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Rage! (Whine)

Ugh, the last couple of days have sucked a lot. I have a midterm at 11:00 today, and I'll be glad when it's over. It'll probably be scary, though. I was all settled in to study last night, and then, of course, I fell asleep until 2:30am. I then studied until 3:30 and went to sleep. And now I feel exhausted. It just sucks. I'm probably about as prepared for the midterm as I would be anyway, but I had really wanted to work on a paper that I have due Monday, as today I'll get a take-home exam emailed to me, and will then have two things to worried about.

I just hope that I can get a lot done tomorrow at work.

I received the grades for the presentation and paper I've done already in my Women in Medieval Literature class, and they were both really good. Now, though, I'm afraid to get my Women's Studies midterm back. The last thing I need is a confidence-destroyer right before my other English midterm!

Bahhhh. At least half my classes were canceled today, for reasons unbeknownst to me. So while Thursday's usually suck, today I'll hopefully actually be able to get a draft of a paper written, and outline the take-home thingie.

The more time that goes by, the more anxious I get about figuring out plans for after graduation, but of course I don't have time to deal with that right now. I really hate that when you're 17-22, the questions people always, always ask you are always the same: "Where are you going to college?" Then, once that's figured out, "What's your major? what are you going to do with that?" Then, once that's figured out, "So what are you going to do after you graduate?" And always, at all of these points, there's the question, "So are you dating anyone?" Because if you're not, there's clearly something wrong with you! Society is stupid. Lately, I dislike conversing with anyone and kind of wish that all I ever had to do was read books all day. So much more enjoyable.

Yeah, guess who needs more sleep?

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well, the application for the JET program is due at the beginning of December... (but you wouldn't leave until the end of July). Just a thought.
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Hmmmm, JET. I have some reservations about leaving the country, even though I've kind of always wanted to. I like to visit my family at home on a regular basis, and I would miss Antoine a lot. I don't know....

Additionally, do you need to know Japanese to do the JET program? Because I can't read any of it, and only know a few words that I have picked up from anime: hai, arigatou, gomen nasai, yatta, etc.

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1. You don't need to know any Japanese! But some appreciation for the culture goes a long way! (don't mention anime, except maybe in passing).

2. One of my friends here is doing an online course (for her masters?) studying (wow, I have no idea how to phrase this) women's studies in Japan--she has to interview people and write papers about it. It looks really interesting.

3. I don't know how Antoine feels, but you could bring him with. There are several ways to do this; you could apply together and request to be together (but to be sure to get it you'd have to be married, which is why there are a lot of cases of "we got married the day before we left" which mayyy not be your cup of tea). The other option is, if one person does JET, the other person tags along and gets a job at an eikaiwa (a tiny school that tutors kids and adults in English--whether to improve their business or to help them get into high school, etc) in the same town.

It is my observation, however, that long distance relationships almost never work. Too much changes.

However, having an international experience can be *really* good for your resume, once you figure out what kind of resume you want to have.

And we have karaoke!!
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3) Yyyyyeah. I like Antoine a lot, but I'm only 21, and we've only been dating for a little more than a year. Also, this is only my second relationship (my first one lasted 4 months!). Also, I have issues. Definitely not ready to get married.

Also, Antoine has a really good job at Epic (he left grad school with a Masters in the spring), and I think he wants to stay there at least for a full year or two.

2) That sounds really sweet.

1) While it's neat that you don't have to know it to do JET, there's still the in the country aspect of it. Buying groceries, hair products, talking with a landlord - it would all be quite interesting!

I have looked at the JET program before, once upon a time, when I was looking around at that, the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and law school. You have rekindled my wonderings, and thoughts on living in Japan for a year. It would be crazy. Also, probably, amazing. If there's reliable Internet and an ability for me to bring books, or check them out, I would do it. OMG I could go to doujinshi stores and get FF7 stuff! Annnd, everything else, too. Watch NANA season 2 on TV while using manga scanslations as my guide.

So. Definitely thinking.

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About that language thing--
personally, I think you'd have to be crazy to go to a foreign country and not learn the language, but I have a number of good friends who have done just that. Even while you're learning (and you're always learning...)the language, you also learn a lot more about body language, pictures, and while we're at it, what it's like to have a disability (because an inability to communicate fluently, plus being unable to read, is most certainly considered a disability in most communities).

I don't think it's any harder than, say, your first day of college--the adjustment just takes longer. (Food still looks like food. Unless you have an allergy, it won't kill you to make mistakes. Like my friend who accidentally used salt in her recipe instead of sugar, and to compensate for the funny taste, she added more "sugar".)

It would be Nana Season 3 by then.

(Nana toys are very popular right the way. In fact, some of them are in that box I just sent!)

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What are you reading? :D (I just finished reading Antique Bakery vol 1!)

As a chronically single gal, I'm glad that people don't ask me if I'm dating. And I wonder, vaguely, why they don't. Is there something about me that exudes Quirky Aloneness?

Anyhow, it'll all work out. Most people roam around from job to job a little, anyway, finding out what they like and dislike. It's the "Odyssey years", or so they call it now.
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I like that, "Odyssey Years."

For fun, I'm reading
Clamp School Detectives, Volume 1
Priest, Volume 8
The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold

For skewl, I actually got ahead in my readings because today through next Thursday are my hell weeks. Buuuut, I *should* be reading:
The Wife of Bath story from Canterbury Tales
Starting readings about the genocide in Cambodia
Biology of Women/Women's Health stuff
Hard Times - Charles Dickens (Damn it! I loathe Dickens!)

PS: OMF, today my Women's Studies TA was like, OMG I like what you had to say about Heroes on Sandy's LiveJournal and it was very squee-ful.

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You loathe Dickens? But he was a popular writer! I mean, drama! Suspense! and "stay tuned for next week's exciting chapter!" He was like...the radio drama before radios were invented!
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Popular doesn't mean good!! His characters are so lol-ridiculous that I can barely stand it. All that got me through 'A Tale of Two Cities' was Sydney Carton's badassery....UNTIL THEY TOTALLY RUINED IT WITH A SAPPY DEATH. I'll take the Bronte sisters over Dickens any day, :D

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(Sorry, couldn't help myself.) I'm catching up on LJ & have already read that you survived Thursday, so yay for that.

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SQUEE! I love you gals!!