Aug. 12th, 2008 08:35 am
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Last week was International Blog Against Racism Week. I've been saving all of the links to my favorite posts, and will post them soon. Perhaps tonight.

I just want an entire week in which I can sit in my apartment and get the rest of my stuff put away. It's presentable enough that I would allow people to come visit, but there are still a number of things for which I need to find spaces. I'm also really looking forward to getting some pictures on the walls.

I've got my manga shelved (except for the large stack for which there is no shelf!), but it's taking a while to go through my books and figure out which books will fit on my large bookshelf. For the most part, I'm taking out books I haven't read yet, so I'm not THAT GUY, the pretentious one who lines her shelves with books she's heard about but hasn't yet read. Of course, thus far the only shelf that's finished contains books on race, feminist books transitioning into literary criticism and reflections on women's literature, transitioning to 18th century women's literature written by women like the Brontes, Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Louisa May Alcott. I have a lot of glee about this shelf, I tell you what.

I was pretty crabby yesterday. I was all set to bake some lemon pepper chicken breasts, and Antoine came over. He unfortunately forgot to bring the xxxHolic movie*, and it completely never occurred to me to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer so that they might thaw.

Thus, I spent a long time alternatively microwaving the chicken and letting it sit in a bowl of water, to no avail. Chicken breasts will be okay if I put them in airtight tupperware and set them in the fridge, right? I have the minced garlic and the lemon slices, as well as thawed chicken, so I think I'm going to try again tonight.

I was pretty disheartened, wearing the heinous green chef's hat my sister got me for Christmas, and my apron. In the end, Antoine treated me to a slice of pizza at Ian's. I am convinced that I will continuously fail at domesticity, but Antoine assures me that the only way to learn how to get better at cooking is to make a bunch of mistakes and then never make them again.

I'm reading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin for Book Club, and I am loving it. Have I mentioned that I've never read The Handmaid's Tale? I fail at life, but I think I like her a lot! I look forward to reading other stuff by her.

* I feel like every time I get something from Netflix for the purpose of watching it with someone else, it takes at least 2 weeks for things to work out so that we can actually watch it. I think in the future, I'm only going to watch the stuff by myself! I want my money's worth.
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--Obama won Wisconsin tonight, and I love the Internet. In fact, he kind of totally creamed Hillary.

--I got my first paper handed back in my American Short Story class, and I got a good grade.

--After many phone conversations with car dealerships, city officials, my father, and locksmiths that were sprinkled between my 3 power lectures and Con Law discussion, I think I have this car thing figured out.

While I am at the city's mercy, and may receive a ticket for my car being on the street (I haven't yet! And I have done my best to "camouflage it" as a "moved car" by scraping all of the snow and ice off of it, and shoveling the snow around it.), I am hopeful that I won't.

I didn't really like the way the dealership people have dealt with me, so I'm going to a locksmith instead. Hopefully, the locksmith will work out - it's right on my way from class to work, and I would scarcely be late! If I have to go to the dealership, I will probably have to miss all of tomorrow's work shift (11:30-5:00). So I guess that's kinda sad. But I figured a lot out in one day, so I consider it to be a plus.

--I voted tonight. I love going to the polling place, and seeing all kinds of people there. I just think it's cool. I wish I knew my neighbors, and people in the neighborhood better.

--ALSO, have cemented a couple of more life goals: When I am an old lady, I would like to 1) be one of the people who staffs library sales, and 2) be one of the people who helps run a polling place on election day.

--My cell phone didn't work for a while, but my brother-in-law told me to take the battery out and then put it back in. I did this, and it worked! Yay for simple solutions.

--I have the nicest boyfriend ever, who walked with me in the cold weather so that I could use his cell phone, and watch election results with him.

--My former co-worker replied to my plea for help (on Friday's presentation on "Representations of Gender in American Comics and Japanese Manga"), and offered some expert tips on comics. As I'm not as familiar with comics as I am with manga, I found this exceedingly helpful.

--Via Althouse, I got to laugh at a ridiculous comment about Green Bay, WI made by the director of NBC. Chuck Todd has clearly never heard of Oneida Street. I swear to God, there are 4 new stores/restaurants every time I go home.

--It turned out that nobody showed up to be trained at the Liturgy Training that I completely forgot about on Monday. While I still feel bad, I don't feel as bad.
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So I have been doing more than just reading manga, watching anime, and watching Buffy/Angel, I promise. I just decided to catch up on stuff I had finished a while ago. I think all that's left at the moment is to write about the end of Elfen Lied (it got better, sort of) and how Code Geass is going (awesomely!).

Friday night, I went to The City (a bar) with co-workers to celebrate one of their birthdays. I only had two drinks, but the strawberry martini was hella high alcohol content, I think. I danced, I said snarky things, and I was vigilant against creepy bastards, on behalf of my friends. This means that it was a typical bar night, I suppose, but in honor of my friend, we kept playing Michael Jackson songs (they had a digital juke box) and totally busting it out in our corner of the bar. Amazing! I hadn't thought that I was very inebriated, until Chad drove me, Antoine, and a friend home (best roommate EVER!), and I tried to get out of the car. Holy crap! Getting out of the car was difficult. I didn't fall or anything, but it was more like, "Foot. Lift it. Move it. Put weight on it." Probably the most amusing part of the night was someone accusing me of being drunk, me saying, "I am not drunk, damn it!" and immediately afterward, Antoine bumping my hip with his (he was dancing), and me almost falling over.

On Saturday, Chad, Antoine and I went grocery shopping a day earlier than usual, because we knew that the weather would be bad today. Antoine and I ate dinner at Rising Sons Deli (Really, really good! And I think it's very nicely decorated in there.), and I went to Anime Club. By the time I got to Club, I was pretty damn tired from the night before, and sitting in a dark room reading subtitles didn't help too much. Still, the shows were good last night (or at least, as good as Elfen Lied gets!).

After Anime Club, though, was the most fun evening I've had in a while. I considered staying home because I was tired, but decided to go join my friends from Bleak House (the book publishing company where I interned this summer) to celebrate my former boss's birthday. They had already eaten dinner and cake together, but I joined them for some sledding at Sanitarium Hill, way on Madison's north side. The view from the top of the hill was great - you could see the entire city! Also, the building is supposedly haunted because it was originally a tuberculosis sanatorium, where people went to die. It was such a creepy building! Made of brick with large windows, and french doors on the ground floor. It's pretty much exactly how I imagined the various buildings to look on the high school campus that my characters attend in my ghost hunting story. This page has some black and white photographs.

After sledding (the hill was so huge! It's been a long time since I had fun that way), we tromped through the woods, originally behind the sanatorium. Then, we decided to go to a fort that two of the others had been to. We drove out to the Mendota Mental Hospital (holy barbed wire, batman!) and walked out to a place called Governor's Island, and sat on rocks where Frank Lloyd Wright had allegedly built a house that sank into the lake. My socks were full of snow, as were my jeans, but it felt good to spend so much time outside, and not just walking to work or class.

The way home was mostly good, except that towards the end, the falling rain was freezing on the roads. Despite traveling at a low speed, I almost fishtailed right into a parked car. Within a block of my house, my car could not make it up a relatively shallow hill. I had to put it in reverse and let it slide downhill (Thank you, driving instructor! I never believed you when you said that straight-backing would come in handy some day!) and went around the block, going at it from a different angle. This hill was even more mild, and my car still almost didn't make it. It's on the street now, probably completely covered in a shell of ice. The buses stopped running at 8:30am this morning. I am supposed to lector at 9pm mass this evening, but unless the snow makes it easier to drive (doubtful!), I will probably have to call in. I hate having to shirk responsibilities, but hopefully people will understand my not-wanting-to-die.

Anyway, I am glad that I bought food yesterday. Today will be spent washing laundry, doing some schoolwork, cleaning, and watching some DVDs. And hey, you never know - maybe blogging about anime again. Are my posts becoming too spammy? I feel like I haven't been this prolific since high school.
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Most of yesterday sucked. Worked sucked, which is rare. I also pretty much hate my Global Cultures seminar. It being 2.5 hours long has a lot to do with it, as does the fact that there is no lecture component. It's just listening to my peers prattle on forever, and think we all know how much I enjoy that. I think that I've decided that I'd like to do my presentation on media representations of gender roles, as compared by Japanese manga and popular U.S. comics (LOLOL I AM SO AWESOME), though, so that will keep me amused for at the least the next two weeks. The rest of the semester, however, will be spent listening to everybody else's study-abroad experiences. Maybe I can write papers during class or something, and pretend to take notes. We'll see.

Some friends of mine went out after work, but I really didn't feel like walking all the way up State Street again for only 1-2 drinks. So, I didn't. Possibly I'm lame, I don't know. I only ever drink a few, and then I'm done, while most people would rather drink a lot more. And that's cool. I just get bored after a while.

SO! Antoine and I went out for dinner at Vientiane Palace (I feel like I spell that differently every time I type it. I suck.) and it was delicious, as always. In fact, I'm about to make myself some rice and eat it with the leftovers.

THEN, we watched Terminator 2 with Antoine's roommate and roommate's girlfriend. It was pretty damn awesome, although I kept falling asleep and Antoine kept having to wake me up. Apparently, waking up early on Fridays makes my evenings incredibly low-key. I am okay with this. Anyway, I'm now ready to start watching the Sarah Chronicles TV show with all of the spare time I don't have. YES. I'll probably finish Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 first.

Anyway, today is Anime Club, and hopefully I'll continue to blog about Code Geass and Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied better stop being all stereotypical. I also need to come up with a succinct way to articulate why I'm not impressed yet, as I think most Club members will assume that it's because of the violence/nudity, which is totally not the case.
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I guess I could blog before I get so tired that I fall asleep on my laptop. However, I woke up at 5:30am this morning, and that might happen anyway.

I really just feel run-down today. I lost my student ID and bus pass yesterday, which is obviously crappy. I live far enough away from campus that it takes about 45-60 minutes to walk home from where my classes are. It is cold as fuck outside, but I still walked home from my last class yesterday. Let me say: BAD CALL. I had to hug my thighs for a long time before I could feel them again.

Antoine and I went out for dinner, though, and had Mexican. So that was good. I also picked up some needed things from Office Depot, AND we went to Half-Price books. I picked up the Runaways v. Young Avengers comics (I've been following Runaways since it started), and The Beggar Queen, the last volume in Lloyd Alexander's Westmark trilogy. I look forward to reading it. Standing in bookstores makes me feel guilty somehow, though. There are so many books I want to read, and even though I'm reading all the time, it never seems like enough.

At dinner , the waiter set the bill in front of Antoine, and not in the middle of the table.

Glaring and snatching it, I mutter to Antoine, "That was a little presumptuous of him."
"Well, we didn't tell them we were going to split the bill, so they put it all on one."
"I don't mean how they made the bill, I meant where he put it."
"Oh. Well....I do have a penis."

Today at work, I was making a list of homework for the weekend, things I should do for Anime Club, when I should work, how I should get my student ID/bus pass, etc. And I started to freak out a bit. Also because I have intense girl-pain, and because of this mostly uninhibiting diet I have to be on until the doctor figures out what's wrong with me, I cannot take Tylonel. DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE THIS PAIN IS? The only analogy I've ever come up with is that it's like a wolf came and chewed out my abdomen. Not in a very abstract-metaphor way, but in a very literal "sharp teeth very rapidly separated my innards' cells from one another, and there was a lot of pain as I crumpled into a ball and died."

BUT, in the end I decided to ask off of work on Monday. I would have had to leave an hour early for the Student Org Fair anyway, and I really do need a bus pass and student ID, but felt too horrible physically to do it today.

Is there good news? There must be. For the most part, I like my classes. Although I'm still not sure what ballroom dancing will be like, because we haven't actually danced yet. I kept almost laughing in class, though. Because it is like Princess Tutu! Only real life.

I have a habit of laughing at inappropriate times, really. I always have to stop myself from laughing when I'm in church.

Anyway, I feel crappy, so I'm staying home tonight. Hopefully, my room will become cleaner, I will watch more Angel/Buffy, get some homework done, and possibly see Antoine.
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Oh, I am done with finals and it feels so nice. I feel so happy right now! I even finished my last final an hour early, so I was able to eat dinner with Antoine, and drop him off at the bus station before he left.

After that, I drove out to Gretchen's house, which is out a ways, in the country-ish. There was some really heavy fog tonight, so dense that I could only see about 30 feet in front of my car. Of course, this meant that I missed my turn (in fact, I missed an entire cemetery that was supposed to be my landmark!) by about 8 miles, but eventually I found Gretchen's house. It's so pretty! I wish that it hadn't been foggy about, because it's surrounded by woods and hills. The inside of the house is beautiful, too! And of course, her room is full of good books. There was a bonfire outside, and hot cider on the stove, and Gretchen's cute dog. I haven't been by a bonfire in a long time, and of course, the company was good as well. As a bonus, I have more Angel to watch when I finish season 1, and the first volume of Brian K. Vaughan's "Y: The Last Man."

And now I am home, and smell pleasantly of bonfire, a smell I haven't smelled in quite some time.

For the interested, Rightstuf.com is having a relatively nice sale on various anime titles. If I don't receive the Fullmetal Alchemist package before Christmas (we open most of our presents on Christmas Eve), I might just buy it for myself. Maybe. At the moment, I'd rather have Princess Tutu and Black Lagoon. Must bide my time and open Christmas presents first!

Anyway, it's off to bed now, so that I can wake up and pack, clean, and leave. I'll be driving with my friend Angela, and hoping that the roads will not be icy. Everyone keeps saying that they will be, but it's 1am and it's still 35 degrees outside....it is supposed to rain tomorrow, but no snow until night, I don't think.

Also! Provided that the person in question lives on the same side of the highway as my parents, I intend to walk when visiting friends, when possible. I easily walk the mile between campus and the Capitol four times a week, not to mention all of the other walking on campus, between bus stops, and to stores. Why is it that once I reach the suburbs, I feel the need to drive everywhere, even if it's only blocks away? Exercise is good for me anyway. So, that's my resolution for break. Walk when possible, and no, I won't accept a ride from you, my high school friends.
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1:53pm: I'm pretty sure I pwned that final like no final has ever been pwned before. The essay that I really wanted to be on there....was. I have now lunched. Now I have time to like, do things. It's pretty sweet. Still have two finals to go, but am surprisingly cheerful.

1:59pm: The display screen on my cell phone is glowing. I threaten it with a violent gesture and a stern face. It stops glowing. I cackle.

6:30pm: OMG, I had a good dinner, and watched another episode of Angel. OMF, I get to go to Antoine's house and exchange Christmas presents soon! I hope he likes what I got him! I swiffered my floor today, and it feels amazing. What would life be like if I dusted and cleared the floor, and vacuumed?! I can't imagine!

11:25pm: So, I went to a branch of the Madison library system that is not the one right by Capitol square today, and holy crap, they have a nice graphic novel section! I thought that all of their stuff was in the teen section, but I was wrong.

Anyway, because I definitely meed more to add to my "to read over break" pile (actually, I don't), I picked up some graphic novels:
Legend of Chun Hyang - CLAMP
Scott Pilgrim, vol. 1-3 - Bryan Lee O'Malley
FRAY - Joss Whedon (etc.) (So excited to read this! In fact, I already read two chapters, and they were good!)
Castle Waiting - Linda Medley (This is actually quite long, literally novel-length, but oh well)

ALSO, Antoine is the nicest and cutest boyfriend ever, and he gave me the hardcover collection of the graphic novel based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower: "The Gunslinger Born." I swear, I don't think that there is a more beautifully drawn/painted comic out there. At least, I've never seen one. Reading this will be like watching a movie. I'm so excited for it!

It'll be nice to read some graphic novels that aren't manga, for a change.

12:13am: AND THUS.....I'll do the take-home exam in the morning. It'll be hokai. After that....I'll be studying for the Women's Studies final at 5:00. I'm not studying much for that one not because I think it'll be a breeze, but because I suck at multiple choice exams no matter what I do.
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1:20ishpm: I notice that today's Wikipedia article of the day is the Heian Palace. My first thought is, "Dude, it looks just like it did in the Otogi Zoshi anime!"

3:10pm: So, I complain to Steph about how I'm done with one final, and have apparently stopped caring about the rest. She advises me: "Well, enjoy the satiating defeat of one class, jackles. Feel its blood dripping from your mouth and watch its children cry tears of indomitable anguish." ADVICE ACCEPTED.

3:12pm: If anyone tries to convince me to go to law school ever again, I'm going to say, "Yeah, I lived with a 1L for one year. Not gonna happen." I remember "Senior Night" towards the end of our high school career. All of the seniors got together for dinner and an award ceremony with our parents. We voted to give each other stupid award like "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Best Writer" and whatever. So, it is announced that Chad won "Most Organized." Although we were sitting at the same table (I think? It's hard to remember these things), I start laughing, very hard and quite loudly. Most parents are clapping and saying, "Ohhhh, that Chad." My mother is saying, "STOP IT, JACQUELINE." Well, it was amusing to me because Chad? Is like, the least organized person I've ever met. Every time I went to his house so that we could leave for school together, from second grade through sophomore year of high school, he'd always be freaking out, looking for a shirt and his homework, and whatever else he needed to get through the day. Chad was a good student and "student leader," and all that other BS that students are supposed to be, but organized? SO LOL.

And this is why law school scares me. Because last night, Chad came upstairs to show me the outline that he would use on the 4-hour final exam this morning. This outline? Is organized. With tabs. The text IS COLOR-CODED. An entire semester's worth of cases and theories, crisply organized in a binder. I give him my Who the hell are you and what did you do with Chad? face, and he taps the open page, which happens to be a color-coded flow-chart with computer-generated arrows. "I made that!" he says. I quietly close the binder and hand it back to him, not sure what to say.

Law school is scary. Just.....WTF.

7:21pm: I'm pretty damn tired.

9:56am: Blahhhhh. So, last night I went to Antoine's because reading for class is better when cuddling on his couch. I received an unexpected Christmas gift from his roommate, The Hammer! The Hammer and his girlfriend are always cooking and baking delicious food, from which Antoine and I shamelessly mooch (well, I lie. I do feel a bit ashamed.). But, The Hammer gave me this really nice cookbook that he says is his favorite. It's very nice, with explanations of how and why things work the way they do, and recommendations for "the supermarket's best" version of mayonnaise, bacon, etc. I'm pretty excited about it, and I know that I could handle some of the things in it: like cookies, or eggs. When I get my own apartment, I expect to be cooking a lot more frequently. I wish I had time to do it now! Maybe over break, I can cook a few new things. I'm sure my mom and sister will go into cardiac arrest upon this discovery.

It even has suggestions on how to make the perfect batch of white rice, which is definitely something I'll be eating before I leave for break. Also, I have a couple of more eggs!

Anyway..I should be productive now. I want to finish (and start) my take-home Medieval Literature final, tidy my room, prepare for a meeting with the Career Advisor, and start studying for my English Lit final, all before two of my cousins come to town and meet me for dinner.

Oh yeah, there was sad news, too. It turns out that Antoine is going to be leaving for Milwaukee (from where he will fly out for Florida, where he's spending Christmas with family) right after my last final on Friday, so I probably won't be able to see him after Thursday, :(
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So....OMG. First of all, yes, I suck at life and I need to study and not do Everything But Study. I could have done other things today! I could have gone grocery shopping! Or, you know, studied.

Anyway, I watched episode 1.08 of Angel tonight, and OMG IT WAS GOOD!

I think next time, I might want to be heinous with Buffy season 5 and Angel season 2, and alternate episodes? Because every time there are crossover events, I'm all, "OMG, I want to go back and watch those two right in a row!"

OMF, Spoilers )
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(BTW, blog titles that are not self-explanatory are still being taken from Wizard People. If only so Steph will nod in approval while she reads.)

I had a post written last night, and then I fell asleep. WTF. Classes are over. I've made the first steps toward job-searching. Do I write about specifics on the blog? Theoretically, the majority of my readership is also my competition, and I am an ambitious whore. So......YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT I DID.

Things I'm Reading
I started A Great and Terrible Beauty today (reading throughout my entire English lecture, as I can't stand it), and I like it. Although, for how much people love it, some of the writing seems.....not so great. Especially Gemma's interactions with the other girls her age. I don't know. Are they making this into a movie? It seems like it wouldn't feel the same at all, without her biting commentary. Ah, well. The plot's interesting enough, anyway.

I don't know why I keep reading the Naruto manga. I am through volume 25 (chapter 225), and I just feel like it's not all that great. When one battle takes 4-8 volumes to resolve....? I lose interest. I'm also not a fan of....
I dunno. I've stuck with it this long, I'm going to hang around until the Shippuden arc starts and see if it starts throwing bucket loads of awesome on to pages, and if Sakura stops frickin' moping all the time, and maybe I'll keep going. I think I would just like it a whole lot more if it didn't take so damn long for the plot to progress. I now understand why the anime has so much filler. It wouldn't be very hard to catch up with a pace set by a turtle.

And other things
I'm still really glad that I took off of work next week. I couldn't focus at all today when I was there. How can you? You walk around giant slabs of marble and Greco-Roman paintings and statues, deliver pieces of paper that make legislation happen, and have endless conversations with intelligent peers in the basement. I'm really going to miss my job when I leave it, :/ This is the best job I've ever had.

It's so hard to focus once finals start. All I can think about is going Christmas shopping, and what books I want to read and shows I want to watch. Most of all, I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the fact that I'm going to graduate in May and really have no idea what I'm doing. I've entertained the thought of presenting a cool and collected persona via my blog, buuuut.....we all know that that's just not my style.

Whatever. Because we all need an lol.....I am still registered for Ballroom Dancing next semester.

I'm off to try and get a bit of Christmas shopping done now, and then go and see "Blade Runner" on the big screen with Antoine and some of his friends. I've only seen Blade Runner once, and I think I might have fallen asleep and not understood it. Or, possibly, both. I feel like it's one of those things that I should like, though, so I'm going to try again. If nothing else, I can fall asleep on Antoine in the movie theater, which is always a win.
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The last 15 hours or so have been exhausting. Anime Club was nice enough. Lovely Complex had some really good episodes, we played Apples to Apples, and Black Lagoon was ridiculously good (and disturbing). People in the Alt.Room watched some Fullmetal Alchemist, and had a pile of games as well.

After that, I went to a couple of bars with my co-workers, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was pretty tired the whole time, having gotten up early and just watched four hours' worth of anime. Large bars that are packed are creepy. I don't like them. I looked like hell, and I'm not just being all, "I will say that I looked like crap so that you can reassure me of how beautiful I am!" I was dressed for the walk home, so I had a long-sleeved shirt and a hooded sweatshirt on, carrying a bulky coat, and a backpack. My hair was frizzed out, so I had it pulled into a low ponytail, which can make me look pretty masculine. Whatever. Still, when I'm sitting down with a beer and happen to catch the glance of any guy I don't know, I'm met with creepy-as-fuck up-and-down eye movement and a slow smile. How do these guys score with girls? They're not interesting or flirty. It seems like they'll bang anything that moves, which is about the least-attractive thing ever. I understand we all have sex drives, but good God.

After scoring a free beer from a friend, I hung around for a while, and then bundled up and set out for home. The bus schedule really sucks on the weekends. The only buses that run after 11pm are the campus ones, and they are irregular. I didn't want to stand around just hoping, so I walked. It's 2 miles from where I started to my house, and all of the sidewalks and streets were just piles of snow with a layer of wet ice on top. Every time I put weight on a foot, the foot slid about 4 inches, making it really tiring. I talked to Antoine on my phone for the first half of the walk, and then when I got by his house, he came outside and carried my backpack and held my hand for the whole rest of the way to my house. Antoine is the nicest boyfriend ever! I like him! Everyone should appreciate him.

At least I felt better than some of the people we saw outside.... The female half of a drunk couple on the other side of the road fell down on the sidewalk curb, and started hitting her boyfriend when he tried to help her out, and they threw snow at each other. The scariest person I came across was a girl bundled in a coat, scarf, and wearing a backpack, lying on her side in a parking lot just kind of flailing, yelling, "HEATHER!" The bottom kind of dropped out of my stomach as I was like, WTF, should I call the cops or just try to help her up? Then, a girl in a sweatsuit came running across the footbridge that spans Campus Drive and consoled the fallen girl, helping her stand up, and draping her arm across her back so that she could walk. College students are so WTF. Also, alcoholics. I wouldn't be surprised at all if at least 50% of us were seriously alcoholics.

This morning, the snow had turned to a heavy slush. Louise, her boyfriend, and I used shovels and a snow plow to clear the sidewalk and the driveway of the mess. My car had been on the street, and was surrounded by snow. By gunning it forward and backwards a few times, I almost got it free, but then it got pretty hopelessly stuck between piles of sludge. Lots of rubber was burnt trying to get it free, and we were prepared to shovel it out somehow, when a man and his daughter in a truck came by, and offered to use a rope to pull us free. People are so nice! Now my car is on the other side of the street, looking much more car-like, and less like a trapped animal.

I guess it's time to take a shower to warm up and make myself much less disgusting, eat something good for lunch, and use yesterday's library-work to write this damn paper. I'm not worried about this one (although it and tomorrow's stupid discussion presentation will take me all day), but the genocide paper I have due on Thursday is supposed to be 8-10 pages, and that is scary. I'm going to be comparing the Trail of Tears to Armenia, but I have yet to acquire....any sources, whatsoever. ;_;

It's so hard to work when I have Buffy and Angel lying around, along with so much manga. And such a messy room. Seriously, I can barely stand being in here, :(
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Soon, I will leave my house and go to ShopKo. If any of you are home, do feel free to visit me! I'll be there from 11am until 8:30pm. It will be hilarious. I guess the store has some kind of new "savings" cards that I'm supposed to pimp from my register? OR NOT.

Presumably, I will have an hour-long break (hopefully) about in the middle, so don't come then. Also, do feel free to call up Antoine, who will be in my house, either reading or doing math problems from his math book. I did not think that such people existed - people who, after graduating, and getting a nice job, continue to do math in their free time. But Antoine is one of these people.

Last night around 9pm, we saw people in tents and underneath mountains of blankets outside Circuit City and Best Buy. Who are these people?

I did some shopping myself yesterday! Right after the Packer game, so we were pretty much the only people inside the store, except for those who had been watching football on the HDTV. I got a purse, a belt, and the second season of Buffy on DVD, all of which are on sale. If anyone needs cheap Buffy, they have full seasons at ShopKo for $16.99! I think it goes through Saturday, if you're avoiding stores today.

The holiday at my sister's house was nice. I am a bit upset that leftovers will be had for dinner there tonight, and Antoine will get some and I will not. Also, WTF is up with us arriving at my sister's, four people through the door at once, and all my nieces and nephew say is, "ANT-WOHN! ANT-WOHN!" HELLO, I AM YOUR AUNT, KTHX.
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I'm feeling quite cynical tonight. It's annoying. Makes it hard to get shit done. My room is a mess, and I don't care. Some bastard egged my car yesterday, so I got to enjoy that at 10pm when I went out for gas. Also, my paper is still terrible, but it's complete enough that I'll be able to tidy it up and print it in the morning. Too bad my thesis sucks. At least it's done. I should have taken tomorrow off from work so that I could actually have time to clean, pack, and tie up loose ends before going home. :/ Hopefully I'll at least get some homework done at work tomorrow.

~Complete shift in mood is due to having written the rest of this entry hours ago~

Holy crap, it's almost time for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Day will be pretty lol. Antoine (a native of Flint, MI) has told me that he intends to cheer for the Detroit Lions. My family lives in Green Bay. Antoine thinks that this will be hilarious. I think that Antoine really doesn't understand what he's doing. I hope my boyfriend will survive this holiday!

Manga inspires scholarship
I'm now working on volume 2 of the Cantarella manga, and I am so in love! The main character is Cesare Borgia, the subject of Machiavelli's "The Prince." In fact, Machiavelli is a character in the manga! So awesome! So far, I am a fan of Cesare and his sister, Lucrezia. Today, I stopped at Memorial Library and picked up 3 books on the two of them. Not that I'll have any time to read them, but....I'll probably do it anyway, forgoing homework.

Clamp School Detectives, vol. 1-3 (no spoilers)
But today is not the day to blog about Cantarella! Instead, I will blog about the 3-volume manga series, "Clamp School Detectives," by (you guessed it!) CLAMP. Nokoru, Souh, and Akira are elementary school kids at Clamp School, a virtual self-sufficient city of itself. Students at the school range from kindergarten all the way through graduate school. Our heroes make up the Student Board for the elementary school. Each student board has complete control over its students, trumping the PTA, teachers, and the headmaster. What kind of boys does it take to have so much responsibility? Well, I'm glad you asked! Take Nokoru - he is only in fifth grade, but he is so intelligent that he has already been scouted by NASA! Not only that, but he is so attractive that girls at every age level are in love with him and his two cohorts. Not only THAT, but he is filthy rich.

Nokoru's fangirls: Can we take a picture of you?!
Random Girl: I want to put it in my locker!
Random Girl 2: I want to frame mine for my bedroom wall!
Random Girl 3: Me, too!
Random Girl 4: And Me!
Nokoru (surrounded by shojo bubbles and flower petals): Of course. *poses*
Random Girl 3: I'm so happy! I'll treasure this forever, Nokoru-sama!
Nokoru: I'm happy to be of service.
Random Girl 4: Who'd have thought a third grader could be such a gentleman?

Who'd have thought, indeed. Yes, welcome to shojo manga. In addition to their student government duties, the three boys form a detective agency, given that Nokoru has the ability to locate any "damsel in distress" in a two-kilometer radius. Together, the boys work to solve the mysteries that crop up, while also managing to get their student government paperwork finished (and, of course, give lectures in university classes, because hey, did I mention they were smart yet?!). The series is fluffy fun, and amusing because of how ridiculous it is. In the last volume, two of the boys get a little bit more characterization, but even that is so absurd that it's still funny. Somehow, a 26-episode anime series was made out of this. It might be nice for kids, but I think it'd be pretty boring. I might check it out some day, just to see what the voice actors are like. I look forward to seeing the boys in other CLAMP series, and discovering how they grow up.


Nov. 19th, 2007 11:59 pm
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I don't know what it is about my Brit Lit class that just utterly kills me, but it does. I remember having a horrible time writing my first paper, and I have been this time, too. It's due Wednesday at 5pm. My original goal was to have it done to turn in today during discussion, but that didn't happen. Then, my goal was to turn it in tomorrow during lecture. But I don't think that's going to happen, either. Tonight I have a complete draft and a solid(ish) thesis, but now I'd prefer to be able to edit it tomorrow.

My part-time job in the town where my parents live was working in a retail store. And I'll be returning there the day after Thanksgiving....for one day only! But I called them to find out what my hours are...since I haven't worked since January, they didn't want me early in the morning (ie, no waking up at 4am for me, SWEET). BUT, they put me down for working 11am to 8:30pm! Grrr.....I get a 1-hour break, but whatever. My employers expect that I will use this hour to go and shop in the store. Instead, I will run across the street and read manga in large, plushie chairs. Working the day after Thanksgiving isn't all that bad. It's the only day of the year our store ever schedules enough people, and they usually give us free Subway sandwiches and cookies. WHICH IS COOL WITH ME!
Still, I'm bringing Antoine home with me for the holiday, and he will need something to do. Poor Antoine, :( Let us pity him, and the possibility that he might have to spend all 9.5 hours with my family.

First of all, seeing this was fun, because I went with my friends Gretchen, Jaci, Jaci's boyfriend Tim, and Sandy. Also, it was fun BECAUSE WE SAW IT IN 3D. The entire movie was in 3D! It was so awesome.

I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. I feel like the animation looked better in the movie than it did in the preview. People's skin had very fine hairs on it, like on the outside of Beowulf's nose. Extremely detailed. Animation of the horses was very weak, and the fabrics on people's bodies was weird. But overall, the animation was quite beautiful.

The feel of the Anglo-Saxons was totally awesome - burping, drinking, sexing, and above all - bragging like no tomorrow.

As for the story itself? Well, a lot was changed. And because I am an English major, I have Things to Say About That )

I will be so glad when this paper is done. Never mind that I have three more to work on....

Note to Self: Things You Must Blog About
* Clamp School Detectives manga
* Tokyo Babylon manga
* Cantarella manga (OMG AMAZING)

Current Music: Red Fraction - MELL (Black Lagoon opening)
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Okay. So, I fell into my pit of angst on Thursday night, as evidenced by Thursday's blog entry. Thanks for nice comments. I never know how to reply to them. If I figure out what to say, I will (except for Ryan's comment, to which I say, YES, HOT BOY ANIME NIGHT(S) DURING CHRISTMAS BREAK, I AM ALREADY PLANNING SCHEDULES IN MY HEAD! :)

As much as I tell people I hate them, and I would much rather sit by myself in a room forever with all of the books, comics, anime, and TV shows I could ever watch, I am a social creature. This is probably due to spending the first 18 years of my life surrounded by family and lots of friends who forced to me go and do things, whether I wanted to or not. And now when I feel like crap, it's like I expect a group of people I feel comfortable with to just fall out of the sky and take me somewhere fun. Which does happen sometimes! But not usually. I mean, that's so weird, right? I have to like, call people, to do things? Make a plan? Ask them? *le gasp*

So what made my mood so much better? Being with people, obviously. On Friday, I went to a co-worker party (being an hour late so that I could watch the new Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, I am so awesome!) in Sun Prairie. Being a designated driver meant that I had a full proof excuse to not drink, which was good, as I feel that drinking lots of alcohol the day after falling into a pit of angst would not have been good. The party was a lot of fun. During the summer, I used to go out at least once a week with my work friends, but now it's the semester, and some of us (me included) don't like going out on school nights, and have weekends reserved for other friends. So, yay.

Saturday, I hung out with Antoine, went to Anime Club (OMF, I love Lovely Complex and Black Lagoon! Even though the first time I saw the first episode of Black Lagoon I wasn't too impressed. I will blog about them sometime), and then to Gordon's.

On Sunday, Gretchen came over and we watched five episodes of Buffy in a row AND IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. Spoilers through the end of disc 5, season 4! )

Also, she left me with the rest of season 4, the first season of Angel, and season 5 of Buffy. I will show restraint! I will get schoolwork done! .....Maybe. After getting groceries, I then went to Antoine's to do homework. It was awesome! Antoine learned things about the menstrual cycle that he never knew before. :)

OMG, I also had the best weekend on Bookmooch EVAR. Do you want to know what I got in the last two days alone? DO YOU? Fear not. I will tell you.
- Please Save My Earth, volume 1
- Angel Sanctuary, volumes 2 and 3 (I've already gotten volume 1 off Bookmooch!)
- Magic Knight Rayearth, volumes 4, 5, and 6 (I intend to ask for the 1-3 omnibus for Christmas)
- Chobits, volumes 2-8 (I already got volume 1 off Bookmooch).
AND THUS, I AM VICTORIOUS, although I did annihilate the points I had been shoring up. I really need to weed through the books I have with me here at school, and do it again when I go home. It's all for the manga, yo.

Anyway, off to take a midterm now. Let's hope that I don't suck! OMF, tonight I'm watching Heroes with [livejournal.com profile] sasha_feather! It's going to be awesome!
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I really do intend to blog a lot more often than I do. But by the time it gets to be the time of day that I have time to blog, I am despondent and know that if I blog, I will sound whiny. Such is the case right now, but I will proceed anyway.

Of course, you all might want to know how I win against my slings and arrows: it is by going to Antoine's house and demanding that he cuddle with me.
"Your face is in my armpit."
"It's warm here," I say, pulling his arm down so it drapes around my neck.
"Your nose feels cold."
"It is!" I say, pulling down his arm again, so that it covers my neck (which is cold!)
"Jackie, I'm trying to put my glasses on!"
"Oh." And then we giggled a lot.

Also! Antoine threw a blanket on me, because I was cold.
"Thank you, Antoine! You're so nice to me! I like you!"
".....This blanket is cold."
"I hate you! You're so mean to me!"

Tomorrow is September 11th, and I can still never understand why every year, people will say things like, "Never forget" or "Remember September 11th." I would like to say to these people, "Thank you. I think I would have forgotten that September 11th happened, if you hadn't just reminded me." I mean, really. Can't these people urge people to remember something they might have actually forgotten about? To brush their teeth? That the United States has a lot of poor people? I don't know. There are a lot of things that people do that I don't understand.

Anime Club started this weekend, and it was good. On the morning of, I really didn't want to go because The Flaming Lips were going to be playing at a free outside concert (Antoine and a couple of his friends went and I was so jealous), and I was afraid that I would have a horrible time at Club, but it turned out that I didn't.

During the last month or so of summer, we had a couple of meetings to decide to restructure the way the entire Anime Club is run, and to make it a better tool for socializing. I think last night went really well. There was more conversation in the main room than I've ever heard, anyway. It's difficult to get anti-social people to talk to one another, but somehow it was accomplished. The only thing that sucked was that less people than we usually get on a first night were present, and some people who are students who still go to school here just didn't show up. It's really disheartening, because I and other people have put so much thought into changing the Club for the better, and then they don't give it a chance. Oh well, though - I can only ever control myself, so I shouldn't worry about it.

Anyway. I am exhausted, and I still didn't finish everything that I had intended to finish today. It has grown cold outside, and it finally feels like autumn. This is good news to me, as a humid, hot summer in Madison has solidified in my mind, once and for all, that autumn is my favorite season.

Our mail hasn't come since last week Friday, and I am anxious to receive my Buffy DVD from Netflix. Stupid postal service.
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For some reason, I feel flustered when surrounded by a lot of people, and I guess I hadn't noticed it until today. I hadn't realized that I felt self-conscious when surrounded by my peers with no hope of finding secluded space ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS until now.

Most of my classes seem okay, except that I had to sit by rude people in most of them. That sucked, :(

It was hot out today, almost up to 90 degrees, and combining this with bad cramps and feeling winded all the time (due to cramp-related issues), it was just bad. I hate perspiring. A lot.

Gordon and I wrote some messages in sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks to advertise for Anime Club. By that point I was crabby and hot again, and felt like dying, so I went to Antoine's. He was having a bad evening too, because his allergies were making his eyes hurt. So we had some woeful cuddling, and I left feeling better.

I also talked to my friend-since-1st-grade Heather for the first time in some months, which was also very nice.

I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I like work, and the people I work with, and the fact that I'll probably be able to get some homework done.

Anyway, I attempted to do homework, couldn't, and am now going to bed instead. Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day.
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Today has been one of the coolest days I can remember in a long time, and I think that it's because I had no specific place to be all day long, be it a social obligation or work or whatever. It was amazing.

But other things happened before today. On Saturday, there was a Family Reunion for my dad's side of the family. My parents live in town with almost all of my maternal cousins, so I get to see them a lot. The only person from my dad's side who I get to see regularly is his sister (my grandparents have all died - most of them before I was born). So, it was nice to see so many people, including those I've never met before. I think there were about 100 people at this reunion, and my dad had a good time. There's a definite difference between my mom and dad's relatives - whereas my mom's family would be making sarcastic jokes and not talk too seriously unless there's good gossip, my dad's family will smile shyly at one another and leave huge gaps in conversation, and will converse on anything from farming to politics to family lore. I took a lot of pictures, which will eventually find their way to Facebook, and possibly this blog. My navigation skills are awesome! I made it there and back all by myself!

Tomorrow, Antoine and I will have reached our one-year anniversary of dating (WTF, I know). Since he has a real job, we really only have time to have a good dinner tomorrow, so on Sunday we went out for brunch at Mickie's Dairy Bar (holy crap, so good!!) and then went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful. There is a royal Thai pavilion, and it was gorgeous. But, I got to go on a date with Antoine, and he is cute and I like him. :) Also, neither of us had ever been to the Dairy Bar or the Gardens, so it was nice.

I accomplished much today, especially considering how much I sat around and enjoyed the non-structure. I obtained a street parking pass and a new bus pass. I purchased folders and notebooks for the upcoming semester, and bought one needed book at Half-Price Books, and 8 more online at abebooks.com (A nice site, and sometimes cheaper than Amazon!). Oooh! At Half-Price Books, I also bought a computer game of Avatar: The Last Airbender for $3.98. Bwaha!

I also actually got to make three full meals, PLUS I successfully made egg drop soup for the first time! One of my resolutions for the New Year was to learn how to cook more things, so that's a plus. Also, it actually looks and tastes like egg drop soup! Woot!

I've been able to read manga and watch a little anime, too. I'm working on reading Naruto and Nausicaa, and catching up on Romeo x Juliet and NANA. My favorites of these four are far and away Nausicaa and NANA. I feel like RxJ has been lame lately, which sucks because it had so much potential! I hate when anime ends up laming out. I'll stick with it, buuut....man.

Oh yeah! One of the coolest parts today was going through this thick manga catalog that I had purchased in Mitsuwa a few weeks ago because of a nice Final Fantasy Tactics illustration on the back cover that I wanted to put on my wall. The catalog only cost $1, so it was worth it to me. Little did I know how much awesomeness was inside! There is a page of Pirates of the Caribbean dojinshi!! Also, there was a neato poster and a few pages of manga about some random characters I don't recognize that look neat and might inspire writing. Best of all, one manga had a number of pictures of a character who looks exactly how I imagine Gali, a character in my Ghost Hunters story. You know, if she was an anime character. Now I need to figure out where to put all these pictures.....maybe I can make the creepy little nook in my room into a collage of pictures to inspire writing, and I can go and sit in there and write things.

Feeling relaxed and creative are two things I haven't felt in a while. I am not exhausted! Taking this week off was a good idea. I hope this semester doesn't suck too much, and I can't hang on to this. It's sad, because this summer while I worked 40 hours a week, I always felt too exhausted to write. But during the school year, especially fall, I always get the itch to write. But if this is my last year of school, does that mean I'll lose it forever? I already barely write as it is. I hope I don't! That would be sad.
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Weekend Recap
This weekend was intense! On Friday night, I went to a bar on Capitol Square with Antoine and some of our friends. It was the first time I had made an open tab with my debit card at a bar....and then I forgot the card there, and didn't realize it until we were half-way down State Street! I borrowed one friend's bike, and another friend's helmet, and booked it to the bar and back. I wish I had my bike here! Even if I didn't ride it to school or work, it would be nice to have for exercise.

Saturday, Antoine and I drove down to Mitsuwa, the Japanese marketplace outside of Chicago, for its annual Bon Odori Festival. Many Japanese Americans were dressed in traditional clothing, and it was awesome. I was a little put-off by the few non-Japanese Americans who chose to show up dressed as anime characters. I don't know. Maybe I'm too judgmental. It just felt really weird. A cultural festival is not the same thing as an anime convention, where it is expected that people freak out and wear cat-ears and dress like what's-his-name from the series Bleach. I don't know. It felt disrespectful, but I don't feel as though I'm eloquent enough to articulate why.

Other things done/obtained at Mitsuwa )

Antoine and I spent the night at a friend's house in Kenosha, along with 4 other friends. In the morning, we ate doughnuts and then went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I had picked an excellent combination: skirt (hella hot and humid) and socks/shoe-boots (had recently rained; lots of mud), although it looked pretty ridiculous, I'll admit. I did a good job of not buying much of the expensive, pretty things that are at the Renaissance Faire. I did get a sterling silver necklace, with a Celtic pendant that has an onyx in the middle of it, though.

Antoine and I ended our trip with a dinner at Real Chili, and it was delicious. I came home exhausted, but it was a pretty sweet weekend!

Hello, World.
Also, what the hell, I'm actually going to be in Madison this weekend, and thus far, my only plans are for Friday night (and a possible slight hangover on Saturday). Sooooo....let me know if anybody is up for anything! Gretchen, maybe we could watch the last disc of season 3 of Buffy this weekend!

I have updated my Bookmooch inventory with some of the random sci-fi stuff I picked up at the sale last week. So, if you see anything you like, you should mooch it! Also, if there's something really good in there, let me know, because I haven't read all of them (except for the Dawson's Creek books. I definitely read all of those. Shut up.) In spite of lots of manga being uploaded and mooched by people who are not me while I sleep, or while I'm at work, I still have lots of CLAMP titles that should be coming my way. Bookmooch is a pretty nifty website.

It is International Blog Against Racism Week. I will start with some links.

If you have not heard the story about the Jena 6, then you should read about it here, at NPR's website.
And after that, you can go here to watch some footage of the families of those involved, etc. It is an appalling story about how a racist culture is very much still alive.

The terms 'racism' and 'racist' tend to get people all riled up. It's scary to most white people to be called out on their racism, because they don't try to be racist. And thus, here is an excellent article to read, especially if you are white, such as I am. How not to be insane when accused of racism (a guide for white people). The guide is directed at white people, of course, because in the United States as in other places, they benefit from white privilege.

Oyceter had a nice post defining terms, such as "white privilege," and race (as a biologically artificial construct, which has become socially real).

Links are a good place to start. I will perhaps write something of my own wording before the week is out, but for now, there is a bit of work to be done for sleep.
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I have lots of windows open to do a linkspam with (the Internets were hopping today), but I'm too lazy to do any of that, except for this one. THAT'S RIGHT, TED STEVENS. YOU HAVE BEEN PWN3D.

Today was a good day even though I was pretty lazy. I bought groceries at the Regent Street Co-Op for the first time, so I guess that was exciting.

WTF, on the drive Up North, Antoine and I were driving through Green Bay and all of a sudden, Antoine goes, "So who's this Lombardi guy? Everything's named after him." And I was like, WTFAREYOUKIDDING? He wasn't, and I got even more angry because he thought it was cute that I was upset.

Steph has finally read Harry Potter (after years of only seeing the movies, and loving them, and me being like, WTFTHEBOOKSAREBETTER. Now, in her words, she reads Harry Potter during every meal except dinner, and also reads while she brushes her teeth. *cackle* I kind of want to reread book 7 already. There are so many deliciously angsty scenes!

I've started reading some Naruto manga, and so far Kakashi is my favorite character. He's pretty funny.

.....The end!


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