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What-up in the fic I've been reading.

UMM, so I constantly and obsessively update my master Glee fic rec/to-read list, BUT I FEEL AN ADDITIONAL POST IS NECESSARY FOR TO GEEK OUT, even though only 3-4 of you actually watch Glee. THE FIC IS WAY BETTER THAN THE SHOW. I really do highly recommend everything in the top-half of that post, though! (Remember the bottom half = things I haven't read yet, bwaha.)

I find myself drawn to non-canon couples. Rachel/Santana, Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Puck, Quinn/Santana, Kurt/Sam, etc.

This is about things I've read recently....anything by [ profile] thememoriesfire is probably my fave, w/Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed being #1. If you're looking for any of her works in progress that she took down from AO3, scroll down a little here to find some fan-sourced downloads.

Taste the Bite of Death by [ profile] questceque_cest - Work in progress. A zombie apocalypse breaks out in the dead of winter. Five teenagers need to band together, despite their differences, in order to survive.

Down and Out Here in Paradise by [ profile] miggy - unfinished WIP. Zombie apocalypse set sort of near the end of the first season. Quinn is a fucking BAMF, worth reading for her alone. Part 2. Part 3.

All The Noise Died Away by [ profile] only_because3 - Zombie apocalypse AU, post season 2. Characterizations are spot-on, things are achingly raw & realistic. Of these three, this is my favorite zombie apocalypse AU, :D

REALLY LIKED these Mike/Rachel fics, tbh:
Take this sinking ship and point it home by [ profile] lynnearlington - Mike/Rachel. There are over two million people in Chicago, so when Mike runs into Rachel one afternoon, purely by chance, to say he’s a little surprised is an understatement.

We both know we're good together by [ profile] smc_27 - Mike/Rachel. She's beginning to think it's a shame she didn't keep in better contact with him during their first year of university.

Most recent Quinn/Santana fics:
Sins of My Youth by [ profile] only_because3 - The summer after junior year, Santana and Quinn end up being best friends. Neither of them really knows how to be a friend, but they're each helping one another through some bullshit. Santana basically lives in Quinn's room, but it takes a long time for them to realize that this might be more than friendship...

You're Just Scared (Love What You Got) by [ profile] rockinrye - It’s summer time and Quinn’s still hovering between pissed off and heart broken so picking up a camera seems the perfect way to fill her time. Until Santana becomes her muse. Then what?

Have You Ever Seen Me? by [ profile] lynnearlington - Sam/Tina. She’s...he doesn’t know, but right now she’s the Tifa to his Cloud and that’s not something he’s willing to let slip through his fingers. SO MANY FF7 REFERENCES, I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Like the Sun Going Down on Me by [ profile] valiant - Explicit Finn/Kurt, spoilers through 3.22. After their plans don't go the way they should, Finn and Kurt need to cry it out. And hug it out. And get a bunch of other stuff out of their systems, apparently.

I Forgot the Bitter by [ profile] smc_27 - Puckleberry. AU. Puck owns a bar and Rachel opens a bakery next door. Currently my fave Puck/Rachel fic.

Right now I'm reading Beers and Strippers by TriXter21 at, which is way better than its title might lead you to believe. Quinn/Rachel season 2 AU.

Those are the fic recs for now. I get my fic recs almost solely from [ profile] ontd_glee, it is the bomb. I wish there was a really active community like this talking about FF7 fic. If I ever scale back on the Glee fic, I'd really love to make rec lists & etc. about FF7 fic.
Unlike FF7, I don't think Glee is a fandom I'll ever feel compelled to write in.


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