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Fic-writing blather

It's taking a little longer for the rest of my sister's family to get moving this morning than I thought it would, so I'll do a little update about writing.

I had sort of given up on my commitment to [community profile] inkingitout, where my goal had been to write 75,000 words in the year of 2012.
The "How are you doing?" posts made me feel bad because....kind of like constantly writing about depression or something, writing the same "nothing is getting better" update every week is the opposite of motivating for me.
But after getting inspired by someone else's fan-made Glee action vid, I starting writing this fic, and the 75,000 words goal is starting to feel like it's possibly do-able again.

Daily goal = 750 words, although I haven't stressed about it on days that I missed.
I log this at for accountability, although my statistics are going to be messed up as I'm about to disappear into the woods of Wisconsin and have no Internet for a few days.
I do still very much like the daily posts at [community profile] writethisfanfic. It's not specific to any particular fandom, and it's nice to have somewhere to brag when I get to my goal for the day, or to talk to people who are trying to do similar things as me.
Scrivener (which is now available for Windows, and that's the version I use) is invaluable to me. I follow the shit out of various Glee Tumblrs, and having pictures of the cast or fanart up on a split-screen while I'm writing is incredibly helpful.
This fic already has a playlist (not hard to do when you're writing for Glee fandom, although NOT all of the songs are from the show). I find writing necessary/helpful for getting in the mood to write scenes. I suspect this is true for most people.

This Glee fic is going to be hella long, and I don't really have a firm outline in place.
Despite wanting to include espionage, car bombs, and gun fights, my brain seems to want to try really hard to make this fic canon compliant and realistic. Time-jumps might end up being my friend or something, I don't know.

Overall, the linear flow of this fic is going a lot better than the Final Fantasy VII Inception-AU fic I had been working on. That fic just feels like a mess I don't even want to look at, even though I love it and the characters.
It's nice that while I'm not sure where I'm going with the Glee fic, things are mostly assembling chronologically as I go.

I have found that in both fics, I work a lot out through dialogue, just having the characters talk, and then I know how things will move forward. I might need to cut a lot of that dialogue later, I'm not sure. And maybe it happens that way because both of these fics are ensemble-cast gen fics. Maybe my process would be different if I were writing something a little more limited in scope, I'm not sure.

I'm doing decently (I think!) in capturing voices with Santana, Rachel, and Kurt.
It's a little harder to figure out what to do with characters like Mercedes, Tina, and Artie, where the fic about them is unfortunately minimal, and the writers on the show also do not give a shit about them (so fewer storylines, minimal dialogue in canon, etc.).

A lot of people seem to post works in progress, or to update as they go. Although I finished "part one" earlier this week, I absolutely don't feel comfortable posting it to the AO3 yet for mass consumption. What lies ahead is not 100% known to me, and I might have to go back and rewrite things for logic. I also keep thinking of sentences to add in to make things flow better, and already have a list of sections I'd like to rewrite a little better.

Some people I know through [ profile] ontd_glee who will likely read the fic once it's finished, but most of them who write fics themselves write things that are under 5,000 words, and post them soon after writing them. Their WIPs get posted chapter-by-chapter, so excitement builds as they write.
I get why people post WIPs; it'd be nice to have squee.
For now, there's been some caps lock exchanged with [personal profile] thewalk, who read the first part. [personal profile] were_duck will be, too! Hopefully it doesn't suck, lol.

Fic published in 2012:
Don't Say You're Not Lonely, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon fandom, 1,632 words

Current Word Count Total for 2012: 12,872 words

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