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laceblade ([personal profile] laceblade) wrote2007-05-30 08:58 pm
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Because you need to know about my life, in addition to my thoughts on Wiscon

HOLY CRAP, life is full. So, I didn't go to any of the WisCon stuff that was on Monday. I don't own any books by the authors who were there (I know; I suck), so I didn't have anything to get signed, and also didn't feel it was worth it to get up for just one panel.

On Monday, I spent lots of time on the Internet, did laundry, went shopping with Antoine for groceries and the Half-Price Book sale, went to his house and ate dinner made by him and watched an episode of Lovely Complex, and then we went for a walk. It was a most excellent day.

Yesterday, I went in to work at 8:00am as usual for Tuesday-Thursday, but then went to Milwaukee for a hearing on gun control. After the hearing, my bosses and I went out for dinner, and I didn't get back home to my house until 11:00pm. So....yay for 6 extra hours' pay, but man was I tired all day today.

Tonight after work, I went out for drinks and etc. with Antoine and some friends, and it was yummy. Ordering a beer at a bar/lounge is still so exciting to me. Maybe because I've only been able to do it for a week and a half.

I'm going home to see my family this weekend, so anyone else who will be there should let me know. I do have two graduation parties to attend, but we can figure stuff out.

What the hell is the matter with this man?! Has he never heard of the Internet? He should ship his books to me! And I could put them up on BookMooch and get the manga that's up there, that I don't have any BookMooch points with which to get them.

Anyway. Cool people keep posting their panel write-ups on LiveJournal (what the heck, are you guys able to post from work??). Also, cool people are linking to my posts, which makes me giddy with joy. Anyway, it's time to be responsible and at least attempt to tidy some of my room, and then type up at least one panel report.

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I agree with you on that book seller. I thought he was being overdramatic.

Is antoine the bf?
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Yeah! He is cute and I like him!

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he sounds cute. antoine alone is cute.


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I talked to your friend Gretchen at A Room of One's Own about the possibility of going down to Think! Galacticon. I found out that a really nice friend of mine would be willing to let a whole gaggle of Madisonians stay at his place in Chicagoland for the weekend -- he said he's close to the El, and that it would be easy to get there from the El. Just a thought. I will email G. about it too.

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The bookseller--just a loon trying to make a political statement. I hope for irony's sake he burned "Farenheit 451".

I post from work... it keeps me sane.
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See, we just have a communal computer here in the page room, so I can jump on for like, 5 minutes at a time, but not enough to write my own posts.