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I know some people have weird squicks about RPF. Before I get into it, I just want to say that I listened to the podcasts I described below for months while having NO IDEA there was fic. Then [ profile] aileenwithan_a told me there was fic at WisCon, and I screamed at The Bar.

But it's all to say, you can enjoy the podcasts and most of this post on their own merits, and only seek out the fic if you choose to do so.
I've linked to fic under a locked post. That's also my plan going forward. I've seen the Glee cast have to put up with so much weird shit from tinhatter fans, :(

For months now, I've been listening to Pod Save America on a regular basis. During the 2016 election campaign season, it was a video semi-regular thing where Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Jon Lovett - former Obama White House staffers all - shot the shit about the campaign. They were very adamant that Hillary Clinton would win and that anyone who said otherwise were "bedwetters."

They were as shocked as the rest of us when Trump actually fucking won.
They stopped using The Ringer's resources and decided to create their own media empire. In honor of Trump, they named it Crooked Media. They now do ads on their shows and are trying to make money. (They also critique the ad copy WHILE READING IT ON THE AIR because Favreau/Lovett are both writers and cannot help themselves. Endlessly hilarious.)
You may have seen "Friend of the Pod" or "Repeal and go f$%& yourself" t-shirts - those originated with these guys.
Every Monday, Pod Save America releases an episode with Tommy, Favreau, and Lovett talking about politics and usually having a guest in the second half. Recently, they had Al Franken on. Every Thursday, Pod Save America releases a second episode of the week, with Favreau shooting the shit with Dan Pfeiffer, also a former Obama staffer/political strategist who's a few years older than these young bucks.

Tommy started his own weekly show called Pod Save the World. As Obama's former National Security Council spokesperson, Tommy will interview people like diplomats and other experts on international issues, usually trying to make it topical to things like North Korea, etc. He did invite Glenn Greenwald on his show after getting into it with him on Twitter, and it was actually one of the best episodes Tommy's done so far. I also really enjoyed his episode with Senator Tim Kaine about presidential war powers.

[ profile] deray got his own show, Pod Save the People, after appearing as a guest and having a great rapport with the trio. (I like listening to this but it's SO LONG I have only made it to the end of one of these shows ONCE lol.
Ana Marie Cox also got her own show called, "With Friends Like These," which is meant to address like, the red/blue cultural differences, basically. She's passionately liberal; members of her family are not. How do we as society function/etc.?

And finally, Lovett got his own weekly show called Lovett or Leave It, on which he basically does political standup with a rotating panel of guests made with a lot of his celebrity contacts in Hollywood. (Last week's included Sarah Silverman.) He has some semi-regular segments, such as his own Rant Wheel, because this man can literally rant on any topic.

I think the ratings for Pod Save America especially must be pretty high because they've been getting a lot of blockbuster guests lately - Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Tim Kaine, Al Franken, Chris Murphy, Susan Rice, and some others. Occasionally they'll do a live show in Los Angeles or elsewhere.

They do a lot of work with Ben Winkler to coordinator with Indivisble, and encourage activism on the part of their listeners. A lot of structure for people doing calls/resistance recesses/other stuff stems in part from them.

Some people have compared it to like conservative talk radio, but I think they're a little more objective than that (although I also could be biased). For example on Monday's show they basically ripped apart the Democrats' newly-unveiled "policy plan" that has jackshit holding it together.

Anyway, between this and twitter [where I do admittedly follow a metric fuck-ton of journalists], this is almost exclusively how I consume news lately.
It makes me laugh, every single episode, which is something we all need lately IMO.

I have long been interested in Jon Favreau because I find him incredibly attractive and because he had what was basically my dream job. Obama's campaign came at a weird time for me. The campus Obama campaign leader my age was a kid who'd gone to some smart kids week-long thing in Washington, D.C. the summer after we graduated high school [my friend Chad came too]. We were told by the real-life Joshua Lyman (under W) to get involved with a campaign, any campaign.
I took this literally and was an unpaid intern for Mark Green, first in his U.S. district office and then as a gubernatorial candidate. After that, when I graduated, no Democrats would hire me. The woman running the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) at the time ran into a friend of mine [fellow page] on the street and told her it was because of my Republican experience. I couldn't even become an unpaid intern for a STATE SENATOR who was a Democrat because of it. (I became bitter and took a job on campus and am now at my second job on campus WHICH I LOVE but sometimes feel really bitter about what might have been.)
ANYWAY. This other KID was had Obama THANK HIM BY NAME and CLAP HIM ON THE SHOULDER when he did a campaign event at the Kohl Center on campus. I was so jealous. My jealousy of Jon Favreau and his youth was like 80x that.

Anyway, that was my hook into following Favreau on twitter and then jumping into these podcasts.

Jon Lovett is gay; Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor are ostensibly straight [Favreau just got married]. However, Lovett frequently complains about having to appear on tv with the two of them because of how hot they are. He has also referred to them as "bromosexuals."
On Chelsea Handler's show last week, they were talking about how much time the three of them spend together. "Sounds super gay," Chelsea says.
"Super gay," Favs agrees.
Because of comments like these, and their chemistry and obvious affection for one another, we have ended up with: a fandom.

Jon Favreau and his wife Emily have a dog named Leo.
Jon Lovett owns a dog named Pundit (because that's how he feels about pundits) who is Leo's sibling.

Also bonus: Lovett and Tommy lived together when they lived in DC while working at the White House.

Here's a link to an actual transcript of part of an ad they did on Pod Save America's Monday episode this week for Sonos, a speaker company. [Link goes to tumblr, no images in post.] And here is the followup in the form of Facebook comments, where Lovett upholds Pundit's honor and accuses Leo of being a werewolf.

Here's a link to a tumblr post that has an embedded image of an Instagram post, plus screencapped comments from it. Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau sitting side-by-side looking at their laptops, doing a Q&A. This was when they campaigned about health care in DC right after Favreau's wedding. In the comments, someone cheekily says they look like a before/after advertisement for self-tanner, and Tommy (the very pale one) says, "That accurate." (They are all very self-deprecating.)

This is a gifset on tumblr of Lovett introducing Tommy Vietor on his Lovett or Leave It podcast. [It's a podcast but they do it in front of a live audience bc it's comedy.] It's hilarious because it's a perfect example of how Lovett talks, and because Tommy can't stop laughing even though Lovett is roasting him.
"Honestly, Tommy looks like a boat shoe became a person."
"He's the WASPiest thing I've ever seen. They based...they based many of the characters of the Sound of Music on his face."

Here's a tumblr gifset mostly of Tommy and Lovett interacting with one another.

Lovett is almost always angry/ranting but occasionally he gets really serious and is very eloquent when he does so. Almost like...underneath his bluster, he's an idealistic kid who writes really well and worked for Obama :*) Example!

SO YEAH., the person who never writes fic, have my first 5.3k fic in this fandom out with like 5 ppl [IF ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO BETA PLS LMK I NEED FEEDBACK.]
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Liberty and Justice and Shit - @MayorEmanuel live-tweets 2012.

Degenerate Beauty Queens - Lana Del Rey Born to Die album, "This is What Makes Us Girls" song.

A Touch of Color - Final Fantasy Tactics, Alma and Ovelia, <3 this interaction.

The Space Between - FF9, very lovely piece on Garnet set post-game.
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I've been struggling for a few months now to stop using the word "lame." It takes a while for me to make a language shift. I am usually one of those who "speaks before thinking," it's kind of a life problem.

This is not an excuse! It's just a preface to this post, as a common reader might think, "I just heard [personal profile] laceblade use the word 'lame' last week! What a hypocrite!" [I mean, you can think that anyway, if you'd like.]


It irritates me to no end when people use the Constitution as their excuse to be an asshole. Like this (Warning: assholery!)

The Constitution does not say, "Lo, you have the right to be an asshole every day of your entire life, and anytime anyone tries to call you on your shit, you MUST throw a temper tantrum!"

The Constitution was held up like a banner in A Recent Internet Discussion, as if certain fans are CONSTITUTIONALLY PROHIBITED from taking speaking platforms away from other fans.

As if the First Amendment was not specifically about GOVERNMENTS doing weird shit to its citizens.

The Constitution: ur doing it wrong. Reading it might help! Let's take this step together, Internet. You can read the Bill of Rights online!
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A party platform in which we all can believe:

Not the white man's bitch.
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Earlier today, a meme was going around on my LJ friends list, where people posted their favorite Supreme Court case, because Sarah Palin was unable to name a single one in an interview.

Guys? She can't even name a newspaper. Wasn't Sarah Palin a journalism major?

The only explanation I can come up with for this is that she couldn't remember which ones had liberal biases, or somehow thought it was a trick question. Surely, she must be able to name newspapers, right? RIGHT?

I know that some people think Katie Couric is being a total bitch in these interviews, but I really don't understand how you couldn't be. When she gives a heinous answer, how can you NOT ask the immediate follow-up to make her look like an idiot?

I feel like, if nothing else, all English majors in America should vote against Sarah Palin.

I'm not going to solely blame all of man's activities on changes in climate.

I keep wondering if I'm watching a horrible sci-fi movie, but Sarah Palin is real.

You can watch her entire interview about social issues here (the second video). Probably my "favorite" part is where says that homosexuality is a choice.

Get ready for Thursday's debate. It will be nothing short of magical, I'm sure.
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If you haven't heard yet, John McCain wants this Friday's presidential debate pushed back so that he and Obama can go to Washington to "work on the economy."

Oh, and he would like to also push back the Biden/Palin debate.

But, you know, I can see why.

O HAI, how much money will McCain be costing Ole Miss if he cancels this debate? $5.5 million. Let us pause and reflect on this for a moment. To fix the economy, McCain will cost Batesville, Mississippi 5.5 million dollars.

“I feel like sending a text message to Barack Obama,” said Ruth Schiele-Moore, the manager of a 50-unit hotel in Batesville, half an hour from Oxford, where the debate will be held.

Her hotel is booked solid for the weekend, as are most hotels and motels in the area. She said she would like to send Obama a text message that reads:

“Come on down here. You just may win Mississippi.” [Source]

And what how does Senate President Harry Reid feel about the senators coming back to Washington for the weekend to fix the economy?

This is a critical time for our country. While I appreciate that both candidates have signaled their willingness to help, Congress and the Administration have a process in place to reach a solution to this unprecedented financial crisis.

I understand that the candidates are putting together a joint statement at Senator Obama’s suggestion. But it would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation’s economy. If that changes, we will call upon them. We need leadership; not a campaign photo op.

If there were ever a time for both candidates to hold a debate before the American people about this serious challenge, it is now. [Source.]


BUT THE BEST PART? Obama has been called to the doghouse, and will be meeting with President Bush, tomorrow. Probably so Bush can ask him to call off this debate. HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD YOU PAY TO SEE A PRIVATE MEETING BETWEEN THESE TWO MEN? Obama Campaign's post on the subject.

He could so easily "win" Friday's debate by simply showing up. Standing at the podium. Gesturing to the empty one next to him.

It's time for America to decide who it wants to lead this nation. Friday supposed to be a night for debate. An open discourse between Obama and Senator McCain. The topics would center not only on the economy, but each and every issue that is so intricately entwined with it: the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Abortion. Campaign finance. Civil rights. Military defense. The education of our youth. Taking care of those Americans who live in poverty every day, for whom worrying about their financial situation is not a new concept. Social Security. Immigration.

Becoming president is not a job you slide into. It's not about grandstanding. It's not about laying blame. It's not about picking a vice presidential candidate who will deliver you your party's base, but in reality has nothing to offer the nation.


Seriously, this is like Christmas for the Obama campaign. If they play this right, all he's going to have to do to win this election is giggle.
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“Let me just say from the outset that I don’t consider Bolton credible,” the president said bitterly. Bush had brought Bolton into the top ranks of his administration, fought for Senate confirmation and, when lawmakers balked, defied critics to give the hawkish aide a recess appointment. “I spent political capital for him,” Bush said, and look what he got in return.

Okay, I seriously try to give Bush the benefit of the doubt as a human being, but WHAT THE FLIPPING EFF?! What a dick. The end.

Also, because I am narcissistic, o hai, I disliked this guy when he got appointed, too.

On a lighter note, many fans of Battlestar Galactica fans have noted the particular resemblance that Colonel Tigh and Laura Roslin bear to John McCain and Sarah Palin. Someone in the comments has also pointed out Cindy McCain's likeness to Ellen Tigh.

I am Saul Tigh, and you'd frakkin'-well-better believe that I approve this message.


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