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[December meme]: A reading experience you remember particularly well/vividly [04]


For a specific book/occasion, definitely the Harry Potter books, especially when the 7th & final book came out.
My page friends Nina and Isa went to Barnes & Noble on the west side with me.
On the drive home, Isa read aloud by the light of a cell phone in the car.

All night, Isa kept calling me as she read (I read faster, so I was always ahead) to react emotionally to whatever she'd just read.
That entire experience is actually cataloged here.

I remember reading the end of A Dog Called Kitty aloud to my 3rd or 4th grade class (we had a "looping" class, so same class & students two years in a row) because my teacher was crying, & couldn't.

I remember reading Hatchet, remember picking up Cynthia Voigt books for myself.

I remember reading the Star Wars book, Shadows of the Empire.

I remember repeatedly rereading certain Dawson's Creek books for the almost-sex scenes.

I remember arguing with my mom, who wouldn't let me read A Tale of Two Cities because it was "too adult" (she'd never censored my reading before; I wanted to read it because of a Wishbone episode, lmao, I was 10), went downstairs & got the biggest book I could find, & fell breathless into Gone With the Wind.

I remember the huge sense of pride in 1st grade when my peers were looking at age-appropriate books, but Ms. Bougie took me across the aisle to "real" books, & let me check out chapter books. Ms. Bougie knew my mom because she'd been a patient in the ICU [she had polio], but I feel fairly confident that this choice was made on ability alone.

Planning what to bring to "Book it and Bag it" days [days when we brought sleeping bags & piles of books/snacks & just read all day] days in advance. I remember a lot of Berenstein Bears chapter books for the first few of these.

There are places - reading under my covers by flashlight at home so my mom wouldn't yell at me to go to bed; reading in bars Up North when I went out with my parents, Bonnie, & Bernie. Reading in the early mornings at sleepovers surrounded by my best friends because I was always the first one up. Reading on couches with my head in Antoine's lap at his apartments until I fell asleep. Reading in my sister's house while her kids slept in another room, as I babysat.

There are words - my favorites, which I reread & reread.
Reading the Little House series every single year from kindergarten through the end of middle school.
Rereading Redwall around Christmas every year: It was the start of the Summer of the Late Rose. Mossflower country shimmered.
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This makes me feel all fuzzy & nice. ^__^
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Hey, I was at the west side Barnes & Noble for the 7th Harry Potter too! I don't remember seeing you though. :( But then again, there were how many hundreds of people there? It was intense.

Book It & Bag It sounds fucking amazing. I wish my first grade had been that awesome. My school lumped us all together regardless of reading ability and gave us all the same homework, so I was literally bored to tears.

This post was great. <3