful" is so that I can answer questions like these with an air of superiority and say, "Yeah, you frickin' frick, that's right. Anything else you want to know?!"

'Cause that's what Christmas is all about.
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I really don't understand the hype surrounding Barack Obama. I mean, he seems pretty cool. But, the man gave one good speech at the Democratic National Convention, and it hasn't really done much since then (aside from almost completing his....first term as a senator! The guy has no experience! I don't know. We'll see what happens. The 2008 election will be interesting, if nothing else.

Also, someone has created a very amusing Christmas greeting about the origin of Santa Claus, and setting it to the music and (altered) text of the opening of Battlestar Galactica. It is here, and you should watch it even if you don't watch BSG, because it is amusing.

Anyway, I should go. Mom becomes upset if I sit down for more than 5 minutes, and wants me to do things like fold stray blankets. Also, Dad is making me vacuum the stairs! OMF, Christmas Eve at our house! I should probably shower before we go to mass at 4:00 pm. EVEN THOUGH Catholics are supposed to go to church twice this weekend - once for the 4th week of Advent (you should've gone yesterday afternoon or this morning) and then again for Christmas (tomorrow/tonight), I'm only going once. But, can I say that sleeping in today for the first time in a very, very long time was SO nice? Because it was. I really hope that Jesus understands. If I had had another 'first day all semester to sleep in,' then I would have gone twice.


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