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Non-Book Media Updates

Orphan Black - Thanks to a friend, I've been able to burn through the first season. I still need to watch the third & fourth episodes for the currently airing season. WOW THIS IS AMAZING, I forgive everyone in Glee fandom for constantly reblogging gifs of Tatiana Maslany on tumblr. She is amazing.
Paul & Mrs. S. might be my faves.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated series) - This became available streaming on Netflix, and I've found it's a great way to spend 20 minutes. There are lots of great female Jedi, Padme's gr9, & I love Anakin's padawan, Ahsoka. Overall it's sort of lighthearted/cheesy like the original trilogy, while also going through some pretty dark shit. Also the underlying Dark Feelings of knowing everyone's going to be murdered by the end of the war is pretty sad, & gives the show an interesting tone.
I'm feeling the itch to get back to the Star Wars novels from the expanded universe, but while I focus on reading WisCon-related things, this is a good way to scratch that itch. Might kill someone the next time I hear, "I have a bad feeling about this," BUT OVERALL it's a good ride.

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns - I bought this game used, for the DS. Basically, you farm, help out your neighbors, forage for materials in the woods, & try to cook things. I think as you go on, you can court & marry people, & also have children.
This game is different than under Harvest Moons (as I understand it) in that there are two towns you can live in. No matter which you live in, you can visit the other, though. One is a Western European town which focuses on animal husbandry. The other is a Japanese town in which you can farm vegetables. They're separated by a mountain, & also by some stupid argument about whose food tastes better. Pretty sure my character's role is to bridge the gap between the two, by winning cooking contests & also eventually repairing the tunnel connecting the two (which goes through the mountain).
This is a pleasant way to spend time. I'm thinking about using my DS/PSP more, as they feel like less commitment than booting up the PS2/something else hooked up to the TV.

Speaking of video games, I'll take input: I have never played a Pokemon game, & I think it would be neat to try.
I have platforms to play the following systems: PSP (not Vita), DS (not 3DS), Gameboy Advance, PS, PS2, Wii, GameCube.
& actually, Pokemon aside, I will take any/all recommendations you have for the PSP and the DS. Since their next generation has come out, they've stopped selling games for those systems in Game Stop/Best Buy, & I'd like to know what I should keep my eye out for in the used shops.
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Wow, I think you're the first person I've encountered who actually cares about Paul! (I do not care about Paul either. BUT I DO LOVE MRS. S. SO MUCH.)
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I knew you'd adore Orphan Black! I am exceptionally pleased to have found Cosima's glasses (more or less). I have a hard time picking my fave character. Alison and Helena are both epic quester types (a longstanding fave); Fe has the best lines ever and pushes my that's-hot! buttons (sadly).

I'm thrilled to hear you're playing a game where you'll be a hero by cooking!