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This is my 4,093rd Blog Title. I'm running out of good ones.

Does anyone find it sad that in this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the thing that I found most appalling is the fourth word of the article? Because it is not, in fact, a word. The past tense of the verb "light" is "lit." Not "lighted." I don't think 'lighted' is a word, ever. WTF, PEOPLE. Stuff like this makes me feel entitled to getting a fabulous job. Because I know things. I know which words are actually words, and I generally know how to employ them in sentences. I know how to engage in conversations without offending people. I KNOW HOW TO BEAT EVERY BOSS IN FF7. I need a part of my resume that's called "Special Skillz." Badass things would go there.

The Wisconsin legislature is having some hearings on the Frankenstein veto! I will have to tap the rumor mill at the Capitol and see what people think about it actually getting banned or not.

My co-workers are teaching me to play chess. Apparently, they find me so geeky that they are rather shocked that I don't know how to play. In other news, the desktop background on the mutual computer in the page room has been Cardcaptor Sakura for the last week and a half BECAUSE OF ME, THANK YOU. I win at life. That is all.

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They've been trying to sneak "lighted" in as a real word for a good while. I am also often convinced that being competent in my native tongue is in fact a special skill, which should get me a highfaluting dream job when compared to how alleged "professionals" use it.

I had a big, get-out-the-big-dictionary argument with a friend last week wherein he insisted you could use "union" as a verb. A FUCKING VERB.

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Heh, I have the same complaint about "gifted" as a past-tense verb in place of given!

And "to unite" is a perfectly acceptable verb--why say "to union"?

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he was trying to come up with an answer to the whole "no verb in english for the female role in sex" dilemma. So he started making shit up. and then arguing intently that he HAD to be right.

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you can use lighted if you're talking about somethign landing, can't you?
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Yeah, it's been pointed out by people to me that it is, in fact, a word. Still, I would only say "a lighted candle" or "he lighted across the floor." It just....sounds bad to me, kind of like how "fishes" does, even though it's a legitimate pluralization of 'fish.'