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Letter meme, via [personal profile] liseuse, who gave me "E."

Something I hate: Elections, lately. Nothing but bad news in Wisconsin, and the ideas our esteemed governor keeps churning out are so absurd that even GOP legislators have been releasing negative statements. I can only hope that some of them will have the gall to stand up and amend some of this crap.

Something I love: Employment? There's the intangible thing of having health care coverage and decent benefits, as well as a good salary. I also love my job. There are so many things to learn, and I'm surrounded by so many intelligent people. I feel engaged, and like I am growing. In the mornings, I am almost always eager to go to work.

Somewhere I've been: Eagle River. A town up in northern Wisconsin. This is one of the places my parents and I would drive when we were Up North for two weeks every summer, when we got bored.

Somewhere I'd like to go: England. I've read so many books taking place there that I feel like I just really should before I die, you know?

Someone I know: There's an E who's a new coworker with whom I get along pretty well. Yesterday she was having heartburn, so I shared one of my papaya enzyme pills, and she was kind of astounded by how well it worked.

A film I like: Ever After. My friends and I watched this so often at sleepovers that I'm pretty confident I could quote the whole thing.

If you would like a letter just ask in the comments!
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I want a letter, please!
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I would like a letter please!
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I haven't seen Ever After in an absolute age, which is a shame because it was such a sleepover film for me and my friends as well.

Letter me!
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Eagle River is around 35 miles from my pal's cabin, and we also visit when bored. It's been strange watching a town change from a 1950s style tourist attraction (spaced log cabins with whitewashed chinking, plus a soda fountain in town) to a 2010s style (chain restaurants, way too many cars, wacky traffic schemes to cope with highways through the center of town on an island). But some things remain wonderful: the beautiful tall trees, the eagles, the Chocolate Shoppe ice cream shipped up from Madison, the Czeky Den fair.

What do you do in Eagle River?

Type out a letter for me, please:
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Bath and London

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I have friends in Bath and in London if you go to England, both are ladies over 50, but quite welcoming and friendly toward most Americans. :-)

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