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tl;dr: I need a totoro to come & dance on my balcony

I've been frustrated with the plants lately.

I bought two different kinds of lettuce from a greenhouse on Sunday. They are already quite droopy, even though I've been keeping one of them inside and water them both every day.

I'd like to be able to plant them in my drawer, but I don't have enough plants to fill the drawer at the moment. The shoots of plants inside the tp tubes are small and weak - arugula, some flowers, sage, I don't remember what else. They're tiny and ineffectual.
The grown-up plants for sale at places like the Co-Op are almost exclusively tomato and pepper plants. I can't eat tomatoes or peppers, so I don't have much interest in growing them.
Maybe I'll just buy pretty flowers to fill up the rest of the box, and say to hell with growing/expecting to harvest food.

So I've bought a few plants that are more grown-up: a basil plant, which is doing pretty nicely. The one I bought was one of those in a degradable "pot." As instructed by the plastic on the pot, I ripped most of the pot off without tearing any roots, and left bits of it inside of the actual terra cotta post. These leftover degradable pot chunks don't seem to be degrading at all, so I'm worried I shouldn't have used them, or messed it up somehow.
When I bought lettuce on Sunday, I also bought some herbs to put into a strawberry pot: oregano, chives, lavender, thyme, and rosemary. I'm scared that I totally killed all of the herbs just from wrestling them all into the pot. They're still alive for now, but I am unconvinced they'll stay that way.

The only plants that I sprouted from seed in toilet paper tube rolls that have made it out of the tube are my red runner bean plants. I've put them in a pot and they've been climbing on a trellis that my parents bought for me. The mid-section of the vines' leaves all like, burned and fell off. I hadn't realized that the right side of my balcony caught the heat coming out of my air conditioner. I've since moved the plant to the other side of the balcony, but the mid-section/bottom has yet to re-grow. Since this plant grows so well, I stuck two new seeds into the pot, and we'll see if new red runner bean plants can fill in the sucky part.
In the meantime, the top of the plant is healthy and flowering.

Smaller plants that are still alive: small ivy that I bought from the co-op in the early spring or maybe last fall. There's only a single ivy guy left. Tied to a Hello Kitty pencil, it's not growing or getting any bigger, but it's alive.
Irish moss from Hy-Vee keeps doing its thing. It's pretty, but not exciting.
Spider plant (grown from when it fit into my palm; a gift from a friend) is doing okay, and still has its spawn hanging from a long shoot. I guess I should detach and pot its baby, to have another plant, :p

I hate stepping out on to the balcony because there seem to be spider webs EVERYWHERE. Bugs seem to enjoy congregating on my screen door, so it's always a fumble to open/close it as quickly as possible while juggling two glasses of water.

At the moment, things are very UGH.
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Yay plants! Even if they are a struggle sometimes it's still worth it IMO.
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If seeds are too slow, it is totally possible to grow some herbs by sticking cut bits in water, where they grow roots.

Yay for growing greenish things.

Yeah, what is it with the spiders this year? I left my clothespins on the line, and twice now they've been covered by little webs. Weird.