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when u have the perfect icon

Yes, I am behind on that meme and also on comments and also many things. I have plans for blog posts, though!

That said, I’m going to be spending the month of April in England. [My partner's employer has a retention problem that they combat by giving a month-long paid vacation anywhere the world for employee and a +1 every 5 years they work there.]

Do you know of any books, comics, or manga that are published/available in the UK that are not available in the US? Tell me about them, ;)

I’m also going to be looking into anime. While I understand that DVDs there are a different “region,” for a while the UK had the Studio Ghibli movie “Only Yesterday,” which was only finally released in the US LAST YEAR. WHAT IF THERE IS MORE. I’m willing to nose around a little, but if you have thoughts/knowledge on other forms of media you think I’d be interested in, I’ll take that, too.
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How exciting!
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Very cool.

UK-only stuff, off the top of my head:

Spirit, by Gwyneth Jones -- a pirate book that never found a publisher in the US.

Related media -- various postcards: from Harry Potter (available at the place in London), Dr Who (at place in Cardiff), to interesting ones from the post office.