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2013 Music Post


Marina & the Diamonds - This probably started toward the end of 2012, actually, but I really love her music. Yet another singer I associate with [ profile] ontd_glee since I found her from my friends reblogging her on Tumblr all the time. "Lies" might be my favorite.

nano.RIPE - When I heard them singing an insert song in the anime Hanasaku Iroha, I was absolutely convinced that it was YUKI (aka: vocalist from Judy & Mary), but I was totally wrong. nano.RIPE did all of the music (w/lyrics) for Hanasaku Iroha, and I love them a lot. They're nice in a "get pumped up in a dreamlike sort of way" mood, I think. I listened to them quite a bit this year, & they were a nice new find!

Little Mix - Another group reblogged on Tumblr a lot by my Glee fandom friends. I love/love/love "Wings" & sang that quite a bit while driving. I've only recently listened to songs from their new album - "Little Me" has a very important message & video; I'd like to spend more time listening to the songs on their newer album.

OneRepublic's Waking Up album - I'd had Marching On as part of my fic mix for a while, & ended up buying this album, which I adore. I think the whole thing's about an hour, & I enjoy listening to it most as a single unit. I liked this for mornings, but it does a good job of general cheering, I think.

Paramore self-titled album - I'd only really heard about Paramore through fics written by [ profile] thememoriesfire, & when their new album came out, I decided to just get it. My favorite song is "Proof," due to the rhythm, I think. There's a lot of variety in this album - something for everyone, imo. "Last Hope" was pretty cathartic when I was feeling at my lowest, and I have to be a little careful not to listen to it when I'm in a good mood. I tended to listen to this one all the way through. This was my summer album - spent a lot of time with the sun roof of my car open while belting out lyrics.
It's unsurprising that "Still Into You" is their most popular - the melody & lyrics remind me of Taylor Swift, but Hayley's voice makes it something else entirely.
After falling hard for this album, it took me a few months to finally check out their backlog in CD-form & rip it from the library. There's a lot to love there, too, and I think Paramore's probably now one of my favorite bands. I associate a lot of lyrics with Glee's Quinn Fabray, which is helpful for writing purposes ;)

Save Rock & Roll by Fall Out Boy - I've liked Fall Out Boy since sophomore year of high school, I think. My friend used to burn CDs for me because my parents' computer was way slower - he'd download albums/etc. I used to love Grand Theft Autumn. I listened to "From Under the Cork Tree" non-stop in college. ANYWAY, they came out with a new album which I love. My favorite tracks (ARE ALL OF THEM) are The Mighty Fall, The Phoenix, Young Volcanoes,& Alone Together.
Seeing them perform live in Milwaukee with a group of friends was one of the high points of my entire year. I made a playlist on my iPod comprised of their setlist, and it's been my go-to for the rest of the year.
I'd never listened to the Folie A Deux album when it came out, so I listened to it a lot this year. "Disloyal Order of the Water Buffaloes" is my favorite, but I also spent a lot of time just listening to the whole album straight-through.
I listened to more Fall Out Boy this year than any other band, including Glee covers.

AKB48/No Name - I've covered this moreso in an early post about the AKB0048 anime, but due to watching that show, I've listened to more of their music!

Patrick Stump's solo album - listened to a lot in conjunction with Fall Out Boy. "Spotlight" is probably my favorite.

Watch the Throne - Obviously this isn't new, but I was able to rip a library CD copy of it, and I fucking love it, all of it. This is another one where I tend to listen to the album as a unit, rather than individual songs. That said, No Church in the Wild and Niggas in Paris are probably my faves.

I've only listened to 99RadioService's OP songs for the Chihayafuru anime - there are two - I like the first one, Youthful, the most, but the one from s2 is good, too. [ profile] lavendarsleeves pointed out that they sound like Spitz (who I found through Honey & Clover), and that's probably true! I should really find an album by them or something.

I really/really liked Pentatonix/Lindsey Sterling's cover of Radioactive, & also their video. Watched it about a billion times this year.

Get Up Kids - A new-to-me discovery made while reading that they were an influence on Fall Out Boy. They're growing on me; mostly I get happy whenever one of their songs shows up on shuffle.

Fave Glee covers of the year - Scream (still), Empire State of Mind (still), We Will Rock You, Some Nights, Creep, & Love Song.

Lea Michele's solo album is set to come out in 2014. In the meantime, she released her single Cannonball, which I like okay. I agree with many that "Battlefield" shows off her voice much better, although I'm still upset it's not about an actual battlefield :(
I'm pretty excited for her album to come out.

As always, you can find almost-daily updates on my music consumption at [ profile] ribbonknight
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Aw, "Little Me" is great!

I forget if I ever mentioned that someone at work saw that I have Mx. listed as my title in the directory & asked me about it, joking that she thought maybe I was a Little Mix fan. XD Then she emailed me a little later to say she'd googled "Mx." & hoped I hadn't been offended! :D