May. 22nd, 2016 08:52 pm
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I keep wanting to make a post about turning thirty*, but pre-WisCon anxiety has reduced me to a person unwilling to leave the apartment to go out for dinner BECAUSE STRESS.

[Once WisCon STARTS, I will be fine. Until it starts, I'll be in a perpetual state of losing my shit.]

I know turning an age, or a year turning over, or whatever, doesn't really change things. But I really hope that my thirties are better than my twenties. I feel way older than I am, is that pretentious? lol.

I really hope I'll have more time to blog once WisCon's done.

[*this post is not meant to be a call for birthday wishes. If you haven't wished me happy birthday, I can assume that you're glad I was born!]
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I was very sad to receive my First Speeding Ticket yesterday afternoon on my drive from Madison to my parents' house. The cop was sitting up on top of an overpass gunning cars like a jerk. I mean, yes, I was speeding, but still. I went no more than 5mph over the speed limit the whole rest of the way home, and was passed by at least 80% of the cars I encountered. I do intend to show up at court and contest the ticket. Most people never do this, but you can generally get the fine lowered, and less points taken off your license. Read my friend Gordon's extremely length post if you don't believe me.

What the hell, I have so many new LiveJournal friends reading my blog/LJ (same posts in two places) that I can't refer to people like that! People new to the blog can feel free to check out a list of people in my life and what they're like, although I'll point out that it hasn't been updated in two years. My boyfriend, Antoine, isn't even on that list at all. At some point, I will update it. Really. I promise.

Speaking of new LiveJournal friends: I've made a lot of new friends and joined some new communities after going to Wiscon, and I'm having trouble keeping up with everything, so I've been taking some people of my LJ friends list. It doesn't mean that I hate you, and if you still have me on your list, I'll probably still check on your journal anyway. It's just been...really hard to keep up, and I like to leave comments, and yeah.

So, the ticket made me sad, but life otherwise has been pretty good. I felt sad walking around Wiscon realizing that I had never read anything by any of the authors who were there, so I've made an effort to rectify this. Some of their books are really cheap at Half-Price Books! I bought Walk to the End of the World by Suzy McKee Charnas and Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner while picking up presents for Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day, Olivia's Birthday, and my brother-in-law Kevin's birthday.

Last night, Kristy, Chad, and I watched "The Queen" over at Kristy's aunt's house (she and Chad are house-sitting while the family is away). The movie was very well-done, and good. Kristy's aunt/uncle owned a dog that was missing one of its front legs. Apparently, it had been shot in the leg and left to die in a forest when the Humane Society (or something?) found it, and Kristy's aunt adopted it. WTF, how can people be so mean to animals? It's such a friendly and good-tempered dog, and it gets around just fine.

Familial Birthday Loot:
Otherland, Volume 1: City of Golden Shadow - Tad Williams
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD
Dead Poets Society DVD (I've never seen this; hopefully it's good? It sounds like something that would make the King sisters cry.)
mp3 player
George Foreman grill!
$20 from my aunt/uncle, which I think I told my mom I'd be some Horatio Hornblower DVDs with, but am strongly considering getting a Revolutionary Girl Utena boxed set.

That's right, I got an mp3 player! Not an iPod, because I am not a brand name whore. It holds two gigs, and is cute. It also has a radio, so I think that with this device my brother-in-law is giving to me, I can make it play in my car. Also, I hadn't needed one that played video files, but this one does. I think it's too small to read any anime subtitles, but I could probably put BSG or something on it anyway. Yay, music! Still, a random question: WTF, how do people go jogging and make the ear buds stay in their ears?


May. 20th, 2007 01:20 am
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I believe that this is my first blog post written under the influence. So pay attention. (I turned 21 today! So it's okay!)

I know I was in a weird mood yesterday and partly this morning, but today has been good.

I spent the morning catching up through the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Can I just say? KIND OF A DOWNER. Although, really, I liked it. The writers burned everything to the ground and it was fun to watch, is a little masochistic.

Today, Antoine had his commencement ceremony and received his master's degree. We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with his parents. We ate some East African cuisine on State Street, and eventually said goodbye.

I had a Jaeger Bomb and a beer (spotted cow) at a nearby bar with Antoine, Chad, Chad's sister Amber, and her friend Kim. The Jaeger Bomb was sweet. I need to find a badass drink to like. Rum, whiskey, and gin have always sounded badass to me. I should try them. :D So yes, I did drink on my 21st birthday. I'm not too inebriated, although Chad said that my words were slurring a bit. My motor skills are a bit off....I go to brush my hair behind my ear and I punch my cheek instead. Also, I'm making lots of typing mistakes. But other than that!

Anyway, time for water and then for bed. I hope I eventually get around to writing this sci-fi paper due Tuesday morning. At least I have it all mapped out. It was a good actual birthday day, but it'll be even better tomorrow when I see old friends and hang out and be awesome.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday. Thank you to all of you for phone calls and Facebook messages with happy birthdays. I will reply at some point....probably after 9am Tuesday! (When my paper is due)

I think drinking makes me really sleepy. Time for bed.


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