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I have signed up for [community profile] inkingitout.
I didn't make my goal when I last tried this in 2012 (saga blogged on my "inkingitout" tag here. My last locked post on the issue cataloged quite extensively what I did & didn't like about it.
I had decided with someone else at the end of 2012 that quantitative measurements of my writing stressed me out.
In 2013, I made no writing goals, and thus I barely wrote at all. What little writing I did do was thanks to the app, and having a vague goal of writing every day (rarely met).
I'm in a much better place than I was in 2012 in multiple regards, and I think I am better at managing stress.
In 2012, I had surgery in January & was effectively out of commission for months. I didn't really start writing until the end of June, and I still wrote a total of over 60k words.
FOR THESE REASONS, I've made a goal of writing 75,000 words in the year of 2014. I expect that most of these words will go toward A Song is a Weapon, but I'm not limiting the projects.

There are some other things I'd like to continue working on: more growth as a gardener (although I had some big successes in 2013!), keeping my apartment neater so that it's a constant place of peace for me, reading lots of stuff (SO GLAD to have regained my attention span in 2013), finding ways to make my body stronger, etc. I may come back & edit this entry if I come up with quantitative ways of reaching those goals. For now, they are things of which I'd like to be mindful even though I don't yet have specific ways to measure them.
I'm also considering attending more rock concerts in 2014 (since I only saw Fall Out Boy in 2013, this would not be difficult!) but I do feel a fair amount of anxiety, so I'm not adding this to the official list, although I'll be keeping it in mind.


Jan. 8th, 2011 07:26 am
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I never have time to post Follow Fridays when it's actually Friday.

Here are some communities/Internet things I've been enjoying this week.

[community profile] bitesizedcleaning - One of my New Year's Resolutions is actually to clean bit-by-bit instead of letting everything go and then having a 2-hour freak out session. I need to cut stress out of my life, and I'm usually actually happier when things are tidy. SO. Win.

[community profile] inkitout - I am also hoping to write a lot this year, and to actually do it instead of just making another resolution. Sign-ups are still going on right now; the minimum requirement is to try and write 75,000 words this year, although the comm will strive to be non-judgmental.

Unsounded - a webcomic written and drawn by Ashley Cope. I think I've plugged this before, but it's really great. It's a good time to dive in, too; the comic is on a brief hiatus (only a couple of weeks left, I think!) so that she can build up more back log. But right now, the first two chapters are complete. I think that her writing style is very high caliber for an online comic. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great online comics, but a lot of people really suck at their pacing. Like, I like The Meek, but all of the different characters have yet to be shown to be related to one another. Thus, every time a new chapter begins, I get kind of frustrated with making myself care about the characters. I have made a feed on Dreamwidth ([syndicated profile] unsounded_feed) if you want to get your updates that way.

FF7 Coordinated Playthrough - This is happening over at the FF7 comm at LiveJournal. This week, people went from the opening to Tifa's bar. I love how many comments there are, and how smart everyone is! A number of us seem super interested in noticing Tifa, and how Aeris is portrayed (as opposed to her other Compilation counterparts). I'm excited about this because I love FF7, but also because I'm hoping to write more fanfiction, so...RESEARCH!

If anyone has any heinous Tumblr recs, I AM GAME. (I mostly look at FF fanarts and listen to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's covers.
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I know that in my post on Best Media of 2007, I made fun of end-of-the-year memes, but this is not a meme! It's just me babbling, which is what I always do.

So. What was good this year?

It's hard to decide what was the single best decision I made all year, but it's definitely between 1) Attending Wiscon and 2) getting the job that I did.

More on why these decisions were good, analyzing the success/failure of last year's New Year's Resolutions, and Resolutions for 2008 lie behind the cut )
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It is New Year's Eve, which means that it's time for me to do that new year's resolution thing!

As always, I must first review the resolutions that I made for 2006, and see whether or not I kept them. And frickin' A, I had a lot in 2006!!

1) Write every day (blogging/journaling does not count - we're talking creatively, here!). Length is not as important as passion, but a substantive amount is always nice.
As always, no, I did not keep this one. I think I've finally learned that writing every day is simply not a realistic goal for me - at least, not while I'm a student.

2) Get decent grades both semester! Or die trying! (well, I basically died trying Spring 2005, but whatever...)
Mehhh, both semesters were decent, although the Fall semester was better than spring. Getting credit for my summer internship helped, too. Between summer and fall 2006, I brought my GPA up by .07! It's not a lot, but it's something. I'm learning that once you break 100 total credits, it becomes more and more difficult to raise a person's GPA.

3) Move out of the dorms and into a house - a step into the real world! Well, this will happen no matter what - we signed the lease. But I keep thinking about it and how excited I am to live in our own house next year. This way, I'll keep a resolution for sure.
Yes, this happened!

4) Have a summer job (probably the same one, unfortunately) and continue interning - either in the district office or with the campaign. This way, I earn (minimal) money and get valuable experience at the same time!
I did this, too. Actually, I had my regular job, was a media intern for a state-wide gubernatorial campaign, and got another part-time job, too! I kicked ass this summer.

5) Try your best to become a Senate page at the Capitol for Fall 2006. That would be pretty cool.
After spending my summer interning for a political campaign, I felt like interning again in the fall would just be too much, so I decided to take a break. It is my goal to get an internship in a senator's office (not as a general page, but a specific representative's office) for the Spring 2007 semester, and hopefully through the summer as well. I'm working on this now....let's all hope that it works out!

6) Curse less. Cursing is still allowed, just...yeah. Steph notes that I "curse like a sailor." And while I don't hold that against me, sometimes I could stand to be a little more....ladylike....(*blanches*).
I totally forgot about this resolution. *ashamed*

7)GET A DAMN BOYFRIEND, seriously, it will have been three years of NOTHING come June. I mean, I can't really make guys I'm interested in dating fall out of the sky, but....good God.
YES, I did this! Well, actually Antoine did it. I never imagined that this would actually happen, so having to come true is pretty amazing. Yay, Antoine! He's pretty awesome, and he calls me "Pretty." :)

8) Eat healthy and lose some more weight.
I definitely kicked ass at this during the summer. During school.....I eat pretty healthy, but I could do a lot better. I'm eating healthy food, but I lose weight best when I keep track of what I eat and write it down, which forces me to implement portion control. Portion control in 2007! Since I seriously started trying to lose weight, I lost 17 pounds! That's a lot! I can do more.

9) Read some good books.
Hells yes, I did! My booklog serves as proof! (Also note that I inverted it, so that the most recent books are on the top instead of the convenient!)

10) Be a little more spontaneous. The majority of your Saturday nights should not consist of UW Anime Club; your weekends should not follow an outline. Once in a while is fine, but....well, whatever. Being more spontaneous in general. There we go.
This kind of happened naturally when I got a boyfriend. "Hey, we should go out to eat tonight." "Hey, my friend is cooking dinner for me and some of my grad school friends, so you should come over." Still, though, I got kind of tied to Anime Club when I became president of it. Oh, well.

11) Stop being so afraid of going to things where you scarcely know anybody. That's how you meet new people, dumbass, and there are lots of cool people around you that you only barely know. Know them better!
Yeah, I think that I did a better job of this. I went to a Cardinal party! I'm also confident much more often than I used to be (for real, not just as a show).

12) Stop being such an ass all the time. You're usually nice on the inside - so make the outside stop acting like a jerk.
At this, I think I failed. Defense mechanisms suck and there are some demons that will never go away, but does that give me the right to be a jerk? No. Stop it, Jackie.

13) Kick some ass.

And now, I need resolutions for 2007!

1) Write three times per week. No length requirements. Just write SOMETHING three times per week. I've learned writing every day is something that I can't do, but I want to make writing a habit, and something that feels natural (again, as always, blogging doesn't count!).

2) Exert portion control, drink a lot of water, and lose more weight. (Don't worry, I would never get down to a weight that is unhealthy - I'm trying to get to where I'm supposed to be for my height, which I think is healthy and a good goal.)

3) Try your damndest to get an internship for the spring semester through summer. (I'm working on this now!)

4) In addition to #3, I'd like to find a job during the summer that pays me money. If it's related to future career options, such as editing, then that would be great, but I also have a list of bookstores to apply at in case nothing else pans out. I don't need a lot of money, but having some would be good.

5) Experiment, and get better at cooking. I'm definitely better than I was 4 months ago, but I would like to teach myself how to make more meals.

6) Try your best to get good grades both semester and raise your GPA even more. This is always a goal of mine, but I'll write it here anyway.

7) Make some decisions about what the heck is going to happen after college. I already know that if I ever go to graduate school or law school (probably not ever), it won't be right away. I also know that I would be totally fine finding an apartment in Madison, but also any other city, too. So, make a plan - I don't want to leave everything until my last semester to decide.

8) Be a better person. I've learned how to keep my mouth shut. At this point, however, I'd like to relearn how to stick up for myself or say what's on my mind - but doing so with a little grace. Also, I'd like to volunteer some of my time this year.

What else about the New Year? There will be a few new anime series coming out. I'm really excited about the Les Miserables anime....*cackles* Nodame Cantabile looks cool too, but I don't know if I'll be watching it as soon as it comes out or not. I've grown to dislike anime series as they're aired in Japan, which amounts to one episode per week. I'm already doing it with NANA and Ghost Hunt, so maybe I'll continue my trend of renting things from the library/Netflix and catching up on things I haven't had a chance to see yet. (Gankutsuou, Princess Tutu, Full Metal Panic and its sequels, and Descendents of Darkness are all in my Netflix queue, along with the first DVDs of about ten other series that I'd like to try!)

Books and manga are things I'm not going to worry about, or even try to plan, because I know that I will read a lot of them anyway, and most of them will be good!

Anyway, tonight Kristy is having us over for New Year's. I am excited for good food....I think Ryan is bringing his mom's artichoke dip, :) Before that, I have some reading to do and some anime to watch. I also might blog again because I didn't really get a chance to write about life or anything in this entry.


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