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Apr. 30th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Posted by Phil Yu

Strangers In Town: Twenty-five years after Los Angeles rose up, how far have we come as a nation? Ten stories about the L.A. riots and the world they made, including Inkoo Kang, who shares about growing up in Koreatown and watching it burn.

* * *

They were kids during the L.A. riots. Now two Korean Americans tell their community's overlooked story: Carol Park and Justin Chon, both children of Korean American business owners during the 1992 L.A. riots, share their perspectives on what the riots meant to them as kids -- and now as adults.

* * *

Reflecting on April 30th: "April 30th was never about winning or losing a war for me. It has been about unwarranted loss of lives, hopes, and dreams. Sometimes I'm expected to embrace or condemn the Vietnamese or Americans that partook on either sides. I don't. Instead, I live firmly in a world where I never wish war on anyone, and I do whatever I can to prevent such atrocities for others."

* * *

George Takei: Internment, America's Great Mistake: Every year since the late 1960s, on the last Saturday in April, there has been a pilgrimage to a place called Manzanar in California, where one of ten United States internment camps once stood.

* * *

Walking In Their Footsteps At A Former Japanese Internment Camp: Melissa Hung shares about her visit with a group of friends to the Manzanar National Historic Site.

* * *

A Quiet Civil Rights Hero: Mitsuye Endo's Landmark Supreme Court Case: During World War II, four legal cases challenged the U.S. policy of Japanese incarceration. But only one was successful.

* * *

Chinese Tour Groups Suck: Panpan Wang is part of that Chinese tour group. But it's so much more than that.

* * *

The Struggles of Writing About Chinese Food as a Chinese Person: "Growing up, I was the weird kid who adored boiled pig intestines and fermented tofu. So imagine my surprise when the 2000s hit and the food of my people was suddenly cool."

* * *

Are We Wrong to Call Americanized Chinese Food 'Inauthentic'? American Chinese food is authentic, and when you call it inauthentic, you're ignoring a lot of history and devaluing a little bit the food and the people who brought it here.

* * *

Why Is Asian Salad Still on the Menu?: You've seen it. Maybe you've even ordered it. But why is Asian salad, and all its other names, still on the menu?

* * *

Viet Thanh Nguyen Reveals How Writers' Workshops Can Be Hostile: Viet Thanh Nguyen talks about how writers' workshops, like other predominantly white spaces, can be hostile environments for women and people of color.

* * *

"The Tiger Hunter" star Danny Pudi on his childhood and first romantic lead role: Danny Pudi plays Sami Malik in The Tiger Hunter, a film about an Indian immigrant chasing the American dream in 1970s Chicago.

* * *

'Banana' Is Highlighting The Asian-American Experience In A Whole New Way: In 2014, Vicki Ho and Kathleen Tso launched Banana Magazine, a lifestyle magazine dedicated to Asians that explore both Eastern and Western cultures.


May. 1st, 2017 01:13 am
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Posted by <a href="/users/feball3001/pseuds/feball3001" rel="author">feball3001</a>


Holly has forgotten there is no right way up for a ship in zero gravity of space and has convinced himself he is flying upside down.

Words: 1053, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by Erin Ptah

Search: Summerfest Traditions

Leif (thinking): This is cute! Almost everyone wears flowers.

Elisa: The cafeteria has extra caramel cake!

Leif (thinking): Central blocks off more than a square mile of streets for this. Will Thån expect to see everything in it?

Torsten: Ingrid’s going-away party starts in half an hour.

Leif (thinking): Aww, this song’s pretty. Wonder if I can learn it for karaoke.

Katya: Leif. Time for bed.

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Posting this purely so that it's not lost in a long-forgotten comment thread...

The discussion in question began with someone saying that Christians with tattoos are hypocrites, because they're not "following the Bible".

the Bible, and my thoughts on it )
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Okay, so I didn't get April's playlist posted quite in time, but it's still April 30th somewhere, even if it's already May 1st here.

"Home is not a place" is a quote from a Lois McMaster Bujold novel. It's also the first tattoo I ever got, around the top of my left arm. It's a phrase that matters to me, representative of an ethos I try my damnedest to live by.

This playlist is about that.

It's about running away from home to find your family and running away from your family to find your home and it's about the complicated, overlapping, contradictory truths of home and family and love.

Home Is Not A Place
Zip file on dropbox (140MB) or Individual tracks on dropbox

Native Son - Oysterband
Canyon Moon - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
My Way Home Is Through You - My Chemical Romance
Authority - Genevieve
Electable (Give It Up) - Jimmy Eat World
Dutch - Dessa
Home - Phillip Phillips
Family Oh Family - Shred Kelly
Glorious - Colony House
Idaho - Josh Ritter
Hometown Glory - Adele
Why Am I The One - fun.
Heartlines - Florence & The Machine
Recurring Dream - Crowded House
All Of My Days - Alexi Murdoch
The Long Way Around - Dixie Chicks
Across The Line - Bellowhead
Rebellion (lies) - Arcade Fire
Hearts, Love and Honour - Headstones
Level Up - Vienna Teng
You Can Come From Here - Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
Sons & Daughters - The Decemberists
Rainbow Connection - Weezer & Hayley Williams

As usual comments if you're downloading are appreciated and I love to hear what people think of my mixes after they've listened to them as well.

Code tour: 2017-04-30

Apr. 30th, 2017 08:38 pm
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And between yesterday and today's code push, there were a few more things that got in at the last minute! As there always are.

10 total issues resolved
Contributors: [ profile] kareila, [ profile] rahaeli

All of these should be live on the site now. Whee!

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Hooray! All done!

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Apr. 30th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Camp NaNo was good. Goal was 5k, finished out with slightly above 7k. I'm happy.

Finished 6 things this weekend, including some odds and ends that have been sitting for ages, and a few things that were not for the Synchronised Screaming challenge. That's pretty satisfying. Challenge/exchange writing is always fun, but it's important for me to remember to write things that are only for myself as well.

...And finish them. Um. Finishing is the hard part. (Especially since I just started another, oh well.)

I have a lot of replies pending (both here and... on other sites). Please pardon me, I'll get to it when I'm not exhausted. I did a lot of walking this weekend, and in addition to feeling like jello, I've been in a state of "could fall asleep at any minute" since Friday.

Defiance season one

May. 1st, 2017 05:12 am
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I finished watching the first season. Or rewatching, but it's weird, I didn't remember any of that, even though none of it felt new either.

I can see why I'd give up after one season. Everyone's dead and it's boring.

There's no right way to behave. Being kind gets you dead. Reaching out to try and help someone gets you dead. Ambition also gets you dead. Basically everyone's dead. Boring.

And yet I now own season two and, knowing me, will watch it.

It's so annoying because they set up this multi racial world where team good guy is trying to survive the culture clashes and keep their diverse freedoms, they made a future culture where poly marriages are something the protagonists have thought of, just a normal thing, and they have queer relationships... and then it's all so twisty manipulative and depressing I just... don't want.

all the ingredients, bitterness pie.

so having watched a season with murders/suicides, relationship/spousal abuse, and dead bi ladies, I am now in a bit of a down mood. funnily enough.

I should have left me a note
if I even watched all of it before.


Welcome to the New Frontier!

May. 1st, 2017 12:05 am
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First and foremost, welcome to the Shoobie comm on DW! The mods and I are still figuring out the finer points of how things work here, so bear with us.

And speaking of trying new things, guess what we’re doing this month?

New Frontiers Challenge photo New Frontiers Challenge.jpg

That’s right! It’s May here on the comm which means we’re encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and write something you’ve been too afraid to try. For example: a pairing you’ve never written before, your fave characters as inanimate objects, a new fandom, a new trope, an original fic.

Since we are all busy Shoobies with a lot of irons in the fire, we’re keeping this roughly drabble-sized. Of course, if you’d like to do something longer I’m certainly not going to stop you. LOL!

We will share links/post our offerings at the last workshop day of the month, May 26th. Let’s explore some new frontiers! You know you want to! ::grins::

If you’re looking for some inspiration, may I suggest the daily prompts at [community profile] comment_fic, or [community profile] whatif_au which just put up a new AU theme for this month?

Anyone else have suggestions for inspiring some new fic directions?

fannish writing update

May. 1st, 2017 01:33 pm
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The sedoretu is coming along. I may have to skip Maria's "wait, wtf" scene with T'Challa, because I don't actually have enough space in this section. I'm trying to make each 'chapter' of the story ~3500 words, but so far we're at 1900 and I've just managed to introduce the complication. And Bucky has interrupted it as per the plan.

Now we need to have the conversation about Bucky and Steve, Maria and Steve, and Sharon and Steve, and then I was hoping there'd be room for T'Challa and Maria, but I'm doubtful.

After that, Natasha gives her opinion on EVERYTHING and starts trying to staunch the bleeding (metaphorically, not actually).

I guess this story is at the usual stage of "HIT THE PANIC BUTTONS, ALL RELEVANT PLOTBUNNIES TO THEIR STATIONS" given my life busyness right now and the due date for the [community profile] wipbigbang which is Mid-June (right around the same time as my quilts for the show are due; JOY).


I took a PH for a fic exchange that I can't specify because specifying it will instantly out me as the author (as though the story itself won't).

Why did I do this? Because...I don't even know why, only that I've made my situation a lot more complicated right when I don't need to.

Self? You suck.


Two fic exchange reveals (as though it wasn't immediately obvious).

[community profile] worldbuildingex

TITLE: All The Daughters Of My Father's House
SUMMARY: Lyra and Jyn Erso bouncing around a universe where the shadow of the Empire is growing longer.
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Lyra Erso, Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera, Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus
TAGS: Alternate Universe (canon divergence), Jedha, Lyra survives, Mother Bear, Celebrations on
NOTES: My assignment asked for "rogue one: give me those ladies *grabby hands* i’m super interested in the structure of the rebel alliance as well as seeing women in positions of power/getting to tell their stories *cough*lyra*cough*. alternatively, my gay azn fathers. (tell me about the jedi temple! and chirrut’s relationship with it! and chirrut/baze ofc)". There were two more chapters planned, where Lyra goes to the Rebel Alliance and tries to keep Jyn from becoming a child soldier, but I didn't get to them. The worldbuilding for Alderaan academical structures was just a little more than my brain could take at the time.

It wasn't particularly well received, but then, it's not a particularly stellar story, IMO.

My [community profile] smutswap was immediately identifiable:

TITLE: Trust Tease
SUMMARY: Going slow, going deep, playing games with someone you trust with your body and your vulnerabilities.
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers, Thor (cameo)
TAGS: Smut, Oral Sex, Multiple Orgasms, Fucked Raw, Sex
NOTES: I had [personal profile] sunspot on my treats list anyway, because I never get assigned the Maria/Steve prompts...and lo and behold, I got assigned to them! So I wrote smut. It's very vanilla smut at this point, although they discuss/negotiate kink for later times, and I was planning to write the later times, only again, the due date defeated me.

I got a bit of flak on this one for forgetting that it was smut and labelling it 'G', which then had a whole bunch of people clicking on the story to check that I hadn't signed up for a smut swap and then written non-smut. However, I found it somewhat amusing that someone on FFA apparently gathered their courage, closed their eyes, and searched for oral sex in the story - OMG THE HET SEX IT BURNS MY EYEN!


Otherwise, April was spent in Camp NaNo trying to write original fiction - back to the Shadowkids again. I have the structure, I just have to concentrate enough to write it, dammit.

So May: write fic, make quilts, seek job, get winter garden in, score goals for hockey, cook for self...
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1. I've been in a godawful mood for the past couple weeks, ever since Celebration -- well, ever since before Celebration, really, and if I want to be honest about it I'd have to say since last year's Celebration, since that's when things began to spiral from "pretty okay" to "outright awful all the time." (Even if they weren't awful all the time, that's how most of the last year feels.) I'm slowly trying to get to the point where I can think about or look at anything relating to Celebration without feeling either really angry or really sad, which have been my two default emotions for a few years now, and I'm not there yet but I may eventually be. I did stumble across this recap by Eleven Thirty-Eight, and it's surprisingly gratifying and validating to find out that I'm not the only one whose primary emotion associated with SWCO is anger, because I've been struggling a lot with the fact that I didn't have the same fantastic experience a lot of people I know did.

2. Bring on Star Wars Celebration Mystery Location 2019, because I would like one Celebration where my memories are primarily positive rather than negative -- SWCE last year was really good, but everything that happened afterwards was a complete disaster, and my memory of the con itself is completely tied up with my ex.

3. One of the issues I had with SWCO this year was that I ended up feeling like I hadn't networked enough beforehand, which was completely baffling to me because normally ~networking isn't something I really associate with fandom. But I guess part of that was also that I've been relatively closed off for the past year because emotionally I've been such a mess, and I wasn't really open in public about the fact that I was going to SWCO at all because it was such a late decision. And, what's a major factor, is that my closest friends in the fandom weren't there. Star Wars is such an odd fandom, though, compared to a lot of my other fandom experiences -- you have your artists and your podcasters and cosplayers and your style bloggers and your regular bloggers, and your fan clubs, and the collectors and the 501st and the Mercs and the Rebel Legion, and as a fic writer a lot of the time I feel like I'm standing off to the side of the fandom. And I think that feeling of being a complete outsider right now is part of the reason that I'm starting to poke seriously at parts of the fandom that otherwise I'd be content to admire from outside.

4. I can't deny the fact that every time I think I'm all right with looking at someone else's write-up of Celebration there is, with completely no warning because they're always on blogs she used to tell me she hated, at least one picture of my ex. (Okay, not every time, but it's happened on several occasions.)

5. There was a really transcendent moment last year at SWCE that I never got this year at SWCO, which was actually the day before the con rather than at any point during it. I'd gone up from [personal profile] aella_irene's place to make sure I knew the trains I'd have to get on in order to reach the ExCel, and also to pick up my badges and scout out the general area. And I'd got all the way up there -- this was maybe half an hour to forty minutes in transit -- before I realized I didn't have the confirmation pages I'd printed out, but they would be in my e-mail. Fortunately there's a Starbucks right next to the ExCel, so I went in there and got a muffin and a chai and got on the wifi so I could get at my e-mail. So I was sitting in Starbucks for a while, and all the time there were people arriving -- a lot of people who came for the con were staying in hotels near the ExCel, while others were there for the same reason as me.

Star Wars is the kind of fandom you can wear on your sleeve -- literally, I mean, there's an amazing variety of Star Wars t-shirts out there -- and people came in with their Star Wars shirts and their Star Wars bags and their Star Wars suitcases and their Star Wars tattoos and their Rebel Legion and 501st patches and it was just...look, coming out of online fandom, and especially coming out of online fandom in a small town -- all that can be a very lonely thing. I never went to any cons in New Orleans; SWCO was my first ever. And being surrounded by that much love for Star Wars was...a lot. In a way that I hadn't expected and wasn't prepared for, and nearly brought me to tears.

I never got that moment at SWCO -- in fact, at SWCO I ended up feeling like I didn't love Star Wars enough to be there, and I felt like that every day. Just a completely different emotional experience. (For many reasons, no doubt, and I feel bad comparing SWCE and SWCO, but. Well.)

Another unproductive day

Apr. 30th, 2017 11:31 pm
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Got the kid to the library -- for about 15 minutes -- to do homework. Some homework was done in the car in the parking lot. I suggested that I could drive around if that would help get homework done. Some more was managed, but then starvation set in and we went for eating instead.


Need to do more editstuff.

Edit: I SHIP IT!

Havva Quote
S_____ grumbles. The window people are coming back tomorrow to finish what they can, and then have to come back again in six weeks because they made two of the windows wrong. What does this prove? Windows upgrades are always a hassle.

INwatch+Bookwatch )

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I read Ms. Marvel Vol. 1, written by G. Willow Wilson, two years ago when it was nominated for a Hugo in the Best Graphic Story category. I enjoyed it, and read Vol. 2, and then sort of stopped.

The thing with Ms. Marvel and me is that I find the action parts of the stories kind of boring. What
I enjoy is the inbetween things, the glimpses of her homelife, the depiction of her internal struggles over heritage, culture and religion vs. living in a secular American city, over being a teenager with parents and an older brother and school to deal with vs. being a superhero and trying to fight evil. I enjoy watching her grow up - she is only 16 - and learn the lessons all people must learn, only writ large because her powers have made her larger than life in certain ways.

So I skimmed the comics, paying more attention to her relationships and internal growth than I do to the other stuff. And now it's time to catch up, because Vol. 5 has been nominated for a Hugo, which meant going back to read Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. In these volumes, the personal lessons have been integrated a bit more solidly into the plot, so I enjoyed reading these stories a bit more than the earlier ones.

In Vol. 3, Kamala meets Kamran, the son of old friends of her parents, and at first he seems perfect - they have so much in common, and he too turns out to be an Inhuman. The early warning signs are subtle, but then, abusers are often charming and hide their true natures well. By the time Kamala understands what he really is, he has used his powers to abduct her, imprison her, and try to force her to become a follower of an Inhuman called Lineage. He succeeds for a while in making Kamala feel guilty and at fault for what he's done to her, but when she realises just how much he is on the wrong side, she pulls herself together and kicks butt.

Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 is a bit of a change of pace, almost a sideline to something that is going on in the larger Marvel universe - the Incursion, we learn from Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, and the end of the world, and other huge stuff - but for Ms. Marvel, it's about smaller, more personal things. Meeting and briefly working with her hero Carol Danvers. Saving her brother Aamir from Kamran, who wants to turn him into an inhuman to reinstate himself in Lineage's good graces. Coming out to her mother as Ms. Marvel. Mending bridges with old friends, and classmates. And confronting the emotional bonds between her and Bruno. I enjoyed this the most of all the Ms. Marvel stories so far, precisely because it's about these things, and the superhero action arc is going on somewhere else, with other superheroes taking point.

And now I'm caught up with Ms. Marvel and ready to read Vol. 5 for the Hugos.

reading away

Apr. 30th, 2017 07:59 pm
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Thanks, friends, for recommending things - and for making things!

I've been reading rather a lot, as a way to de-stress. Gorgeous, queer, friendship-centric, wtf-romantic, fiction about love and helping people and coping with screwups. A few rereads of familiar novels and some snippets of fic I've read over and over. And a book about plants. But nonetheless, it has been a busy weekend, and I'm wondering where it went.


Apr. 30th, 2017 10:44 pm
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Title: Kindred
[ profile] trufflemores
[personal profile] reena_jenkins
Coverartist: [personal profile] reena_jenkins
Rating: PG
Fandoms: DC's Supergirl, DC's The Flash
Pairings: gen
Warnings: Fluff, Friendship, Superhero Bonding, Donuts, Family, all that good stuff, Episode: s01e18 Worlds Finest, reaction fic

Length: 00:25:53 

Author's Summary: 1.18. Barry and Kara share donuts on a rooftop.

Download Link: You can download this podfic as an mp3 right over here (thank you, [personal profile] paraka , for hosting me!)

***Mods, is there a tag for "Supergirl (tv show)"? If not, can you tag this with the appropriate umbrella tag for me? Thank you!***


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