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Inspired by [personal profile] raanve's post, these are vid ideas that I've written in a Google Doc! I currently don't know how to vid, and I probably won't learn how to do it any time soon. BUT I HAVE IDEAS.

1) I am a Vampire (Juno Soundtrack) with Spike, from Buffy/Angel. This could be heinous, or serious. For sure the shot of him using his fingers as fangs must be used. The song is so ridiculous that I sometimes envision this as a study of Spike constantly trying to assert his masculinity/dominance (and usually being undercut when doing so).

2) My Sweet Prince (Placebo) to Revolutionary Girl Utena. I really would want this vid, but the song is so slow that it might not be too great? It'd have to be visually awesome to hold the viewer's attention, for sure.

3) Johnny and Mary (Placebo cover) to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Not many notes for this one, except that John is obviously John Connor (but could also be John Henry if you run short on time), and "Mary" might probably rotate between the women characters - Sarah, Cameron, etc.

4) Kings of Medicine (Placebo) to Neon Genesis Evangelion. IDK. Mostly when I hear the lyrics "They're pickin' up pieces of me," I see Rei's arm falling off her body and cackle to myself. "Put you in a bag before the day is over" could also be people/parts floating in LCL. IDK, I see the opening verse as being literal interpretations of the lyrics, but that usually bores me in vids (even though it's done ALL THE DAMN TIME with AMVs), so it could be more abstract after that.

If anyone makes these vids (or if anyone has already made them, #1 has to have been made, right?!), let me know!

ETA: In the comments at the LJ post, [ profile] etrangere notes that #2 has been done! Link!
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Has anybody read any of the Buffyverse novels? I see used copies of the Buffy/Angel spinoffs in bookstores all the time, and I am always tempted to buy them.

When I was in middle school, I used to love the Star Wars expanded universe novels, and I still pick some up from time to time, like cheap candy.

I'm wondering if anyone has favorite ones? Are there good ones about Wesley? Any good ones in general? I like most of the characters, except probably not one focusing on Xander, and not focusing on Cordelia post S3 Buffy.

I don't need any recommendations on the comics, thanks. ...Unless you have recs outside of Season 8, Fray, Tales of the Slayer, or Slayer; Interrupted.

I also don't need recs on collected meta essays of Buffy....I've been devouring those from the library lately as well.
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Fandom: Angel
Length: 666 Words [!]
Spoilers: through "A Hole in the World" [Season 5]
Warnings: Heinous angst; Violence, but not gratuitous
Thanks to Betas: [ profile] were_duck and [ profile] sasha_feather
Bonus: Placebo song for which the fic is named.
Setting: A convenient AU in which Angel has become Angelus for the sake of the plot!

For What It's Worth )

Comments are welcome, although please be nice; I'm pretty new at this fanfiction business.
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I already tend to loathe Facebook on a good day, but I'm starting to get really annoyed with the way they use their suggestions on the sidebar of the splash page.

"Friend Suggestions" are a good way for me to realize that someone who I thought was my FB friend has actually defriended me. It's also a good way for me to be reminded of people who everyone else likes, but I do not (this is mostly the case with high school people, don't freak out, LJ!).

But now they've added a "Reconnect" thing, so that if I haven't communicated with someone on Facebook in a while, they'll post their name, like, "Cordelia Chase. Reconnect with her." And it's like, WAY TO MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT KEEPING IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH MY 337 FACEBOOK FRIENDS, as if making me feel guilty for not being friends with people I'm not friends with wasn't bad enough. Now it's not only that, but that I'm not a good enough Internet!friend to people who already are my friends!

I'm not actually upset about this emotionally, but I am extremely annoyed. I don't think that motivating people with guilt is a good way to get people to want to use your website. Wouldn't you rather have people associating your website with positive feelings?


Target has various TV show "bundles," in which you can get two seasons of TV on DVD for $20. This includes seasons 1 and 2 of Angel, 3 and 4 of Angel, and 1 and 2 of Buffy (although that one was $25, not sure why). There were some other shows too, but those were the best ones.

I had previously maintained that I would only own Angel season 5 on DVD, BUT I CANNOT RESIST THE ANGST OF WESLEY.
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I think that I've been reading new books/manga/etc. and watching new TV shows steadily for a couple of years now. And this is weird behavior for me, as my tendency throughout life in general has usually been to reread my favorite books obsessively.

I don't remember what initiated it, but last week I started re-watching the second season of Buffy, and I finished the re-watch today.

I'll put my spoilers behind a cut - it was just last year that I was watching this show for the first time myself!

Spoilers through the end of Season 2. )

Lastly: I was rereading my old entries about Angel the series to see if it was a bad as I remember it being, and I am mildly ashamed by how much squee there is. I think my favorite part is how much I loved Wesley for screaming at Faith to shut up so that he could stab a heroin addict in the shoulder. I might be disturbed, but people make TV shows just for me! It's awesome.
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Okay, so Shopko still has all of the seasons of Buffy and Angel on sale for $20. At first, I thought I should avoid it entirely and not purchase any of them, BUT IT IS KILLING ME, INTERNET.

I already own seasons 1-3 of Buffy, and I don't care to own seasons 1-4 of Angel at all.

And while I like certain parts of Buffy season 4, it will be the last season that I buy, I think.

THUS, your choices are:
Buffy, Season 5 (I remember loving this one)
Buffy, Season 6 (Although I loved this one as well. ANGST.)
Buffy, Season 7 (I loved certain episodes, and hey, it's the end of the series)
Angel, Season 5 (We all know that I loved this seaon)

People like [ profile] sasha_feather and [ profile] brdgt should avoid reading other people's comments too closely, so as to avoid spoilers!

ETA: OMG ACT II OF DR HORRIBLE WAS SO GOOD! I mean, the first act was all right; I liked the Laundry Song. BUT THEN I WATCHED ACT II AND IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER. I loved Dr. Horrible in the first song. And then I fell in love with Penny when she sang her nice song! AND THEN THERE WAS THE LAST SONG. I love Dr Horrible! I feel so bad for him!

The birds are singing 'cause you're gonna DIE!
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Fucking isn't working for me again. And my laptop was being a good boy earlier today! Still not sure what's wrong with it, but it was functional for a while there.

WTF, I am sad to see this show done! I would really love to own season 5 on DVD. It still blows my mind that I loved this season so much, considering my love/hate relationship with the other four seasons of the show. Are the other four seasons worth it? MY DEVOTION TO WESLEY SAYS YES.


Spoilers and caps lock lie behind the cut, as always. )

I hate that Joss Whedon and cast members keep making references to Shakespeare readings at Whedon's home. How much would I KILL for recordings of those?! They should sell them! People would buy them!

Does anybody know where I could *ahem* things such as the song's opening theme? Or Lindsey's "L.A. Song"? Or any of Lorne's karaoke songs?

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, now that I've finished both shows. I feel strange, but extremely glad that I watched them. Everyone should watch Buffy and Angel! I've already started the first disc of Arrested Development, and intend to continue. Lighthearted is a nice follow-up to dumptrucks of angst, I think. I'd also like to rewatch Firefly this summer; I've only seen it once, and it was a couple of years ago. PLUS, this time I can blog about it. :D
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Spoilers and lots of caps lock lie behind the cut. )

Why do I not have a Wesley icon yet?! I think I must have both a Wesley icon and a Fred icon. Screw the Angel icon.

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I haven't been able to watch this show as much as I would like lately, but I would really like to get through it so I no longer have to worry about spoilers. This weekend, I watched the third disc, and liked all of the episodes.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching characters flounder in angst, but I really feel like the show is a show, one where all of the characters are interesting, complicated, and doing something. Why couldn't this show have been this good all along?

Flailing notes reveal spoilers through 'Damage' )
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Spoilers lie behind the cut! )

I'm excited to watch more! Season 4 is definitely my favorite thus far.
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Spoilers through the end of Angel, season 3 )

So anyway, done with season 3. Am waiting to sort out a weird Netflix mistake that I made (I had Buffy 7.1 sent to my parents' house instead of here; will have to wait for Netflix to send me disc 2 because I can't have the same disc in my queue twice at the same time, and hope that the library gives me disc 1 soon! Am also using the library for Angel!). While I wait to come into possession of discs, though, it's nice to take a bit of a break. It's like, OMG, what do I watch while I eat my dinner? (Tonight, I started Tokyo Babylon) Life will be really weird when I finally finish watching Buffy and Angel. When I watched a Buffy season 6 featurette of the series as a whole, though, I really wanted to immediately go back and re-watch seasons 1 and 2.

[ profile] were_duck, are you going to be at Room tomorrow around 11:15, or Friday around 1:00-1:20? Because I could return season 3 to you then!


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