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laceblade ([personal profile] laceblade) wrote2012-04-28 09:13 am

Plant Update

I'm in the "impatient" mode of gardening, I think. In March, we had a lot of unseasonably warm days, & now it hasn't been warm enough to put the plants out on my balcony for quite a while!

I still don't have a weather-proof shelf-type thing to put the plants on, but I very much want them out & on to the balcony!

Most of the plants that I started in the toilet paper rolls are still tiny & feeble. The exception to this is the red runner bean plant, which I've put in a pot & started 3 other ones just straight in the pot. Shit half my height already!
The second-best toilet roll plant = morning glories. I should probably put those into their own pot.
Both of these are ready to REACH and grab on to shit, though. So I wish I could keep them outside and let them establish themselves by connecting to my balcony railings.
The rest of the plants are so tiny that it's hard to believe they'll become "real" plants. I have a feeling that when I stop by the Farmer's Market today, I'm going to want to buy plants that are already bigger & more impressive. ;__;

I still have a bunch of seeds that I haven't started yet, because I had run out of tp rolls.
Because the plants are so tiny right now, it's really really hard to have any idea how to know when I have "enough" plants, or when to stop growing new ones.

On a recent trip home, my parents bought me a few pots & one modest-sized trellis as an early birthday present.

Two nights ago, someone had set a really nice stool next to the dumpsters to get rid of it. It looks like the corners are chipped a little bit - I wonder if that's the only reason?! Either way, it looks like something that would be great to sit on while I'm watering on the balcony, or pulling dead leaves or etc.
I'm glad to have gotten so much stuff for free!

Some day I will take some pictures (maybe).
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce 2012-04-28 02:42 pm (UTC)(link)
For the seedlings that want to grab onto something -- is there room in the pot to put in a stake (or something smaller -- I've used chopsticks when plants are smaller!) for them to grab onto? You could use twine to tie them to it at first & then they will probably curl around it on their own. Then you can just move the stake along w/them when you repot them outside (& possibly disentangle it when you put in a bigger stake later).
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Yay plant post!