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Inspired by [personal profile] raanve's post, these are vid ideas that I've written in a Google Doc! I currently don't know how to vid, and I probably won't learn how to do it any time soon. BUT I HAVE IDEAS.

1) I am a Vampire (Juno Soundtrack) with Spike, from Buffy/Angel. This could be heinous, or serious. For sure the shot of him using his fingers as fangs must be used. The song is so ridiculous that I sometimes envision this as a study of Spike constantly trying to assert his masculinity/dominance (and usually being undercut when doing so).

2) My Sweet Prince (Placebo) to Revolutionary Girl Utena. I really would want this vid, but the song is so slow that it might not be too great? It'd have to be visually awesome to hold the viewer's attention, for sure.

3) Johnny and Mary (Placebo cover) to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Not many notes for this one, except that John is obviously John Connor (but could also be John Henry if you run short on time), and "Mary" might probably rotate between the women characters - Sarah, Cameron, etc.

4) Kings of Medicine (Placebo) to Neon Genesis Evangelion. IDK. Mostly when I hear the lyrics "They're pickin' up pieces of me," I see Rei's arm falling off her body and cackle to myself. "Put you in a bag before the day is over" could also be people/parts floating in LCL. IDK, I see the opening verse as being literal interpretations of the lyrics, but that usually bores me in vids (even though it's done ALL THE DAMN TIME with AMVs), so it could be more abstract after that.

If anyone makes these vids (or if anyone has already made them, #1 has to have been made, right?!), let me know!

ETA: In the comments at the LJ post, [ profile] etrangere notes that #2 has been done! Link!


Aug. 23rd, 2009 03:52 pm
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Does anyone remember hearing that the writers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are moving to write for Fringe?

I swear that I remember reading this when the news that T:TSCC had been canceled, but now that I'm looking online, I can't figure out where.

I'm trying to prioritize which TV shows to catch up on, as I seem to be hitting a block for book-reading.

True Blood gets priority, because [ profile] were_duck has informed me that she needs someone to squee with. Even though I'm not caught up on the show, I loved her latest post about it, which contains spoilers through episode 9. It's amazing to me what an improvement the TV show is over the books.

Anyway, here's what my list is looking like, for personal reference:
TV Shows to finish:
Battlestar Galactica [Episode 4.12 through the end] (After the last episode I watched, I remember now why it's taken me so long to keep watching....MUST HAVE CLOSURE)
[and then Battlestar Redactica]

TV Shows to Catch Up On:
True Blood [From episode 2.2 to present]
The Office [From episode 5.24-5.26]
Dollhouse [From episode 1.10 to 1.13, plus unaired original pilot]
How I Met Your Mother [From episode 4.8 through 4.24]
Fringe [From episode 1.5 through 1.20]
30 Rock [All of Season 4]

I think I might ask for a TiVo for Christmas. :O

ETA: Don't even get me started on all the new shows I want to watch (Leverage) or have started on Netflix and need to keep watching! (Arrested Development, Burn Notice, etc.)
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Of course I'm sad.

Mostly, I'm pissed.

When Terminator: Salvation opens (THIS THURSDAY), I want it to be a box office smash, and I want the FOX executives to cry themselves to sleep, and have nightmares about themselves living in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

EDIT: I read somewhere that the writers got enticed to join the staff of Fringe, which would make me 1) re-upload my Joshua Jackson icon and 2) catch up on that show, which is probably still interesting??
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I've been reading all kinds of commentaries on the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and have added ones I like to my memories. My most recent favorite is here, by [ profile] coffeeandink. I corrupted my boyfriend with this show! He watched the entirety of season 2 in the last week! Unfortunately, Ausiello reports that it won't be renewed for a third season. Ausiello is a pretty solid source, so far as TV news goes, but this is pretty disheartening. A lot of press coverage keeps focusing on Summer Glau, too. Yeah, she was fantastic in Terminator, but I'm just as ready to follow the careers of just about every other actor on the show, Dekker and Headey especially.

[ profile] wrdnrd is still accepting submissions for a zine on class here.

As for this Dreamwidth business.....I am very grumpy about all of this moving nonsense! I just settled down here and am already cross-posting on Blogspot! (Technically, cross-posting from Blogspot to LiveJournal). I guess I should register with an OpenID account (I don't have an OpenID account?!) so that I'm entered in the lottery, as I seem to keep missing my chances when friends post with, "I have an invite code! Post here!"
I do not use LiveJournal at work! :[

I registered for a Delicious account so that I can help out with a collaborative project, but I don't really understand it yet. Am I just supposed to bookmark websites I frequent on a relatively frequent basis? It's not supposed to be used for articles I read an enjoy (like Digg), is it? I figured out how to embed it in my browser, and that's about it.
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So, I was actually writing play-by-play notes last night while I watched the episode. As usual, they mostly contain caps lock. Also under the LJ-cut are links to various LJ posts and articles on the Internet.

I was talking to [ profile] sasha_feather and [ profile] were_duck yesterday about how I've never been upset about a show of mine being canceled before. Shows that ended while I watched them were already past their prime (The West Wing, Battlestar Galactica). Shows that ended while they were still good/serviceable (IMO) were already out on DVD and not airing any more when I picked them up (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars). So if TSCC ends up being canceled (which seems extremely likely, given the numbers), I am glad at least that it got many more episodes than Firefly. Still, there is so much ground to cover. And while I don't have much of a head for business, it seems like the release of a new Terminator movie could certainly revive interest in the franchise. Maybe a shorter third season will be announced for Spring of 2010? GETTING IN TIME FOR JUDGMENT DAY. really bothers me that people compare the cancellation of Terminator to the cancellation of Dollhouse. Yes, I'm watching that show too, but even in the few episodes it has to tell a good story, it really...isn't. In fact, it's just uncomfortable and insulting most of the time. In my mind, the two are not comparable. Crying Whedon fans make me cringe - he really got his chance this time around, and in my mind, is blowing it.

My caps lock squee and links to the writings of others lie behind the cut. )
If you like the show....Addresses and e-mail addresses.

ALSO....Dreamwidth is super annoying to me. I was on Blogger. I was settled there! And then I was like, okay, LiveJournal, you will be my main platform. I've been blogging for so long that moving all my posts manually and locking the private ones is taking MONTHS! And now, everyone's moving to Dreamwidth anyway, making it impossible for me to still add you people's posts to my memories. IT IS VERY IRKSOME, INTERNET.
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Holy shit. )

If somebody watched tonight's episode, will you pretty please call me and see if I interpreted this correctly?
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I don't usually watch American Idol, but [ profile] _becquerel_ alerted me to this video of Adam Lambert singing "Mad World." OMG SO AMAZING. I want him to come out with a CD of emo songs! I would listen to it every day! WATCH IT! DO IT!

My obsession with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has gotten heinous the last few days. The last few days, I am constantly reading meta and interviews and listening to my recently-purchased soundtrack. If this show is canceled, I don't even know what I'll do, you guys. :[ MAYBE I WILL WRITE FANFICTION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 5 YEARS OR SOME SHIT.

SPEAKING OF TERMINATOR....Joshua Malina [Will in The West Wing, some dude in Sports Night] is going to be in this season finale!! This is the second time a West Wing alum will be on the show [Richard Schiff was phenomenal in an earlier season two episode].

I am strategically planning my trip home for Easter so that I am home with plenty of time to watch the Terminator season finale.
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If Terminator gets canceled in favor of Dollhouse? I will not even be able to express my anger in words. I already tried, but I just....what the fuck, man.

So Sarah Connor and Cameron don't dress in skimpy outfits every week. In fact....THEY HAVE AGENCY! This show is smart, the actors are incredibly attractive, the music is AMAZING, and the plot is so tightly-written that I would give anything to be a fly on the wall in these writers' meetings.

Why are the ratings falling in the first place? Wasn't this show doing pretty well in season one? Then halfway through season two, the ratings dropped A LOT when they freaking moved the night to Friday night so it could be next to fucking Dollhouse.

Do you need this show to be pimped at you?? [ profile] rachelmanija's post does a pretty awesome job! I quote it here, with spoilers for Season One omitted.
Based on the Terminator movies. In the future, robots take over and kill nearly everyone, except for a bunch of raggedy fighters led by John Connor. In the first movie, the robots send one of their own back to kill Sarah Connor, John's mother, and prevent his birth. This doesn't work out.

The series picks up with Sarah Connor as a hard-as-steel fighter, her teenage son John who is trying very valiantly not to be as emo as he has every right to be, and their protector, the spooky-funny-beautiful terminator played by Summer Glau (River from Firefly), in possibly the best portrayal I've seen on TV of a genuinely non-human intelligence. They're all trying to stop the creation of Skynet, the AI which launches the war against humanity. Clever time paradoxes, great action sequences, some very touching relationships, and excellent storytelling proceed from there.


Cameron is unsurprisingly a scene-stealer, but what's most intriguing to me is how inhuman she is, and how her most evocative moments - dancing in her room, observing the bar of metal that perhaps becomes her own skeleton, watching her ancestors in the hall of robots, giving John a terrifyingly fake wink of complicity, letting him remove the chip that is her self - suggest not the growth of humanity, but new development along an entirely different path.

Derek is just the best portrayal of PTSD I've ever seen on the small screen, and it is slightly disturbing to me how much I identified with him. He is most excellently fucked up, and in a very different way from Sarah or John - he's actually lived through the future, and the past never seems to feel quite real to him. I also like the way his first suggestion is always to blow something up. You can feel the weight of the future in his eyes, and his casual remarks: "Of course the mall's a concentration camp now."

Ellison is so smart and quiet and thoughtful. His faith is clearly real, not tacked-on....

I love that John tries so hard. I love that Sarah does pull-ups on a swing-set. I love that the show is full of metaphors like Sarah doing pull-ups on a swing-set.

Write letters.

Buy Season One. It's only $18.99 right now.

Buy Bear McCreary's kick-ass soundtrack. It contains the "Samson and Delilah" from this season's opener.

Do you have a favorite episode or three (or five!) from Season Two, and you really can't wait for the DVDs to come out? Rather than illegally downloading it, Buy them for $1.99 each at

Are you a few episodes behind? The latest episodes are available for free at, with minimal commercials.
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OH MY GOD!!!!!





I don't care how far I have to drive tonight, or how much money I have to pay! I am buying season 1! And maybe Terminator 2 on DVD, if I can find it! AND THE SOUNDTRACK.

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Thus begins the Epic Day of Blog-Posting, and closing all my Firefox tabs. Because Spring cleaning is not limited solely to wiping down my kitchen counter and throwing out expired food from my refrigerator!

Terminator! Is the best show on TV! Please watch it!

[ profile] coffeeandink's summation is accurate!
It is so hard to write about SCC. I love it so much, and it is so good, and everything I want to say has a thousand hooks or tentacles linking into something else, it is all so complicated and interrelated and I'm still not sure where it's going. I love "Samson and Delilah" and "Allison from Palmdale" and I like other episodes from the first half of Season Two, but I feel like from 2x12 "Alpine Fields" on it's just been completely brilliant. This is one of my favorite seasons of television ever, up there with Buffy Seasons 2 and 3 and Angel Season 4 and the late, lamented Profit. So good! Don't die, Show!

It astounds me how well-written this show is. OMF SO GOOD.

Other Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles thoughts are spoilery through the latest episode! )

I think I'm the only one who liked Dollhouse 1.6 as much as I did, BUT I will gladly link to what other people had to say!

Of course, their posts and the excerpts I've lifted from them contain spoilers, so there is an LJ cut. )

So yes, I'm continuing to watch Dollhouse for the time being, but Terminator is currently my show of choice (and also How I Met Your Mother, but it's a very different sort of show!).
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Not going to lie, my TV shows airing on Friday night does not work out well for me at all. I do things on Friday nights! And as such, I'm behind in all my shows except Dollhouse (which I believe is due for its OMG!TURN next week? We shall see, Joss Whedon! WE SHALL SEE.).

I'd prefer to be caught up in Battlestar Galactica because I think it ends this coming Friday. BUT, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles needs my viewing more than BSG, which already has an expiration date. [I watch on and]

I haven't watched since December, so today has been an epic catching-up post. And.....OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW. SO MUCH LOVE.

I have spoilers, mostly related to "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep," and mostly link to thinks said by people who write better things about TV than my simple OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! posts.

I'm not supposed to protect myself. I'm supposed to protect you. )

Yayyyy! Now to work on my Battlestar Galactica progress....[at the moment, I have seen through 4.11, but I'm spoiled for major plot points, so far as I know.]
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As described here, the deadline for submitting ideas for programming has been extended to February 7th.

I think it would be really cool to have a panel about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Does anybody have ideas as to how to word such a panel description? What would you like to see discussed in a Sarah Connor panel?

What kinds of programming are you guys suggesting? So far, I'm most excited about a possible panel about women in shounen manga, as discussed over in the comments of [ profile] oyceter's blog ([ profile] meganbmoore, are you coming to Wiscon??).
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Yes, I shamelessly steal other people's posts when they are amazing, in the hope that others might read it, and feel the same way.

By [ profile] coffeeandink, and I don't know what to add except that I agree with everything she says about this show. PEOPLE, PLEASE WATCH IT!!

I want to say something passionate and convincing about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, something that will convince you all that this is the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION, that will make you watch it, that will reprieve it from the imminent danger of cancelation, something about the prominence of women and women relating to women and women not talking about men and about the uncharacteristic depictions of men too, and the casual presence of characters of color in the main cast and among the significant supporting characters, about how it has a sympathetic non-othered transgender character in a one-off, about how in its episodes set in Mexico the Mexican cops aren't corrupt and venal they're just pretty smart guys doing a good job, about how the secondary characters and one-offs all feel so fully rounded and human, about how the second season is even better than the first, about how it WILL BREAK MY HEART if I don't see the long-term arcs building to fulfillment, about how this is Buffy's true heir in the complicated examinations of networks of affinity, affection, and circumstance and the conflicts between community and individuality, about how it's about ordinary, mixed-up people becoming heroes and heroes having feet of clay and still walking forward on them anyway, about how it's not perfect but god it's trying, about about about about.

But I can't. I just love this show too much to be coherent about it. WATCH IT.

[Her original post is here.]
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People! I say again, watch this show. I think it has a broad appeal to many different audience types. DO IT.

Spoilers! )

There is now an ETA behind the cut.
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Sometimes I consume media and I just don't know how to write about it because I loved it and it was wonderful and there are probably critical things to say about it, but I don't know what they are.

On an impulse-buy, I bought the final volume of Y: The Last Man at Room of One's Own the other day. It was a great ending. I would really like to reread this series some day. I hope they never make a movie out of it. If anybody is looking for quality story telling, please read Y: The Last Man! I especially recommend it if you haven't read comics before, but are looking for a place to start.

I am also loving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles this season. Aside from The Office, it is the only TV show I watch every week, and it obviously carries more drama and plot twists than the antics on The Office. If anyone's looking for a good show to get into, I'd recommend it. Watch the first two Terminator movies, and you'll be able to figure out what's going on, I think. The last few episodes in particular have been quite strong.

At some point, I might try catching up with Fringe, or at least catching a few episodes to see if it got a bunch better.
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Okay. So tonight's episode was the best one so far, in my opinion. Some little things still bother me, but overall, I cared about every main character and what happened to them. I sympathized with all four of them. Go, show, go!

AS FOR TERMINATOR. Charley's wife used my cell phone, and that's about all I have to say. Of course, I haven't watched this week's episode yet, :O
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It's been busy the last few days, but a good week overall. I had female co-workers over last night. They brought wine, I provided apple butter and crackers, and we watched "Love Actually." My apartment is an efficiency, but spacious enough for a girls' night! Success.

At the moment, I am head-over-heels in love with Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, which is a series of graphic novels. I will blog about it at some point.

I've watched the first episode and a half of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 'cause it's out on DVD, and Netflix sent it to me Tuesday. OMF SO GOOD!!

BUT, people, the entire reason why I'm posting is so that I can link to this post, titled "Why You Should Read xxxHolic. This is me, waving my hands from side to side, calling your attention to this gorgeous and thought-provoking manga series by CLAMP.

If you are looking for a series to use to start reading manga, I highly recommend this one. Rather than write my own entry, please read the one to which I just linked. In fact, have another link. Pretty pictures are included in the post! Seriously, this series is gorgeous, heartwrenching, and funny. If you're brand new to manga, you'll also learn a lot about Japanese manga. And the translation provided by American publisher Del Rey? BEST TRANSLATION NOTES.....EVER. Seriously. The back of every volume provides paragraph-length explanations about Japanese culture that an average American reader wouldn't pick up on. PEOPLE, READ XXXHOLIC. DO IT. And if that left you unconvinced, at least read the persuasive blog post I linked to. Go! Now!


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