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laceblade ([personal profile] laceblade) wrote2013-11-30 07:31 pm

[meme] Shameless Request to Generate My Content!

Via a significant % of my friendslist...

Pick a date below & give me a topic to write about.

December 01 - Catholicism/religious community
December 02 - your very first memory of encountering anime (or manga). or, if you really can't remember, your most formative memory of same.
December 03 - Music and character, how they relate
December 04 - A reading experience you remember particularly well/vividly
December 05 - Your fashion role models, influencers, cheerleaders, or hell the worst pair of shoes you ever owned.

December 06 - The hardest you've ever laughed. You don't have to recount the joke/experience or justify it necessarily, just unpack why that joke/experience really got to you at the time. [from Steph]
December 07 - WOFS
December 08 -
December 09 - Your favorite BFFs in anime
December 10 - Best memories from Wiscon
December 11 - Daily experience of being a page
December 12 - Women and Catholicism
December 13 - Favorite plant to grow
December 14 - 5 favorite shoujo, anime or manga
December 16 -
December 17 - Narrative kinks
December 18 -
December 19 -
December 20 - The landscape that feels like home to you/your geographic hearthome.
December 21 -
December 22 -
December 23 - The food that feels most like home
December 24 -
December 25 -
December 26 -
December 27 -
December 28 -
December 29 -
December 30 - 5 Video Game Memories
December 31 - 2013 in music [my pick]

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