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Halfway Away, a vid for Yuri!!! on Ice by [personal profile] starlady
This is just such sweet vid, and makes me feel overcome by all the feelings I had when watching the show as it aired. That it's an excellent song choice doesn't hurt, either.

Field Work, a vid for the Indiana Jones series by [personal profile] eruthros
I will never look at Indiana Jones the same way again.

For the first time this year at WisCon, there was a drabble challenge, with results posted in a collection at the AO3: WisCon 41 Drabbles.
I particularly enjoyed the drabbles by [ profile] j00j and [ profile] TheAndy, but am probably biased because they are friends.

It's a small collection, but one of high quality, and I hope that they do it again next year. The idea of collecting works created in the same physical location, over a specific period of time, is pretty cool. Also, I was at the Best Superpowers for Banging panel, which inspired the "Lube Jets" drabble. To say that the panel was hilarious feels like an understatement.
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I'd added this to my Crunchyroll queue within a few days of the first episode airing. The Anime News Network reviews were good, and enough of my anime friends liked it that it seemed worthwhile.

Was not expecting it to turn into the next thing that fandom, the monolith, latched on to. I'm usually not in the same places as mainstream fandom, I think. Like, I watch the MCU movies/TV shows casually, but I'm not into fic, don't really care much about the characters, etc. It was WEIRD to watch how many non-anime fandom friends got into this show! Weird in a fun way, mostly. I loved reading people's reactions on twitter, the fanart that still comes up on twitter, etc. I'm now following a number of actual ice skaters thanks to guidance from [ profile] dimensionwitch.
My favorite on this show was Plisetsky, hands-down.

Part of me feels cynical that it's a show focused almost entirely on dudes that swept main fandom, and not something like, Yuri Kuma Arashi. I understand why people like it - I like it, too! - it's just that usually I'm poking around in anime and manga because I can find stories that actually focus on women, so it's disappointing that ~the show that transcended media lines~ was so dude-heavy.

I've added Fujioka's HISTORYMAKER to my iPod, and it's now in my regular rotation. I loved both the OP and ED songs, and sequences, from this show. They were so fun.
The key animation throughout the series, though, was sometimes painful to watch. It'll be interesting to see whether the bluray releases are as big of a step up from what initially aired as Sailor Moon Crystal's were.

Anyway, I am looking forward to season 2 airing, and seeing everyone's reactions along with it.

WisCon 40

Jun. 3rd, 2016 08:27 pm
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I keep reminding myself that I literally attended 0 panels this year, so writing up the con should be easy! Ahaha.

I didn't see everyone I wanted to, and didn't spend enough time with almost anyone, :( I'm sorry about that & hope everyone is understanding that I wasn't out/about as much as usual, due mostly to various chairing duties.
Some of this is due to having my own hotel room for the first time, Friday through Monday this year. When I got emotionally exhausted or sore, I could just lie down and go to sleep. It was heavenly.
I also did my best to focus on hydration. It was hot/humid outdoors most of the time, and I certainly had the a/c on & drying me out in my hotel room.

Overall, I was really struck by how many people came up to me and thanked me for chairing and/or for WisCon still being around. There were a lot of generous compliments flying around WisCon generally this year. Maybe it's an effect of not having attended any panels [lol], or because I skipped last year, but this was the warmest-feeling WisCon in my memory. Maybe it's because I keep knowing more and more people.

I attended big events, in part because I had to speak at them! [Only mundane things trololol]

Opening Ceremonies included some speeches. Katherine Cross, or [ profile] Quinnae_Moon, spoke about solidarity with hotel employees, talking about how we make WisCon together with them, and that they are not our servants. She also noted that the Concourse Hotel is the only union hotel in the city of Madison, a thing I sometimes forget.
I missed some chunks of Opening Ceremonies due to having to attend to chair!things, but [personal profile] antarcticlust and [ profile] therotund organized a varied group of people to talk about what WisCon means to them. [personal profile] wild_irises talked about how nobody on the concom ever says, "Wow, we did really great this year; we really landed that." Rather, it's a group of people constantly trying to improve. It was the first real moment since taking a year off the concom and then rejoining and then emergency co-chairing that I really felt, "Oh, yeah; that's why I'm doing all this."

That feeling came back x100 during the speeches given by our three Guests of Honor.

I had to have a firm interaction with someone we had banned the previous evening, and who was demanding to know "why" we had ejected him, etc. At one point during the conversation, he stood up and I took a step back to give him space to do so. "Oh, I'm SORRY! Are you AFRAID?! Am I in your SPACE?" I smiled and told him that I wasn't afraid, but between that and his going downstairs to scream at hotel staff in the lobby made me feel pretty confident that we made the correct choice :p

On Saturday evening, I stopped in at the Vid Party a couple times. I think my favorite premiere [that I saw] was [personal profile] garrideb's "Control," about Marjorie Liu/Sana Takeda's comic series Monstress. I've mentioned this series in a couple of reading posts, and through this vid, you can at least appreciate Takeda's fan-fucking-tastic artwork.
I fucking love the song, & need to get the single. I'm meaner than my demons...

I got a fair number of books that I'm excited to read from the dealers' room this year, as well as a Sailor Mars scarf and a nyan-cat tiny tote that fits my iPhone 4S precisely.

I try really hard to push back about the "generational split" narrative that many people have formed about people who recently left the concom vs. those who stayed/joined, because it's not an accurate statement.
That said, there is a fairly significant number of white people, many of whom have attended WisCon for decades, who have been complaining about feeling "unwelcome" in recent years - as WisCon works to become more welcoming to people of color, to transgender and genderqueer identifying folks, etc.
If seeing more people unlike yourself being welcomed makes YOU feel UNwelcome, then that's a you-problem. I think that in the post linked below, Mikki Kendall really hits it on the head when she notes that some people's discomfort straight up comes from experience spaces that are NOT centered on cisgender white people.

In addition to personally being called a mealy-mouthed weasel immediately pre-con, another concom member reports us having been referred to as, "gauletiers." I had to look up that word. What IS it with older white feminists and their World War II metaphors? And what the fuck is the matter with them?

But other people have already blogged about these people's discomfort:
K. Tempest Bradford's On WisCon, and Who Is Allowed to Feel Welcome
Because here’s the thing: 99% of the people I have seen or heard complaining about how WisCon isn’t comfortable for them and WisCon isn’t fun are white people. Not 100%. But 99%. It’s a bunch.

You know what else I’ve noticed about the people making these complaints? A lot of them are cisgender, a lot of them are men, a lot of them are people with privilege along multiple axes. Funny that.

And while it makes me sad at any time for folks to feel excluded, or like a space has been taken away from them, I have to say:

Where were you when this was other people feeling this way?

Where were you when people who are marginalized in nearly every other fandom space and came to WisCon thinking it would be different said they felt uncomfortable, unwelcome, threatened, unsafe?


If you’re uncomfortable now, but weren’t before, then think about that. Really think about it. Consider if you were making people uncomfortable before, even without thought or intention. Consider that you’re feeling left out because, in the course of our claiming a space for ourselves, we made clear to you just how much you or people like you contributed to our pain, our lack of fun, our lack of safety. Ponder the puzzle of how a con dedicated to feminism, populated by many amazing people, somehow ended up being a place where people who weren’t the right color, the right class, the right age, the right level of ability, the right gender presentation felt like they didn’t fully belong. And delve deep into the mystery of how fixing that problem is the thing that’s made you run away.

Mikki Kendall's WisCon 40 Highs, Lows, and What the Actual F*ck?
You might not like what WisCon is becoming now that the people working so hard to make it happen are different from you. You might not like knowing that their first concern isn’t the comfort of people who can’t see them as human or equals. That’s a hard road. It’s your road though, so you walk it. But don’t complain that it “feels unwelcoming” because it is becoming inclusive, and less concerned with the comfort of bigots. With the comfort of people who have been happy to not only excuse abusive behavior, but also to be abusers when it suited them. This isn’t “your” WisCon anymore? Okay. That’s fine, that’s your decision. It’s definitely ours now. We work hard for it every year. You can adapt, evolve and enjoy or you can move the hell on. We probably won’t miss you.

There are some weird, pervasive rumors on Facebook about super low registration numbers this year. I'm not sure where that came from - we had well over 900 memberships, and the GOH Speeches/Dessert Salon was packed to the gills. More to come in future WisCon blog posts/etc., I'm sure.

I don't know what my role on the concom will be this coming year, if anything. Maybe I can re-focus on SF3 Board tasks, picking up things that fell by the wayside while I was off co-chairing. For the moment, I'll continue thinking on it.
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Zac Bertschy wrote a feature at Anime News Network called, "How to Destroy Your Anime Backlog."

While it focuses on anime, I think it's applicable to fans of any medium.

Related, I'm ribbonknight on My Anime List. Is anyone else on there?
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I LOVED the first two episodes of Akatsuki no Yona, lovelovelove.

I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying Shirobako. This review does a good job explaining why.

I remain incredibly disappointed by Sailor Moon Crystal. This review of the latest episode explains why. It's making me nostalgic for the original anime, which is something I never thought I'd say.

In addition to these currently airing series, I've been watching the Cardcaptor Sakura anime for the first time, now that it's streaming on Crunchyroll. I like this anime more than Sailor Moon. It's making me want to reread xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle in their entirety, though. I never actually finished either series, although I own complete sets of both.

Unrelated, & this is from a while ago, but I keep meaning to link to [personal profile] general_jinjur's post on capitalism and trigger warnings.
anyway. a woman in the audience asked a relatively thoughtful question that displaced fannish ethics onto a commercial capitalist setting - and that's the problem. you can't do that. i mean, that's part of why monetizing fandom doesn't work, even though people keep right on trying to package and sell us. but this was in the opposite direction. "would you consider putting trigger warnings on your work?" the answer was no. of course it was no.
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Since last time, I've read a lot. Mostly because it's been at least a month since I last wrote about books.

I still like Dykes to Watch Out For, & would like to read more (I've read 4 volumes). I was pretty excited by the appearance of Thea, a new character who uses crutches or a wheelchair, depending on what kind of day it is for her.
When she gets hired over Mo & another primary character, they gripe about their boss wanting to appear . But the truth is that Thea is simply more qualified.
It's a teaching moment for Mo & others. I hope Thea gets some storylines of her own, beyond just being a teaching moment, but it was still nice regardless.
The characters in this book make me feel lazy by their constant protesting, lol.

I didn't like Rebecca Ore's Gaia's Toys as much as I'd hoped. It's a place where the ideas are better than the writing.
I was more interested in where the characters ended up at the end, I guess, & I would have enjoyed more about that.

I finally read K-ON! College, the last (& final?!) installment of this series. It basically does what it says on the tin. I still prefer the anime to the manga, as the manga has some more pandery poses/etc. I never felt like that watching the show, though.
This series (mainly the anime, which has been extremely popular) is consistently held up as being meant for men, as being exploitative of teenage girls.
I have to say that I try to be perceptive about such things, & I don't see it.
I recently came across this post [will insert list when back at home & can pull it from tumblr ^^;] that cautions Western feminists from imposing their interpretations on media that are culturally Japanese.
It's something I continue to think about a lot.

I've finally dropped the Dengeki Daisy manga, after reading volumes 3 &4. It continues to spend too much time focus on the things that aggravate me, & too little on the few plot points I enjoy (both of which have been covered in previous posts). Maybe I'll return to it if I get bored, but not for a while, at least.

I'm working from a rec-list of someone's fave fantasy novels, & a lot of them are women. I seem to be into fantasy more than SF lately (previously it had usually been the reverse for me!). The most recent entry was Princeless, so that's where I started. I really, really loved this. It opens with a young black princess interrogating her mother about princesses being locked in towers & saved by princes. She thinks it's stupid for fathers to purposely do this to their daughters (to secure marriages even when they can't afford dowries) - how can this happen?!
Turn the page, & Adrienne herself is locked in a tower by her father, in order to lure a prince to marry her.
Adrienne finds a sword under her bed (planted by her brother!), & convinces the dragon who guards her, Sparky, to "fight back against [their] mutual oppressors." THAT IS A LITERAL QUOTE.
She decides it's not enough for her to be free - she wants to help free her older sisters, also locked in towers.
IT'S JUST SO PERFECT. Really looking forward to reading more of this series.

Made it through Dawn of the Arcana #11. This ended up with an inevitable & cool plot development, but overall this series isn't doing much for me. Usually I don't mind panels without text, but in this book it just seems to emphasize that nothing's really happening, and people's feelings don't change over time (after volume 2, at least).

Plowed through The Hemingses of Monticello. I think this book could have benefited from more editing, particularly in the middle, but it was still a great work of non-fiction. Beware of the comments left by white people on Goodreads.

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls - Intended for children, I borrowed this from a member of my comics club. Basically, each chapter is Natasha having a plot with another female Marvel character. I got a much better sense for her from this than I did when I tried reading Winter Soldier about a year or so ago.
I still haven't read anything about Black Widow that makes me stan for her like Captain Marvel or Batwoman, but I'm willing to keep trying.

I read the second Twelve Kingdoms book, Sea of Wind, about Taiki. UGH I LOVED IT SO MUCH, so great, ugh. I <3 these books & can't really be coherent about them.

I read volumes 2-4 of G. Willow Wilson's Air. These felt a little messy to me, like I didn't always know what's going on. Interesting ideas, though?! I'm hoping Wilson's Ms. Marvel is held together a little better. I very much enjoyed the first issue, anyway. Kamala Khan is now tacked up on the wall of my cubicle, ;)

Read X-Men: FF in my continued efforts to read the arc that came before the current arc. Didn't really care for anything that was going on.

Jonathan Hickman's The Nightly News came highly recommended, and I really disliked it. This Goodreads review covers all the reasons why.
AND YET, it didn't stop me from borrowing Hickman's Pax Romana from the same comics club member, as the Vatican starts sending a time traveling army around. Hopeful that it will suck less!

Lastly, I read the first volume of Gail Simone's Red Sonja comic, & enjoyed it more than I expected to. I still don't get the chainmail bikini, but with 0 familiarity of the original series, Simone was able to make the characters & world feel very real. I plan to read more!

oh yeah

Dec. 19th, 2013 07:03 am
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So, every month I get a 48-hour guest pass to Crunchyroll that I can give to someone else if they give me their email address.

Currently, I have 4 just sitting around with nobody to gift them to, & if nobody wants them, they'll just expire!

So let me know if you're interested! The 48-hour time period begins when you activate it, not when I email it to you.

RELATED: They just added Rurouni Kenshin (both subbed and dubbed).
You can view their list of shows here, with a few different sorting options.
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[personal profile] j00j is hosting a Comfortfic Recs Party.
Rec your favorite comfort fics, any fandom!
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I've started hate-watching Sleepy Hollow & also Agents of SHIELD.
I find them both to be pretty terrible.
Next time a member of fandom shit-talks Grey's Anatomy, I might have to lay the smack down. YAY GREAT WRITING, ILU GREY'S.

Worse than being terrible, I have 0 interest in fic for either of these fandoms, & may need to block them on Tumblr because I give zero fucks about the gifsets/etc. (VERY UNLIKE GLEE).

So, there you go, the fanworks of Glee serve a huge purpose in my life. I've articulated this before, but for me, it's the fanworks of Glee that make me feel gr9, & they're so much more important to me than the half-assed show.

I think this is how others have felt about SGA.


Silver Spoon & Attack on Titan are both finished. I still like Silver Spoon & will watch season 2.
After the first few episodes of Attack on Titan, the plot became not so interesting to me. I don't care so much about the titans or the soul-crushing feeling humanity, way more interested in logistics of how people are surviving, etc. The second half the series was much less interesting to me than the first, & I don't know if I'll watch more. I'm not totally sure why this is so beloved by fandom.

I still need to watch the last couple episodes of Free.

In these very few days of "no new episodes," I started watching some AKB0048, as well as an episode of Polar Bear Cafe when I super stressed out. PBC is good for when I'm stressed, but way too low-key for devoted watching on my part.
Also downloaded the first episode of Hyouka, b/c I keep seeing gifs that intrigue me on Tumblr. I'm way better at watching shows on my phone (no distractions!) than my laptop, though, so we'll see how long it takes me ^^;;

I'm excited for the new KyoAni show this fall season, but nothing else has caught my eye just yet. If there's something I should put on my radar... L M K
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If anyone wants to join in, tomorrow I'm doing a Fannish Get Shit Done session tomorrow starting at 1pm central time, US. A few people are coming to my place, but feel free to join in electronically.

Things that "count" can be pretty much anything, including:

--writing fic
--working on fanart
--leaving comments on other people's fanworks
--creating rec lists
--organizing your fic bookmarks
--organizing a tumblr queue
--creating playlists for writing
--making a fanmix
--updating your fannish organization's website
--doing work for a fannish group of some kind
--updating your roleplay character's threads

[personal profile] littlebutfierce has declared the Muncie Girls' Revolution Summer EP to be the soundtrack to this Fannish Get Shit Done session. You can listen to it here.

I'll likely be tweeting updates/encouragement.
Feel free to leave comments here, too.
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Zac Bertschy had Chris Haughton (owner/runner of Taskforce Moe) on the show. Here's a link. In the beginning, they discuss Zac's habit of basically trolling moe fans when he reviews moe shows at Anime News Network. I don't hang out on the forums much, & was surprised to hear Zac's been compared to being racist because of disliking moe - fucking seriously? That sucks, and that's stupid.
I found a lot of the discussion boring.

I submitted a few questions via Twitter. So did [personal profile] littlebutfierce.
I'm pretty tired, but there's the Q/A of our questions.

Zac: [ profile] ribbonknight asks, 'Many women and others find value in non-explicit moe because it focuses on female relationships. Is this a reason why you like it?"
Chris: That's a reason I like some shows. Like K-ON!, or Lucky Star.
Zac: Right.
Chris: But, it's not the entire reason I like moe. There are several reasons.
Zac: I mean it sounds like your basic argument is, 'I am not this one-dimensional stereotype or straw-man. I am multitudes.' It sounds like that's the chief...that's the core of your argument, here.
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, and I think that, to a certain extent, moe fans - the moe fandom at large - is portrayed as shallow fans, only looking for the next big thing with cute girls with huge eyes and they don't appreciate quality anime, and I don't think that's true for really many moe fans.
Zac: Well, you wouldn't argue that there aren't people who are totally like that.
Chris: There certainly are vocal people like that. I don't want to associate nor represent nor pay attention to those people. But there are certainly people like that. But I'd argue that the majority of moe fans are pretty much just like other fans. They like a range of anime, not just moe but a whole lot of other stuff.

Zac: [ profile] ribbonknight asks: Dudes perving on characters can devalue the shows for fandom at large. Do you think your site contributes to this?
Chris: Dudes perving on moe, I don't think my site contributes to...dudes perving on moe fandoms.
Zac: In other words, if there's a huge, outspoken bunch of, let's say 4-chan users, totally obsessing over whoever from K-ON!, everyone's like oh man. Like it's a turn-off for some people, like they don't necessarily want to engage with the material because they think it's just about that.
Chris: If a person looks at 4-chan especially...& says, 'I don't want to engage with this work of media because of what 4-chan says about it. I think that person probably wouldn't have engaged with that work of media in the first place.
Zac: Yeah, I think you're probably right. [laughter]

ME ASIDE: I totally disgaree with that. The disgust with which other people describe moe kept me away from it for years. [personal profile] littlebutfierce had to convince me that K-ON! was worth trying.
I am absolutely influenced by other people's taste/etc.

Zac: [ profile] janiinedelleen asks, "Do you think moe's focus on friendships is part of why it's so devalued and scorned in large parts of anime fandom?
Chris: I think that, 1) part of it is the emphasis on girls. I think that 2 is the de-emphasis on story. I think those are the two big things for why it's devalued.
Zac: I mean, I guess I would sort of make the argument that it also seems exploitative. I don't buy for a second that I think people are watching K-ON! solely because they really care about these characters. There's a voyeuristic appeal to that show that...I think a lot of people have a voyeuristic appeal to that show, and it's like, "Oh these cute girls, they like each other so much," and it's kinda like you're...sometimes it feels like you're watching from the bushes. [laughter] You know, you've got your binoculars. It's a little creepy.
Chris: I don't see it that way. At all.
Zac: You yourself, you're not putting yourself into the situation.
Chris: No, not at all. A complete removal of the viewer as an agent in what is going on in the show.
Zac: Okay. So, the attraction to those characters, then, in a moe fashion, you are totally removed from it? Like you as a person, you totally/psychologically remove yourself?
Chris: When I'm watching the show, I'm not watching, I'm not there at all. That's just going on in the show. It's not me watching them, it's just them happening within the context of the show. As far as being moe for a particular girl, that's certainly me inserting myself into that fantasy.
Zac: So that's separate like doujinshi culture. The act of watching i separate?
Chris: Yes. The doujinshis for K-ON, it's notorious for having really disgusting doujinshi.
Zac: Most popular shows that feature little girls have hideous doujinshi.
Zac: Okay.

ME ASIDE: I find Zac's take on the voyeurism in K-ON! kind of fascinating, because I didn't feel that way at all watching it. I think that take is entirely related to the male gaze.
I was absolutely invested in the actual characters, their friendship, and the music they made together. That is the only reason I watched the show.
The fact that Zac thinks that there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE REASON a person could watch that show is exactly what my questions are trying to get at - WHY AREN'T NON-SEXUAL FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS VALUED? Which leads to my next question:

Zac: [ profile] ribbonknight asks: dudes hanging out in anime considered artistic & moving, moe shows of girls doing the same are called stupid & pointless. Do you think that some fans oversexualizing characters contributes to dismissive fans not examining their own misogyny?
Zac: Wait, these are two unrelated things [me aside: no they're not]. The first one was a statement, the second one was a question. [nope]
Chris: I am not sure where that's coming from.
Zac: Yeah, that's a weird thing. I guess, okay. That is a two-parter. So, he's saying that I guess there's this blanket assumption that critics love shoes where it's just dudes hanging out and doing nothing, but shows where it's girls hanging out & doing nothing are called stupid and pointless, which I don't...I think your premise is flawed, bro? I don't even, like...that's not true? And I guess he's saying that it's misogynistic to hate on "cute girls doing cute things" shows. Which, to answer that myself, it's not misogynistic to be bored by cute girls doing cute things. [laughter]
Chris: Yeah, it's not sexist to have a preference.

112:00 question also worth listening to: about whether women's reasons for watching are different than men?

I found it a little hilarious that Zac assumed I am a guy, especially given the questions I was asking.

Regardless, my question about internalized misogyny shifted to one about sexism. Both Zac and Chris agreed that, "It's not sexist to have a perference" [between watching plotless shows about girls hanging out vs boys hanging out].
I'd challenge that. If you as a media consumer ONLY enjoy stories about boys/men, and are only capable of identifying with men? Then yeah, I think you have some internalized misogyny going on there.

I started joining in the discussion on the forums, but that was before I heard reading of my last question, and their answer/non-answer. I don't know if I'll check back.

Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed. I've been a fan of Zac Bertschy's commentary for years. :(
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[community profile] jobhunters is a new-ish Dreamwidth community. I know it's relevant to a bunch of you, so you should join & comment! There's an open thread every Sunday, which I think could be used to help focus weekly searches/progress, etc.

Over at [community profile] moogle_university, two DW users are playing through Final Fantasys I-XII, one each in the year of 2013. So, right now obviously, they're on Final Fantasy IV.
For the moment, I am not playing along, but the posts are really fun to read, and I assume will become even moreso as they get up to the Final Fantasys with which I am more familiar!

Screencaps, reflections, caps lock, etc. It's like a community made for me, :)

I keep rereading this post & the comments on it: Thinking About Anger by [personal profile] sparkymonster

[personal profile] littlebutfierce has uploaded some music for me b/c I am the most spoiled friend in the history of the internet. This post has songs about women being in a band,, or as I've titled it in my iTunes, "K-ON! fanmix," :D :D :D
I love-love-love listening to mixes of any length on themes, so I'm delighted by this.
Also this post from a couple weeks ago with 2 songs. "Stone by Stone" is a superior anthem, the lyrics are amazing.
"Rock This" is a fantastic GET UP AND GO!!! song, imo.

I rolled my eyes a lot at the coverage of the demise of So I was really grateful for this post by [personal profile] snarp.
* You were asking people to pay real-book-type prices for low-resolution scans of poorly-edited manga.

* Which were not downloadable. Not even with DRM. They could be accessed only from your servers, using your website and or your proprietary apps.

* As such - as any erstwhile user of Yahoo! Music or other such services well knew - we did not buy those low-resolution scans from you. We merely rented them, until came the day upon which you would shrug your shoulders, say "welp, I tried," and shut down your servers.

* You didn't actually try.

* Like, your website and apps were so bad? That I think they were meant as some kind of deliberate "fuck you."

* You didn't even release the mobile apps until last October.

* Wait, did the iPad app ever come out? (Edit: It didn't.)

* It's just kind of hard to believe you were serious about entering this market, is I guess what I'm saying, JManga.

I then got into a Twitter exchange with Deb Aoki (who writes about manga at, basically about how commentators ALWAYS BLAME fans who "pirate everything" or are ungrateful assholes or what-fucking ever.

I was disgusted by Erica Friedman's apparent rage-quit post in her blog, which was inspired by J-Manga closing up shop.
So I was really glad when [personal profile] snarp ALSO commented on that in JManga Stockholm Syndrome.
Ms. Friedman, you are a treasure to that internet demographic preoccupied with swordfighting lesbian schoolgirls (me), but this is bullshit. JManga was deliberately marketing towards people who didn't know enough about the internet to realize that the manga they'd bought was going to disappear on them.

I'm so tired of the way anime/manga industry commentators in the US talk about piracy/etc. whenever a company goes under.
I can't think of any other industry that constantly blames its consumers for its own failures.
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I left this as a comment in [ profile] sophy's journal, & then figured it may be universally helpful.

xkit is an extension for Tumblr, & it has made my Tumblr!use infinitely better. If you use Tumblr, I HIGHLY recommend doing it.
xkit does a bunch of stuff - it lets you blacklist certain tags (most people use it for fandoms they dgaf about, like I blacklist Teen Wolf, but I also blacklist stuff that can sometimes make me feel shitty - "food porn," "coffee," etc. Also super helpful if you dislike seasonal shit, like when everyone reblogs the same 10 photosets around Christmas or etc.).
It lets you reblog yourself (the Tumblr site doesn't).
It wraps tags, so that if someone writes like 20 tags that go beyond the width of the post-box, it'll put them on separate lines so you can actually read them all.
It makes it way easier to reply to replies that people leave on your blog.
It also has a feature that lets you download music files when someone blogs/reblogs music.

--If you reblog a picture/post/gifset and don't have much to say other than, "This is cute!" or "She's my favorite character" or "I hope X sees this!" or whatever, you don't put those comments (aka "feels") in the body of the post. Rather, you include them as tags. People who are following you can see your tags. But when the person who originally made the picture/post/gifset looks at the hella long list of people who reblogged them, they won't see 50,000 people's "feels."
--When you reply to people with a new post, list their user name as one of the first 5 tags.
--For this reason, your Tumblr username should be a tag that you track, so you can see people talking to you.
--Only the first 5 tags "count." This means that if you tag something "glee," "lea michele," "pezberry," "santana lopez," "i kissed a girl," & "fanfiction," then the post will NOT show up in the fanfiction tag, nor will it show up in any tag that you list after those first 5. Your followers will still see them, though! So this is why I generally tag in order of importance - "glee," "lea michele," & then my personal tags later - "lea feelings," "lea pls," etc. Some people write paragraphs in their tags. It's cool.
--In addition to leaving comments on the posts of people you follow (& sometimes people only allow comments from those they follow back - so if you can't find the comment button, that's why), everyone on Tumblr also has an "ask" box. You can leave a message there, & the user can either respond to you publicly (by making a new post in which they'll hopefully tag you with your user name), or if it's a sensitive question/statement, respond privately. It'll then show up in your own ask box.

I AM MOSTLY ADEPT AT TUMBLR, so ask me questions if you have them?!
I know that a lot of people dislike it, but I fucking love Tumblr. It is second only to Twitter for me.

PS I am [ profile] ribbonknight :)
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I want to link to this post by [personal profile] littlebutfierce, which just identifies precisely the feelings & defensiveness I feel over a lot of the anime series I've been watching lately (K-ON!, Tari Tari, Hanasaku Iroha, just started Natsuiro Kiseki).

I would like to quote it in large & awesome sections:
[T]here's a lot been said about how the audience for these types of shows are often middle-aged salarymen, that these are just bits of fluff to help them relax after a hard day. It's supposed to be soothing, &/or allow them to perv (look at K-On! bootleg merch & you will see a lot of body pillows, IJS).

These kinds of shows -- where adolescent girls are just hanging out being themselves -- are routinely panned on anime blogs, in the round-up posts of each season's new series. They are, say the critics, shit. Because they're boring. Because nothing happens. & again, maybe that's okay if you're a stressed out salaryman, or possibly a 10-year-old girl or something. But the rest of us? Should have more taste than to actually want this stuff. Possibly the plot device of the magic rock gives Natsuiro Kiseki just enough structure to avoid being slammed as "just" slice-of-life, but I suspect a lot of people still won't care.


What does it mean, that some of the most high-profile shows about girls' friendships are routinely blown off as being a relaxant for middle-aged men or as being generally dull? What does that say about the value anime viewers place on girls' lives? On girls' everyday concerns & interests? Why aren't they useful or worthy? Why doesn't it matter that people like me & my friends find a lot of comfort/amusement/value in these shows? Does it matter that we're not the intended audience? Does it matter that what we take from these shows may not be what is intended? That, for example, I love that K-On! has no boys in it, even as I recognize that this is probably deliberate so that male viewers have no competition should they insert themselves into the story? Why should we feel bad about liking a show that places the highest value on friendship? Because it's girls' friendship? Because it's not about friendship being tested in a war situation or something epic like that?

I'm just... tired of being told I should feel ashamed for liking these shows -- both by people I would say are garden-variety sexists, but also I think there's sometimes pushback because people see these shows as only fulfilling stereotypes about girls, being retrogressive or whatever. & I'm not saying these series are radical or perfect -- no, they're not at all -- but I'm tired of the assumption that there is nothing valuable I could get out of them, & that if I find value in them, it's because there's something wrong w/my taste or the philosophical stance from which I approach them.
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I try to listen to Anime News Network's ANNCast podcast as much as I can, partly because I really, really like Zac Bertschy [would like to push him somewhat on his distaste for all moe ever, but whatevs] & also like being up to date beyond my hole on the Internet.

This week, he had on the people who release Weekly Shonen Jump in the U.S.: Andy Nakatani, Urian Brown, and Misaki Kido.
Last week, Weekly Shonen Jump started doing simultaneous releases of of series alongside Japan, for all the Weekly Shonen Jump titles - Naruto, Bleach, etc.
I've read about 30+ volumes of Naruto and 20+ of Bleach, but they're not my favorite thing.

The podcast is here.

Zac took questions from Twitter, and my question was asked! It's very exciting to me (hence, this post).

My question, read on-air: I know the US's Shojo Beat mag[azine] went out of print. Still any chance of simultaneous releases for shojo manga in the future?

One of the dudes: We are only SHONEN jump!

MK: We should at least have another, a pair, a digital magazine, I think. And I think it should be shojo. This is strictly my personal opinion, too, but if there was like a counter digital magazine to Shonen Jump in the same newstand, I think people would get a better sense of what digital magazine is.

One of the dudes: I'll tell you what, if Shonen Jump, if everybody subscribes and it continues to be successful and become super successful? That will only increase the chances of another one.

MK: That's true.

ZB: Okay!

I'm really glad that Weekly Shonen Jump is releasing the same content in Japan and the U.S. simultaneously. If I a) had an iPad, or b) was a bigger fan of the current series, I would definitely subscribe. I've been considering subscribing anyway, just because it's such a good deal for instant access to the content.

This is a thing, though that's said a lot on ANNCast. "Support x, and maybe some day, you'll get y!" And I understand why that's economically true.

However, it can be somewhat of a strain.
Firstly, there is the issue of taste: If I prefer shoujo manga, i.e., stories by and about girls & women, why should I have to give money to shounen manga first? The success of shounen manga might predict the success of shoujo manga somewhat, but as was pointed out in this very podcast, women actually read more manga in the US than men do. So maybe using one to predict the other might not be 100% accurate?

I am re-purchasing the Sailor Moon manga series as it gets released in the U.S. because my complete set from Tokyopop has a really shitty glue job, it reads left-to-right, and some translation choices are terrible.
However, the release by Kodansha is riddled with errors, like "Spark ring wide pressure!" (instead of Sparkling Wide Pressure). I think William Flanagan (US translator) even complained about the quality on his FB account, before deleting it.

I also re-purchased the Paradise Kiss manga by Ai Yazawa when it was released into two beautiful volumes by Vertical, but this post at Manga Bookshelf points out some reasons why others might find the original US translation preferable. I bought them anyway because I think it'd be great if her older stuff got released here, like Gokinjo Monogatari.

There's an argument going on right now in the ANN forums about the new release of Moto Hagio's Heart of Thomas, which was released in a beautiful edition. Someone complained of some typos, and Zac's response is all, "You kids better shut up and like this stuff, because otherwise it won't do well and you won't get stuff like this/better than this in the future!"

I think it's unfair to reprimand fans for expressing their dismay when they purchase an unprofessional product with mistakes in it - and it's especially unfair if you're telling the same fans that they'd be immoral if they downloaded & run fan-translated manga instead. Especially in the case of Heart of Thomas - some fans have been waiting for this volume for DECADES.

I guess: if I spend my own money on something, ESPECIALLY if I'm purposely spending the money to try & get something else to happen (i.e., buying shounen manga to make people more likely to release shoujo manga; buying series x so it succeeds & maybe I'll get series y), then I'll complain about whatever the fuck I want, thank you very much.
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This year I listened to more current music than I have in the past - usually I get obsessed with an old band for a year (Tool, Placebo, My Chemical Romance). I absolutely credit this change to Glee/Glee fandom.

Born to Die - Lana Del Rey : I bought this because everyone at [ profile] ontd_glee was talking about it. Her performance on SNL wasn't great and I actually didn't really care for Video Games, the first single off this album, but I bought it anyway and I fucking loved it.
The opening drama of the strings on Born to Die pull me in, and this album makes me think of getting myself into my car after surgery and driving myself to work because it hurt too much to stand on/ride the bus. This album is pain and recovery, to me.
My favorite song is National Anthem, although I also really like This is What Makes Us Girls, Off to the Races, Born to Die, Summertime Sadness, and Lolita.
Faith, don't fail me now / Take me to the finish line are the lyrics that made me drag my hopeless/depressed/WILL I EVER GET BETTER JFC ass to work, to the fucking grocery store, etc.
It's hard to put into words how much I love this album. It's one of my all-time favorites, for sure.
After about a month, my boyfriend despaired over its constant presence in my car's CD player.

Mix by [personal profile] littlebutfierce: The list of tracks/thoughts of j. are here! I really liked the PMMP songs and the Delgados. This was my first introduction to Attack All Around and my re-introduction to Stars WHICH WILL BECOME IMPORTANT LATER IN THIS POST.

Attack All Around - megamix compiled by [personal profile] littlebutfierce mix & videos & track list are here.
I LOVE THIS TRACK LIST SO MUCH. The music is incredibly upbeat, and so are the lyrics. This was very much my, "Alright LET'S DO THIS!" album of the year, and I typically listened to it as an entire album rather than individual songs.
If my life were an anime, "Overdrive" would be my OP, tbh.
Overdrive lyrics - this song is so RAWWWW FEEL MY POWER to me.
I <3 Samurai Heart for similar reasons.

Let It Beat lyrics - Don't whine / Bare your fangs!
Are u ready?
I’ve found my glory days
I’ll let this love be my weapon
Let it beat! Let it beat! Let it beat!
I can move on, dreamin'
Are u ready?
Gonna strip away, another day
My regrets until I’m left with zero

Until I get hold of the pieces of tomorrow

Gossamer - Passion Pit - I also started listening to Passion Pit because of Glee fandom, specifically the fic These Strange Steps by [ profile] thememoriesfire. The fic starts off as Rachel hits rock-bottom in her life and starts a relationship with the stripper, Quinn Fabray. But the entire fic goes on to cover their climb back up from rock bottom, and it's so good. She and Puck are the ones who make the music that is Passion Pit's.
I love the rhythms on here, but the lyrics are also quite devastating imo, which I wouldn't expect from just zoning out and listening to the way they're sung.
I <3 this entire album, and I really like listening to it as an album.
Faves include Take a Walk, Constant Conversations, On My Way, Love Is Greed, and Where We Belong.

All the things you can't control
Should never destroy your love or hopes
I found a place, I found a place,
I found a place where we belong

Vows - Kimbra - I also bought this because people in [ profile] ontd_glee were talking about it.
I liked the rhythms of "Settle Down" and "Sally I Can See You" and so I bought it. This is definitely an album that's grown on me the more I listen to it.
My two favorite songs from the album are "Sally I Can See You" and "Warrior." Honorable mentions to Come Into My Head, Cameo Lover, and Settle Down.
I feel it growing from whisper, to a shout and a fist in the air is my fave line of "Sally I Can See You," but I really like the entire song, mostly the rhythm (I'm a pretty rhythm-oriented music listener in general. I played piano for a decade but I also did percussion in middle school & high school).
I would quote "Warrior" in its entirety, I love the lyrics and the music. I suppose my favorite bit is:
You're just pushing me down, pushing me down, pushing me down
(They tell you 'trust your head, be like men' but never feel like you're good enough)
You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down
(They wanna take our light, make us fight, but never cry for the ones you love)
(I'll be your warrior, warrior)

The North - Stars - This definitely isn't my favorite Stars album, and I think I really need to listen to their songs lots of times before they grow on me. Still, there are a few songs I like quite a bit: Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It, The Loose Ends Will Make Knots, and Walls.
"A Song is a Weapon" gets high marks for finally giving the Glee fanfiction I'd been working on for most of the year an actual title. I really like that song especially.

Revolution Summer EP - Muncie Girls: Discovery thanks to [personal profile] littlebutfierce, who blogged about them here. I don't know what I'm gonna do & I'm sick of having to decide could have been my anthem from the first 8 months of 2012, I think.
I'm looking forward to hearing more music from Muncie Girls.

Magic Hour - Scissor Sisters - Started listening to this album because they covered Let's Have a Kiki on Glee. I bought the album off iTunes the same night I listened to it.
In addition to LHaK, I like Baby Come Home, Keep Your Shoes, and Self Control for groovings. So many great rhythms in these songs.
I think Only the Horses and The Secret Life of Letters are my favorite two songs off the album.
I know that Only the Horses is about getting out of the city, but I choose to believe it could be post-apocalyptic, too.

As for The Secret Life of Letters...
What is the full speed of language
When there is nothing to say


How many days in a sentence
I feel like passing this phrase
These aren’t my friends
Maybe they’ll be again

Glee Cast - various covers - I'm not going to list out every single song I've bought this year, but I do spend money to buy the ones I like. I think almost the entire fandom is still watching solely for the cast and the music, at this point.
"Scream" is undoubtedly my favorite; it's my all-time favorite Glee performance (even though the context annoys me in terms of Artie's characterization on the show). I wrote an entry about this song/performance here.
The Michael Jackson tribute episode aired after my surgery, I think two days after I left my parents' house/care to spend time in my own apartment on medical leave, solely dependent on my boyfriend to do anything involving bending over, lifting, or getting things on/off the floor.
The music had already been out on First Listen Friday and I'd been listening to the song for days. The performance solidified it for me - Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. totally killed it in remaking the Michael/Janet Jackson video, imo.
In the midst of the worst pain I'd ever felt, and my body making frightening alien-type noises every time I ingested food or water, I listened to this song on repeat.
Everything was way worse than I had imagined it being. This song, on repeat, got me through a lot, especially at work, driving to/from places I didn't want to go, driving to/from work, going to fucking medical appointments, listening to it before/after arguing with medical billing people, etc. etc. etc.
Things got worse than it ever had been in the past, at certain points. Nothing made sense; people wanted to help but there was nothing for anyone to do.

Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds
The whole system sucks

Kevin's screams in the background, just this entire song was very therapeutic for me. Hands-down my most listened to track of the entire year.

The "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" mash-up sung by Naya Rivera and Amber Riley was another immediate favorite (this might have technically been released in 2011, I can't remember). This song was something of a feature for Santana after having her sexuality outed to her entire community by Finn, white boy/hero of the show (who was never punished for it, btw). Santana's vulnerability and bitch-slap of Finn cemented her as one of my favorite characters (if not my absolute fave, which I think she is). Amber's and Naya's voices blend so nicely. I like this mash-up much more than the original singles by Adele - when I listen to either one, all I can think is, "There's not enough going on, where's the rest?"

I very much liked Unique's three singles from season 3 - the "Starships" cover had me loving that song before that multi-fandom vid that a lot of my friends liked came out (the vid did really nothing for me, tbh).

I could go on & on about each Glee single I bought and what it meant to me.
I should probably add "We Are Young" to this list, although I think that episode aired in 2011.

A Song is a Weapon Playlist - cultivated by me, located here with links to it on YouTube/ I've likely listened to every song on this list 100x or more, having become obsessed with each one in turn.
Each song elicits specific feelings from me about the characters/situations/themes of my story, and I'm so glad I made it because it's helped me get "unstuck" multiple times.
In the past few weeks I've taken a bit of a break from writing my fic, but I'd like to get back to it in the near future, and this playlist is going to be the first place I turn.

Honorable mentions also go to Kanye West, Stars (long a favorite of mine, but I really dug them again this year), My Chemical Romance (Danger Days gets a special mention for getting me to/from many a place I didn't want to go in my car)

Special 2012 bonus: PSY performing Gangnam Style with MC Hammer (Hammer comes in around 2:50):

It's probably worth mentioning that I'm on as [ profile] ribbonknight - this scrobbles what I listen to at home, which I'd say is about 1/4 of my listening. 1/4 = in the car, and 1/2 = at work (my iPod doesn't sync with iTunes b/c it has loads more music ^^;).
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Recently, [personal profile] sasha_feather started a good post about accessibility at WorldCon. In her own words, the purpose of the post is "not to pick on WorldCon or to cause drama, but rather to say, here is a problem, at this convention and at others. What can we do to work on addressing this problem?"

Most of the comments are on-topic.

I would like to frame this thread. It starts with someone mentioning that sometimes in fandom, people use "insider knowledge" (in this case, an entire track of fake programming that had some people wandering all over an inaccessible convention hotel looking for non-existent rooms). [personal profile] sasha_feather notes that insider knowledge is A Thing in fandom, and "what is needed are ways to welcome people into that."

Someone anonymously responds with, "There's insider knowledge in fandom, but there isn't a lot of it, and it's not secret. Everyone who knows it, learned it on their own. If the process had been difficult or unpleasant, fandom would be a much smaller place.
If you don't find that satisfactory, consider joining the N3F."

To which [personal profile] sasha_feather eloquently responds, "My response to this entire comment can be summed up by, "citation needed.""

Then, Teresa Nielsen Hayden shows up to give [personal profile] sasha_feather a citation (I think?!).
The entire comment is so bizarre that even though [personal profile] sasha_feather hilariously responded with, "Cool story, bro" and froze the thread, I MUST BLOG ABOUT IT.

Firstly, TNH's comment seems to assume that [personal profile] sasha_feather is not already "in" or a "part of" fandom, despite the post making it clear that she organizes Access at WisCon.
Her pompous introduction is also useless. I do not understand its purpose; she could have simply said, "I have imposter syndrome, too." Regardless of the back story, can we not just make fandom more accessible? Must Big Name Fans always trot out their personal Horatio Alger stories to prove how they EARNED their way into fandom, as if to say, "And damn it, if it worked for little ol' me, it will for you, too!"

I tried to pick apart TNH's entire comment, but she seems not to have read the post on which she's commenting. None of it is relevant or meaningful to the ongoing conversation.

I'd really just like to draw attention to this quote: "If you want fandom enough to not care that you're a neo, enough to get you to wade straight in, you'll discover that there are practically no barriers."

It is actually hilarious to me that, IN A POST ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY, she would say, "If you want fandom'll discover that there are practically no barriers."


For those looking for amusement, we did start a fannishCV hash-tag mocking TNH's ludicrous "fan credentials" with our own.
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Today, [personal profile] were_duck and I went to Geek.Kon for about half a day.

I made a Storify of my tweets, which you can read here. In a few instances, I'm conversing with people who have locked tweets, so sorry for only giving you part of the conversation.

Tweets include: pictures of stuff I bought, live-tweets from two panels: one on podfic and one on digital publishing, complaints about other attendees, and excitement over getting books signed by Michael Stackpole and Elaine Cunningham.

Stackpole's X-Wing books are some of the first "grown-up" sci-fi I ever read (Steve Perry's Shadows of the Empire was the very first) back in fifth grade, and the books were pretty formative for me. I loved the shit out of them.

Cunningham wrote a Star Wars expanded universe called Dark Journey. I told her that I had enjoyed reading a book that focused on Jaina Solo, probably my favorite expanded universe character. She said that she'd enjoyed reading her as such a capable woman in the Young Jedi Knights series, and I beamed and said, "Me too!" I loved Young Jedi Knights too, even if I felt I was a little "too old" for them when I read them the first time.

I am very spoiled by WisCon's programming.
I'd like to go to a larger anime convention some day, maybe, but am worried about how annoyed I would get. I'd like to scope out a large convention with decent programming.
I definitely like the merchandise at Geek.Kon better than WisCon.
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UMM, so I constantly and obsessively update my master Glee fic rec/to-read list, BUT I FEEL AN ADDITIONAL POST IS NECESSARY FOR TO GEEK OUT, even though only 3-4 of you actually watch Glee. THE FIC IS WAY BETTER THAN THE SHOW. I really do highly recommend everything in the top-half of that post, though! (Remember the bottom half = things I haven't read yet, bwaha.)

I find myself drawn to non-canon couples. Rachel/Santana, Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Puck, Quinn/Santana, Kurt/Sam, etc.

This is about things I've read recently....anything by [ profile] thememoriesfire is probably my fave, w/Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed being #1. If you're looking for any of her works in progress that she took down from AO3, scroll down a little here to find some fan-sourced downloads.

Taste the Bite of Death by [ profile] questceque_cest - Work in progress. A zombie apocalypse breaks out in the dead of winter. Five teenagers need to band together, despite their differences, in order to survive.

Down and Out Here in Paradise by [ profile] miggy - unfinished WIP. Zombie apocalypse set sort of near the end of the first season. Quinn is a fucking BAMF, worth reading for her alone. Part 2. Part 3.

All The Noise Died Away by [ profile] only_because3 - Zombie apocalypse AU, post season 2. Characterizations are spot-on, things are achingly raw & realistic. Of these three, this is my favorite zombie apocalypse AU, :D

REALLY LIKED these Mike/Rachel fics, tbh:
Take this sinking ship and point it home by [ profile] lynnearlington - Mike/Rachel. There are over two million people in Chicago, so when Mike runs into Rachel one afternoon, purely by chance, to say he’s a little surprised is an understatement.

We both know we're good together by [ profile] smc_27 - Mike/Rachel. She's beginning to think it's a shame she didn't keep in better contact with him during their first year of university.

Most recent Quinn/Santana fics:
Sins of My Youth by [ profile] only_because3 - The summer after junior year, Santana and Quinn end up being best friends. Neither of them really knows how to be a friend, but they're each helping one another through some bullshit. Santana basically lives in Quinn's room, but it takes a long time for them to realize that this might be more than friendship...

You're Just Scared (Love What You Got) by [ profile] rockinrye - It’s summer time and Quinn’s still hovering between pissed off and heart broken so picking up a camera seems the perfect way to fill her time. Until Santana becomes her muse. Then what?

Have You Ever Seen Me? by [ profile] lynnearlington - Sam/Tina. She’s...he doesn’t know, but right now she’s the Tifa to his Cloud and that’s not something he’s willing to let slip through his fingers. SO MANY FF7 REFERENCES, I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Like the Sun Going Down on Me by [ profile] valiant - Explicit Finn/Kurt, spoilers through 3.22. After their plans don't go the way they should, Finn and Kurt need to cry it out. And hug it out. And get a bunch of other stuff out of their systems, apparently.

I Forgot the Bitter by [ profile] smc_27 - Puckleberry. AU. Puck owns a bar and Rachel opens a bakery next door. Currently my fave Puck/Rachel fic.

Right now I'm reading Beers and Strippers by TriXter21 at, which is way better than its title might lead you to believe. Quinn/Rachel season 2 AU.

Those are the fic recs for now. I get my fic recs almost solely from [ profile] ontd_glee, it is the bomb. I wish there was a really active community like this talking about FF7 fic. If I ever scale back on the Glee fic, I'd really love to make rec lists & etc. about FF7 fic.
Unlike FF7, I don't think Glee is a fandom I'll ever feel compelled to write in.

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The anime/manga/manhwa/manhua drabblefest is still on-going, & will continue going until May 17th.

I'm way better at making prompts than filling them, but I might try to fill at least one!

Here are 3 of my prompts that have been filled! You should totally read them, I <3 all 3 and they're only 100 words each.

--Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Chibi-Usa & Minako, make-up by [personal profile] nenena

--NANA, Nana & Hachi, cuddling & then MORE THAN CUDDLING by [personal profile] torachan

--Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa, how the older senshi keep her going/motivated when she's older & in high school by [personal profile] corinn

Separate from the drabble-fest, [personal profile] littlebutfierce also posted a bunch of music for me in this post AND IT'S ALL SO AWESOME! I mean, it was tailored to my taste, so. :D

People are doing that AO3 fanfiction meme, where they link to their top-10 fics, as found by the highest # of hits.
I've never participated in the meme before because I haven't even written 10 fics. My hit-counts for each of my fics is SO LOW compared to everyone else, too. But I think the goal is to promote your own work? I CAN LINK TO THEM, AT LEAST.

Anyway, here are links to my posted fic, at my [ profile] laceblade account.

For What It's Worth - 670 words. Angel: the series. Wesley angst.

Untitled - 565 words. Avatar: the Last Airbender. Zuko/Toph fic.

Limit Break and Bad Habit are both 100-word FF7 drabbles.

Don't say you're not lonely - 1632 words. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Rei & Makoto practicing together.

The ATLA fic has the most hits, probably because its fandom is bigger/more active on AO3. At the moment, my favorite fic is the Sailor Moon one, although it's also the one written most recently.

I mostly only read fic in FF7 and Glee. But the fic I've written comes from more diverse fandoms!
4/5 of the fics were written during fandom-organized exchanges and on-going challenges (the 100-word drabbles were from [community profile] ffvii_100).
Whenever I'm working something, I also benefit a lot from [community profile] writethisfanfic. For people more "with it" than me, you can set your own monthly challenges. But their are daily posts where you can talk about how things went. If you don't know what to say, the daily posts always contain a writing topic that people can chat about. The comm is always there, & I <3 it.

Still consuming Glee fic like mad, although I'm trying to make myself read a bunch of books so I can get rid of some before moving apartments. Glee fic recs & to-read post is still here, still gets updated frequently. I'd like to do a similar rec-set for FF7 fic, if I ever get around to reading the stuff again. PROJECTS.

IDK who all is on Goodreads, but I log my books there. My profile is here.


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