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Icon Meme!

From [ profile] meganbmoore


reply to this post with the word MEME and I will pick six of your icons.

make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.

other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

1. This is Utena Tenjou, from my favorite anime ever, Revolutionary Girl Utena. At this point in the series, hope seems lost and she is betrayed and crumpled down on the ground. But what does she do? Punches the ground in order to push herself up off of it. I think the lyrics are fitting as well - don't fall into the roaring blackness of despair, but fight against it.

2. This is Revy, from the most bad-ass anime ever: Black Lagoon. Revy kicks ass and takes names, so I guess this is my "don't mess with me" icon. That's a gun clip in her mouth, by the way, and her gun obviously in her hand. People should watch Black Lagoon! Do it!

3. I kept posting about plants and cooking and all of that other crap, so I needed a "domestic" icon. Why is it a woman, if I'm a feminist? I don't know, I'm interested in the concept of the home as a space organized and cared for by women, historically. There's a lot of power wielded there, that is often derided and scorned. Of course, at the same time, the house was also a prison for most women. The girl is Lizzie's friend, from Pride & Prejudice. Her name escapes me, :[

4. Lyrics from that song by Dido, and the person is Tifa Lockhart, from the video game Final Fantasy VII. Tifa has always been my favorite character, due mostly to her being one of the most messed up. But no matter what happens, she never gives up, and does her best to encourage other people. I'm not always the most encouraging sort, so she's kind of a role model for me. I admire her bravery. The image is from the movie Advent Children, and not the game.

5. BWAHA, this is from my favorite video game of all time, Final Fantasy VII (just like the icon before it). In this scene, Reno comes to the church in Sector Five to find Aeris, but runs into her newly found bodyguard, Cloud. Cloud and Reno get ready to throw down, but then Aeris is all, "Don't fight here! You'll ruin the flowers!" And it's such a ridiculous and useless statement, which is often what it's like to stop an argument on LiveJournal.

6. This is Izzie, my favorite character from Grey's Anatomy. I think that she made this expression and exclaimed, "Rockstar!" after resuscitating a deer or something. HEINOUS. But I like using it when I feel like I've pwned something.

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I've often wondered about where your icons come from, so this is cool!

OK, why not, I'll do this meme. :)
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1 Swordwielder [WTF is Realm?]
2 Gaeta in blue [BWAHA]
3 Get Off My Lawn [Who is that guy?]
4 hope
5 big sky
6 pitch black

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MEME! Have fun looking at all 127!!
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Jeez, you have a lot.

1 Spy Booty
2 Geek Squad [Who are those guys?]
3 There is no chicken
4 Broken oxen alert
5 Screwed
6 Driving

How come you stopped using Bitches Get Stuff Done?! I LOVE THAT ONE.

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I love that domestic icon, and I've never seen your Aeris icon!

Tifa was my favorite, too. :)

I need a good video game icon!

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The Aeris one is relatively new, and I haven't had a chance to use it much.

I didn't know that you've played FF7! Yay!

[ profile] iconomicon icons are hard, because they're mostly self-explanatory. So, I am mostly picking ones that make me wonder what they mean to you, and stuff like that.

1 tarot
2 gleasonian
3 return to the moon
4 scarlett & rhett ( <3!!! )
5 tofu: the other white meat
6 classy Jackie (Jackies unite!)

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Duuuuude meme
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Well, I'm supposed to pick 6 icons, and you have a total of 6. must do all of them!