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New Year's Resolution[s] for 2014

I have signed up for [community profile] inkingitout.
I didn't make my goal when I last tried this in 2012 (saga blogged on my "inkingitout" tag here. My last locked post on the issue cataloged quite extensively what I did & didn't like about it.
I had decided with someone else at the end of 2012 that quantitative measurements of my writing stressed me out.
In 2013, I made no writing goals, and thus I barely wrote at all. What little writing I did do was thanks to the app, and having a vague goal of writing every day (rarely met).
I'm in a much better place than I was in 2012 in multiple regards, and I think I am better at managing stress.
In 2012, I had surgery in January & was effectively out of commission for months. I didn't really start writing until the end of June, and I still wrote a total of over 60k words.
FOR THESE REASONS, I've made a goal of writing 75,000 words in the year of 2014. I expect that most of these words will go toward A Song is a Weapon, but I'm not limiting the projects.

There are some other things I'd like to continue working on: more growth as a gardener (although I had some big successes in 2013!), keeping my apartment neater so that it's a constant place of peace for me, reading lots of stuff (SO GLAD to have regained my attention span in 2013), finding ways to make my body stronger, etc. I may come back & edit this entry if I come up with quantitative ways of reaching those goals. For now, they are things of which I'd like to be mindful even though I don't yet have specific ways to measure them.
I'm also considering attending more rock concerts in 2014 (since I only saw Fall Out Boy in 2013, this would not be difficult!) but I do feel a fair amount of anxiety, so I'm not adding this to the official list, although I'll be keeping it in mind.
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Whee, good luck w/all of these! I will be cheering you on enthusiastically!