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Antoine got so annoyed by how difficult it is to navigate the City of Madison's website that he created a Twitter bot that posts updates to the city's calendar of meetings. [So, basically, agendas & minutes from committee meetings that are open to the public.]

It's [ profile] madlegbot, if you are interested.
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Finished Reading
Kitty Takes a Holiday by Carrie Vaughn - This one is my favorite of the 3 I've read so far! Cut for discussion of suicidal character, which was a main plot in this book )
UGH I LOVE IT. ty again to [personal profile] littlebutfierce for talking these books up <3 <3 <3

Kaze Hikaru 11 & 12 - Wow, so spoilers )
It was all very dramatic & makes me excited for how this series will continue the intense events yet to come!!
I love every character and UGH JUST SO GOOD, I really did not expect to like this series as much as I do. I've been aware of it for some time but I'm glad I finally picked it up.

Shinjū by Laura Joh Rowland - Christ there's a lot of suicide in the books I read this week! ANYWAY, the novel begins with a double-murder that was arranged to look like a shinjū, or "lovers' suicide," in which two people are bound together & throw themselves in the water to drown because they're unable to marry - in this case, due to familial class differences. Sano Ichiro is a new yoriki working for the shogunate, & he ends up violating bushido to keep investigating this weird case, even after repeatedly told not to.
The writing doesn't do much for me, & the characters are pretty rote BUT there were a number of plot progressions that came totally out of left field for me, & I couldn't put the second half of the book down.
This is the first in a long series, so I'm willing to stay with it & see if the writing improves. I've got the next book on hold at the library.

Unico by Osamu Tezuka - I don't know why I keep Tezuka manga, as I always hate it. It had such an adorable cover!!! But I think I'm finally done for good.

A View From the Interior: Policing the Protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol by Sue Riseling - There have been a number of books published about the Wisconsin union protests. I doubt I'll ever read John Nichols', as I find him pompous & stupid. The ones written by the protestors don't really interest me either. HOWEVER, I have two checked out & this is the first one I've managed to read, written by Sue Riseling, Chief of UW-Madison Police.
The book is entirely focused on how the protests were policed, & why certain decisions were made. Riseling's style is pretty straightforward, but I found the book fascinating. The breakdown of clusterfucky project management was very intriguing, & it didn't hurt to have a book filled with characters who are super familiar to me.

Her insights into policing are great. When it's first suggested to clear out the entire building with no warning, here's her thought process:
The thought of abruptly switching gears and having uniformed police clear people out for no particular reason except "today is the day" struck me as fundamentally wrong. It is a lesson I learned a long time ago and try to continually teach to new police officers: "Can I?" and if yes, "Should I?"
Can I muster enough police officers to empty this building by 6:00 tonight? You bet. The mass arrest plans were in place, the civil disobedience plans were in place, the hard (riot) gear for police was on-site and ready for use, and the University Police force's Police Extraction Response Unit was here, along with the EOD canines. Unlike last Friday or Sunday, today I had everything I needed to make this happen.
Should I? No. It would be a ridiculous tactic, bad philosophy, and constitute an egregious use of power. The Assembly was still meeting and the building had to remain open. There was nothing to be gained from the spark that would ignite or the firestorm that would follow if we forced people out of the Capitol today. If we thought the crowds were big now, imagine how large they would be if we proceeded to shatter the trust and evict protesters without warning. Just to achieve the goal of clearing the building because we can made no sense.

Once the Assembly session was over, of course, then there WAS a reason to clear the building (the building had hours - staffing it with police was costing tens of thousands of dollars - cleaning crews couldn't do their jobs & the whole building smelled like BO & human waste - capacity hazards, etc.

She makes clear things that those within the building understand, but people tweeting to #wiunion usually did not & lots of people usually don't - that things that look like dramatic progressions have actually been agreed upon by both sides ahead of time to make more political theater.
One example is the part where Ted (full confession: my former boss & friend) is asking for troopers to accompany his staff to visit the houses of a few senators after they'd skipped town (preventing the Senate from voting on the "budget repair bill" due to a lack of quorum). Ted relays to Riseling that "conversations were occurring between various leaders and a few of the missing senators. Some of the senators had intimated that if they were found in the state, they would return to the Capitol."
Purposely concocted political theater, & yet I remember people totally losing their shit when the pages & troopers went to knock on doors.

Riseling steps into a power vacuum of controlling various police agencies (excluding the city & county cops, who refused to enter the fucking building, jackholes). The daily meetings are almost painful to read, especially the actions of Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs. The power structure and decision-making authorities are unclear, which is never good.
Once they decide to close the Capitol at 4pm on a particular Sunday, Tubbs pushes for voluntary compliance, meaning that while most of the protestors leave the building when asked, everyone's aware that a few of them will stay behind & refuse to leave.
DOA & Tubbs & others basically state that once this happens, they will refuse to open the building on Monday as usual, until those people leave.
Of course, this is never explained to protestors, & since Tubbs & the majority of the committee refuse to allow Riseling & her officers to simply arrest these protestors and physically remove them from the building (a process with which they're really familiar!!), Tubbs allows the actions of a hundred or so people to close access to the building for thousands of others, pissing everyone off.
Riseling asks lots of questions related to this - if we don't arrest the protestors who refuse to leave the building & they stay over night, then what happens Friday morning? If we only allow 354 people into the building, are these protestors counted in the 354 figure? At what point will they actually cut off people from sleeping inside the Capitol? Nobody answers her questions - always a sign of shitty management & a totally dysfunctional workplace, in my experience.

It's semi-hilarious to read about protestors sitting in the Rotunda with messages they wanted to give to the media upon their arrest, & having already discussed their techniques/etc., while unknown to them, no arrests were going to occur.

Riseling is frustrated with this, realizing that the overall goal is a political desire to limit overall access to the building, rather than to keep the peace (p. 249). Riseling's goals are safety balanced with facilitating people's rights to exercise their First Amendment rights.

It's hilarious later on, when the overall goal is to close the building, & Chief Tubbs suggests an exchange of people, allowing protestors inside to go home & shower/change, while allowing someone outside the building to come in & take their place. Riseling says that their repeated goal is to return the Capitol to regular business hours, with nobody spending the night inside the building. Given that goal, exchanging people one-to-one runs right contrary to that - the total # of protestors in the building would never decrease!

15 days into the protests, Riseling figures out that the Capitol Police's secretary has solely been in charge of logistics, which was why logistics had been failing. tbh, Capitol Police in general came off as a complete shitshow in this book.

UW Police was way more open to logical suggestions & rolling with the surroundings of reality, & also accepting leadership & pointed questions from a woman. It's clear that a lot of dudebros are not down with this.

Several times, it's clear that Republicans put themselves into dangerous positions by not being open with the police about their plans. They'd pull surprises & erode the trust with the public, & every time the police would have to come running.

Her reflections on how policing can help facilitate people exercising their rights is pretty enjoyable to read, although it's clear it's something an officer & manager must actively think about & work toward.
Passively having ideas like "let's get this shit & lockdown" & then executing plans that don't actually facilitate your overall goals ruins the settings for everyone. Overall, I liked this book quite a bit.

Tears of a Lamb, vol. 1 - I randomly picked this up from the library while home for the holidays at my home!library.
It starts off with Hasumi inexplicably having a strong desire to enter the apartment of her classmate, Kanzaki. She never explains why, so they just have nonsensical & epic arguments in front of their classmates. I almost stopped reading it after a chapter two, but I'm so glad I continued!
It turns out that Hasumi is trying to locate a ring that she thinks is in the apartment from the person who lived their two-tenants ago, who was her friend. Hasumi's also dealing with an eating disorder caused by stress, & I guess I just imprinted on her pretty strongly. I'm interested in seeing where this goes, although I think I'll need to use our library's outer-loan system to obtain future volumes.

Currently Reading
I'm kind of skimming through Brian Jacques's Loamhedge. Later Redwall books don't really do it for me, even though the earlier ones were pretty formative! I've always been a little interested in Loamhedge, though. It's the original abbey from which Abbess Germain & the other mice came, running from a plague, back in the days of Martin the Warrior.
I wanted to learn more about it, but the plot of the hare who uses a wheelchair & is seeking a magical cure to be able to walk again is making me really uneasy.
I'm heading back to Madison in a few hours, so I'll likely just skim this to see wtf happens.
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Eventually I might become sick of blogging about my bike rides, but they're still exciting to me, so it's still happening for now.

This is one of many ways I'd like to use the bike. I find walking pretty boring, and I am really sick of the walk between my apartment & Capitol Square.
The Square is also close enough that I feel stupid taking my car, even though carrying things home from that distance usually makes my back hurt.
So this is the sort of thing for which I really like b-cycle: I can get to/from someplace in a way that doesn't cost me additional money, & also doesn't hurt my back enough to put me out for the rest of the day.

This was my first time biking in the opposite direction after checking a bike out from the nearest b-cycle station.

I was quickly met with frustration, as the March of Dimes was using the area of the bike path on John Nolen as their starting place. Babies & strollers all over the place. My first experience of self-righteous biker feelings! "This is the BIKE PATH! These people aren't even biking! wtf."
New ways for me to feel indignant rage, :*)

Anyway, from there I went into the bike elevator that's built into the Monona Terrace. I'm glad I was able to find it! Going up to the fifth floor, I set out on the terrace level, which is ground level for Capitol Square/surrounding streets. Yay for getting to a place and cutting out the massive hill!

After walking my bike through the terrace area, I was on MLK Boulevard. My first time biking on real streets! It being a farmer's market Saturday morning, I wasn't too worried because most motorists avoid the area entirely. One block inward until I was on the inner Square, & then halfway around to park at the b-cycle station by the Concourse/my credit union.

One car almost hit me while pulling out without looking.
It was also incredibly windy this morning. A little frightening/hilarious as the wind pushed against my wheels & I felt the bike tip. I think I got more of a workout than usual due to the wind.

After buying a few things, I found a b-cycle station that was closer to the bike elevator than my previous end-point, & went back.
My biking radius is expanding.

OH YEAH. I've also regained the ability to swing my leg over the bar & hop off the bike while it's still moving.
12-year-old me thought this was THE COOLEST THING, lmao.

Farmer's market spoils: a pretty flower called "darla oranga" or diascia. Also a single pot that's a mix of red & green leaf lettuces. The latter is my first edible plant of the year, so I've updated my GrowStuff profile accordingly.
Some ramps (not plants, just a bundle to eat).
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President Obama is coming to campus this Thursday. Surrounded by a mass of liberals that make up his base, he'll give a speech the day after his first debate with Mitt Romney.

I went to see Obama in 2008 at the Kohl Center while he was campaigning.
I saw him again in 2010 on campus, when he came here to campaign for congressional candidates during the midterm elections - too bad Russ Feingold lost and Scott Walker won, eh?

In theory, it would be nice to see him Thursday, but I don't think I will.
For one thing, it's at noon, so I'd probably have to take the entire day off to stand in line and then see him and etc.
When I saw him in 2010, we stood in line for an entire mile and after hours of waiting, they said, "Just go to Bascom Hill," and it was kind of a free-for-all of people streaming over the stairs between Van Vleck and Van Hise.

Worse yet, to attend the rally, one must obtain a "ticket." Getting a ticket is easy! Just give your full name, phone number, and e-mail address to the Obama campaign, :) (my eyes roll forever)
Even if I had people to go with (and I'm sure I could find people if I tried), I am just not feeling it this year.

I have acupuncture scheduled at 4pm, and I'm worried about traffic returning to normalcy in time for me to ride the bus/get my car. Maybe I'll just take the bus & forget my car.

Anyone planning on going?
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So I haven't gone to Halloween on State Street for the last couple of years. My freshman/sophomore years of college, it was like, 90,000 people and there was tear gas and it was bad-ass.

Now you have to pay to get on the street and there are bands all over the place, and you can actually comfortably walk from one place to the next (previously, it took all night to go five blocks).

But this year, Third Eye Blind was the headliner band so I went! It was weird being on State Street this year: in the past, I was always impressed with everyone else's ingenuity, but this year I was kind of like, "WTF, that's all you fuckers have? Pick something and figure out how to wear as little clothing as humanly possible and still be recognizable as the thing you're being for Halloween?" There were no costumes that made me go, "How clever!/How badass!" [Well, there were at [ profile] brdgt's party, but not on State Street.]

Kristy and Chad came too, mostly because since 7th grade on, Kristy and I have loved Third Eye Blind with relatively equal abandon.

Also, Stephan Jenkins was my celebrity crush in high school.

Look at the man!

Third Eye Blind was my favorite band during my formative years that I still love listening to. I imprint on songs heavily: when I like a song, I can listen to it on repeat for weeks (literally: ask Steph). I know some of these songs better than I know my favorite books.

My favorite song is probably Wounded, but tonight when they played, it was just AWESOME. Thousands of kids my age filling a street, in costume, screaming the words to Jumper and Semi-Charmed Life. AHHH, amazing!!

ALSO, okay, so Kristy, Chad, and I were about 100 feet away from the stage. Everyone was a dumbass, filled the center path only, so by just being on stage-left a little bit, we had a clear view of everything, were very close to the stage, but were not pressed up against anyone.
Anyway, at one point Stephan Jenkins was getting people to clap there hands AND I SWEAR TO GOD HE POINTED AT ME [there was a clear spot of empty people in front of me and my hat made me stand out a little I think], and then pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at mine in a Barney Stinson-esque way to be like, "YES, YOU!"

OMG HE POINTED AT ME! He wore a top hat and a white collared shirt and a suit coat! He screamed and sounded exactly like he does on the CDs! He called us all motherfuckers and everyone raised their fists and were like, YEAHHH! WE ARE MOTHERFUCKERS! It was ridiculous and amazing and cold and exciting.

Ahh! I don't know how I'm supposed to go to sleep tonight!
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I am an excellent bus-navigator
After dance class, I set out to myself some new car keys.

I took the bus to a car dealership by the West Transfer Point. This dealership could not make me my key (no dealership would answer this question over the phone, for reasons I cannot begin to understand). Thus, my first bus route has been for naught.
That was bus ride #1.

I got myself to the second car dealership okay Luckily, this car dealership was able to make the correct ignition key for my car. With the key in hand, I set off up the street. Perhaps it helps to paint a picture: I am dressed nicely for work, in tights and a dress. Because the streets and sidewalks are full of ice and slush, I am wearing leather shoe-boots, with my nice black shoes inside my backpack. Because it is cold out, I am wearing a sweater, large mittens, a scarf, and a coat over my dress.
That was bus ride #2.

With the key safe in my backpack, I walked a number of blocks and picked up lunch at Subway, and got on another bus. I finally arrived at work around 2pm, only 2.5 hours late, which I think is pretty damn good, considering I rode around half the city.
That was bus ride #3.

Of course, these maps do not show my bus rides from my house to campus, or from the Capitol to my house (it being the internets and all!). But I rode the bus for many hours on Wednesday. Needless to say, I am very happy to have my car keys again. My car did not get a ticket for being parked on the street, so that was another plus.

Wednesday night, I fell asleep at like, 10pm or something ridiculous, and didn't wake up until 5:15am or something. Thus, Thursday was spent hurriedly preparing my presentation that I gave today, for my Global Cultures seminar. I mentioned this before - it's the class in which everyone has studied abroad, and I did my presentation on representations of gender in U.S. comics versus Japanese manga. I was a bit nervous, and some of my co-workers assured me that, were they my classmates, they would make fun of me for the entire presentation. However, this was not the case. In fact, at one point, my professor asked me if I knew any Japanese. I said, "Well, I've watched so much anime that there are a number of phrases that I could say. I know that makes me sound like a huge loser---" and like, 3 girls were shaking their heads, and said, "Oh, no! You're not!" BWAHAHA. Anyway. So I got to show everyone pictures of Sailor Moon and Nausicaa, as well as Batman and Yorick Brown. A good day's work, in the end.

My professor told me that I had done a good job, despite my feeling inadequate over never having studying abroad. And two of my classmates were asking me questions after class. One of them told me that I had done a really good job, and she liked it a lot. I was feeling so awesome that I realized that this is one thing I don't get enough of, by attending a huge university: affirmation.

I feel like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders, now that my presentation is finished. Still, I have an English paper to work on that's due next Thursday, and my Constitutional Law midterm gets handed out on Tuesday. I'd also like to go home for a weekend (maybe next weekend!), not to mention cleaning my room, and spending more than 20 minutes with my boyfriend.

Two of my friends and I have to go out to some dance concert this weekend (tonight?!), because even though my Ballroom Dance class is only 1 credit, there are a number of extra curricular events we must attend, lest we fail the class. I personally think that this is stupid, and a ploy for the Dance Department to get my money (because, you know, I'm not already paying to take this course!). Also, what the hell! My weekends: I want them.

In the end, I can usually balance work, college, and a social life. But every time it comes down to it, this job-finding business is what I end up setting aside. I need to do a better job at it. One of my Lenten goals is to do at least one thing every day that is related to my finding a job. I need to do much better at it, although my "weekly room-cleaning" goal also needs significant work.

I think that what all of this means is that I need to get off of the Internet.


Feb. 9th, 2008 02:12 pm
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I've never gone, but if you live in Madison, Cinematheque seems like a nice way to spend time. Good, obscure movies for free, on various nights of the week. I actually only thought they showed movies on Saturdays, which is why I've never gone (Anime Club), but looking at their schedule, it seems like there are various nights on which movies are shown.

As you might remember, Bob, I spent a couple of days per week this summer being an intern at Bleak House Books. Several Bleak House books have been nominated for some Edgar Awards (a big deal in the mystery genre). Articles are here and here. I just think that's so cool. I highly recommend Head Games - I think it's probably the best thing I read at Bleak House during my summer there. I corrected a lot of the Spanish from the original manuscript! Awesome.

To nobody's surprise, when the Mystery Writers of America announced the finalists for the 2008 Edgar Awards last week titles from the large New York houses dominated the eight (out of a total of 13) categories dealing with books. But one small Wisconsin press is more than holding its own among the 35 books and five short stories selected as this year's Edgar Awards nominees. Three of the 15 titles released this past year by Bleak House Books in Madison, an imprint of Big Earth Books, have been nominated for 2008 Edgar Awards in three different categories: Soul Patch by Reed Farrel Coleman (Best Novel), Head Games by Craig McDonald (Best First Novel), and "Blue Note" by Stuart M. Kaminsky from the Chicago Blues collection (Best Short Story).

I don't know where I originally found the link to this page, but I know it was somewhere on LiveJournal. Anyway, a trope-wiki has a list of all of the tropes found in Revolutionary Girl Utena here. Yes, all of those things really are part of the show. PS: You should watch Revolutionary Girl Utena! One of my favorite shows of all time.

Lastly, everyone needs to see why I was excited about Christian Kane's singing in the last episode of Angel that I watched, EVEN THOUGH IT'S COUNTRY. There are only spoilers in this clip if you don't know who makes up the main cast of the show Angel. Please enjoy the cheesy dialogue that is a staple of Angel filler episodes (and sometimes the dramatic ones, too!).

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Yes, I am awake! I woke up at 7:15, in fact. I am dressed; I am wearing a skirt; my window is open; birds are singing; people are already walking and biking by. I will be off to the farmer's market, and Steph and Antoine will go with me. I am so excited to buy and sample delicious food.

After he made dinner for me last night, Antoine and I went to go see the movie Hot Fuzz. The movie was directed by the same guy who did "Shaun of the Dead" and the two main actors are also the same. Instead of a romantic comedy with zombies, this movie is a copy action film set in a small town in England. Unlike "Shaun of the Dead," which I believe won me over instantly, this movie took 30-40 minutes to thoroughly convince me. And from there, it was brilliant. Go see it! Unless you hate excessive violence. In that case, definitely don't see it.

Andy: You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city.
Other Andy: Everyone and their mums is packin' round here!
Nicholas Angel: Like who?
Andy: Farmers.
Nicholas Angel: Who else?
Other Andy: Farmers' mums.

Anyway, I'm off to make myself breakfast and possibly dry my hair with the diffuser if I feel ambitious. I have a paper to work on, but I feel okay about it. Like, "I can do that. It'll be okay." Perhaps I'll hate myself all day Sunday, though; we'll see.
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You can really tell when writing is a habit. Today, for instance, I feel unsettled no matter what I try to do, and I know it's because I need to write some of my thoughts somewhere. It's a good thing I maintain a blog, right?

All These Things That I've Done
On Thursday after work, I went to the library to get some audio books for my solitary journey. I was lucky enough to run into Gretchen, and meet her girlfriend Jo, who's visiting from Ireland (!). Yay! I picked more manga (duh) and ended up shooting in the dark and making some really nice audio book selections. I got a BBC production of "Lady Susan," which was a story written by Jane Austen told through a series of letters. It's not one of her six novels, so not as many people know it as well. Still, it's a fun story if you like Jane Austen (and a lot of pretentious English majors don't, for reasons I can't fathom. I don't consider her to be heavy or great literature, but you can't deny Austen's command over the English language. The stories are interesting, light, and fun reading.), and I highly recommend the audio version (I'm sure the written version reads nicely, too). It was read by a full cast of actors, so it was fun to listen to.

I also checked out "Dress Your Family in Courderoy and Denim," written and read by David Sedaris. I've been meaning to check out Me Talk Pretty One Day for some time, and this cements it for me. I think Sedaris might end up being one of my favorite authors.

I did some shopping at the outlet mall, which brought the rewards of a new pair of jeans, polo shirt, and pants that I can wear at work. All were needed, so that was good.

My sister and her family have moved into a new house, and it's really nice. It's a two-story house, and those have always seemed huge to me, who grew up in a one-story home. I've eaten two meals there so far this weekend, and will eat two more before I leave.

Last night, Kristy and Chad joined us at my sister's house and we watched "The Good Shepherd." It was a pretty good movie, although it was sad that the main character was kind of an emotionless jerk. Meh. Secret societies like Yale's Skull and Bones creep me out a lot. Also, why is it that in movies like these, it's always the kids at the top of their class at Ivy League schools who are tapped to head Secret Governmental Organizations? Wouldn't it be more prudent to pick average students at Ivy League-esque state schools? KIDS LIKE ME?! We would be much lower on the radar, you know. Much less suspicious. I would gladly be trained to do badass things in secret, although not the CIA. They tend to do jerkish things, like sensory deprivation torture, and assassinations and whatever. I'm not about that. But like, if I could be spirited away to foreign countries, and read manga or be a Senate Page to save the world? I WOULD TOTALLY DO IT.

I was doing awesomely on the homework situation, but somehow I'd forgotten about my Shakespeare class in the last 48 hours. Still, I've done enough that I think I'll be in a good position for the coming week.

I lament the fact that I can't bring all my books back to school with me. Even though I don't have room for any more, I'll be bringing more back with me. I'm confident that I'll be able to find a cheap bookshelf somewhere during the early summer. Summer! I will have time to browse garage sales, SWAP, and Goodwill. Oh man, I wish it was summer. Although, not quite yet. I need to formulate a plan for what this summer will be like and what I'd like to do during it. But still! Soon, the Farmer's Market will move outdoors again and I am so excited for that to happen! Fresh vegetables, pesto cheese curds that squeak in my teeth, fresh bakery, and other delicious things. It will be heavenly.

Even being home for just these few days, I'm glad I won't be here for another summer. I feel like I've taken all I can from this town, and I'm ready to be in Madison among friends for a summer.


Jan. 9th, 2007 04:02 pm
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SO. I was gone this weekend, obviously, in Madison. I bought lots of books at used bookstores, but all of the books were for classes I'm going to be taking this semester! I'm pretty excited for the classes I'm going to be taking, although a bit frightened because I don't know how I'm going to stay caught up with the readings. I highly doubt I'll be able to read anything outside of class this semester, :/
Right now I'm signed up for 5 classes: Shakespeare (we'll read 15 plays, 1600 and on), Fantasy & Science Fiction (!!!), English Novel: 19th Century, Topics in Dutch Lit Translation: Anne Frank (yes, a whole class on Anne Frank!), and 19th Century Scandinavian Fiction.
So my book list (which doesn't have all of the classes reporting in yet) contains: Watchmen (Alan Moore), Frankenstein, stuff by Ray Bradbury, Utopia by Thomas More, Gulliver's Travels, Lord of the Rings (!!!!), Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Alice in Wonderland, Great Expectations, "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen (and other stuff by him, Hans Christian Anderson, The Diary of Anne Frank, and of course badass plays like Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth.
Still, I'm a little scared. This is the first time since 8th grade that I'll have more than 4 classes at once. In high school, we had a block schedule, and only ever had 4 classes at a time. One of the classes is online, so we'll see.....
I'm also going to be having an internship during school for the first time. AND I'll be an editor at the Daily Cardinal one day a week, for the Almanac page. It will be an exciting semester, if nothing else.

How did I get so sidetracked??
Anyway! This weekend was really fun! I got to eat at Real Chili, which was as delicious as always, and at Perkin's. And I got to spend lots of time with Antoine, which was very nice, along with some other friends, too. :D

I was hella tired when I got home, though. Yesterday, I worked for a while, and then went to Chad's for the DVD-version of Clue with a group of friends. It was fun!

Anyway. I have lots of things I SHOULD be doing, but am somehow too lazy to do. Hopefully I'll rectify this somehow. I definitely need to write tonight, even if only a paragraph. I also think I'm going to a movie with a couple friends who I haven't seen in forever.

"Porco Rosso" was a really excellent film, but I'm too lazy to go into depth. If you want a review, search the internet for one!


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