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end!games for Game of Thrones

I found this in my e-mail drafts folder, I must have started this during my ASOIAF re-read. I hope I haven't posted this before! I don't think I have.
I had planned for it to be longer, but I've stalled out for the last few months as I try to plow through some shorter books/manga before moving apartments.

Alternate Resolutions I would enjoy to Game of Thrones, in order:

--Catelyn interpret's Lysa's warning letter as GTFO, Ned turns down the offer to become Hand. Stark kids and their direwolves help defend the North against the invasion of the wildlings, and later against the Others. The Starks foster Robert Arryn; Renly becomes Hand instead; Littlefinger and Varys reveal Cersei's secret when it becomes evident that Joffrey is a prat. Conveniently, Stannis already died helping Ned put down the Greyjoys again, so Renly becomes king.

--As Robert lays dying, Ned follows Littlefinger's advice to the T - Ned rules as Regent while Joffrey grows into a little prat, they decide to reveal the incestuous secret and somehow kill Stannis, Renly becomes king, Loras = head of kingsguard.
Alternatively, Ned follows Littlefinger's other plan - Joffrey marries Sansa, Myrcella marries Robb, Tommen marries Arya, Ned = actual ruler, Cersei sent away, yay!justice throughout the realm.

--Robb listens to Catelyn and sends Jason Mallister to treat with Balon Greyjoy instead of Theon. Theon doesn't end up sieging Winterfell.

--Daenerys becomes queen. Arya Stark is the head of her queensguard, along with Asha Greyjoy, Brienne of Tarth, and some Sand Snakes. Arianne Martell, Sansa Stark, and Maergery Tyrell are her closest advisors. Everyone laughs and laughs at all the stupid knights and lords.

--Jon Snow/Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister/Targaryen, and Daenerys Targaryen rule the Seven Kingdoms as a triumvirate rather than continue to the war and kill each other. They become joint-rulers just in time to save the realm from the Others. There is no small council, fuck the haters, they rule like BAMFs.

Do you have a favored end-game?!
(Spoilers for Dances With Dragons in the comments.)
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I like your last two, with the caveat that Sansa is Queen in the North.
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Although I am not convinced that Tyrion is a Targaryen. I think a better candidate for the third head is either the rediscovered prince or Stannis.
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Ah, see, my epic eyeroll moment would be if both Tyrion and Jon Snow turned out to be lost Targaryens. Especially since we had no hints whatsoever toward Tyrion possibly being the Mad King's son until book 5, and they are way vaguer than the ones about Jon (I consider Jon's true parentage all but confirmed now).

I saw a really interesting theory on Tumblr that Aegon is actually a Blackfyre. They are supposed to have died out in the male line, but that doesn't mean there can't have been some women around. Which would also make him Blood of the Dragon, though by more roundabout route.