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[December meme]: First Encounter w/Anime/Manga [02]

This is a prompt from [personal profile] falter
Again, I'm still taking suggestions.

I remember picking up the first volume of Sailor Moon in a Sam Goody in Iron Mountain some summer when I was Up North with my parents. I only read a few pages at that point, and eventually I started buying them, but that came after THIS NEXT THING:
In 7th grade, a friend of mine have me over to her house and showed me Final Fantasy 7. She showed me a ton of stuff, including the very beginning of the game, but also a lot of stuff from disc 2, like Tifa's fight with Scarlet on the Junon cannon.
This was my first exposure to Japanese animation, if the FMVs of FF7 can even be called that.
That weekend, I was flipping through channels and saw some anime on Cartoon Network.
Not knowing what it was, I called Farah to shout to her that FF7 was on TV!! She was skeptical, meanwhile I was hunting the Internet every time I visited my sister's house (on my brother-in-law's computer), since we didn't have the Internet, for everything I could find about FF7.

A couple years later, I was at my friend Heather's house, and we sat on her bed to watch the Sailor Moon R movie on her computer. I don't know why she bought the DVD or how she came across it, but I was like 0_____0 & fell in love with it. The R movie had scenes showing how Usagi (Serena in the dub) met each of the inner senshi, & I appreciated the aspects of their "normal" lives as much as the magical transformations.
Heather told me that her favorite was Jupiter, & her sister's was Mercury. I imprinted on Mars, although at this point I have a soft spot for all of them.

Sailor Moon was still on the Cartoon Network, & on the days I didn't have some extra-curricular after school, I could come right home & watch it. I think I used to tape these, actually, & watch them in the evenings on days I couldn't make it home.

We had AOL/dial-up Internet then, so my future anime-watching was slow-going, even though I was excited to watch more. It took me 3 months to download an episode of Serial Experiments Lain. Heather would download random things for me - Lain, Utena, Evangelion, Escaflowne. It wasn't 'til college & high-speed Internet (& anime club) that my consumption exploded.

BUT YEAH, in both mediums, Sailor Moon was my first exposure, although it's been closely tied to FF7 all along.
I should mention that as a kid, I loathed all live-action shows intended for kids. The closest to live-action that I liked was Mr. Rogers, but I liked the castle with the puppets the best.
I loved Muppet Babies, Maya the Bee (which is actually an anime!!), Eureka's Castle, Gummy Bears, Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & all kinds of other animated shit. I've always preferred animation - I love watching it.

As for manga, I really appreciate the art a lot more than most US comics.
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OMG, Sam Goody. I had forgotten about those strange, strange stores.
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Maya the Bee was anime?! WHO KNEW?!

Like you, as a kid, I was completely freaked out by pretty much anything live action (I didn't watch ET until undergrad), and still gravitate toward animation... I love the stylization and seeing what the animators decide to abstract or not.