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Aug. 24th, 2017 12:09 am
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1. I hired a few new people this week, so hopefully they'll work out.

2. We had gyoza and edamame for dinner. (And I bought a package of curry roux while I was at it, so I can make curry tomorrow.)

3. Tomorrow is my day off! And I have no plans to go out or do anything!

4. Came home and saw this cutie Chloe in the bed.

River that turns people to wood?

Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:48 pm
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Looking for a short series (2 or 3) books that I read as a pre-teen.

I'm pretty sure the main part of the story revolved around a female character trying to escape a ruling class of bird-like (?) people.

There are really only one thing I remember clearly... that there was a river that turned living creatures who fell into it into wood. There was a ship captain who had pulled out a pregnant woman who had fallen in. He sketched her everyday and realized she was trying to speak,but moving super slowly. I think he ended up removing her child, who was then some kind of living wood creature.

These weren't the main characters from what I can remember. I really hope this rings a bell with someone, it's been bothering me for the last 15 years!


Aug. 24th, 2017 03:20 am
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Posted by shingworks

This is the first page that both of them have talked face to face, I think! It’s going great!

Some amazing news to start with, The Meek was nominated for an Ignatz!! I unfortunately can’t attend this year, but if YOU are attending SPX, you are eligible to vote, and I’d be honored if you’d consider voting for TM… To celebrate the nom, I’ll be updating The Meek once a week for sure until SPX happens~ so yeah see you here next week

This is actually the first time The Meek has been nominated for anything (also, the first time I’ve submitted it, not sure if there’s a correlation there), I am just really excited :’] Another collection I was in, The Elements Anthology, was also nominated! Please check them out and defs consider them also~

On Saturday and Sunday I WILL however be a guest at Boise Library Comic Con, so if you are from around those parts, please feel free to stop by this free event and harass me for spoilers or whatever…

For Patrons, you got a some hot WIP action last night, as well as a bit of shop talk about word bubbles, in case you missed it! Also for Patrons, a new tutorial about story pacing went up! And for non-Patrons, the free-to-read: worldbuilding tutorial is also posted, because everyone gets to learn things… as usual, all of my tutorials go free-to-read 6 months after Patreon publication.

Not Meek related, but my other webcomic Mare Internum has a small Kickstarter going, which ends in a little under a day, so idk why you’d be interested but I figure I’d better list it for completion’s sake or so archaeologists can read this later and piece my boring life together from this trail of documentation and dead hyperlinks

And as usual, digital books are for sale on Comixology, for sale irl below, and I’m working on Amazon but they are slow but I think you guys probably have stopped reading so whatever. I’m going to go eat some oatmeal


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I feel like it’s been interesting playing a little with the definitions of what’s “important”, what “matters”, etc – on the one hand, Ultimates is about literally everything that has ever been in the Marvel Universe, but at the same time it’s not about Iron Man. And I’m allowed to wander off and grow this cosmic garden and make wonderful things out of it because I can do that without stepping on too many toes. We’re operating on such a big scale that it’s almost like when particle physicists reveal that actually the universe is a hologram and all the information of our lives is encoded on the outer walls of spacetime, or whatever it is this week. It’s great, and it blows your mind, and it’s wonderful to know that human beings are able to come together and explore this territory… but it doesn’t pay your bills or fix your car, at least not in a way you can immediately see. So, yeah, we now have an idea that Marvel’s multiversal history is much bigger and broader than we thought – but at the same time, that’s not likely to pop up in a Daredevil story. -- Al Ewing

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To explain this scene would take me hours, so I'll just encourage you to read Project Superpowers: Herokillers because it's hilarious. This month's issue has a sneaked in Rick and Morty cameo on this page

Project Superpowers Herokillers issue 4
project superpowers herokillers


Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:00 pm
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Posted by mugumogu


Hana:[I caught great game.]

Hana:[I cannot help  shaking it.]

Maru:[That is her strange habit.]



New Comic Book Day: August 23, 2017

Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:19 pm
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This post is for discussion and reviews of new comics for the week of August 23! Feel free to start threads for anything you've just read, want to read, or are curious about.

Here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

[ SECRET POST #3885 ]

Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:09 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3885 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


Secrets Left to Post: 01 pages, 24 secrets from Secret Submission Post #555.
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 0 - repeat ].
Current Secret Submissions Post: here.
Suggestions, comments, and concerns should go here.

Manga the Week of 8/30/17

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:52 pm
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Posted by Sean Gaffney


ASH: Lots of stuff!!

SEAN: J-Novel Club starts us off, with a second volume of color-coded heroine series Demon King Daimaou.

And also a second volume of Infinite Dendrogram, which seems to be… just about a gamer in a VR world. What, he’s not trapped or anything? Pff.

Another Del Rey rescue bites the dust with the 21st and final volume of Alive.

ASH: It’s been a long time since I’ve read the beginning of Alive. Now that the series has been completed, maybe it’s time I revisit it.

SEAN: Aho Girl was amazingly stupid but amusing, so I look forward to Volume 2.

On the digital front, Altair: A Record of Battles has a 3rd volume.

And on the Michelle front, there’s a 4th DAYS.

MICHELLE: Heh, you know it! Also, I really do need to read Altair.

ASH: Same!

ANNA: I haven’t read the first volume of Altair yet, but I will!

SEAN: The title that nobody remembers (even Amazon, who hasn’t listed it), we get a 3rd DEATHTOPIA from the creator of Cage of Eden.

More Michelle volumes with a 5th Giant Killing.

MICHELLE: Seinen sports manga is such fun!

ASH: I want this series in print so, so much! The anime adaptation was great, too.

SEAN: House of the Sun got of to a fast start but slowed down after that. Here’s a 6th book.

MICHELLE: I’ve started this series but struggled to connect with the characters. I haven’t given up, though.

SEAN: Briefly back to print for a debut. Kigurumi Guardians is a shoujo title from Nakayoshi, but its creator, Lily Hoshino, is better known for her BL titles. No surprise then that this manga has a lot of pretty boys.

MICHELLE: I’m hoping this is fun.

ASH: Hoshino’s manga can be a little hit-or-miss for me, but I’m definitely curious.

ANNA: Hmm, I am curious too!

SEAN: Another forgotten by Amazon digital title, B&N lists a 29th Space Brothers volume. Apologies for forgetting to mention the first 28 or so. It’s a great series.

ASH: Yes!

SEAN: Seven Seas has a sea of titles next week, including three debuts. The first is Absolute Duo. It’s based on a light novel. It’s from Comic Alive. It takes place at an academy filled with fighting. My lineface can possibly be seen from space, but I’ll add it just in case. :|


SEAN: Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor is another debut this week. It’s based on a light novel. It’s from Shonen Ace. It takes place at an academy filled with fighting. :|

MICHELLE: *snerk*

SEAN: A Certain Scientific Accelerator has hit its 6th volume, and despite ALSO being a spinoff of a light novel title that runs in an otaku-oriented magazine and taking place at an academy filled with fighting, I quite enjoy it.

Theoretically, Don’t Meddle with My Daughter should get points for at least NOT being based off a light novel or taking place at an academy of fighting students. However, it runs in Young King and apparently has two doujinshi sequels by the author that are actual porn, so let’s just say my hopes are not high. It’s about a retired superhero mom who returns to action to protect her daughter, who is now taking over the family business, so to speak. Oh yes, it’s also by the creator of Dance in the Vampire Bund. It’s almost the perfect anti-Manga Bookshelf title.

MICHELLE: Sounds like it.

ANNA: It could be the Manga Bookshelf Kryptonite.

SEAN: And along the same lines, we have a 12th Monster Musume, which can be very ecchi. And not only that, but…

Yes, we’ve hit the trifecta of vaguely H titles, an 8th Pandora in the Crimson Shell! BINGO!

On the Vertical front, there is a 9th Cardfight!! Vanguard, which has fights… with cards! (Yeah, yeah, shut up.)

Vertical also has the 2nd Nisemonogatari novel, Tsukihi Phoenix, which features the youngest of the Araragi siblings, though honestly Karen’s toothbrushing scene will likely get all the attention. Also, are fans still going to be dagnabbit mad? Probably.

Yen has some digital titles, with new Corpse Princess (12), Gesellschaft Blume (2), IM: Great Priest Imhotep (2), and Saki (12). Something for everybody.

ASH: Saki!

SEAN: And of course there’s always a Yen straggler, and next week it’s Dimension W’s 7th volume. Why they always delay one or two books to the next week, I dunno. It’s one of those manga mysteries.

As you can see, there is much to choose from, though my colleagues may be staring at this and saying “Yeah, um…” So what are you getting?

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Posted by JenniferP

Sometimes letters just stack up together in a sequence sort of perfectly. Thank you, Letter Writers!

Ahoy, Cap’n!

I am a frequent lurker, sometimes commenter, and I have a question that probably has a pretty easy answer, but as I am super awkward myself sometimes, especially in dating, I am struggling to figure it out on my own. Maybe you and/or readers can help.

Do you have any advice/scripts for what to do/say when someone you’re interested in dating wants to talk on the phone and you have an aversion to phone conversations? Like, I’m fine online, and through text, and I have no problem with face-to-face conversations. But something about sitting on the phone with someone (especially someone I’ve never actually met face to face, but even someone I’ve already met) gives me a serious case of anxiety. I only have long phone conversations with good friends who I’ve known for years, and that’s only once in a great while. I wasn’t like this as a teenager – I liked having long phone calls with boys! It’s just something that, as an adult in the dating world, I’m not comfortable with. Unfortunately, many of the men I try to date get awfully pushy about it, even when I say something like, “I’m not really a phone person.”

Do you have any advice for how to be more direct about this without offending anyone, or maybe how to explain it so that they understand that it’s not them, it’s really me? Also, am I weird for having this phobia at all?

Thanks so much!

Always Hoping For Voicemail

Dear Always Hoping:

Entire businesses exist to let you avoid talking on the phone so, it’s not just you!

“I’m not really a phone person” is pretty darn clear. You could add “I prefer not to” or “Let’s save it for the date” or “No, I’d rather not” but you’re not being exactly mysterious in your demurrals. “I really like you and I’m excited to meet up next week, but I’m super not a phone person and I’d much rather just wait until we’re hanging out” is not mean or rude or weird. Or unclear.

In the most generous interpretation, I can see why someone you’ve only chatted with online wants to talk, even briefly, on the phone before meeting in person. It can be a safety thing, like, are you a real person are you really at this number is the person who is coming to the cafe tomorrow really going to be the same person I’ve been talking to? So, “I’m not really a phone person, but sure, I’ve got 2 minutes” can work if it’s someone you’re just meeting for the first time. If at the end of two minutes you still want to talk to the person more, that’s a good sign.

Of course, it can also be a safety/dominance thing in the other direction, like, when you give a potential date person your phone number for “I am running late to the restaurant, see you in 15” texting purposes and they use it for “Hi, you are my best new texting buddy and I will send you my every waking thought and also call you whenever I’m thinking ’boutcha, which is all the time, Lover!” purposes. There is a safety argument and a boundaries!!! argument for keeping everything inside the world of the dating site or app messenger at first vs. giving a stranger a way to constantly reach you on a device you probably carry with you everywhere at all times. Sadly some people hear “I don’t really like that” and take it as a challenge (see previous letter).

Whether or not your phone anxiety is normal, I think what you have here is can work as a built-in Are We Compatible? detector. When you say “I’m not really a phone person but I’ve got 2 minutes” or “Hey, it’s not personal, but I don’t like to talk on the phone with people I don’t know well, let’s just save it for our date?” and the other person says “Sure, no worries!” or “Listen I know the phone thing is weird but it’s a safety thing for me, can we talk for literally 30 seconds so I know you won’t Catfish me and vice versa?” you can probably work with that.

When, on the other hand, a person says, “Awww, whyyyyyyyyyyy, don’t you liiiiiiiiike me” or otherwise tries to push past your polite “no thank you”, take it as permission to say “I don’t like the phone and I don’t like grownups who think ‘wheedling’ is a good strategy, so this isn’t going to work out, good luck out there, though!” and think no more about them. Like, when they get all pushy with you, what do these men think is going to happen? That you’ll be like “Oh, baby, sorry, you’re right, I love the phone now, thanks for curing my anxiety with your big strong assertive phone-talking powers!” Ugh. No.

Phone anxiety can be part of a social anxiety disorder, and if your anxiety is fucking with your life – you wish you liked talking on the phone, you can’t make phone calls that you need to make, for instance – it’s worth checking into with a mental health pro. But for our purposes, it’s not about whether or not something is normal or usual, it’s about you giving the person you might end up dating information about a preference you have. A good person is going to say “You don’t like the phone, cool, noted” and drop the subject and be glad that they have the information. Someone who treats “no” as the opening to a negotiation is going to bug the shit out of you in all kinds of other ways. They are giving you a gift (an annoying gift, but still, a gift) by manifesting this behavior right at the start, before you’ve invested a lot of time.


It is now time for the summer Captain Awkward Dot Com pledge drive, where I shake the tip jar in the general direction of all of you kind readers. If you like what I do here and are able to support the work, please visit my Patreon page or make a donation via PayPal or Cash.me. Thanks to your support, we’ve made the blog ad-free. My next goal is to take a sabbatical from teaching in 2018 and work on a CaptainAwkward book and other writing projects. Every little bit counts, and I’m grateful for it.



Calexit #1

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:32 pm
[personal profile] history79 posting in [community profile] scans_daily

"The setup of the story is that California is forced to secede when it takes a principled stance to be a Sanctuary State after the President orders all immigrants be deported. So the starting point of the whole story is people doing the right thing and standing up to tyranny. The fact that the tyrants bring the hammer down in response is to be expected, but people’s resilience in fighting back should be inspiring. The book isn’t about wallowing in dystopia, it’s about celebrating the spirit of resistance."

- Matteo Pizzolo

Read more... )

Was it worth it?

Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:33 pm
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This week Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor came out. If you like Jason Aaron's Thor run (which stretches back to November 2012*) then Jason Aaron's enerations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor is another issue of Jason Aaron's Thor. I enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately, the labelling makes it slightly confusing as to who actually appears.

While there is no doubt as to who is the Mighty Thor, the Unworthy Thor isn't who might first come to mind. A better term might be the Pre-Worthy Thor who has not yet proved himself worthy of wielding a Mjolnir, rather than the Post-Worthy Thor with the Uru arm, who lost Mjolnir and took up Jarnbjorn because Nick Fury whispered to him on the moon.

Generations is a decent self-contained story (but with a shoe-horned in epilogue that does nothing for me) about why a Thor needs Midgard and what it means to be a God and when Thor first met Thor )
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Posted by JenniferP

Hi, and thanks for an awesome and helpful site!

My situation: I’ve recently begun a new relationship, and am experiencing some…friction. I’m having trouble telling how much of the issue is incompatibility, and how much is me being “rusty”/ungenerous/inflexible, and I would love some outside insight!

A bit about me: I’ve never been a big dater, and being in a sexual/romantic relationship has never been a priority for me–I’ve been happily single for long stretches, including recently. I know that I have some real trust issues and some sensitivity around body image and bodily autonomy, probably stemming from “Stuff From the Past” (nothing deeply traumatic, but still stuff). I enjoy sex, but I’m not a big cuddler or casual toucher, and I am strongly anti-PDA.

My new date-friend is *much* more oriented towards physical affection: his actions make this clear, and he has straight out said that touch is his primary “love language”. The way this has been working out in practice is that we have fallen into a pattern where he is always instigating or escalating different kinds of touch, or talking about my body, and I am always shutting him down/pushing him away. Examples: we were in the midst of a conversation (that I thought was going really well! we were having an emotionally intimate moment) and he kissed me mid-sentence, before I could finish what I was saying…Or, he wants to rub my knee during the entirety of a hour-long car ride…Or talk about my “sexy hips” in a family restaurant at 2PM. Or make out in a public place. Even his “thinking about you”-type texts are always touch/body based–“Sending you big hugs”, “I wish I could see your pretty face”, “I want to tickle your tummy and give you kisses” (That last one I had a really visceral negative reaction to, and we did have a conversation about how tickling is NOT my thing…)

All these things make me *so* uncomfortable. I’ve tried to explain my boundaries/comfort levels, and I genuinely don’t think he is trying to make me uncomfortable, I think he just deeply doesn’t understand. To him, touch always feels great and is a sign of affection, compliments about my body are meant to make me feel good, etc. And he never makes me feel unsafe–whenever I have told to him to stop doing something, he stops right away. But I don’t like to have to keep saying “stop”! It feels shitty and mean.

I have also been second-guessing myself and my own feelings: I’ve definitely had the thought of “Don’t put your hands on my body in public like you own me” but I think that has more to do with my own current political rage, and less about him as an individual, and that seems kind of unfair? And then another part of me wonders whether I should be trying harder in general–maybe I’ve been single too long, maybe I’m too guarded, maybe I should learn to be more affectionate, maybe my hangups are getting in the way of me having something really nice, maybe my discomfort with touch is not a true preference but a result of all my past issues and it would be “good” for me to work through that a bit. Maybe it’s really sad that compliments about my body make me cringe, maybe it’s weird and cold and ungenerous of me to be like “touch me during sexy time, please, but omg can you just keep your hands to yourself when we are watching Game of Thrones?” Or, maybe we are just straight up not compatible and we will only make each other unhappy!

What do you think? (she/her pronouns are fine)


When I read that your new date-friend texted you the words “I want to tickle your tummy and give you kisses” I yelled “NO!!!!” very loud and brought my knees defensively to my chest.

Then I thought immediately of this video of a sloth petting a cat:

Video Description: Something I can only describe as “lite-reggae-jazz” plays while a sloth aggressively holds a cat and pets it.

Some people would love getting a text like that and they watch the video and wish they were the cat. Some people (I am one of these people and I suspect you are also one of these people) cringe into their souls at the thought of this much physical contact from anyone. It’s not good or bad to be one or the other, but each of us should find people who give us the right sloth/cat/Tickle?/NO TICKLE balance for us.

There is absolutely nothing wrong or “ungenerous” with being a little bit reserved around wanting to be touched or not liking PDA. Political rage and past experiences quite reasonably inform how how our bodies experience and interact with the world. Where is it written that you have to be fair about enduring stuff that you don’t enjoy? Not on Captain Awkward Dot Com, so, at least you’re in the right place.

IF there is any eventual “loosening up” to be done on your part (big if), it will happen someday, with someone else, a future, different date-friend who is not draped over you like a cape. You’ll have space to decide if you’d like to take his hand in a public square or snuggle in closer during a TV show.

Right now, your scripts are:

  • “I don’t like PDA.”
  • “Please stop touching me.”
  • “You know I don’t like that.”
  • “Ask first.”
  • “Please move your hand.”
  • “I’d like to be the one to touch you first.”
  • “I don’t like talking about sexy stuff in public places.”
  • “I’ve had enough.”
  • Him: “I want to tickle your tummy and give you kisses” You: “I never want that.”

None of that sounds particularly flirtatious or warm but the problem isn’t that you are somehow unloving, the problem is that he keeps pushing and pushing and pushing you until there is no room. You say he always stops when you ask him to, but one cool thing that people who actually respect other people’s boundaries do is gain some self-awareness over time, like, “She keeps asking me to stop doing that thing, so maybe I shouldn’t do that thing in the first place, or I should ask first!” and NOT “She didn’t specifically say stop, so I will keep doing the thing I want to do and as long as she doesn’t say stop it must be cool.” “My love language is touch” isn’t actually a reason for him to keep behaving this way when he knows that you don’t really like it. His love language is touch and your love language is being able to finish your fucking sentences and watch your Sunday night stories in peace.

I feel on some level he’s decided that your reticence is a “challenge” and that it’s his job to fix you and oops, here we go, my knees are up my my chest again and I’m in a little defensive ball on your behalf, like so:

Video Description: A jazzy soundtrack plays (what is with the music on these things?) while some jerk keeps petting a cat who doesn’t want to be petted.

You call this person a date-friend (love this btw, consider it stolen) and not the love of your life, so think about whether you’d like to play the rest of this relationship on Hard Mode, with a warm, possessive hand on your knee during every car ride and the prospect of “Tickles!!!” in every text.

If it helps, think of it as freeing him up to find a fellow sloth to date. Look how happy these dorks are!


Image description: Two sloths hugging tightly in an adorable ball of slothness with little sloth-smiles on their sloth-faces.


It is now time for the summer Captain Awkward Dot Com pledge drive, where I shake the tip jar in the general direction of all of you kind readers. If you like what I do here and are able to support the work, please visit my Patreon page or make a donation via PayPal or Cash.me. Thanks to your support, we’ve made the blog ad-free. My next goal is to take a sabbatical from teaching in 2018 and work on a CaptainAwkward book and other writing projects. Every little bit counts, and I’m grateful for it.

Edited To Add: Here’s an expanded, de-heteroified description of the Five Love Languages if you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about Thanks @hypoticadotca/Leigh!

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Tommy talks with defense policy expert Kelly Magsamen ([twitter.com profile] kellymegsamen) about President Trump's speech announcing his Afghan war policy. They evaluate the substance of his plan and discuss whether any approach can actually improve the situation on the ground and allow us to get out.

Get the pod here or wherever you get your podcasts.


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