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we have to make our own music

[ profile] wintercreek wrote me a Pezberry fic.
Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends
Pezberry PWP, facilitated by Lauren Zizes's interest in sex tapes. Explicit. 2050 words.

[personal profile] staranise is having a spin on usual love memes. It's here, & you're supposed to comment about things that people have made, or done. I started a thread for myself here.

And because I feel really self-conscious about that one (I haven't made or done anythingggggg), I'll link again to the thread I made for myself on [personal profile] dingsi's traditional love meme.

[personal profile] the_andy posted instructions on how to make onigiri for me ("or whoever") here in this post. I NEED TO MAKE ONIGIRI?! Umeboshi is super expensive, though, & I wish I could try a single umeboshi to see whether it causes reflux!
I have some vegan mayo & tuna to try, but it might be a while before I get the energy to try. I've felt pretty sick today, like currently the pain is AWFUL. lol!bodies
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A lot of times i just make my onigiri without anything in the middle -- just a nice, plain rice ball. I love dunking my onigiri in soy sauce, and i think sometimes both soy AND umeboshi is a bit much (saltyyyyyyyyy).

Umeboshi's not so expensive out here, but i'd be hesitant to send you anything because who knows how it might differ from what you have locally. :(
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Yeah, I was thinking we could send a couple out in a jar, but the flavor can vary a bit depending on style. I especially like when we score some from my friend Mat's aunts.
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Tuna onigiri are my favorites!