laceblade: Kumiko and Reina from Hibike! Euphonium anime, Reina holding Kumiko's face w/one hand, faces close enough to almost touch. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
laceblade ([personal profile] laceblade) wrote2011-01-02 06:00 pm

Mad Men: Season 1

I've finished watching the first season of Mad Men. I spent most of the season charmed by the writing, but unconvinced by the rampant misogyny. The last episode of the season convinced me of the things the writers are trying to accomplish, though. I think every scene tugged at me, and I hadn't realized until then how invested I was in every character.

It's a shame that Connor got such horrible lines in Angel, because Vincent Kartheiser is fantastic in Mad Men.

It amuses me that so many materialistic people in my life love this show, given its constant deconstruction of the role of advertising and consumerism in society.

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